Sony DCR-SR62 30GB Hard Disk Drive Handycam Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom (Handycam Station Included)
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Product Description

The DCR-SR62 Handycam(R) Camcorder captures video on the internal hard disk drive and keeps the action close & personal with the amazing zoom. That's why the DCR-SR62 Handycam(R) Camcorder contains 30GB built-in hard disk drive storage and allows you to capture up to 20 hours of recording time (LP). A brilliant 2.7-inch Touch Panel LCD display keeps the controls at your fingertips while a 25x optical and 2000x digital zoom makes sure you catch all the detail. And when it comes time to share your memories, it couldn't be easier with the one touch disc burn capability and the Memory Stick(R) Duo media slot. The DCR-SR62 puts the simplicity back into shooting and sharing your videos. Handycam Docking Station Built-in Stereo Microphone Recording and Playback Times - Approximately HQ 7 hours, SP 10 hours, LP 20 hours Video Actual - 670 pixel; Still 750 pixel SteadyShot Image Stabilization White Balance - Auto, Indoor, One-push and Outdoor Minimum Illumination - 3 Lux (0 Lux with Super NightShot(R) Plus Infrared System) Low Light Capability - Super NightShot(R) Plus Scene Modes - Beach, Candle, Fireworks, Landscape, Portrait, Snow, Sports Lesson, Spotlight, Sunrise & Sunset and Twilight Analog Audio/Video Output Digital Audio/Video Inputs and Outputs 35mm Equivalent - 39-1560mm (16 - 9 Camera Mode), 36-1440mm (4 - 3 Camera Mode), 36-1440mm (4 - 3 Memory Mode) Lens Aperture - f1.8-4.1 Exposure - Touch Panel (32 steps) Filter Diameter - 30mm Focal Distance - 1.9-76mm; Telemacro Mode - 430mm Shutter Speed - Auto, 1/60-1/4000 (Scene Selection Mode) Power Consumption - 2.6W (LCD) Battery Type - InfoLithium(R) with AccuPower(TM) Meter System (NP-FH40) Power Requirements - 7.2V (battery pack), 8.4V (AC Adaptor) Video Recording System - NTSC color and EIA standards Compatibility - Windows 2000 Professional, XP Home and XP Professional Dimensions - 2 7/8 x 2 7/8 x 4 5/

  • 30 GB built-in hard drive; record up to 20 hours
  • 1-megapixel Advanced HAD CCD imager; Super SteadyShot picture stabilization system
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens; 25x optical/2000x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel LCD
  • Handycam Station included; one-touch disc burn
Customer Reviews:
  • Great video. Poor photos
    We got this when we are expecting our first baby. It's rather easy to use overall. Videos are gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. It holds hours of video. However, the still photos are of VERY poor quality. Thank goodness we brought our regular camera to the hospital. We had hoped to only have to lug one piece of equipment around, but the photos simply are of poor color and very blurry. We also are unable to figure out how to upload the videos using just the camcorder. You have to have the base, which means another piece to lug along if you are uploading on vacation....more info
  • Simply average.
    Parents bought the camera and it was too late to return it. Pros: very light and easy to use. Everything functions very well. Cons: Image quality sucks and you must use the dock to transfer files to computer. For the image quality alone i would have returned this but i cant anymore. Would i buy again? for the price, definitely not....more info
  • Great litttle video camera
    Easy to use, good videos. We're not descriminating, so there's not much I can say that hasnt already been said. Takes great videos for the price; easy to use - right out of the box, we connected it to the TV to view the videos and were very pleased with the results. I especially like the fact that I no longer have to deal with disks or tapes.

    Only problem is that these small handhelds are geared towards right-handed users. You cant really hold/use it with your left hand as all of the controls, and also the screen are on the left side of the camera. I suspect most of the small handhelds suffer from this problem....more info
  • All rightikins ...
    I was amazed at how this worked. The light for darkness blew me away. I wanted the next size up but this one was the better buy for the price....more info
  • Almost Perfect!
    This camera takes good video quality and good picture quality (about 1MP). I bought this camera to possibly be a good all-in-one camera, pictures and video. The 30GB holds more than I need and it is easy to transfer to a Computer. My only problem at all with this camera is that it does not have a flash. I believe the Sony SR200 and SR300 have a flash. So, it turns out that for taking pictures indoors it is still better for me to use my other sony Camera. Other than that this camera fits all my needs and I think it actually works out better that I use this camera for video and the other for pics....more info
  • Great but not awesome!!!
    I like these facts about this camera
    1. Its a Sony
    2. 30 GB of inbuilt storage
    3. Compact size
    4. Great zoom
    5. Easy to transfer videos
    6. Cool touchscreen

