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Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas
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  • Great Movie, Poor Quality Transfer to HD
    This was the first HD DVD I purchased to watch on my new HD DVD player. What a disappointment! I love this movie but the quality was mediocre even when compared to standard definition DVDs like Jurassic Park III and The Incredibles. That plus the lack of extras makes me wish I had purchased the regular DVD....more info
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    This film took the story of Grinch and stretched it by having Jim Carrey act the leading comedy role. Expertly filmed and directed, most people will find the Grinch very funny, that is, if you like Jim Carrey's style of comedy. If you are a dedicated fan of Dr. Seuss, you may find that this rendition takes too many liberties with the original story. However, our family watches Grinch at least twice a year, especially near Christmas, and continue to laugh and laugh. Kids will love it. ...more info
  • So THAT'S how he stole it...
    That was Jim Carrey in that costume? I don't think anyone could have pulled it off better, but for me, Taylor Momsen, who played Cindy Loo Who, was the most enjoyable to watch. What a gifted little actress. Christine Baranski and Molly Shannon, both musically-inclined favorites of mine, also danced across the screen.

    So this isn't exactly the same storyline as the one penned by the good doctor himself. But it is very close, with some details added in to give adults a few more chuckles.

    And if you like it for nothing else, you will love the fantasy world created by some outstanding set and costume design; terrific old and new music; and vivid special effects.

    Worth a viewing or two for all of you Who's....more info

  • How the Grinch Stole My Pepto-Bismol
    You can't expect a Jim Carrey movie to not have a few crudities in it, and "Grinch" is no exception. These could have been borne had the rest of the movie, which is far too long for so wispy a plot, been engaging.

    Carrey's Grinch is forced to carry the show, which he attempts through non-stop hypermanic activity and shouting. His frenetic pace and commentary are initially tolerable and Carrey's range of expression is remarkable considering the goop on his face. His own malleable face shines through. But after a while the viewer is left feeling he's locked in a room with a revved up perpetual motion tyke.

    Somehow the cartoon Grinch's change of heart works, but the movie's version doesn't. He's just too nasty (with an embittered memory of scorn from his childhood) and cynical to change that quickly. The change is even harder to understand given that nearly all the residents of Whoville are greedy, materialistic oafs who also have an inexplicable change of heart on Christmas day. The Grinch should have been more puzzled than moved by the sudden shift in Whoville's hedonistic bent.

    Stick with the original cartoon Grinch. ...more info
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Great movie for both adults and kids. I think Dr.Seuess would be proud of the way his book has come to life. Ron Howard did a great job creating Whoville and the make-up and costumes are well done. JIm Carrey did an excellent job as The Grinch. The Deluxe Edition has a second disc with recipes from Whoville residents as well as games to play....more info
  • A Great Movie
    My son liked how you learned why the Grinch became so mean during his childhood. It opened up a conversation about how saying mean things can really hurt someones feelings. ...more info
  • Suprised.
    I can't believe I liked this movie. I hate Jim Carrey. He was nothing like he is in his other movies. This movie is great. I love how they added more to the story than the original cartoon version. A must own....more info
    Welcome to the year 2000. Alot of things have changed since 1966.
    Just as you wouldn't compare an encyclopedia to the internet, there's no sense comparing the Grinch cartoon to Grinch the movie.
    Fortunately the original feature is still with us and still enjoyed by children every holiday season. Now, however, they have a version for their generation as well.
    Kids today live in the world of high tech flash and kid TV stations that blare dumb jokes and comercials 24 hours a day.
    They play extreme sports, have their own fashions and vacation in Disneyworld. Movies need to be in touch with their audience and this one is.
    Some people complain that it's "too loud" and garish - they cringe at the nasty jokes ( which are funny enough to be forgiven and - compared to the really vapid trash in so many movies today - are nothing ) and bemoan the dark edge of some of the scenes. Alas, not everything can be all things to all people - - -unless they are kids.
    Ask an eight year old to give you his oppinion and he'll probably tell you that it was funny and cool and sometimes scary.
    It doesn't get much better than that.
    The Grinch also gives us something else - a benchmark performance. I always suspected Jim Carey had uncommon talent but his scripts up till this one were dreadful. His portrayal of the Grinch belongs in the company of Karloff's Frankenstein, Lugosi's Dracula, Betty Davis in All About Eve as a quintessential pairing of actor and role.
    Ron Howard's direction must have been good because I didn't notice it. I got the feeling you were watching people having fun while working. It flows well and the characters instead of the camera propell the film. A nice touch, perhaps the directors, is the last long pull out from the banquet hall in Whoville to an arial view to a cosmic view that reveals itself to be in actuality an extreme close up of a single slowflake drifting with it's million brothers on route to a fleeting existance before melting. I think that puts the themes of greed, revenge, rage and our time together nicely in perspective.
    The Flintstones are a beloved classic too but the movie version had no merit. Are you really going to be upset that now there are two succesful versions of Dr. Seuss' wonderful book?...more info
  • A New Christmas Classic for the New Millenium.
    Finally, they made a Dr. Seuss film. The Grinch was an almost perfect movie. The Whoville setting was filled with bright colors of red and green, snow was everywhere, and on its November 2000 release I am sure it made everyone who saw it wish it was Christmas. Jim Carrey plays the most heartfelt, and dastardly performance as the Grinch. Carrey brough three dimentional style to the character. I also applaud the little girl who played Cindi Lou Who. Molly Shannon also gave a good little performance. The effects in the movie were really great. Ron Howard is a film genius (as well as Brian Grazer) They brought the Seussian world to life and made everyone beleive. What a great film....more info
  • Jim Carrey's Grinch
    Who doesn't love this version? I'm not a big Jim Carrey fan, but this is a Christmas must-see for our family every year....more info
  • You're a bad movie, Mr. Grinch
    It's hard to say what's worse: having all your Christmas decorations and gifts stolen on Christmas Eve night, or having to sit through this horrible adaptation of a classic Christmas story. It's hard to believe talented people like Ron Howard and Jim Carrey could take such excellent source material and turn it into one of the worst movies ever made.

