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Rookie cop Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) grew up in crime. That makes him the perfect mole the man on the inside of the mob run by boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). It's his job to win Costello's trust and help his detective handlers (Mark Wahlberg and Martin Sheen) bring Costello down. Meanwhile SIU officer Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) has everyone's trust. No one suspects he's Costello's mole. How these covert lives cross double-cross and collide is at the ferocious core of the widely acclaimed The Departed. Martin Scorsese directs guiding a cast for the ages in a visceral tale of crime and consequences. This is searing can't-look-away filmmaking: like staring into the eyes of a con - or a cop - with a gun.Running Time: 152 min.System Requirements:Run Time: 151 minsFormat: BLU-RAY DISC Genre: DRAMA UPC: 085391117292 Manufacturer No: 111729

Martin Scorsese makes a welcome return to the mean streets (of Boston, in this case) with The Departed, hailed by many as Scorsese's best film since Casino. Since this crackling crime thriller is essentially a Scorsese-stamped remake of the acclaimed 2002 Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs, the film was intensely scrutinized by devoted critics and cinephiles, and while Scorsese's intense filmmaking and all-star cast deserve ample acclaim, The Departed is also worthy of serious re-assessment, especially with regard to what some attentive viewers described as sloppy craftsmanship (!), notably in terms of mismatched shots and jagged continuity. But no matter where you fall on the Scorsese appreciation scale, there's no denying that The Departed is a signature piece of work from one of America's finest directors, designed for maximum impact with a breathtaking series of twists, turns, and violent surprises. It's an intricate cat-and-mouse game, but this time the cat and mouse are both moles: Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) is an ambitious cop on the rise, planted in the Boston police force by criminal kingpin Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a hot-tempered police cadet who's been artificially disgraced and then planted into Costello's crime operation as a seemingly trustworthy soldier. As the multilayered plot unfolds (courtesy of a scorching adaptation by Kingdom of Heaven screenwriter William Monahan), Costigan and Sullivan conduct a volatile search for each other (they're essentially looking for "themselves") while simultaneously wooing the psychiatrist (Vera Farmiga) assigned to treat their crime-driven anxieties.

Such convenient coincidences might sink a lesser film, but The Departed is so electrifying that you barely notice the plot-holes. And while Nicholson's profane swagger is too much "Jack" and not enough "Costello," he's still a joy to watch, especially in a film that's additionally energized by memorable (and frequently hilarious) supporting roles for Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, and a host of other big-name performers. The Departed also makes clever and plot-dependent use of cell-phones, to the extent that it couldn't exist without them. Powered by Scorsese's trademark use of well-chosen soundtrack songs (from vintage rock to Puccini's operas), The Departed may not be perfect, but it's one helluva ride for moviegoers, proving popular enough to become the biggest box-office hit of Scorsese's commercially rocky career. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Superb acting on top of brilliant storytelling
    Please don't make negative comments like some of the aforementioned people have been doing if you haven't seen the film yet! I have seen it, at a press screening last week. Not only is it the best film of the year so far, it marks a return to form for Martin Scorsese, and ranks with the likes of GOODFELLAS as being one of the best in his canon of films.

    I'm a fan of the Hong Kong film, INFERNAL AFFAIRS, upon which this is based. While THE DEPARTED keeps the basic structure of the original, it is very much its own movie, so much so that the screenwriter, William Monahan, didn't even watch the original film while adapting its screenplay, thus enabling him to infuse the script with his, and Scorsese's, respective visions.

    All the actors are first-rate (yes, even Leo, for all you DiCaprio bashers out there), and turn in some of their best performances to date. THE DEPARTED is sure to garner a host of Oscar nods, if not wins, including (hopefully) Scorsese's long-overdue statuette for Best Director. Plus, with actors like Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin playing supporting roles, that says a lot about the quality of the film they signed up for! THE DEPARTED is tough stuff, not for the faint-of-heart. That said, it is a must-see for adult viewers who long for intelligent, gritty stories to grace our movie screens once again.

    ...more info
  • Add to Your Film Library
    Classic cop thriller. Fine Blu-ray transfer. The picture and sound are very good. I recommend this dvd very highly....more info
  • SPECATCULAR! Former Spy Loves This Movie
    I have been trying to stave off insanity these past few weeks, as I have watched America ignnore the urgent need to exile Dick Cheney, send the village idiot home, and "get a grip" (see ten recommendations below).

    I have watched this movie four times in the past year. Each time it gets better

    First thought: Dicaprio is a world class actor, and the star in the Jason Borne series needs not explaining, except to note that he was a Southie and created the movie script for his first film as a Southie.