    It as smaller than Panasonic H18 which I considered. I felt that H18 definitely had better picture quality when viewed on the camera screen. I never got to compare the outputs from both the cameras on a PC. Sony looked more state of the art camera, but H18 videos looked brighter (more like an HD camera).

    1. Not so sharp images....definitely better than miniDV or DVD camera....but nothing great when compared to HD cams.
    2. Costlier than other brands in similar category....again..this depends on how you view the value for your money.

    All in all....I am having fun with this camera. zoom is grrrreat. battery life is over 100 mins...which is quite good....more info
  • Can do better for the price
    Samiliar if not worse video quality as an old tape driven handy cam,only advantage is the HD, but you can get similar performance from other makes for much lesser....more info
  • Great
    This dcr-sr62 has worked great and the product was sjipped fast and in good condishtion....more info
  • Fully Satisfied!
    Very much user friendly and great quality video. I love the product. I just bought 2 weeks ago, haven't tried to connect to my PC and download the video. overall I'm fully satisfied with the product....more info
  • Good Quality
    This camera has good quality, yet you may have to convert the video format every time like I do, which can sometimes be a pain. It doesn't come with a neck strap, but that's only a minor thing. The touch screen is really nice and it turns on/off very quickly. It didn't take me very long to find out how to use it, so it is pretty simple. It has proficient audio quality, yet an external microphone would work a lot better. It will zoom pretty far and it has a "switch" lens cap, which will not get in the way of filming. Also, you can choose to film in widescreen or a standard 4:3 aspect....more info
  • Great camcorder for beginners!
    I have used a lot of camcorders - professional ones as well as simple, no frill ones for beginners. If you are out there looking for a loaded camcorder and have a good amount of money, then you are looking at the wrong camera. But if you are new to the world of shooting videos - you would love the Sony DCR-SR62! Its very simple to use - you would learn all that it has to offer in about 10 to 30 minutes of handling it. And its so sleek and small little thing, it would give your digital camera a complex! I loved the touchpad on the LCD panel and I did not miss the viewfinder. Also, the fact that its a hard disk drive camcorder means you don't need to pack all those miniDVs or DVDs around. 30GB means 20 hours of video and thats huge. The only conspicuous weakness is the battery life - 2 hours is really less and you better buy an additional battery. The lens is Zeiss and the camera is Sony. I don't think you should therefore worry about quality. A Value for money, absolutely!...more info
    The enclosed software does not support Mac OS.

    The only software for Mac the will work with this format is Capity Mpeg edit, a horrible program that will run you an extra $200.

    It is included with the JVC HDD camera.

