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Driver: Parallel Lines
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $18.00

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Product Description

Driver: Parallel Lines defined action-driving as a genre. It's one of the first action games to incorporate online gaming and it epitomized Hollywood-style car chases is back. Discover TK, a driver for hire and free from conscience. Take part in an adrenaline-pumping story line of double-cross and revenge set in the New York underworld. Massive improvements in everything from Character control to AI to weapon selection effects

  • Authentic Hollywood-style action racing
  • Race in open environments, providing multiple paths to completing over 35 missions
  • Play against others in 8-person multiplayer
  • Control 80 drivable, customizable vehicles including cars, bikes and trucks with unmatched vehicle damage system
  • Experience 2 distinct time periods of a photorealistic NYC

Customer Reviews:

  • Hours of fun!
    My husband a big fan. He likes to drive the different types of cars. I am not a big fan of the hand brake feature, it hard to learn to use. It's fun for the fact i only paid $15.99 for it. We both like the story line and it is fun to do the little side jobs. Cops are fun to out run but watch out for the chopper it gets you everytime....more info
  • Great Game - NOT for kids!!!!!
    I bought the Wii for Christmas for my fiancee.....he loves it and loves the game - we both actually play it and as you go through the different boroughs you find different things and levels all the time. Similar to the Grand Theft Auto's but different. Not for children though! A lot of curse words....17+ - but FUN for the mature adults ;)...more info
  • Just like GTA.
    Identical to GTA, gets boring after 4-6 weeks, unless your still a GTA fan. They could have made it longer, the graphics are sweet on the Wii. ...more info
  • It looks good but I can't reverse the car!
    The graphic looks good compared to other Wii games. However, bad controlling scheme makes it un-playable. I can't reverse the car. The manual says "Press Z-button and tilt the Nunchuck to make the car turn 360 degrees" but it does not work at all. When the car I drove hit the wall and got stuck, I tried every movements with both the Wii controller and the Nunchuck but it was still stuck. I searched the Web for tips but none worked.

    After 2 days, I traded it in. It's very frustrating. I'm now conviced Wii controller DOES NOT WORK with ACTION games. I rented two other action games, Transformer and Dragon Quest Swords. They don't respond properly to Wii controller either....more info
  • good game
    this is a very fun game. it is very similar to grand theft auto type games but it has a twist. free roam environment in new york/new jersey and customizable vehicles. i will never be bored of this game i would reccomend it to any wii owners. 17+...more info
  • Excellent GTA knock-off
    I enjoyed this game quite a lot.

    Gameplay: It used the Wii motion controls in a reasonable, natural way that didn't feel forced into the gameplay. The story arc was semi-open, a la GTA, and held my interest throughout.

    Graphics: Excellent for the Wii. The cutscenes are especially good, in my opinion. The atmosphere of the game was also excellent in its early '70s vibe. Gameplay graphics were very good--the Wii is notorious for having really dumbed down graphics. In fact, this game is one of the better graphics I've encountered on the Wii.

    Overall: A solid 4-stars. Not a 5-star due to it being an extension of a genre not a breakthrough title.
    ...more info