    This movie is super at three levels:

    Strategically: it shows how to penetrate organizations (crime ito police, police into crime) and how to reinforce and protect those penetrations with "back-ups." CIA and FBI are both penetrated by everyone on the planet (including Guyana), but they are in denial and lie to us by pretending to be some sort of mythical "super" power. I deeply value my past as a spy beacuse it allows me to serve the public by saying IDIOCY AND DECEPTION.

    Operationally, this movie is a cut above the average in showing how gangs work, how gang leaders are extremely intelligence and running operations against the police (the movie does not cover this, but most police departments across America are constantly monitored by criminal gangs that have used the back door to the police voice and radio communications systems to route a complete copy of every transmission or conversation to a third site. Cops are on the payroll and do not care about operational security. Criminals understand the value of couter-intelligence and intelligence.

    At the tactical level, from wide beaches for executionn to marshes with the unexpect banker getting laid, the movie is fully satisfactory.

    I have come to the conclusion that governments and religions are a form of "legal" organized crime that We the People need to "shut down." ENOUGH.

    I have been an undercover officer, in a combat zone as well as more normal locations, I have felt the terror of being exposzed, helpless, and subject to immediate execution (in El Salvador, a direct threat to execute me from the Colonels in charge of the country), and I consider this movie to be, easily, in the top ten alltime great movies about law enforcement, honor, and so one.

    One nit: real spies, and the traitors they handle, do not use cell phones. Imagine a web cam following you everywhere. A cell phone can be turned on remotely to become a microphone recording non-cell phone conversations. That is the only unrealistic aspect of this otherwise superb movie.

    A Real Pleasure!!!!

    Botttom line: plot A+ actors A+ script A+ Execution A+

    WOW. This is a GREAT MOVIE. See also:

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    The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead
    Breach (Widescreen Edition)
    Serpico (Widescreen Edition)
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    The New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political--Citizen's Action Handbook for Fighting Terrorism, Genocide, Disease, Toxic Bombs, & Corruption...more info
  • Crime Drama that is a wild ride from beginning to end
    I picked up this film primarily because of the fact that one of my favorite actors (Jack Nicholson - Frank Costello) has a starring role in it. For his acting the the movie, I surely was not disappointed. The Departed is a film with Mind-blowing plot variations and shocking revelations which culminates in a violent and stunning end.

    Leonardo DiCaprio (Billy Costigan) and Matt Damon (Colin Sullivan) are both in very interesting roles, seemingly polar opposites, who actually have more in common than they would ever realize. Placed as a mole in Frank Costello's criminal enterprise, Billy Costigan was a young recruit, chosen by his superiors to infiltrate and ultimately take down the organization from the top. Colin Sullivan, on the other hand, groomed from a young age by Frank, becomes a sucessful trooper, right out of the academy. He becomes a mole for Frank, feeding him information on department activity in an attempt to prolong and save his enterprise. Colin looks to Frank as the father figure, and Frank seems to take Billy under his wing as well.

    What follows is a stellar performance by the entire cast, with a story that is as intense, as it is violent, profane and shocking.

    One warning, the film clocks in over 2 hours, and you cannot miss a minute of it without being lost... However, even with the length of the movie, it doesn't ever seem to lag, I couldn't imagine that any of this movie should be cut. A very compelling, imaginative and true to life plot with an ending that will leave you in a stunned silence of contemplation....more info
  • My favorite movie of the year
    This is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has alot of vulgar language but that doesn't bother me any. If your looking for a great mob movie or any movie I highly recommend and the high definition is quite excellent....more info
  • Kickazz
    I like this movie so much I bought it, and I am cheap. Jack Nicholson is one bad mfer, and Marky Mark is the best actor in the movie. I even admired that retarded baldwin dude's acting skills. Too bad dicrapio dies at the end....more info
  • Not great Scorcese
    I would give this 2 1/2 stars actually.

    Scorsese has stunk up the place recently--see 'Gangs of New York', making him, along with Woody Allen, one of America's most over-rated directors (and both are identified with NYC!). This is something like a return to form, but no where near the quality of 'Casino' (which if Scorsese had stopped there would have made him a much-appreciated director).

    First, neither DiCaprio nor Damon inhabit very believable characters. When you take unbelievable characters and add unbelievable actions and events, you get bad plot, among other things. Second, it's tiring seeing Nicholson in the role of criminal arch villain. What is most memorable about the depiction is the comedy. Third, an elaborate and unbelievable plot based around the idea that Irish and Italians (from Providence) battle it out for the 'mean streets' of Boston but with the main prize being the ability to sell computer chips to Chinese government officials was just way too much.

