Pentax Optio W30 7.1 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
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Take your underwater images to a new depth. With an enhanced waterproof design, the compact Optio W30 performance capacity has more than doubled and now allows photographers to capture images underwater up to 10 feet for 2 hours. The generous 2.5-inch LCD monitor offers an LCD Bright Mode that can adjust the brightness of the screen as necessary for improved viewing in the sunlight. Ever the perfect camera for capturing adventure in the outdoors, the Optio W30 also features both Digital and Movie SR modes to reduce blur in both image and video capture. The Optio W30 also features the Face Recognition function and Macro Photography mode to allow image capture at under half an inch for stunning close-ups of photography subjects such as flowers, insects, jewelry and much more.

  • 7.1-megapixel CCD and 3x Pentax optical zoom lens
  • Enhanced waterproof construction allows the W30 to be submerged down to ten feet for up to two hours
  • 2.5-inch low-reflection LCD monitor; all-new Bright mode
  • Ultra-fast 9-point auto focus; Portrait mode utilizes Face Priority AF for perfect results
  • High-quality extended movie captures QuickTime motion JPEG at 30fps; built-in editing functions

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect on the go compact camera
    I had it for almost a month now. It's a great little camera that does a decent job of capturing precious moments. Best part is the waterproof and dustproof body. Can use it at water parks without worrying about the water rides.
    Camera's memory stick got loose in the camera after dropping it 6 inches from floor. Had to open the case to push the stick back in, and I didn't have any more problems with the memory stick. Has built in 24 MB memory. Accepts SDHC memory sticks which is a big plus. That means I can use standard SD and SDHC which can handle greater than 2GB memory stick size limit. Shake reduction works well in both still shots and video capture mode and it'll keep taking videos until the memory card is full (has a time capacity left indicator when recording). No problems viewing the 2.5" screen in bright lit places as it has a powerfull back light that comes on for a few seconds during picture playback. It has the ability to save previous settings, and four manual settings that are stored in "Green Mode," for easy quick access. Comes with built in 3 decorative frames to choose from for still shots (download and store up to 99 free frames or make your own), ACDsee 6 CD which has a free online upgrade to v9 for Pentax 3.0 (truly the best digital imaging software in the market!), AV cable to connect to the TV and pictBridge capable....more info
  • Another Incredible Pentax Product!
    As my wife and I are into long distance walking, we make a point of carrying a camera with us to photograph incredible sunrises, scenery, etc. On one of our recent walks, my last digital camera (another quality brand) picked up some moisture, and caused some significant electronic problems. We researched what was available for water/weather-proof cameras, and narrowed it down to the Olympus or Pentax products. As I own a Pentax K10d, I was already familiar with the quality of Pentax optics, and the Optio W30 lives up to the Pentax name. The battery holds a signficant charge, and lasted approximately 350 shots prior to recharging. I also like that the lens does not protrude from the camera. Overall, I rate it an A+...more info
  • burned camera and it still works
    Our camera "some how" got dropped in a fire pit. It was slightly melted but still takes clear photos! And we can still download them onto the computer... It makes a few strange noises now, and I'm afraid it is no longer water proof. But because of it's unexpected durrability I would definately buy another one. The only downfall is that these types of accindents are not covered under warenty!...more info
  • Great Digital Camera
    This digital camera was recommended by a friend. It was hard to find in the stores so I bought online. I love the way it focuses and needs very little preparation. I was shooting moving objects and also I was on a moving ferry shooting other moving objects. The pictures were great. Very clear. Also very misty and rainy days and no problem as the camera is waterproof. I would recommend this camera to anyone. Great price by the way. I paid $100.00 less then the going price. Thanks....more info
  • Worked great for one whole year! Then died for no reason...
    Difficult to say what happened. It was a phenomenon. I took pictures of my child learning to swim at 1 year of age and then as he approached his 2 year birthday it died. Pentax was no help, a repair costs 70% of the cost of a new camera. What to do?

