TRENDnet 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit w/Audio (Includes 4x KVM Cables)
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Product Description

The 4-Port USB KVM Switch with Audio lets you manage 4 computers with just one set of keyboard, monitor, mouse, and a set of speakers/Microphone. The device comes with 4 sets of USB KVM and Audio cables, no additional equipment required. Its compact size makes it ideal for home and business environment.

The Trendnet 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio lets you manage four computers with just one set of keyboard, monitor, mouse, and a set of speakers/microphone. Its compact size makes it very portable and ideal for home and business use. Video resolution of up to 2048x1536 is supported for super high video quality. The switch features auto-scan and LED display for PC monitoring. Port selection is done either by pushing a button, or hot key commands (Windows only).

The kit includes four sets of VGA and four sets of audio and microphone cables so there is no additional equipment required. The Trendnet 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio supports PCs, Macs, and Linux. It is backed by a 2-year warranty.

What's in the Box
TK-409K KVM switch, multi-language user's guide, utility CD-ROM, four sets of USB KVM cables, and four sets of KVM and audio cables.

  • Management: 4 Computers
  • USB Interface: USB 1.1 Specifications Compliant
  • KVM Cable: 4 Sets of 1.2M (4ft) KVM Cables ; 4 Sets of Audio/MIC Cables
  • - KVM: To KVM: 1 x VGA/SVGA HDB 15-pin; To PC: 1 x USB (Type A), 1 X VGA/SVGA HDB 15-pin
  • Cable Interface (All Male)

Customer Reviews:

  • Mine broke after 1 year of use
    KVM died after about a year of using. They're allright but would recommend Linksys KVMs over these....more info
  • Stopped working after 3 weeks
    Initially I was disappointed with this item because each computer recognised it as a new USB device everytime I switched between computers. This stopped, or I got desensitized, after a week.

    At the start of the fourth week of use, I turned off the computer for about an hour. On turning it back on, the screen began flickering. Further investigation revealed that the KVM switch had stopped working.

    This is the worst Trendnet device I have ever purchased, and I have purchased quite a bit....more info
  • works....but
    Product is a little unwieldy and has a cheaper feel. In retrospect, I probably should have compared more. Overall, it does what it is supposed to, but it is a cable monster once you connect up all the cables...they come out of all sides, so you'll want to figure out a way to hide this and use the soft keys on the keyboard.

    Works, sometimes won't wake up a PC correctly (may be the PC's fault), cable mess that prevents you from having free access to the buttons on top (you'll want to hide the box). Inexpensive....more info
  • Good switch but....
    I found the switch very easy to set up, and overall is good value for money. The major issue I found with the switch is that it take 15 to 20 seconds to switch from one system to another.

    I have two laptops in my home office and only wanted to share a common keyboard and mouse between them. The switch is OK, but if you want to frequently switch between machines it can slow you down....more info
  • A great choice for a USB KVM (with audio).
    I love this thing! It comes with everything you need to get started. Currently, I have it connected to my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, my Dell Dimension E520 desktop with Windows XP, My Linux server running Centos, and I have one slot open for testing and repair of other equipment.

    In some previous reviews others mentioned the delay when switching between pc's. I was concerned when I read that (after I placed the order and before I recieved it) but having used it I can say the delay is at most 2 to 5 seconds. Not really a big deal and very acceptable considering the fact it is using USB.

    If your looking for a USB KVM this is the way to go. The sound option is great.

    In case anyone is wondering it comes with 4 sets of cables. Each set includes two audio cables colored ping and green for mic and speakers on both ends and one cable that looks like a standard VGA connection on one end (this part connects to the KVM) and has a VGA connection on the other end and a USB connection (this is the end the connects to the pc).

    Setup is a breeze and I did not even need the software or manual.
    ...more info
  • great value
    This product is exactly what I was looking for and the price is great. Not much more to say really. Works great even with switching between Mac and Windows machines....more info
  • Delighted w/ this KVM Switch
    I was a bit anxious about purchasing a kvm switch. I did not have any first hand experience with these devices, and also was a bit put off by other reviews of competing KVM products.

    I received the TrendNet KVM switch in short order and in good condition. That particular weekend was spent in setting up my wife's new pc and right after that planned on diving into installing my KVM switch.

    I opened the box and saw the cables and the CD. My expectation was that this install was going to be anything but easy. Wow, was I surprised! I didn't have to install any drivers but simply had to re-arrange my VGA cables and mouse/keyboard wireless usb receiver. The only problem I ran into was the mouse/keyboard usb receiver needed to be plugged into the KVM switch mouse port. Voila! It worked perfectly with the wireless mouse and keyboard with complete functionality. (I have a Dell computer.) I've been using it all week - what a delight.

    I think this product is a bargain - get it, get it now if you need a KVM switch....more info
  • Decent KVM switch!
    This is a decent KVM switch. But keep in mind its USB 1.1 and not 2.0. The only thing I have noticed is that when you switch from one machine to another each you see that Windows keeps saying it found USB devices and that ding-ding sound that Windows OS plays ... other than that everything seems fine!...more info
  • Wow! GREAT item!
    I use this switch every day! I did not have to install any software or anything. I use the manual switch buttons on the device itself. I hear if you install drivers or software, you can use hot-keys too. However, I find it very convenient the way it is.

    One main feature I loved about this is the USB ports for Keyboard and Mouse! I have no video issues, and response is as good as being plugged straight into the machine itself! VERY handy!

    Notes: I measured the cables, and they are exactly 4 feet long, if you measure from the very edge of the connector to the other edge. (including connectors, and everything) ... about 45 inches of cable between the connectors themselves....more info
  • Works well for the price
    First off, this is probably one of the cheapest 4-Port USB KVM switches out there so you cannot expect the same performance of one that is 4 times the price. It comes with all the cables you need. In general, it works - I have 3 Windows XP PCs attached to this with a USB Keyboard and USB Mouse. The hotkey works quickly and for the most part it switches within 3 seconds without any problems. Rarely, the switch stops working and I have to unplug all the connections and reattatch which is annoying. I do not use speakers on my PCs so I cannot speak to the audio switcing. I agree with other reviews that the design is stupid because all the cables come out of the 4 sides making it a spider mess of cables. Other than that, it's a good budget KVM....more info