Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Win32 SPANISH
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Product Description

Item #: L86882. Office Home and Student 2007 is the software suite that helps people easily create great-looking documents, worksheets and presentations, as well as manage notes and information at home. It offers improved menus and tools, enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities, new time management tools, and greater reliability and security. Product Description: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 - complete package
Category: Office applications
Subcategory: Office applications - office suite
License Type: Complete package
License Qty: 3 PC in one household
License Pricing: Non-commercial
Language(s): Spanish
Localization: United States
Platform: Windows
Distribution Media: CD-ROM
Package Type: Retail
OS Required: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or later, Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later
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  • Essential software suite for home-computer users
  • Easily create quality documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Organize notes and information in one place; improved user interface
  • Automatic document recovery; enhanced reliability and security features
  • Convenient Help system; contains Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

Customer Reviews:

  • From an "old-timer" of Word
    I'm sure users everywhere whole heartedly agree this program delivers all someone needs, expects and more from Microsoft. Training classes via the web instead of reading thru a thick book or even trying to remember the "hot keys". Adding free updated downloads of templates and clip-art(safely)is a "sweeet" bonus.
    This old-timer is now handicapped with use of only one hand and unable to print/write, so MOH/Student 2007 is for everyone.
    And the price, REASONABLE. ...more info
  • microsoft office home and student 2007
    Product was as promised. was very pleased with the shipping time and the overall satisfaction i have with this purchase....more info
  • Great deal!
    I shopped around for this product and this was the best place to get it. It came a day early and was in perfect condition AND I saved a bunch of money by shopping at Amazon. ...more info
  • Install had no issues.
    Typical Windows Product. Installed as sold.

    No issues.

    Harry...more info
  • Microsoft has many new features
    I haven't been using the newer version of Office for very long, but so far I have been very pleased with it. I especially like the One Note. It has become a program I use about every day. It takes some getting used to since the setup has changed, but I like the new features....more info
  • MS Office Home & Student 2007
    Great price for this popular office suite, which had been going at Best Buy for $149.00. The license lets you load it on up to 3 computers, which is great because we have two laptops for home and school use. We really only needed Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but it also comes with One Note. I haven't used that for anything yet, but I'm sure we will....more info
  • Getting what you expected
    I waited until I HAD to buy this (a new laptop and two trial programs later), and appreciate the price that Amazon offers it at. Word and Excel is what I primarily needed, although I would have bought a version that included Publisher if those were not many times as expensive. I find the version of word to be quite user-friendly now that I am accustomed to it. Excel is unchanged, more or less. There are utilities in the package that I have not yet and may never use, and wonder about other customers' experiences. ...more info
  • Necessary office suite
    I picked up Office 2007 once my work got it. The ribbon takes a while to get used to, but it's not bad. I had to turn off the quick ribbon that pops up every time you pause, as it was very distracting. A lot of stuff is moved around from 2003, often with no apparant benefit. I will say that charts are much easier to create in Excel. Overall, not bad....more info
  • Unfulfilled promise!
    When I received the 2007 Office Home and Student, there is a red sticker on the front stating, " includes 8-hours of online training". Multiple attempts to contact microsoft have been unsuccessful. I need the training. It seems I was sent a program meant for southeast asia and therefore I cannot log-in. I am severely disappointed!
    I have paid for this program but am unable to really use it. H E L P!

    Ernst Heilbrunn, MD
    609 883 2121...more info
  • MS Office 2007
    I have this software on multiple computers and am happy with it's performance in general. I am still having trouble adapting to the latest editions of Word and Excel, they are layed much different than before and it is hard to find even simple things. But like I said, I'm getting used to them. /// WEL...more info
  • No complaints
    I am quite pleased with the improved functionality in Office 2007. I'll admit it takes a little gettin' used to after working with the predecessors to Office 2007 for almost 2 decades, but I have no complaints at all.

    Delivery was next day as promised....more info
  • It's Microsoft...
    Arrived as ordered, fast shipping, decent price. It's the basic office suite from MS, what else is there to say....more info
  • It's a keeper
    My old Word crashed and nothing I did would repair it so I came to the conclusion that I just needed to upgrade it to the 2007 edition. The program was easily loaded, works perfectly, and I was happy to upgrade to this new program. I was also quite pleased to get powerpoint and excel with it because I originally had only the readers for these programs. ...more info
  • Great for college students
    I am currently working on my B.S. in legal studies. I am having to write a lot of essays and Microsoft Word is excellent, as it automatically adjusts for spelling and grammer errors. It is a little more complex than previous versions, but once you write with it once or twice, the format becomes easier to use. I have not used the other sections like power point yet, but look forward to learning them in my next class. Two thumbs up for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007....more info
  • Obviously a Must-Have For Students!
    I just finished my MBA, and I will tell you that I could not have done it without this package!