    The camera worked like a dream for the first 12 months. Perfectly. I mean like a dream. Excellent quality, water proof. Durable. Good battery life, you name it. Then it up and died. Hmmm........more info
  • Great All Around Camera
    This has been a great camera for everyday use as well as for wet situations. It is actually my third one since I have lost two of them. Each time I looked at other models before replacing it with the same one again. I am very satisfied with this model....more info
  • Great Gift
    I purchased this camera for my Dad, who loves to take pictures of family in some of the most interesting places -- like water rides, the beach, and the splash zone at Sea World. He brings along a ziploc baggie to quickly stash his camera into just before the water hits. He was totally thrilled to receive a waterproof camera. And once he started using it, he liked it even more -- with or without the water. The size is great, as it fits just about anywhere. And the picture quality is wonderful. It's nice and easy to use (which is a real plus for my Dad), but you can also "play around with it" if you want to get more creative. It was certainly one of the better gifts I've found for him....more info
  • Pentax Optio W30 leaks/Pentax Repair Center Awful
    My neighbor recently purchased the Pentax Optio W30 digital camera. This theoretically waterproof camera was purchased to use while whitewater rafting. At no time was it ever submerged in water, only splashed in big waves. (The Pentax warranty says it is waterproof to 10' depth.) In fact, it leaked by the 4th or 5th day of our river trip. Worse yet, when it was sent back to Denver to the Pentax Repair Department, it was not repaired and it came back with a note to the effect that the seal was ok and that they were not going to repair or replace it. So much for the Pentax warranty. If you spend a little time on the web, you will see frequent references from other disgruntled Pentax digital camera owners that the Pentax warranty doesn't mean much and you will find many complaints about Pentax Optio cameras leaking. Because the camera both leaked and because of the zero satisfaction received from the repair department, I urge any potential buyer to carefully consider buying this particular camera. ...more info
  • Optio 30
    Could not tell it wasn't new. Very light weight pocket sized and waterproof. Great for the outdoorsman....more info
  • Good alternative for Water Resistance Camera
    This underwater camera is an acceptable alternative to the drug store point and shoot underwater camera's. Well worth the money for the digital features. Todate has worked well and worth the money. Not great for telephoto shots. ...more info
  • Go anywhere pocket size camera
    This is a awesome little camera, easy to use, well designed.
    It takes awesome photos outdoors. Does great indoors with good lighting.
    Best part is it water proof. We take it to the pool, kayaking, boating...
    Nice size, fits in your pocket. We got lots of good photos since we always have it us!...more info
  • good for a fun / waterproof camera, but overall not great pics
    Bought this for my wife so she'd have a compact camera to take around. We were going on a trip around some beach areas and rivers, so I thought a waterproof model would be a good choice. Also I have a Pentax DSLR and it takes great pictures. However overall I wish we had gotten a compact Canon camera instead (I have an A-640, and it takes great pics underwater with the extra waterproof housing, which goes down to 100+ feet, unlike this Pentax which only goes to 10 feet!). This camera is "compact" but not super small, a little bulky still for a pocket. The biggest problem has been the focus and exposure... it always takes so long to focus, and often picks strange exposure settings. Also being used the the Canon, it's so difficult to get any kind of manual control (e.g. exp compensation) to override the auto settings on this camera. There are just a ton of little icons for every auto/scene mode you can imagine! Many shots come out too light or dark, or very grainy because the camera has picked a very high ISO. On the good side, we haven't had any problems with the camera leaking at all, it still works fine after a number of (not extensive) uses in and around fresh and salt water, as well as the occasional drop in the water glass as a party trick.

    Anyway, the short of it is if you have extra money and really need a camera for the beach or rafting or snorkeling then this might be a good option. But if you want something to use around water once in a while but mostly just to have a good compact point and shoot digital camera, then look elsewhere....more info
  • concerns...
    I bought this camera a while ago. This week I gave it to my 16 yr old daughter because she fell in love with it. It's a great idea but for me, I was a little disappointed for two reasons:

    1) I have familial hereditary tremors...a cute little phrase doctors use when they have no idea what it is. It's not Parkinson's Disease but I do shake, which makes it harder to get sharp photos with small Point-and-Shoots like this one. At least half of my shots came out blurred. Not the end of the world, since my 2-MB card holds LOTS of photos and I can pick and choose. But many times an important shot that looked good on the LCD turned out blurry and unusable on my Mac's screen at 4x6". This however is more the fault of being 61 and with the lightness of most P&Ss. However, I would LOVE to see Pentax make an underwater camera with real optical VR, rather than just upping the ISO.

