Belkin ME1004-R Wireless Cable/DSL Router 802.11g
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Product Description

The Belkin Wireless G Router lets users share files and a broadband Internet connection among their computers-without using networking cables. It features 802.11g technology that makes accessing files and networked peripherals-such as hard drives, printers, CD-ROMs, and DVDs-easier than ever. 802.11g technologies provide you with networking speeds nearly five times faster than the current Wi-Fi (802.11b) standard. An integrated, 4-port 10/100Base-T Ethernet switch also allows you to connect wired computers to the network. 802.11g technologies is the easiest wireless network to implement. The Router uses the wireless 802.11g 2.4GHz standard to offer you 400 feet of wireless coverage. 802.11g technologies is backward compatible with the 802.11b Wi-Fi networking standard, so it allows you to implement faster wireless technologies in combination with existing 802.11b Wi-Fi networks. Firewall Features - MAC Address Filtering, SPI Management - Web Based WAN Port(s) - 1 10/100 Mbps Ports - 4 Ethernet - CAT6, CAT5e

  • Creates a network in your home or office without cables
  • Offers backward-compatibility with all 802.11b devices
  • Sets up easily with Belkin Easy Install Wizard
  • Ensures data and network security with wireless 64- and 128-bit WEP encryption
  • Uses NAT and SPI firewall to protect network from outside intrusions by hackers

Customer Reviews:

  • Worked for a month! Poor signal.
    I bought this router based on the glowing reviews. Ignore the great reviews from folks who haven't used it for longer than a month. Yes, yes it was easy to set up, blah, blah. Yes it was cheap but I got what I paid for.
    Out of the box, I was skeptical because of it's cheap appearance and feel. This router started cutting out on me (dropping it's wireless signal) after one month of use. Now after three months, the wireless is down more than it's up. Cheap piece of junk!
    My quest for a quality home/office router continues....more info
  • Great item, easy to use, does the job well, is affordable
    Just installed the router in a few minutes and has been working great since then. I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Belkin ME1004-R Wireless Cable/DSL Router 802.11g
    Excellent signal, good product for a reasonable price for home use.
    We have conected two laptops and a desktop at the same time form many hours and the signal is always good.
    I have been using it for almost a year, and never fails.
    Good product....more info
  • Installation is not documented for the Mac
    Notwithstanding an earlier review here, the installation disk is *not* suited for the PowerBook G4. The first instruction I got (in broken English) from tech support was to remove the CD. The tech apologized for no suitable documentation, saying that using same would be very time consuming.

    (I resent having to call support after hassling with invalid printed instructions-- to be told that such a call is essential to understanding a given procedure. Twenty years ago I was more accepting of such unresponsiveness to frequent, repetitive customer inquiries. There has been paltry evolution towards minimizing the necessity of support. BTW, using Safari, the support site fails. )

    When asked why he mandated 64 vs. 128 bit encryption, the tech explained it would be difficult to remember all the characters necessary for 128 WEP--an interesting approach to making a security decision, I thought.

    I know it's wrong to be reviewing support vs. equipment here. But the ability to produce a good 802.11g box must be considered a rudimentary process today. Providing the purchaser an effortless, secure installation is therefore relatively (and competitively) important to the buyer; yet, apparently little or no thought has been given to that kind of service by this 'manufacturer.'

    Some of the reviews may suggest Belkin's approach to router customers is somehow better than infamous Netgear's . . . that has not been my experience. ...more info
  • Good enough
    It does what i need it to do, which is send wireless through my house....more info
  • Works Flawlessly
    This is an excellent product from Belkin. I did have problems setting it up and initially I thought it was because I had Windows Vista. This router's instructions are not really for Windows Vista since it was released before Vista. I ended up installing it on a laptop with Windows XP and still had problems, which led me to discover the real issue was my cable modem not working at the time of installation (sometimes you need to just restart your cable modem and the wireless router so they sync up with each other, too). Once the modem came back, the router worked just fine on every laptop with wireless that I logged on with, including the one with Vista. I use the router predominantly with a Vista laptop and never have had any problems since setting the router up that were actually related to the router. The only time I experience drops is when my cable modem is not working.

    The signal is excellent. I use the router upstairs, and when I take my laptop downstairs the signal only drops one bar but I still surf the net with no complications or drops. I also have my iPod Touch on the wireless network, too, and it works well with that.

    The installation CD that comes with it is basically unnecessary, it seems, except for helping you set up a security password so others can't get on your network. You can hook computers without wireless into the back of the router, allowing for their connection to your cable modem. The connections of all our computers are basically as fast as they were before.