    No matter what your degree is in, or what your career is leading to, this is probably a worthwhile purchase. All of these programs show up in the "what skills do you have?" questions on a generic application.

    You must be fluent in Microsoft to work any major job going forward, I hope that you decide to spend the time to understand these new programs.

    Good Luck!...more info
  • Microsoft Ofice
    I recently ordered microsoft Office and was very pleased with the prompt attention. The merchant gave a window of dates for delivery and the software came at the statr of that window. The merchandise was securely packaged and arrived in excellant condition. Thank You....more info
  • Mo's review for MS Office 2007
    I wanted to know who would be a good source to order the MS Office Product, a friend told me to try amazon. com I was very satisfied with the prices offfered and was especially grateful sbout the quick time it was delivered to me. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

    Thank you Amazon
    R. Monique Taylor...more info
  • Microsoft blew this one
    I have used WORD for word processing for several decades. I purchased this package because I found my WORD-2000 deficient in some areas relative to more modern technology and there was a package deal including powerpoint. When I received the package, I installed it immediately, but, luckily, did not remove WORD-2000. I could not follow the operating instructions that came with the program; I also could not use the new program since the basic window did not relate, at all, to the previous program. I now need to spend some time taking a course in WORD because Microsoft did not foresee the importance of making a smooth transition to the new program. At a minimum, the basic wondow should look the same with the same selections available or be somewhat intuitive. Sorry, but this one misses the standard for a smooth transition. ...more info
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
    Just what i was looking for, affordable and easy to install. Product arrived much earlier than advertised. Will be watching out for more deals on Amazon....more info
  • good but not great
    I've been using the previous incarnations of MS Office and the '07 has undergone a major facelift.
    Whether or not the face looks good or bad depends on the user.
    The new drop down menus will take a little getting used to. I'm either set in my ways or the layout is not as intuitive as it could be.
    Overall, nice to have the new product....more info
  • Microsoft 2007 home office
    I do not like this new office suite.
    It is cumbersome and difficult to do basic things.
    I was also very frustrated that I could use the CD for one computer and when I tried to install the same program in my other computers at home, the CD will not work.
    Very poor introduction from Microsoft.
    Naresh...more info
  • Not perfect
    I do not do well with anything about a computer that is not real straight forward. I have not been happy with the word program. I go to close a document and it makes me close it twice and the word program from 2003 did not make me do that. I do not want to spend time calling customer support so I just downloaded open source and use their word similar program and it is just fine. I am sure it is something that would take all of two seconds to fix but I don't like feeling helpless when I expect it to just be right to begin with. They sell a million of these, right? Also, it bugs me that I can't convert Microsoft Works documents into word. They are the same company for crying out loud. Anyway, my wife insisted I get her excel program back after I deleted it when we got a new computer and this was a very reasonable price to make my peace with her. It's probably pretty good for the money....more info
  • home office and student 2007
    Great product, easy to install. Getting a better price also helps alot in these times. thanks....more info
  • buyer beware!!!
    I ordered an item with like a month window for shipping and my item was never received. I tried to contact this seller twice with no response. Please pay(if you buy) with amazons guranteed money back. ...more info
  • microsoft office home and student
    this was just what i wanted and needed to do my college papers and to use for my work. Thank you....more info
  • Great product for kids
    We ordered this for our 16 yr old who does a lot of projects at school. He uses Word and PPT mostly, and loves it. He uses it with Vista and loves Vista, too. The price was right and we had no problems using it....more info
    I'm VERY PLEASED with the sales AND service. I would order from this seller again, in a heart beat....more info
  • home use of office home and student
    My wife's new computer came with a trial version of this and she liked it well. However, when it came time to buy the full version, it was less expensive to get through Amazon than to do it through the trial setup. So because of the costs saved, I went this way....more info
  • home use of office home and student
    My wife's new computer came with a trial version of this and she liked it well. However, when it came time to buy the full version, it was less expensive to get through Amazon than to do it through the trial setup. So because of the costs saved, I went this way....more info
  • Beats Best Buy
    The price on this product was great, especially after comparing to Best Buy. And with Amazon awards points and reasonable shipping, it was almost a steal. The new versions of Word and Excel are a must for everyone!!
    ...more info