    2} I live on Maui. Several times a year we go out on whale-sighting boats. This time the sea was rough. I placed the W30 in a side pocket of my pants and the next time I took it out the screen was cracked. I could still take photographs, I just couldn't compose them on the LCD screen. This cost $120 to fix by Pentax Corp. I don't remember hitting said pocket against anything, so I was confused by how easily the camera was put out of commission.

    So I just ordered the W60, the W30's underwater successor. Hope springs eternal, not to mention that being able to take the camera underwater and into dusty or sandy areas is so cool. I'm going to buy a small bean bag to use as a rest for the camera, which should eliminate the effects of my shakes. I also have a padded case for it to protect it from rough seas or whatever.

    I hope this review proves useful to those who shake, and who still go down to the sea in ships....more info
  • Bad Pentax camera no customer will not withstand water
    Pentax: bad cameras + bad customer service = declining shareholder value
    I bought a Pentax Optio W30 online. This is a waterproof camera submersible upto 10 feet for upto 2 hours. As part of testing it, I took it in thigh deep water on Waikiki beach on Oahu and took some pictures. The camera began to take water and ceased to function. Pentax would not honor the warranty even though the damage was covered under the policy. ...more info
  • Tiny camera but excellent photos; and yes it is waterproof!
    I bought one of these about two years ago and I've loved it! I've taken thousands of photos with it, at home and overseas, and been quite pleased with the results. Obviously it doesn't have the features of a big, expensive camera...but that hasn't stopped people from complimenting many of the photos (especially after they see the little thing I took them with). And it's so easy to take along everywhere. Yes, I have used it underwater several times and in saltwater no less, and had no leaks of any kind. However, I wasn't diving or otherwise dunking it deeply, merely sticking it underwater while sitting in a kayak or wading around a reef. :) One note, if you use it in saltwater, plan to clean the lens before using it again out of the water, as salt residue will collect on it. Speaking of the lens, when I got the camera I was concerned about the lack of any lens cover. I expected to constantly be getting a thumbprint or dirt on it, or that it might be easily damaged. But after lots of use (including often carrying it loose in a pocket), I've found the lens stays surprisingly clean. My only complaint is that the battery doesn't seem to hold a charge all that well anymore, but it's been through a lot of charge/discharge cycles. Excellent little camera!...more info
  • Great for bright light, on the water. Not good for low light.
    I take this camera kayaking with me and love it for those times. It takes very good photos in bright lighting situations. The lag time between shots is short (with a fully charged battery). The photos are accurate color and crisp. However, this is a terrible camera for indoors or low light. The camera cannot focus well in anything but bright light. Even with the flash, photos are often blurry. I use a Canon SD990IS for all the times I don't need waterproof-ness. The Canon is far superior in every other way, and I really miss the image stabilization when using the Pentax Optio W30. The only reason I don't just get the waterproof housing for my Canon is that then it is no longer a compact camera.

    Very good outdoor photos is good lighting situations.
    Compact size.
    Easy to use.
    Starts up quickly.
    Short lag time between shots with a fully charged battery.