    So far, this has been a great buy--no problems at all. I have had irritating routers before, including my last one from Belkin that seemed to need to be reset every so often in order for my laptop to connect to the internet. Not with this router--money well-spent for a cheaper router that still gets the job done....more info
  • Works as it should. No Problems.
    I have had this product for about a month and it has worked just as it was advertised. Very happy with it. Also, very good price for it too....more info
  • Belkin Router
    It works great now, but I'm giving it 4 stars because of the difficulty setting it up. I had to call the company and have them walk me through additional instructions to hook it up. The man barely spoke English so it was a very long and frustrating phone call. ...more info
  • Needs a daily Reboot
    I have had this product for a month now and have come to the realization that several days a week the router needs to be restarted due to lockups and slowdowns. I don't know why, tho I have noted that it has almost no ventilation in its design....more info
  • Belkin ME1004-R Wireless Cable/DSL Router 802.11g
    This product has worked really well. The instructions provided were very easy. I have a Vista computer and I've encountered no problems with installation. It worked well with my ATT 8525 in terms of wireless connectivity. I also shared the connection with another desktop. Very happy about it so far. It's very light so if you are looking for something sturdier, I don't think this may be what you are looking for. The range is somehow limited. ...more info
  • Fantastically easy to setup
    This product is super easy to setup and use. Out of the box, it took about 5 minutes and I was up and running....more info
  • Product is working fine in a 2 bedreoom appartment.
    I bought this router 1 month back and till now there is no problem in connectivity. I had installed it in a hall and can access internet from any room.Setting up secure network is also very easy.I would recommend this product a must buy in a given price range....more info
  • What a piece of crap
    Slow and flaky at the best of times, this router's problems only increase when more computers attempt to join the wireless network. Once I had four wireless clients (2 mac & 2 PC) things ground to a halt completely. The router would randomly stop responding and would need to be rebooted every few minutes. I'm throwing this piece of junk out with the garbage and buying a Linksys....more info
  • Very good, and at a great price!
    This is a very good wireless router and it does everything you expect from an expensive one. I highly recomend it to anyone who is looking for a good wireless router and is trying not to pay an outrageous amount for it....more info
  • dropped dead after less than two months
    Dropped dead after less than two months.

    Nary a light to be seen.

    Worked OK--not great--previous to that.

    ------ 9/22/08: update re the replacement Belkin sent ---------

    Two weeks ago I finally installed the replacement. It never functioned well. Most pages would consistently take longer to load than they should. Some would never load. For many to load at all I would have to click the reload icon, sometimes several times. Sometimes it did no good.

    Four computers were involved, all running WinXP, but each with different AV, firewall s/w. Two were directly connected through the ethernet ports on the back of the router, and two were wireless. Signal strength to the laptops was not a problem.

    Yesterday I installed a Trendnet TEW-631BRP N Router. What a difference! Maybe it will have its problems too, but even so it certainly shows the inadequacies of the Belkin.

    It's really pretty hard for me to fathom. The Belkin is a wireless G, a protocol that's been around for a while. It's hardly anything new. You'd think they would have it better worked out by now.

    And, as mentioned, two of the connections are direct, and much of the time the laptops were off. It didn't seem to matter. The problems were constant.

    Wrt normal causes of interference with G, we don't have a cordless phone, hardly ever use the microwave, and no active bluetooth anything. The neighbors are relatively separated. Maybe it's all that silver in my teeth.

    I'd give this incarnation two stars because it did work, most of the time, fitfully as it might be.

    While I'm glad others have had success with this router, I could never recommend it given my experiences with this pair.
    ...more info
    it worked finethe first week but then the internet connectio felt down, and i did everything support told me to and nothing, one day it started working for a few hours but then it dies again... dont buy this, and it has nothing to do with my internet connection cause my moden works fine and others router with it ... so this router sucks !...more info
  • Easy setup, but lag problem
    I have my router for a month. It was working pretty good originally until recently, when I connected to the wireless network with this router to play online game (warcraft 3), it lag so badly - it won't happen when I use wire connection. Changed every setting but with no luck. ...more info
  • Tricky setup; once going, works great
    Though I have a good deal of experience in connecting computer gear, I needed help from Belkin support in setting up this router. The rep with whom I spoke wasn't the friendliest I've encountered, but he talked me through installation without a misstep. Once we'd finished, the router worked perfectly, and I've had no problems since. I rank it as a good purchase....more info
  • Awesome
    Awesome product!! I have been using this for over a month and have not experienced any difficulty. Only thing is don't use cd disc if you have Vista, just let Vista do the walking. The disc seems to be for previous versions of Windows. Has been working great with fast internet connection. Don't even notice the wire missing, except that I can move around the room with my laptop now. I even game with it with no problems!...more info
  • Works great after a year
    I've been using this router for over a year at my house. It works great. Zero down time, easy to configure, and good signal strength. And you can't beat the price. I've had much better luck with this one than similar Linksys models that cost twice as much. ...more info
  • Cheap & Easy
    A very good & cheap wireless router. Setup was a lot easier than the Linksys it replaced. A very small foot print. Has worked very well and can be accessed any place in thid small 1000 square foot house. The full size laptop, the MSI Wind & HP-2133 netbooks accessed without any problems. Can't go wrong for the price....more info
  • Customer Service is horrible
    I bought this product a few months ago and it worked fine until I moved it to another room and that is when the drama started. Long story short this will charge you $3.50 a minute for technical support and you have to get a call back at their convience. This has been a huge disappointment and I've never been treated so horribly by a company....more info
  • worth what I paid for and then some...
    the speed of set up, the effective range and ease of use of this product are exceptional. I am very pleased and would highly recommend this product. It is an excellent value for the money....more info
  • Great basic router
    After a nightmare experience with a Linksys router I decided to give this a shot.