    Jim Carrey's performance as the Grinch is nothing more than a rehash of his performance in "The Mask," except in this case it completely destroys a classic character. The Grinch is mean, sniveling, and pathetic, not an insane, bouncing-off-the-walls lunatic.

    Visually, the movie is very dark, which fits during the scenes at the Grinch's lair, but this presentation continues during scenes showcasing what should be a bright, cheerful Whoville.

    Another flaw is that the movie constantly makes references to pop-culture and the real world. This only serves to take you out of this fantasy world and destroy what should be an immersive experience.

    But perhaps the worst thing about this movie is the humor, which is crude and disgusting. The movie is filled with "funny" bits like the Grinch making a sleeping character kiss his dog's rear end, or the Grinch being forced to eat too much and drooling pudding out of his mouth, or a scene in which he falls into a female character's breasts. This movie should heart-warming, not disgusting.

    All in all, this movie is an abomination to Christmas, an abomination to Dr. Seuss, and an abomination to the film industry. Instead of serving as a heart-warming reminder of the Christmas spirit, this movie is more like a cold shower for the Holiday season. Do yourself a favor and watch the far superior animated version....more info
  • An Ice Storm of Grinch Fun!
    I was happy a few years ago when this longer version of the Grinch saga came out onto the local theatre screen. I liked the book, although the Grinch was not green, and then the cartoon was better since the Grinch could now move and talk, but when I learned Ron Howard was to make a real movie of it I was relieved. And he did not let me down. The Grinch is played by Jim Carrey and does lots of neat Jim Carrey stuff like making faces and talking all funny. He is covered in green fur even over his Area which looks a little weird but is okay. The story in the book wasn't complete enough so now that Dr. Seuss is dead they were able to make it better. I especially liked how there was a scene where you see Who-ville adults attending a party dropping their keys into a bowl as they enter. I liked that movie The Ice Storm and other movies about the swinging '79s and I was glad to see that kind of cultural awareness make it into something I could show my kids again and again, providing a "teaching moment" to talk about other eras with my little ones. The original cartoon was cute with little Cindy Who and the cartoon dog but until you have seen lots of green fur and Jim Carrey making his faces and Who-ville people who go to key parties and swap Whos (I assume)...well, you haven't seen the Grinch. Kudos to Ron!...more info
  • Loved it!
    I really liked it a lot! I watch the original cartoon every Chrsitmas and I've read the book to my little brother. This is a really cute movie I would definitly reccomend. I think the Grinch's cold hearted spirit is captured really well (until he turns good that is). Some people don't like this and feel it ruined the Grinch because it's not strictly to the book, but what do you expect? The book wasn't very long. It can be read in about five minutes more or less...