    Since TV provides us with cop dramas like 'Homicide', the 'Shield' and the 'Wire', why would anyone need a film like this?

    Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg turn in the most credible performances in supporting roles--the sort of characters that could be fleshed out and inhabit some of the plot in a longer TV drama. Here they get very little screen time actually.

    One other dubious distinction: this has to be the most over-acclaimed, most over-rated Boston-based crime movie since Eastwood's, which was also flawed by an unbelievable plot. Neither DiCaprio nor Damon over-act in the Sean Penn way here, but neither of them are very believable as white tough guys from the mean streets either. There is supposed to be some sort of irony in that the DiCaprio character is judged by veteran cops to be incapable of being one, while the Damon character is supposed to the veteran cops' choice as a departmental golden boy. I kept thinking if Damon's slightly better acting skills were put to use in the DiCaprio character (the undercover cop), which is a slightly more important character than the undercover criminal in the police department, the results might have been somewhat more engaging. However, Scorsese seems to be enamored of DiCaprio.
    ...more info
  • Definitely a guy movie
    The story is set in Boston's brutal underworld, where Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson) is the all-powerful crime boss. Frank mentored a young man (Matt Damon) through the police academy and now he's both a State Trooper and a member of the mob, while the Staties have their own man (Leonardo DiCaprio) working inside Costello's organization.

    This movie is not for the squeamish; there are almost non-stop bloody killings and barely a line of dialogue that is isn't full of profanities. Nicholson chews up the scenery as the ruthless kingpin, wallowing in his magnificent evilness. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite believe Damon and DiCaprio as men who could commit such cruel acts; with their soft babyfaces they looked out of place and when they shared the screen it looked more like a magazine shoot than a shoot out. Leo's bogus attempt at a Boston accent also came up short. All of the mobsters mumble, making them hard to understand, but this is a visual story and a striking one at that.

    The movie is intense and thrilling, but definitely only for those who like tough crime dramas. ...more info
  • The Confused
    Fine acting aside, the story is confusing as anything. Adding to the confusion is casting three similar characters (Damon, DiCaprio, Wahlberg) with three hunk leading men blondes and you try keeping track of who is who. Overrated and clearly merited only as a lifetime achievement award for Martin Scorsese....more info
  • A Great Format For A Great Movie
    The title of this review pretty much says it all. There is not a lot of action in this flick, but the music is killer. The blu-ray audio enhances this. Visually, on my system, the blacks are black and the colors are brilliant. I highly recommend this movie for blu-ray....more info
  • amazing
    this is the best movie ever, i have seen it over 30 times.
    i luv it.
    watch it.
    ...more info
    This iss the most spellbinding film I have ever seen. Well written and outstanding acting by DeCaprio and Wahberg. Strong, facinating story line. ...more info
  • The Departed
    This is a good movie and it keeps you guessing the entire time. Nothing is as it seems.
    I loved it....more info
  • Buy this!
    If you love The Sopranos - you'll love this film! Vintage Jack Nicholson. Ironically, the film and its soundtrack make an appearance in Series 6 of The Sopranos. Tony is being driven by Christoper and they have a 'moment' together. One of the best tracks on the soundtrack to The Departed is Comfortably Numb which features Pink Floyd and Van Morrison....more info
  • DiCaprio finally comes of age under the direction of a worthy father.
    I've seen the film only once, which is not quite enough to catch some crucial details about the father at the beginning. But the film is essentially a frantic gangster send-up like "Goodfellas" plus Hamlet with a theological twist: it's the search for identity and for the father, which are essentially the same thing. It's also a film in which DiCaprio is no longer seen as a mere teenager or, recalling Spielberg's leaden caper film, where Sheen is more caricature than believable character.

    There's a scene in the film between DiCaprio and Nicholson during which I was conscious for the first time that the former could hold his own--as a mature, believable, adult actor--and with the very best of them. And what a crucial scene that turns out to be. In this modern-day "Hamlet" tale about a young man's desperate search for identity, he gains it--threefold--and just at the moment we're convinced he's lost everything. In the film's last incredibly tense, headspinning moments, we learn that 1. DiCaprio rather than Matt Damon is the trusted "son" of the mafia father figure played by Nicholson (Damon's character rejects outright the sentimental notion of being a "son" to Nicholson); 2. we are assured that DiCapio's identity is not lost when Mark Wahlberg's character, as a surrogate for Martin Sheen's character which, in turn, is a surrogate father to DiCaprio's, shows up to dispose of the imposter; 3.finally, the deal is triply "clinched" at our realization that the father of the baby being borne by Madolyn is not Damon's but DiCaprio's.

