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Evolution of Robin Thicke
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R&B with tempo: Justin Timberlake resurrected it, and it's proving way more influential than that other lost commodity--sexy--he claimed to be bringing back in 2006 on FutureSex/LoveSounds. Timberlake is to Robin Thicke what 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys were to a band like O-Town, in fact: he pretty much made it all possible. But even though it took one blue-eyed soulster with a hot look and an achy falsetto to bang down the door for another, Thicke presents a convincing case here that he had the goods to get us grooving all along: Evolution is a classy disc that tiptoes up to its listeners, first with an elegant duet with Faith Evans ("Got 2 Be Down"), next with a slick lament that wouldn't sound out of place on a Boyz II Men disc ("Complicated"), and then with a sweet plea that commands a finger-snap ("Would That Make U Love Me"). By the time we reach the long, sweeping lullaby that is the final track, "Angels," we've also had a taste of Thicke's swaggering side ("I Need Love," "Cocaine"), his hip-hop loving side ("All Night Long" and "Shooter," both with Lil Wayne), and the side that fantasizes about 1950s Latin ballrooms ("Everything I Can't Have," a hot tamale of a number that commands a visual if ever there was one: it's impossible to hear this song without imagining a raven-haired woman with a red rose between her teeth). Despite the range of moods on display, they're all in service to Thicke's inner R&B smoothie, and they all brush up against the ear with something like affection. Hard as it will be for listeners of a certain age to get past knowing that Thicke is the son of Alan Thicke, the actor who did his part to cheese up 1980s TV with the sitcom Growing Pains, they're going to have to: with his fan base swelling by the second, the evolution of Robin Thicke is going to be a deservedly loud one. --Tammy La Gorce

NOTE: This deluxe edition features a ringtone of "Lost Without U," an autographed poster, and cell-phone wallpaper.

The Evolution of Robin Thicke is the second solo album from the critically acclaimed, Grammy award winning songwriter and producer of records for such artists as Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera. The album is a timeless work of art. With a voice of purity, passion and soulfulness, Robin brings to life the stories and emotions of the last two years of his life.

The album is filled with incandescent magic. It is an album that tells the tales of love, loss, temptation, redemption and finding hope when all the odds are against you. "My greatest desire with this album was to write songs that were completely honest and sing them with the emotion I was feeling when I wrote them, so that whoever listens to my music is brought as close to my experiences and life as possible."

Reflective, redemptive, passionate and etched with a soulfulness that is undeniable, The Evolution of Robin Thicke is an imaginative and heart-felt album that you cannot help but be moved by, bob your head to and smile throughout.

FEATURING GUEST APPEARANCES BY Faith Evans, Pharrell, and Lil' Wayne PRODUCTION BY The Neptunes

Robin Thicke releases his highly anticipated album `The UK pressing of the 2007 album from the Soul singer featuring one bonus track over the U.S. deluxe edition: 'Superman'. The Evolution Of Robin Thicke is the second solo album from the critically acclaimed, Grammy award- winning songwriter and producer and has sold over a million copies in the US. The album is a timeless work of art containing 17 new songs written and produced by the man himself with the exception of `Wanna Love U Girl' produced by the Neptunes. The album also features the new UK single, `Lost Without U', a soul baring ballad with sweeping falsetto vocals over rhythmic Spanish guitars that is turning into the summer anthem of 2007. Universal.

Customer Reviews:

  • Evolution of Robin Thicke
    Arrived when promised and in excellent condition. Best music I have heard in a long time....more info
    WOW - this has to be one of the worst cds i've ever heard! I was SO dissapointed by this artist - based on the reviews i had read and knowing his dads work - I expected SO much more! This cd makes Michael Jackson look over the top BUTCH!!!!!!! Its wimpy, wispy and beyond efeminate. i cant even find anyone to GIVE this thing too! Sadly - this cd is an F in my book...more info
  • Great CD
    Robin Thicke really impressed me with his latest CD. It's wonderfully fresh, hip and soulful. Can't wait until his next one....more info
  • Robin Thicke- Greatest CD ever
    If you haven't purchased this c.d., you're definitely missing out. This is one of those c.d.s that come along every blue moon where you can listen to every track and enjoy it without skipping to the next. His voice is a voice you will definitely fall in love with. He made a great choice by collaborating with Lil' Wayne and Mary J. Blige on a few of the tracks. What I really enjoyed about the c.d. were the tracks with the bass guitar. I've recommended this c.d. to all my friends, and they love it as well. I recently purchased his first album- "A Beautiful World" and it's great as well. Get it now!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Evolution of Robin Thicke
    Wonderful sound. Someone to watch in the short term. Let's see if he continues to grow. This CD is better than A Beautiful World....more info
  • Love it
    Smooth rich and creamy in the delivery. Relaxing with tempo and a bit of tantrum....more info
  • Get caught up in the thicke of things
    Rarely do you find a cd that has every cut worth listening too, worth singing too, worth repeating over and over is excellent....more info
  • Arthur's
    This was my first time hearing Robin Thicke and I was very impressed by the lyrics and the overall quality of his voice....more info
  • thanks for the fast delivery!
    Came in great condition as promised and in great timing! ...more info
  • Girlfriend Pleaser
    It doesn't matter what I think about it, my girlfriend loved it. That's worth the five stars!...more info
  • Happy purchase
    Quick shipping and in in greate condition. Th only problem i have is that i got the original copy with the white cover and it advertised the gold cover otherwise im happy with the purchase. There wasnt any difference between the two just the idea....more info
  • buy it...
    I love this cd. I can relate to his music on soooo many levels. Very relaxing and oh so sexy!!! LUV IT........more info
  • Outstanding!
    It is so rare to put on a CD and be able to listen all the way through.
    Thanks Robin!...more info
  • Robin Thicke's Evolution CD - Only Liked Half
    Robin Thicke is talented vocally and lyrically, unlike other people who sell CDs but cannot sing or people who write songs with incredibly boring, repetitive lyrics (i.e., Justin Timberlake). I like Robin's voice, but didn't like about half of this CD. Also, I thought the track about the "school girl" was in poor taste, given the focus on pedophiles and inappropriate advances by teachers toward students that have hit the news in the last five years. Would recommend CD to others with "conditions." Even so, I do like Robin Thicke and hope his fronting on tour for Beyonce goes well.
    ...more info
  • Play it over & over again
    Saw the video "lost without u" video early 2007 and liked the song right away. Then I found out he was Alan Thicke's son and I didn't know whether to take him seriously or not and forgot about him for a few months.

    By accident, found him again on Amazon, checked out few tracks on Amazon, but still was not motivated enough to buy CD until I was channel surfing and watched another one of his music video for another song...and enjoyed it also.

    Ok, "perhaps Alan Thicke's son" got some talent, price for CD was great so finally bought it a few weeks ago and it hasn't stopped playing & so far it's my favorite CD for 2007. Vocals, lyrics, music, recording quality all excellent. Every track has a different theme, emotion not just run-of-the-mill "formula" song writing.

    Perhaps my favorite track is the last track "angels" where you think the song/CD is finished & then 10 secs later he starts jamming again...too cool.

    You can listen to this CD, drink beer, wine, whiskey or some cocktails and it'll sound just right....more info
    I have been a Robin Thicke fan since I saw the once long haired singer belting out "When I Get You Alone". Another early song to fall in love with is "Stupid Things". I have to admit that when I heard "Shooter" with Lil Wayne, I was not even thinking about getting this CD. I HATE THAT SONG!! But once I heard "Can U Believe", I ordered it, and have been listening to the entire CD everyday now. You won't be dissapointed!! I hope the rest of world learns to love him like I have been doing for a while now....more info
  • Soothing love music
    I absolutely loved one or two of the songs but I found the album as a whole a bit bland. I did not really see the evolution but I do not know his earlier music....more info
  • false advertisement
    you should buy the cd because robin thicke cannot sing in real life. just go to one of his concerts and you will clearly see what i am talking about. if you want to keep the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you listen to his cd, do not go see him live. it will ruin everything. ...more info
  • Real smoothe CD
    This has to be Robin's best CD to date. It has several top artists and the melody is still smooth. Worth the money....more info
  • Success Is Slow To Come
    One of the reasons why I think MR.Thicke first album was not successful was because A) he came out of nowhere. At least that's how it was presented to me. I remember seeing his video for the single "When I Get You Alone"on BET. And thought to myself okay it has a good old fashion beat to it. But, I don't get it. When I say I don't get,I mean I had no since of his artistic direction. Are where MR. Thicke was coming from musically other then the fact that it was going to be in the R&B root. What sets him apart from his fellow blue eyed soul singers?