    I love SONY and the camera is nice but without the ability to put it on my computer the HDD is useless....more info
  • Nice product
    Easy to use. However, you need to purchase another battery because the default one wouldn't last too long...more info
  • Is a garbage - basura
    La compré en junio 07, la usé ocasionalmente hasta diciembre cuando estaba en una filmacion de mi hija y se apagó y no prendió mas. Tenía como 20 gigas de filmación en el disco duro que son muchas horas de recuerdos. Anteriomente tuve muy mala experiencia con una filmadora digital JVC y quise cambiarla por la Sony justamente porque me fué muy bien con mi primera filmadora análoga Sony hecha en JAPON. La DSC-SR62 es hecha en JAPON pero es una basura. Definitivamente me iré por CANON porque me ha ido excelente con sus cámaras digitales. La calidad de filmación de la sony DSC-SR62 era regular pero suficiente para los videos caseros. No la recomiendo justamente por la gran capacidad que tiene de almacenar video y de perderlo tambien, como en mi caso....more info
  • Great little camera
    Great Camera! Came when promised and everything works great.
    Would have liked to know what all was in the box though (came with everything that you see on the manufactures web site). Works great for the kids school programs so far!
    After the many hours or searching for the right camera at the right price I am very happy with this one.
    I would definatly recamend this video camera!...more info
  • it's good but if you can opt up to the dcr-sr82
    this one is okay and does it all fine but i did and would encourage you to up just once more to the dcr-sr82 level. but it is still okay. but do the 82 if you can afford it. but this one is fine if you don't care about little details and just want to record your kids and have fun. the 82 isn't way better but just higher quality lens, and picture takeing, and hard drive space, and someother option, but don't remember what it was....more info
  • worth spending
    Overall very good. Hard disk option is much better. Very good zoom. Easy to use in all sense.Softwares and handycam station nice feature. Battery life poor. Night pics not satisfactory. ...more info
  • Not good enough - poor picture quality
    I am disappointed. And I thought that I read all the reviews here and made an intelligent choice. Hah! Shame on me. First off, the video quality rates a B-minus; I have 2 other Sony camcorders, a Digital-8 (bought late '99 or early 2000, can't remember exactly) and an even older mini DVD. However, both have video quality far superior to this one.
    I am about to leave for Europe and don't have time left to return this and buy/try) another one. Also, it was a chore to get this unit to sit snugly on the supplied power station.
    Granted, I just began working with it this morning, and I am rather insecure when it comes to electronics.
    One good point: the DCR-SR62 is charmingly light!
    However, I am sorry I did not pay attention to what another reviewer here pointed out: the LCD screen is almost useless in bright daylight, and of course there is no viewfinder to overcome the glare. I bought it knowing there is no viewfinder, and had to actually shoot with it to realize how necessary it is.
    I've tried its Super NightShot feature, and it's nothing to write home about. By the way, it does take photos on the hard drive, so you don't really need to buy the MemoryStick Pro right away, just switch the capture mode from video to photo; but bear in mind that the resolution is low. I had hoped that with this one camcorder I'd have a video and photo combo, therefore less gadgets to schlepp around. Especially air travel being as cumbersome as it is these days. Well, yes, you have a movie camera and a photo camera all in one, just not very good quality. If good digital photos is what you want, you will need a good digital camera.
    If high quality DVD movies is what you want to record, prepare to spend a few hundred dollars more and get something worthwhile. I am sorry I did not.
    Follow up on September 15: Returned it to amazon yesterday. Don't know how long it will take for the refund to be processed, so am left without a camera for now. But it just didn't cut it for me. I dusted off my old cameras, checked again the video quality, and could not justify the cost of keeping this one. Mind you, if you're in the market for your first camera, you might want to buy it anyway, for I see amazon com has just lowered the price from what I had paid. Video quality is poor only because I am comparing it to a Digital-8, and a very old (DCRPC1)mini-DVD camcorder. So, perhaps I am spoiled. At this point I want to save up and up the ante, so to speak.
    ...more info
  • Not good! Buy the DCR-DVD405 or 408 instead!
    I personally thinks this is a POOR CHOICE. I will explain below:
    1.NO VIEWFINDER/HARD TO SEE LCD - We took this to the Bahamas. In the bright sun, at times I could not even see what I was recording because the small LCD was totally washed out. Sometimes I was having to guess at what I was recording (can't see the touchscreen controls either).
    2.ZOOM IS ONLY ON LCD SCREEN - Ridiculous! There is no control for zoom on the camera itself like most all others. You must push on the LCD screen to zoom! Very cumbersome to zoom and hold camera steady.
    3.VIDEO QUALITY - While not real bad, not real good either. The DVD405 is much better. My fault, i read this on some reviews and bought it anyway.
    4.POOR SOFTWARE - I personally did not like spending a bunch of computer time trying to create a dvd. It is cumbersome.
    5.TOO SMALL - The small size is nice but hard to keep from shaking (image stabilizer only so-so).
    6.SLOW AUTOFOCUS- When you pan around, it goes way out of focus.