    Anyway I do suggest you watch this provided you aren't one of those affor mentioned people that freak out over every little thing. I do NOT reccomend the Cat in the Hat movie. I thought that movie seemed too much like Austin Powers in a cat suit to tell the truth,...more info

  • The Grinch with Jim Carey
    I LOVE IT! It is one of the best Christmas movies out there. I watched it 3 times, this past Christmas, and could have watched it again. It is hilarious!!!...more info
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Great movie for both adults and kids. I think Dr.Seuess would be proud of the way his book has come to life. Ron Howard did a great job creating Whoville and the make-up and costumes are well done. JIm Carrey did an excellent job as The Grinch. The Deluxe Edition has a second disc with recipes from Whoville residents as well as games to play....more info
  • Dr. Suess How the Grinch stole Christmas / Jim carey
    Bought this movie for my grandkids , they just love it! had not been able to find it at local stores( Walmart, Target. exc.) so I came home ordered it on Amazon. Always there when you need them without driving all around town looking for it in different stores!!
    This movie is Awesome Jim Carey is GREAT! Good humor for the Entire Family , would highly recommend it to everyone! Among the best in holiday movies....more info
  • An instant Christmas classic
    I'm not the largest Jim Carrey fan in the world, but this was a role that none other could have nailed more perfectly. He was funnier than ever in the movie without going for the usual face-stretching antics that he usually reaches for. I love to take out this movie, at any time of the year, and watch it with my son and he and I both laugh continually throughout this movie.

    It is funny, heart warming, imaginative, heavy on the special effects, and tells a decent and gripping story that reminds us all that Christmas is not about presents, but something else instead. My only gripe is that they don't relate well what that something is, as they focus on the spirit of Christmas and not Christ, but it is still better than a lot of the messages out there on Christmas (which is usually, "Buy my product!!").

    Watch it and see if it becomes an instant Christmas class for you, too....more info
  • Good family movie
    This is a good adaptation of the classic. The original will always be the best, but a live-action movie is good. To turn 20 minutes into a 2-hour movie required a lot of added imagination, but does not take away from the original concept....more info
  • Good Deal, Reliable Dealer, Fast Shipping
    I was very impressed with the movie and with how quickly i received my package. Very reasonable seller and good quality items....more info
  • How Ron Howard re-created a Holiday Classic
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a holiday classic, but some people may not appreciate Ron Howard's Hollywood remake with this film. It follows basically the same plot as the traditional television program, with a few added segments to make the movie a little longer.

    The best thing about this movie has to be the excellent make- up by Rick Baker. He won an Oscar for his work, and it was well- deserved. Jim Carrey (one of the other highlights of the film) looks just like the Grinch should look- with the same smile, the same face, and the same mannerisms of the original Grinch.

    The overall plot includes some added segments about the Grinch and his childhood, showing how he same to dislike Christmas so much. Ron Howard was the target of much criticism for doing this, but I feel it was undeserved criticism. He needed to make the movie a little longer and he probably wanted to make it more his own work rather than just a complete rehashing of the original. I think he does a decent job here, although I can agree that some of the scenes are a little silly.

    Overall, this is still a good film for the holiday season. Jim Carrey's goofiness and his nasty Grinch- like nature, along with the great make- up and the eye- catching set, make for a pleasant movie watching experience. It's not exactly like the original, but it's close enough that traditionalists shouldn't be too alarmed.
    ...more info
  • The Moose Hole - How Howard Saved Christmas
    "The more the Grinch thought, "I must stop this whole thing!
    Why, for fifty-three years I've put up with it now!
    I MUST stop this Christmas from coming!
    ... But HOW?"

    Every child, if they were brought up properly that is, has grown up with the short stories created by Dr. Seuss. Stories ranging from The Cat in the Hat to Yertle the Turtle to The Lorax with their delightful creatures and clever situations have captured the imaginations of not only the younger generation but the baby boomers as well. So is it any wonder that Universal Pictures, the studio that gained the rights to the classic tales, rushed two of the famous author's most famous works into production, The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas? The Cat is an easy sell since the concept has never been put on film but The Grinch is a bigger challenge. The challenge the live action feature faces is the 1966 television cartoon classic, which has become a staple of the Christmas holiday in the United States, and therefore comparisons between the two would be highly criticized among fans. Will the teaming of rising director Ron Howard and famous comedian Jim Carrey change all perspectives on the holiday treat? Only one thing can truly be said: Universal executives clearly have guts for at least attempting this.