    And with this album he most definitely sets hisself apart from his fellow musician's. From track one to sixteen where there's is an underline message to each and ever song. And it is up to you the listener to find that positive message within the song. That speaks to you and touches you in such a profound way. And Whatever the positive message you receive from each and ever song of this album. Is the right answer. At least that is what it has done for me. I had saw the video for the song "Can U Believe" on Vh1 Soul about 6:30 am in the morning on my way out the door to go to school.

    And it was at a time, when I thought okay I'm tried of school. This is taking to long. I don't feel like going. But, after watching and listening to What Mr. Thicke had said, I somehow found a renewed since of strength to go on to school and remember the reasons why I went to school in the first place. And that was and still is to better myself as a human being. I don't want to tell you too much about this album. The reason is because to me it has to do with self examination. And as I said before I want you the listener to take away whatever message you get from it.

    But,I will say this on the song "Got 2 Be Down" I do hear the legendary Marvin Gaye influence, and on certain songs. And I'm sorry MR.Thicke I do hear Mr. Timerlake vocal influence as well. This album is to me for ever human being on this plant. who is going though something or has been though something no matter what it is. And You ladies will most definitely feel apreciated. ...more info
  • A nice aurprise
    What a nice surprise to her Robin Thicke's CD - had no idea I would enjoy his music so much....more info
  • Robin Thicke - The Evolution of Robin Thicke
    Robin Thicke's second studio album was "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" (2006). I only recently came across Thicke's music and have been really impressed. This sixteen track album features guest appearances from Faith Evans, Lil Wayne & Pharell. The album's opener is a soulful duet with the talented Faith Evans on "Got 2 To Be Down". Thicke then looks to change, find a lost love and overcome his blues on another standout in "Complicated". "Would That Make You Love Me" another solid track leads up to Thicke's second single "Lost Without U" an excellent track which vibes real well. The upbeat "Ask Myself" follows, then Thicke provides something different collaborating with Rapper Lil Wayne on "All Night Wrong". Thicke then changes things up providing the refreshing and creative "Everything I Can't Have" backed by some distinct instrumentals. Slow ballad's follow in "Teach U A Lesson" & "I Need Love". The first Robin Thicke track I ever heard was "Wanna Love U Girl" a memorable collaboration with Pharell, backed by a bouncy beat the two provide an enjoyable track. The album's third single is "Can U Believe", Thicke sings soulfully to his love backed by some laidback production. Thicke's second collaboration with Lil Wayne is "Shooter". Found it interesting that Thicke delved into R & B/Rap collobarations. I recently watched a youtube video which had Thicke collaborating live with 50 Cent for an outstanding track called "Follow Me Lead" which will be featured on 50 Cent's upcoming solo album. Thicke keeps things moving providing the upbeat "Cocaine" and elevates with "2 The Sky". This album is full of highlights, the substantial "Lonely World" is yet another, Thicke sings with passion, telling different people's stories while lacing the track with some smooth vocals. The album's closer and longest track is "Angels" an exceptional slow jam. The variety of quality music that Thicke provides throughout "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" makes this one a keeper for newcomers and dedicated fans alike. ...more info
  • A very class act.
    Funny I can't really comment on the album. I've heard a few of the songs because his brother married my sister in March. We haven't talked all that much. But I have had a lot of time to observe him on holidays. He's an amazing guy. The little boy nephews and cousins follow him around hiding around furniture and just watch him because they want to be like him. And why not? He's got it all. He's good looking, sexy, incredibly charming, gracious, genuine, full of heart and appreciation for his life and family. If there is someone more amazing, sexy and full of heart and love than Robin to observe, its his wife-actress Paula Patton. You ever see a baby who wants a bottle and reaches for it? Paula is like that with people. I have seen her spot someone and pour across a room. Its like her hand is pulling her towards a friend like a love magnet, the journey ending in a warm embrace.