    I sent it back (no problem with Amazon!) and bought the Handycam DCR-DVD405 and it is GREAT! Has a VIEWFINDER, ZOOM BUTTON ON CAMERA, MUCH BETTER VIDEO QUALITY, it is the RIGHT SIZE and it is EASY TO USE and make dvds. It is a snap without having to fool with a computer and crumby software.
    ...more info
  • No more tapes!
    I have been a long time video camera user, and this is my first time moving away from using tapes. I could not be happier. No more worring about what tape is in the camera, if it at the right spot. Just pick it up and go.
    The 7 hours on the best quality it plenty of time and the download to the computer is easy.
    I love the touch screen controls as well.
    So far no problems.
    I did think that the download to the computer would be faster... could just be my computer because I don't have a USB 2.0 connection, just regular USB. Still, way faster than having to play it in real time, and you don't lose quality....more info
  • This is a great little camera.
    This camera is so small it's hard to believe you can get such a great picture from it. There are many features to learn about, but the picture quality is awesome!...more info
  • Sony does it again!
    Having used a Sony Hi8 camcorder for 9 years, I was more than happy to go with Sony again. I have been very impressed by the camera and the ease with which I can now transfer movies to computers and DVDs. I take a lot of family video and the camera is perfect for that purpose. Not having a separate viewer can make outdoor shooting more challenging, especially if zoomed up. Getting an extended battery is definitely worthwhile! The still picture feature is better than I expected based on what I saw on online reviews. I can see it coming in handy, even if it is only 1 megapixels in resolution....more info
  • Overall, pleased so far with the camera
    I spent several weeks reviewing camcorders and trying to decide which brand/model as well as which format. For ease of use (no media to carry/swap out), speed of start-up and capacity I decided on a HDD model (and now, after having taken quite a few videos, some of which didn't come out that great as I was playing around and experimenting, I'm even happier I chose this format). I've been happy with many other Sony products I've owned, and at the lower price range of HDD cameras the features/abilities/drawbacks are about the same accross brands so I went with Sony again.

    My budget was limited considering I was shopping for HDD camcorders, but the DCR-SR62 is a step up from the base model and provides better resolution. Ultimately, the biggest drawback is still the video quality (hence 4 stars; even though this is at the lower end of HDD cameras it isn't cheap and could have a bigger sensor)...but I knew going in this wasn't a three sensor or HD model; I wanted a memory maker with small size, ease of use (my wife and I both find it a snap to use) and decent picture quality, and this camcorder delivers on these points. The picture quality on a computer screen is good...playing back on a normal size TV is where I can tell it's a smallish sensor, but even then it's acceptable. Plus, I haven't tried burning to a DVD or playing too much with manual settings, so there may be ways to improve the picture even more.

    The rest of the camera is great; I like the design, for it's size it feels solid, the optical zoom is plenty for me (I don't bother with digital zoom), the screen is a nice size and the menu's are easy to use and well laid out. The image stabilization seems to work, but so far I've found I don't need it so I keep it off (I read it has an affect on image quality when turned on, but I don't know for sure that's true). I've also tried the nightshot feature, but haven't recorded with it seems to do okay in low light on it's own, plus low light ability wasn't a big concern for me; with the active shoe I can add a video light if I decide I need one.

    So overall, I'm satisfied, my wife is satisfied, I didn't break the bank to get it, and we can carry it anywhere (I have a very small bag that holds the DCR-SR62, it's cords and accessories as well as a compact digital camera) and capture memories of our newborn daughter, which is all I was looking for out of a camcorder in this class. So if your needs are the same as mine, I think you'll be very pleased with the DCR-SR62; if you absolutely need top-end video quality look elsewhere and be prepared to pay top-end prices...but for the price this model is great. ...more info
  • Smart and cute
    I got new SR62 last month. It is small and cute. It is very user friendly.
    It is worth getting it.
    I love it...more info
  • Good for the portability, but you can get better picture from other Camcorders
    First of all I really need to say that this is a really nice camcorder depending on what you like.

    Pros: This is highly portable. You cannot beat the size, it is like carrying a picture camera. If you buy one of the larger batteries you can record non stop for about 12hrs in low def. mode. You can actually store about 20hrs of video. The larger battery charges in about 1hr and it is ready to go again. The video quality is not the best, but it is not bad either. Once you have the software set up in your computer, the upload to the computer takes about a couple of minutes depending on how much video you have. It is a lot faster than the capturing of Hi-8 and DVD camcorders. The software is really easy to use and to the point. The nightshot plus function is awesome in low light situations. This little camera is one of the best in low light settings for a hardrive camera. The only way that you can get a better video quality in low light setups in a harddrive camcorder is to buy the high definition camcorder that cost over a thousand dollars. For the price it is really nice. Also, you will never need to buy extra media for your camcorder, you don't have to worry if you are going to be able to find the media on vacation.Even when other media will go out of stile, such as HI-8 and eventually DVD, your memories are in digital format. In the future you will have no trouble tranferring all of your videos from digital format in your computer to blu-ray or HP's high definition disks. If you plan to be gone on vacation for a several weeks you could easily fit 20 hrs of video into your camcorder, forget about taking 5-10 extra accessories. Did I mention that it is next to weightless?