    The story focuses on the magical city of Whoville and the hermit-like citizen who plans to ruin the holiday rituals they care so much about. Everyone in the city of Whoville loved celebrating the holidays but one they loved the most was Christmas. All the houses are covered with lights, the streets are lined with decorations, and the stores are flooded with Whos wanting gifts for their loved ones. It seems everyone is filled with the Christmas spirit except for The Grinch. Living up on Mount Crumpit, The Grinch has despised the citizens of Whoville and their "Whobilation" and decides upon a plan to steal Christmas. Disguised as Old Saint Nick, he will go down into the city, take away all the gifts and decorations, and dump them on Mount Crumpit. But there is one little girl who believes The Grinch does have a good heart and hopes to change his ways before it is too late. The story for The Grinch works out amazingly despite the lack of material from the book from which the film is based. Considering the short story doesn't go into the details of The Grinch or any other characters presented, it was quite ingenious for Howard and company to develop the back story that they did. If they hadn't, the feature would have been a lot shorter then it was and wouldn't have been worth presenting on screen.

    The cast for this take on a classic Seuss tale is relatively small, which is to be expected, but those that do have significant roles do a wonderful job at presenting amusing characters that may or may not have been seen in the Christmas legend. Though Jim Carrey may not have been the most obvious choice to play the title character, it has to be said that Ron Howard made an excellent decision after what has been seen on screen. Carrey, who had fallen from his comedic status thanks in part to the disaster known as The Cable Guy, has brought himself back to the mainstream audience with delightful and disguising character. Everything he does comes off with such comedic timing that one forgets about anybody else who could have filled the role. Taylor Momsen is absolutely adorable as Little Cindy Lou-Who and fits the character captured the story perfectly. At times she does seem a little too cute for her own good but that is a slight squabble compared to the rest of her performance. Her reactions come off perfectly with Carrey's exuberant performance. And Anthony Hopkins gives a stirring performance narrating portions of the film. At times, he slips into his Hannibal Lecter-like creepy voice but only in the appropriate areas. Obviously the younger audience will not get the slight reference to the thriller but adults will get a rise out of it.

    Overall, Howard's version of The Grinch exceeds even the cartoon classic in its entertainment value but will it be an enduring classic? Not entirely. This film could have been an absolute disaster if Carrey had not been cast as The Grinch and Howard had not helming the project but luckily everything worked out for the project. As entertaining as the feature is, not everything works for it. The song sung by Taylor Momsen near the beginning could have been easily cut since it had really no reason to be placed in the film in the first place. Another problem was the kind of humor that was used. Sure, a butt joke here and there would be entertaining and funny but at times the film goes a little too far and some of the gross-out-humor gets annoying and just plain disgusting for the age group that this film is aimed at. A younger audience shouldn't be prevented from watching this but parents should take some caution for some scenes that the younger children will probably question about. Outside of those small problems, How the Grinch Stole Christmas proves to be an enduring holiday tale once again that doesn't fail to catch the imagination of the public, no matter what age they are....more info

  • A Lot Of Fun; Looks Great On DVD
    I found this a very entertaining small kids movie that actually is geared more for adults with a lot of jokes and humor only they would understand. A few things are inappropriate for the kiddies, but just a few. Othewise, "The Grinch" (Jim Carrey) cracks so many jokes you can't keep up with them all, ranging from sexual to cultural to insider-Hollywood to racial.

    The film is very colorful and looks great on DVD. The little girl in here, "Cindy Lou Who" (Taylor Momsen) is really cute and the costumes and hairdos of the little people in here are fun to view. Anthony Hopkins' voice is pleasing, too, so having his narrate this elevates the movie further. His rhymes are fun to hear.