    But back to Robin. He puts all of himself into his songs. So that emotion you feel is real. These tunes matter to him. They are about his life and his real feelings. He sang his song "Angel" at the wedding and he twice stopped at the beginning because he was overcome with emotion for his brother and his love for my sister. We thought he wasn't going to finish. But he got it together and it was really lovely. Lots of wet eyes that day. I'd like to think beautiful talented people are balanced out by shortcomings. Some people are just beautiful because they are beautiful inside and it pours out of them and shapes them. Robin and Paula are like that. If I could I wouldn't have put a score for the album because I honestly haven't heard it. What I have heard sounds like an album that would easily get you laid. So I just put what was close to the average score, which was a five. I'm really not saying this because I need to support them. They are doing fine without me. I'm just a reporter calling it like I see it. :) Thought you might be interested....more info
  • Love it!
    Well I just received this CD in the mail from Amazon and bought it because I saw Robin Thicke on Good Morning America where he sang "Lost Without You" which I love. The rest of the CD in most cases is excellent - with the exception of one or two songs on it I think it deserves to do very well. I also like the fact that he doesn't only sing falsetto, and he sings in very different styles which really shows his versatility. ...more info
  • Why isnt there 0 stars.
    This album and singer is beyone awful. Listening to it is so physically painful that my ears literally bleed after a couple minutes of his high pitch squeeling and screeching. He sounds like a castrated boy from the tabernacle choir. I saw him on American Idol as a guest singer, and listened to some more of his music, because I figured he cant be as horrible as he was on the show, but he proved me wrong. Its like trying to listen to Justin Timberlake imitate Prince imitating Michael Jackson imitating a 12 year old boy. ...more info
  • I'm Surprised.
    I didn't expect much from this CD. I purchased it on the strength of the beautiful' Lost Without u'. I've normally found that these days, this would be the stand out song on the CD, with all the rest failing to meet my expectations. Well on this CD, I have been pleasantly surprised. Things start off with: 'Got 2 be Down, with Faith Evans. This has a Marvin Gaye vein going through it, and positive love lyrics to boot. 'Complicated' follows, which has a piano foundation to it. My, it's so good to hear a melodic song with a structure, with real (sounding) instruments to boot.' Would that make u love me' follows, with a lovely sung 'Marvinish' hook. Infectious. 'Lost without U', to me, is the perfect example of a great love song that is not TOO sugary. Really Uplifting ( with a great video) Ask Myself, Everything I Can't Have, Teach U A Lesson, I Need Love, Can U Believe, are tunes that I can let play without skipping, and show cases his beautiful falsetto voice. The worst moments are the songs featuring Lil' Wayne, and Pharrell, which sound horrendous, especially 'Wanna Love you Girl' with Pharrell. For me the minimalistic, less is more approach to the majority of the songs on here, help to highlight Mr. Thicke's voice, and have resulted in a great overall product. All-in all a good CD which is one of the best I have purchased this year....more info
  • Love It.
    I brought this CD on the advice of the radio DJ I listen to everyday at work. He said you could listen to and enjoy every track. He is absolutely right. Naturally there are some songs I enjoy more than other but every song is worthwhile.

    There are a lot of influences here. "Shooter" has a Macy Gray type feel to it, and "I Got to Be Down", which is one of my favorites has a little Marvin, I also detected a little Al Green in one track, but Robin adds a very original spin to each.

    The lyrics are very sensitive, gentle, and reminiscent of "Maxwell" another favorite. This is just what R&B needs.
    ...more info
  • must have for the collection
    this is by far one of the best r and b cds in a long time. this cd is in heavy rotation in my home it is a must have for the collection especially for those date nights....more info
  • Soothing music
    This is a great CD to just relax with...also wonderful as background music for a romantic dinner. Robin has a great vocal range and his music is just plain nice....more info
  • Dumb Dumb Dumb
    This is some of the worst music I have ever heard . I just can't believe what passes for talent these days. Really stupid lyrics and a ridculous voice. Woody Allen has more soul. I guess growing up with rich actor parents in malibu is what shapes the soul of a man these days! lol !...more info
  • I love it!
    This jazzy rnb thing really got me hooked!I love his style. It's very calming and relaxing. It's perfect for me to turn it on and work on my art projects. ...more info
  • What an awesome favorite
    I bought this CD after reading great reviews about it, and it did not disappoint. I will admit, it did take maybe 3 listens before I started to LOVE it, but I liked it from day 1. My favorite song without a doubt is "Can U Believe". The lyrics are just so inspirational and beautiful, with some truly powerful musical moments (i.e. "See the person I love the so far away tonight......ooh ooh ooh ooh...And no, other medicine, or gonna heal me up right..But I've got to, believe...that her and me... will be together, cuz that's all I've got".
    Wow! He is gifted. And for all of you that think that his style of singing isn't "manly" enough...think about the amazing artists with a similar falsetto singing style...Prince, Maxwell, yes, even the notorious Michael Jackson. This style of singing suits his type of music very well. And there is not a single hint of annoying or obnoxious riffing/ad libbing/screaming in the entire musical set. Get this CD! Give it a few listens! You won't be disappointed if you like your music to make you feel wonderful and inspired....more info