    Cons: The video quality is lower than even Hi-8 digital camcorders. The cheapest, best picture comes from camcorder that record to DVD. I will use this camcorder for small outings, camping and where I'm not too interested in incredibly sharp images. Like I mentioned above, the video quality is good, just not as good as other currently available camcorders. I plan to keep using my Hi-8 camcorder every time I'm interested in higher video quality. Another bad thing is that the battery included with the camcorder only gives you about 1 hr. 40 min. of recording time and then you have to recharge it. (I highly recomend the purchase of the bigger battery). Here is another thing that is a little bit annoying: every time that you pause recording, the camcorder "chops" the video. Let me explain what I mean, when using a HI-8 or a DVD camcorder and you pause, then the media pauses and it does not "chop" the image. Those will only "chop" the image when you shut down the camcorder (instead of pausing) and then begin recording again later. This will be significant when you tranfer your video to DVD from your computer. When you transfer all you capture videos to DVD, every time you paused recording you will have a pause in the DVD. This is not so on HI-8 or DVD, where the video usually flows flawlessly unless you have shut down recording and started new. Here is another thing that I believe Sony could have done better, the video quality is not as good as others, but certain video editing software can increment the video quality, at least as the DVD burning goes (such as NERO 2007), sadly the Sony software does not. In other words the Sony software will give you a nice video burning, but NERO 2007 will give you a better one. (Here I again bring back the comment that the video quality is not as good as HI-8 and DVD camcorders).

    I give the camcorder a 3 stars out of 5 because I really like it, but it was well below my expectations. I decided to keep it since I don't have to buy any more media for it. The video quality is good enough for my every day use, special occassions I will use my HI-8. If you don't mind having a little bit lower video quality, this is the one for you....more info

    I bought the VRD-MC3 and the DCR-SR40 because of the way you advertised how you could directly record from one to the other.

    Not seeing the coded fine print footnote that DOES NOT STATE DIRECTLY THAT ' you can NOT record directly from the DCR-SR40 to the VRD-MC3 on a duel layer DVD"

    That is stupid!

    Why would anyone build a video system with a 30 GB drive, then say it is compatible with a burner that they make and then make the largest medium that burner can burn NOT compatible with the video direct record system?

    When are you going to fix it?

    I have always thought Sony was "top of the line" but i have been severely disappointed with the last 4 Sony products I have purchased and I think I'm gonna start doing something about it.


    Bruce A. Clark...more info
  • Pretty good starter camcorder
    The first Sony product I remember was a reel-to-reel tape recorder my mother purchased nearly 50 years ago. It may be biasing my review, but I've always trusted Sony products since then. So when I was looking for a start up camcorder, I naturally started my search with...JVC??? Yeah, I saw the entry level JVC hard drive camcorder at Best Buy. I liked the way it felt in my hand, and the price was about $100 less than the comparible Sony. (Thoughts started percolating in my mind that Sony must be better to be able to charge more for roughly the same camera.) So for the next couple of weeks I was doing my homework. Checking out online reviews (nearly useless), comparing specs and prices. First off, online reviews by people that have bought the product (like me?) are biased by the fact they bought it. I don't want to admit I spent $600 for a piece of junk (I didn't). So reviews like the one you are reading right now, need to be taken with a "grain of salt." So what can I add to the conversation that hasn't already been said?

    First, Macintosh users CAN download and manipulate clips from this camera, despite what others have said. Get MPEG Streamclip, a free download from the Apple website, and QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback ($20 from the Apple Store online). When you attach the camera to your Mac, the camera appears as a hard drive. Click and drag the clips from the camera to your computer. Open Streamclip and convert the clips to DV (under the File menu). You can then use iMovie to put the clips together with typical Mac ease-of-use and a few special effects, transition effects and even import music from iTunes. If you want to get a little more advanced, buy Quicktime Pro ($40 from the Apple store).