    Unlike the shaky Linksys I had, this router is completely reliable and tiny.

    Not one disconnect and the speed test results are much faster as well.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Painless Setup
    I have a 4-computer hard-wired home network, but after a recent laptop purchase, decided to add wireless. I chose the Belkin ME1004-R based on the positve Amazon reviews. It was simple to set up, and is working flawlessly right out of the box. The quick start instructions are easy to follow; the CD has a users manual with more details that can be accessed before starting the router installation.

    One thing the manual didn't discuss is how to configure a multi-computer hardwired system before installing the new router: all of the computers except for the one that will be used to set the router up have to be disconnected from the network. Additionally, the existing modem should be directly connected to the setup computer, bypassing the old router completely, and the internet connection checked before beginning the installation of the Belkin router. After the Belkin router installation has been completed, the computers that were disconnected can be reconnected to the new router, and their internet connections checked....more info
  • Good router
    Good router. First night it was plugged in the service was on and off. Since then though it's been flawless. So I suggest you give it a day to get warmed up! Very fast and reliable. ...more info
  • Set it up, forget it
    This is an example of a product that works so well that you forget about it. We have a computer, laptop and PS3 all running through this router. The laptop and PS3 are wireless and the computer is running through an ethernet cord. All work so well that I don't even think about my connection anymore. It was easy to set up and completely takes care of itself. Great product at a great price. ...more info
  • Great product!
    Very easy to install on a Mac! Just install the software and you are good to go!...more info
  • great product!
    Setup was a breeze, detected the signal at a full bar in the furthest room. Well encrypting features....more info
  • No Show
    I ordered the product and paid for it, but it could not be shipped to me, and my money was refunded. No explanation why this happened. ...more info
  • Belkin ME1004-R Wireless Cable/DSL Router 802.11g review
    easy to hook up!!!!! Had things up and going in less that 15 minutes. no drops and great speed....more info
  • TWO ROUTERS: 1 dead after one minute, 1 dead after 2 weeks. DO NOT BUY!!!
    The router was super easy to setup. I set the WPA encryption, set the channel ID, setup the share name, and restarted the router in only a couple of minutes. Too bad it only worked for 1 minute after that before going into a coma where it did not respond to anything. I even tried doing a hard (paperclip) reset, to no avail. Oh, and it looks and feels like a super-cheap router. It's quite flimsy.

    UPDATE: I recently received a replacement router. It WORKED ok, but caused pops and glitches in streaming video and audio (a major problem, IMHO). Moreover, I could only connect to another computer on my network at 1/5 of the advertised 54 mbit/sec rate. So, I wasn't totally thrilled with this router when it decided to stop working altogether. I tried resetting it, to no avail. None of my computers could see the router. THIS ROUTER IS COMPLETE GARBAGE. Two of these routers have died on me in less than a month. Needless to say, I absolutely do not recommend that ANYONE buy this router. In fact, I'm so annoyed with wireless LANs in general that I'm running wires through my house now....more info
  • great product
    even smaller than it looked on the page works great very simple, works with xbox live, i dont really use the wireless but the signal is very clear...more info
  • The Best
    I must have spent 6 hours online looking for a good, easy to use and configure wirless G router. After reading all the reviews here on Amazon I bought this little router for $30. I'm not disappointed. It took me 5 min. to configure and since then has been running 24/7 with no drops or problems in signal. I had a Linksys B Wireless router before that had to reset every day even to get Internet access on my Ehthernet Desktop PC... a real pain in the neck ! This Belkin ME1004-R is great, after 2 months of use it runs smoothly with true 58 Mbps. ...more info
  • Good choice
    The automatic configuration failed, and tech support could not help me, so I was forced to configure it to "Dynamic Method" on my own. Also, after one week I found that our cordless phone would sometimes overpower my laptop and cause me to loose my wireless connection, so I set the Belkin Wireless Router to always use "channel 6" and the problem has not returned. Bottom line... if you are willing to do some manual configuring this is a good little unit. I would definitely purchase this router again. ...more info