    The line from "Hamlet" that's recited is "Readiness is all." But life, Scorsese, seems to be saying, is far more unpredictable and ludicrous, far more messy than this: none of us is ever ready (Nicholson's line to the effect that "we're all dying" suggests as much), and DiCaprio's character seems the least ready of all. Yet in the midst of all the violence and bloodshed, and despite all the lunacy and confusion, justice and clarity win out after all. This is, in many respects, the film befitting a mature, or "senior," director, who is moreover a man of faith. Unlike Coppola's fascination with the "humanness" of mafia families, Scorsese seems more interested in the "humanity" of these unsaintly, fallen prodigals who come to symbolize us all: they represent the universal human condition in all its absurdity and hope for redemption. For Scorsese they, no less than all of us, must not be consigned outright to the circle of the eternally damned. Even in their twisted, misguided, and confused relations, fathers and sons manage to find one another, mothers produce the sons by the fathers they truly love, the identity that is at once so elusive and questionable emerges after all--there's no question about its being a human identity and there's even a possibility that it retains much that is holy, emanating from a supreme father who ultimately pilots this ship of violent fools to a peaceful end....more info
  • Trust and betrayal: integrated case studies
    Trust -- and its flip side, betrayal. Personal, professional, familial. Scorsese weaves an intricate tapestry of double-dealing, double-crossing, deceit and dishonesty, mixed in with an inordinate number of head-shot executions, in the seamy Boston underworld.

    What does the movie ultimately say about trust? First, that there's not a whole lot of it for either cops or robbers, but second, that not all trust is misplaced, and honesty will at least be vindicated, even if it can never be fully compensated.

    But forget the movie's theme for a second. Picture this plot: a determined, Donny Brasco-type mole inside an Irish gangster's criminal empire, combined with an equally determined dirty cop trying to find him. Cat and mouse action, generous helpings of violence, a semi-demi-plausible love triangle, lots of coke and Chinese gangsters all make appearances in a surprisingly coherent and entertaining mix. Great action and performances abound with the all-star cast as well....more info
  • blu ray movie
    Arrived in reasonable time and in the promised condition. I thought the shipping and handling charges were high....more info
  • The Departed
    Received in a timely manner. However it was not packed very well and the DVD shifted in it's box. Luckily it was not damaged or scratched....more info
  • A big-name total bomb
    What were the reviewers thinking when they hyped this film? Do they automatically go for anything with Jack Nicholson? The film was contrived, hokey, packed with inexplicable behavior and major plot elements left unanswered. How did DiCaprio find the police shrink? Do all undercover officers use police shrinks to score tranquilizers? Do police shrinks really go on dates with men who spent the prior five minutes angrily yelling at them? Do attractive, young, female psychiatrists really sleep with pill-popping patients who have nearly zero time for a relationship? What happened to the envelope DiCaprio gave her? Regarding Damon's first encounter with the shrink in an elevator, does repeatedly using the F-word in public really work to impress female strangers?

    Shouldn't the cops have, like, duh, wondered why a car packed with thugs just happened to show up to kill the cop captain that Damon ordered tailed? At the very least, wouldn't that have been a REALLY good time to take Damon off of his assignment? Would the cops tailing their boss really stay in their vehicle when they knew a gang of thugs had just entered the deserted building he was in? Is the murder of a state police captain so routine in Boston that no action was taken to find the killers? Why did DiCaprio feel that he had to be the one to arrest Damon, with zero backup? Oh, wait, I forgot, he did that so there would be another dramatic confrontation between two big stars.

    I was riveted to the TV while watching Goodfellas and Casino; but then, those were dramatizations based on actual events. The Departed, on the other hand, has no bearing on reality at all....more info
  • I had such consideration...
    ...for Martin Scorcese that I feel very sorry for his precocious senility. I can't think of any other explanation (there is no excuse) for mistaking di Caprio for an actor (which is about as ludicrous as mistaking McDos for restaurants). And, since he's persisting in polluting the screens with something whose only merit is he never will be a "Has Been" (since he never was anything in the first place), from now on I will keep clear from Scorcese's movies....more info
  • Bad language
    Yes I suppose I am the only one who really cares about this any more. The bad language was constant and continual, I just don't think it's necessary but apparently the rest of the world does or Hollywood wouldn't continue to include such trash talking in so many movies. So I will happily be a minority who doesn't prefer to talk this way or listen to others talk this way....more info
  • Excellent male performances
    This was an outstanding cast for a remarkably tightly made film.

