Summer Infant Camera Video Monitor
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Product Description

For parents wanting to monitor additional rooms or children in their house there's the Summer Infant Extra video Camera. Keep an eye on your child wherever they are Extra Camera for the Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with Night Vision Allows you to monitor two rooms or two children separately Wall Mountable or table top LED Lights allow parents to see baby in darkened nursery

  • Keep an Ear on Your Little One with this Baby Video Monitor
  • 900 MHz; Audio Operating Distance: 350'
  • Accessories Include Mounting Kit, AC Adapter
  • Number of Channels: 2 to Minimize Interference
  • Power Source: AC Powered
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great for us - just as we expected!
    I was a little worried after seeing the reviews here, but my wife called Summer and they assured us that this was the correct camera for our situation and told us they would take it as a return if it did not work.

    It works!

    We have a 15 month old son and a daughter on the way in a few weeks. We were about to buy a second video monitor system when my wife learned about just getting a second camera for our current system and using the B channel.

    Brilliant. Only one monitor to haul around and far less expense than having to buy another whole system.

    We installed the camera in our son's new "big boy room" and tuned it to channel B and we switch between A for the "infant room" and B for his room and it works great.

    The "night vision' is outstanding. You get a "night-vision" view of your child which is surprisingly clear and sharp. The day camera is full color and crisp as well.

    Occasionally if you move far enough from the camera and there are others in your neighborhood with the same camera, you will get their kid instead of your own - but this has never been a real problem for us.

    I also saw a review where one person was surprised there was no "scanning" or way to see two children at once. I don't know if they had the first system and then added on, or bought the whole thing at once. If they added on, then I'd say that it was pretty obvious that you weren't going to get a "scanner" or "see two cameras at once" view. It is pretty clear you will have to switch from A to B with a simple switch on the side.

    The way we use the camera, that is perfectly fine. You don't sit and watch your kid like it is a tv show. You merely click on the tv monitor from time to time to check on them, especially if you think you hear something. We've found this to be an outstanding option and thank you Summer for not forcing us to buy a whole new system when all we needed was one more camera!
    ...more info
  • Not good 2nd camera
    We bought this a second camera for the handheld monitor + camera. It initially worked but for some reason after a couple of days there was no video, only audio, from this source. No amount of configuring with the two cameras would make this unit work. The company, Healthcheck, gave us grief to no end about returning/exchanging. Not until we gave them a bad review on did they relent. You shouldn't have to go through so much fighting to force customer service!...more info
  • video child monitor
    Really like this system. Have two children and have a camera in each room that I use to monitor them. Can see very well at night also. Definately recommend....more info
  • Don't waste your money on a second camera!!
    A second camera does not work the way you will want it to work. The two cameras cause interference with each other as you switch back and forth between the two cameras. The picture has wavy lines, and the sound is choppy. I wrote Summer Infant about my problem, and they do not want to do anything about it. They said that the cameras operate on a 900Mhz frequency, and could cause interference with each other. So I am thinking to myself: Then why do they offer a seperate camera so you can monitor two seperate channels? Easy, it's to sucker you into buying another one only to find out it won't work!! Another fine example of little ol' working class man versus big greedy rich corporate america. Also, it took 3 pestering e-mails to finally get an answer out of Summer Infant....more info
  • System was not what we desired
    First, let me say that my biggest complaint about this product probably could have been avoided with more research. We added this camera to the monitor system so that we can monitor two children. However, the system does not have a scan function (or any means of monitoring the two cameras simultaneously). As a result, it doesn't meet my needs.

    Otherwise, the camera seems to be of good quality and is very easy to set-up and adjust. The picture clarity (even in a completely dark room) from the camera is pretty good especially for the size of the screen. The audio is also very clear.

    So- overall, the camera serves its function, the monitor does not.

    The camera feature has provided us with more "entertainment value" than I expected - our toddler is a acrobat in bed! ...more info
  • Piece of Mind
    I think this video monitor is wonderful! I researched differet video monitors on many different sites and asked many friends and this was the front runner and I have to agree! I transitioned my son to sleeping alone at 13 months, which was hard on us both and this helped me out so much! You really get a good picture in the dark!
    I totally recommend this video monitor....more info