    Second, the Sony SR-62 is point-and-shoot. My wife has a high-end Canon 35mm digital SLR and is spending money, hand over fist, for accessories. I have a Kodak Easy Share I picked up at a big box retailer. I want to record what is happening to me right now. Last year on a road trip to Alaska, a grizzly bear ran across the road ahead of our vehicle. I was the only one to get a picture of it. So when I was looking for a camcorder, I wanted a model that would catch the action. Maybe someday, down the line, I'll turn into a video geek and need a better camera. But this summer I'm riding my Goldwing through the Rockies to Canada and back. I want to capture the depleted glaciers at Glacier National Park, the wildlife in the Colorado mountains, and the interesting people I always meet on my motorcycle tours.

    Third, the camcorder will record 30GB on the harddrive. You can drag along your laptop (ugh) to download the clips. OR, I found this handy little device called the Hitch. It's a USB transfer device that acts like a little computer and will transfer files from one USB device to another. I plug the camcorder into the left (input) side, and a DOS formated harddrive into the output (right) side. It only works with DOS (FAT-32) formated memory. I have a Maxtor 60GB One-Touch. Despite that fact it is formated for a Wintel machine, Macintosh computers can read and write to that format. (It isn't that Mac's aren't compatible with Wintel, it's just the oppposite.) So now I have 21 hours of high quality digital video (according to Sony) that I can record while on vacation. If that doesn't prove to be adequate, I can stop by a Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc., and pick up another Maxtor One-Touch.

    Fourth, it is a Sony, and that goes back to my childhood memories of a product that was reliable until it was lost in a house fire. You can't take this part of the review any more seriously than the rivalry between Ford and Chevy types. But I like it. It feels good in my hand. The screen has many of the controls for the camera on it, so I can make adjustments while still keeping my eye on the scene. Some people have criticized this feature because you get finger smudges on the screen. But I've found that using the tip of my fingernail is more accurate and doesn't leave a smudge.

    So, is this the perfect camcorder. No, it doesn't exist. But it works well for me. I'm having fun making videos of my wife, my students, my life....more info
  • Fantastic handycam
    This is my first handycam.... really good but only one disadv... doesn't come with a software to merge the small video clips..!!...more info
  • Great Camcorder so easy to use
    I Bought the Camcorder mainly for my new born baby girl and this has been so easy to use.The Touch Screen is great and its so easy to use.
    I did a lot of Due diligence before my final choice and this one i kept going back to.
    This Camcorder is is worth every Penny....more info
  • Great "Handycam" - but my experience is relative
    This is a great video camera, it feels light, compact, neatly put together, and there should be no doubt about it, its a Sony product - they are all like this! However, I couldn't tell why this camera was better than DCR-SR40, or DCR-SR42 - which are at most $200 cheaper. So I had to call Sony Sales to have them explain to me that this camera DCR-SR62 has a VIDEO resolution which is 3 times better than DCR-SR42. If you go to the Sony website you find that DCR-SR62 offers 670K Pixels, while DCR-SR42 offers only 260K Pixels. This pixel increase made the decision clear for me since I didnt care about the decreased Zoom for DCR-SR62 (25X and not 40X as DCR-SR42).

    A few other things to consider:
    This camera is so easy to use - it doesnt need the EASY Button feature that it offers (except for the fact that the Easy Button is the only way that I was able to get the Image Stabilization Feature).

    The camera doesn't bring its own case, or light - you would need to buy those, and cost around $40 for each.

    Finally, there probably is another camera (JVC, Panasonic)out there that offers the same basic features as this camera, 30gb, stabilization, battery time etc. Since you are buying the camera on Amazon and don't get to try the camera features, you should make your decision upon the video resolution they offer. Look for Actual Video resolution information in the company's websites or call the company's sales department. The range of resolution for this price should be somewhere between 300-700K, 700 being the best resolution....more info
  • Camcorder
    What a user friendly high tech camcorder. I love it. Everything is selected on the screen. 30 GB hard-disk is great. What a fantastic buy I made...more info