    I've seen it four times and it got better with each viewing.....more info
  • not true to form
    this movie was way off from the books.yes books,as in plural.there were very many dr suess books concerning the grinch.there never was a martha may.the grinch had environmental induced mental problems from his mother.the cat in the hat and the whos help him in the end.this movie tossed all that outthe window.that being said,in this one the grinch is tormented as a child by the mayor of whoville-as a kid x-mas,the kids push him too far over a issue with his love interest martha,he develops a serious disliking for x-mas and a matter of fact,he reads some of the phone book everyday.with each name he reads,he screams down from the mtn"I HATE YOU".its very disturbing if youre a who.he eats glass,sets out time to wallowin his self pity..................a very in depth character suffering from something very serious.jim carrey is the grinch.the kids will love it.its not quite as good as the cat in the hat but its really close.theres an old grinch movie from god only knows when that inspired this one.the old one is better i say.its at least true to one of the greatest characters ever.i think this is a very likeable movie everyone will like.i think the whos are obnoxious myself and very ugly.ithink ive made it quite clear that the only thing this has in common with the book is a tall green guy and he steals x-mas.this is jim carreys best performance of all time.the other best ones are bruce in bruce almighty,the schizo in me myself and irene and andy kaufman.its an excellent movie....more info
  • Great movie!
    This Christmas classic has become a holiday tradition for me and my kids. Jim Carrey is hilarious! You will enjoy this!...more info
  • complete waste of time
    This movie was...HORRIBLE!!!!! If I had to pick one good thing about it, I would choose the makeup job on Jim Carrey (you can't even tell it's him). But everything else was horrible. This hardly followed the book at all, and hardly used any dialogue from it. If you want excellent Dr. Seuss movies, go see "In Search of Dr. Seuss" and "The Cat in the Hat" with Mike Myers....more info
  • Dr. Suess How the Grinch stole Christmas / Jim carey
    Bought this movie for my grandkids , they just love it! had not been able to find it at local stores( Walmart, Target. exc.) so I came home ordered it on Amazon. Always there when you need them without driving all around town looking for it in different stores!!
    This movie is Awesome Jim Carey is GREAT! Good humor for the Entire Family , would highly recommend it to everyone! Among the best in holiday movies....more info
  • My favorite Holiday movie EVER!
    The title says it all. GREAT family Christmas movie, I love it!!!! It will become apart of our family tradition every year....more info
  • So Stupid, It's Funny
    I love this movie! It is so incredibly stupid and funny. It is absolutely ridiculous and slightly crass. The grinch and the whos look like a bunch of clowns. The film was predictable and completely ripped off from the animated TV special. This isn't as stupid as Barney, because at least the makers of this film actually tried to be funny, rather than just childish and retarded. This film has gotten a lot of mixed reviews on, so be sure to rent it before you buy it. ...more info
  • how the grinch stole christmas
    I purchased this for two of my grandchildren. They love it. In fact their Mother informed me that hardly a day goes by that the youngest does not ask to watch the movie. Could not have been better!!...more info
  • Did these people even read the BOOK????
    What a terrible movie! How could you possibly ruin such a classic Dr. Seuss book?
    Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite authors (no kidding, the books are for much younger readers than me...but I own every Dr. Seuss book, anyway.) It drives me crazy that Dr. Seuss' wife let them PRODUCE this rot! If I were her I reject them and I might even (as Dr. Seuss said on DR. SEUSS GOES TO WAR) smack them in the snoot!
    I even didn't watch the whole thing, I left as soon as I could. Unless the ending was about sixty times better than everything prior to that, it was one of the worst movies I've ever watched!
    Jim Carrey DID do a good job, but he can't save a movie like THAT! And did we really have to go into his long, boring and disturbing childhood? It tells us WHY he hates Christmas, whereas in the book no one quite no the reason why he hated it. (And don't even get me started on how much I hate THE CAT IN THE HAT with Mike Myers (who, by the way, can't act)!
    Not to say I don't like the animated TV Special THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS. That was maybe better than the book was. Although, what could you expect from a master like Chuck Jones who actually KNEW what he was doing! That movie at least 1000 times better than this!
    And one of the best parts of the book was "Maybe Christmas DOESN'T come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more." But how can you believe THAT on THE GRINCH, the vulgar movie that was merchandised to the BONE!!!!!
    After watching this film, you realize: The Grinch didn't steal Christmas...but the directors RUINED Christmas!...more info
  • A Must-See for Everyone!
    I know some people don't care much for Jim Carrey. If this is the case with you, know that in this film, he steps out of his usual Carrey-ness. Ron Howard directed this film and it truly gets the point across in a subtle and humorous way.

    Children should be reminded that Christmas isn't about the toys and the gifts and that family is the best gift of all.

    I'm not a tree-hugger or emotional sap, so it takes a lot to get me interested in "educational" movies.

    Personally, I would make the Grinch into a holiday hero, ranking next to Santa Claus.

    This movie is so much more than the original cartoon. You'll love Max the dog, whose facial expressions truly show you the mood Ron H. was going for.

    Have fun, join the Who's of Whoville and set back for some time remembering the joys of Christmas....more info
  • Good family movie
    This is a good adaptation of the classic. The original will always be the best, but a live-action movie is good. To turn 20 minutes into a 2-hour movie required a lot of added imagination, but does not take away from the original concept....more info