    I am not normally a fan of Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg, but both of their performances rose to the occasion here. Jack Nicholson steals every scene he is in, as usual, but in this case, his character is so terrible, he is truly fascinating.

    But the real revelation of this film is Di Caprio--he has been putting in solid performances in The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and is completely spellbinding in The Departed.

    I think everyone writes him off as Jack in Titanic, or a Hollywood 'pretty boy' but wow, he can act. This is fast moving and utterly fascinating....more info
  • Boring
    We found this movie boring and confusing. It was difficult to tell who was what and frankly my dear I did not give a damn. The best part was the end when everybody got shot. It would have been a better movie if those scenes had taken place in the begining and I didn't have to watch the rest of it....more info
  • A long awaited return to form
    The Departed is a consistently engaging crime thriller from director Martin Scorsese. It's also the Scorsese film that I've been waiting for since Goodfellas, and I'm sure others feel the same way too. This film is a remake of the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, however this review will make no comparisons to that movie. Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon play two moles. Dicaprio plays Billy Costigan, a rookie cop who goes deep undercover to take down mob boss Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan, the man working for the state police as Costello's mole. The film also features Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin. Wahlberg gives the best performance of his career and nobody can play the sinister bad guy like Jack Nicholson.

    Martin Scorsese is the master of the crime drama, as he as proved time and time again. His previous two films (not counting the Bob Dylan documentary Nor Direction Home) The Aviator and Gangs of New York had their merits, but they were missing something that the classic Scorsese films contained. Aviator was an interesting bio pic. while Gangs was defined by an Oscar worthy performance from Daniel Day Lewis. The Departed however is a return to form. Its main strength lies in the story telling, Throughout the film and especially in relation to the Damon and Dicaprio characters. You don't exactly know who's good or who's bad. It constantly keeps you guessing as any great Drama should....more info
  • Awesome!
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen! The cast are some of the most talented actors in Hollywood today. The Departed put Matt Damon on the map for me. And Leonardo Dicaprio...forget it. He is absolutely amazing as the tortured William Costigan Jr. I have seen this movie no less than 50 times. I'm actually watching it right now. I'm not a huge fan of "gangster" flicks, but this one is perfect. As the viewer, we know everything that the characters are trying to figure out, but what keeps us on the edge is wondering how it's going to be played out. Will the cops figure out who Costello's rat is? Will Costello figure out who's undercover? There is so much cursing, too, which is wonderful!! Personally, cussing is a constant in my circle, but if you have sensitive ears, you might need to steer clear...

    The soundtrack is also terrific. The Dropkick Murphy's Shipping up to Boston is a key element and just seems to fitting to this movie. I love everything about this movie.!!!...more info
  • Great movie and a must have
    Just look at the cast and you'll know right away this is a must have. This movie has it all, great acting, twists, and tons of suspense. It's a must see for everyone and a terrifically made movie. Another masterpiece from the master himself, Scorcese.

    Get this Blu-Ray!...more info
  • zzzzzzzzzzz........
    Why was everybody so hyped about this movie? My wife and I borrowed it from a neighbor who raved about it and we were both very disappointed. I was bored during most of the movie. I can't belive people thought it was so great. My Mom bought it and has watched it 5+ times. I could hardly sit through one viewing, wondering when it was going to end. Over-rated! ...more info
  • Not Just Another Mob Film
    If you are in the mood for one of the better crime/mob dramas that I have seen in a long time, then check out The Departed. In the effort to destroy South Boston's Irish Mafia, the police send in an undercover agent. Unbeknown to them the mob has infiltrated the police department. This film, directed by Martin Scorsese was a multiple Oscar-winning crime thriller, and I would agree with them on this one. Every member of the star-studded cast gives a faultless performance. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the undercover cop at his best, the mob kingpin is Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon plays a career mob member turned cop. The plot sounds simple and done that before, but this is a surprising movie with more twists, and suspense than you would expect.

    ...more info
  • Incredibile realism
    I could not stop watching this movie and was stunned that it seemed to end so soon. The realism of the gory "shoot-em-up" scenes was astounding! Great story line and the ending was somewhat different than I'd expected. Overall excellent film....more info
  • Watch it again...and again
    One of those movies you can watch over and over, like Pulp Fiction. Even though Jack N has become a parody of himself, he is decent. Damon is money in the bank. If he's in the movie, see the movie. DiCaprio gets better with every role. This isn't even Scorsese's masterpiece which lets you know how strong his resume is, but it was worthy of his academy award....more info