    Horrible low-light and flash photos.
    Frequently has difficulty focusing.
    No image stabilization.
    Zoom is ok, but not great.
    Battery charger is difficult for travel because of it's size and the separate chord. ...more info
  • Pentax Optio W30
    I purchased this little camera as a replacement/upgrade for the Pentax Optio 33WR that I've been using on fishing/kayaking trips over the last 4 years. The W30 will do anything that the 33WR was able to do, but does it better.
    It's a very user friendly camera, that one doesn't have to worry about getting wet. This little camera takes great photos in most situations.
    small & light
    takes great photos
    does a good job when taking macro photos
    is water-proof to 10'
    it's a little noisy at ISO's over 200...more info
  • do not touch this camera
    I bought this camera for a holiday in the Caribbean. After using it for 20 minutes in shallow water, it failed. I returned it to Pentax who (eventually) claimed the warranty was void because it had sand on the battery cover which has compromised the waterproofing. This is nonsense. How it could have worked under water with sand on the battery cover was beyond the Pentax technicians ability to explain. Also, the possibility that any sand on the battery cover had lodged there after the camera failed was also too much for the Pentax customer service (an oxymoron if ever there was one) to explain.

    So, lousy camera and even worse customer service.
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    We bought this camera a few months ago, prior to a recent Carribean vacation. It's definitely slower and noisier than I expected, but it has some decent features, so we could live with the camera's limitations. HOWEVER, the camera leaked badly the third time we took it snorkeling. It started with water noticeable behind the LCD, and by the time I got the camera cleaned up, it was a goner. Completely dead. Please understand, we're exceedingly careful with our cameras. We actually have an underwater housing for a Canon Powershot that we've used dozens of times. I peruse the manual every time I use it, and always use the product in accordance with the instructions and recommendations. Same with the Pentax Optio. I read the manual three times before using it. In other words: Not my fault. The camera was defective. So now I'm off to attempt an exchange - for a different camera.

    My recommendation if you want an underwater camera - buy a good Canon or other make and shell out the big bucks for an underwater housing. If you use a housing carefully, and clean it properly before and after each use, it'll serve you well....more info
  • Great camera
    Great pictures, great interface, many nice features. To have all this in a waterproof, dustproof case is an outdoorsmans dream. I take it everywhere....more info
  • What the ..... ? a THREE MINUTE battery is not enough.
    I've owned the WR43, the WP10 and now the W30. I loved the first two. I especially loved the optical viewfinder. Did I mention that an action camera NEEEEEEEDDs an optical viewfinder?

    My first two met unfortunate demises, thus I sallied forth and got their successor.

    My only complaint, other than the lack of optical viewfinder, is that it has a three minute battery life. What was wrong with the old battery that lasted for several hundred pictures? I've bought new batteries and chargers in hopes that they were the problem. I'm close to sending it back from whence it came....more info
  • Excellent!!
    The Pentax Optio W-30 was a great buy for the price. The different modes are very easy to access and use. Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Pentax Optio W30 makes it Easy to Take Great Pictures
    I've only had this camera about three months and will do a long term review at a later date. I bought this camera primarily to take pictures from my boat in Choctawhatchee Bay and on river canoe trips. I was looking more for splash resistance as I don't plan opn taking photos under water.
    The W30 is easy to use and takes very nice rich looking pictures.The camera is well made and the size makes it easy to bring everywhere. The video is very good also but you must switch to pan focus or the sound of the auto focus motor is about all you will hear on playback. I plan to contact Pentax to see if there is a setting that will make it automaticly go to pan focus when movie mode is selected.
    So far this camera has exceeded my expectations. ...more info
  • Good if you want waterproof
    This camera works quite well and has all the normal features I would expect from a reasonable digital camera. The waterproof capability is the main feature I was looking for. I have a Canon SD750 (if I remember the model correctly...) that I use when I don't need a waterproof camera as the picture quality and overall camera are superior in my mind. However, the loss of picture quality and minor things I don't like about the Pentax are not enough to make me regret the purchase. I have used it several times in and/or under water with no issues and reasonable picture and film results.

    I read a review from someone who added a closed cell foam type floating keychain to make the camera float. I did the same and it works very well. The keychain was around $1 at Wal-Mart. It seems like this could be a good feature to build into the camera. A thin closed cell foam covering in a few areas would serve the float the camea and provide some protection from bumps and drops. It doesn't take a whole lot to float the camera. The keychain can be a bit of a nuisance when taking pictures (it always flops in front of the lens), but this seemed like some good insurance....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    Here's another one we purchased to evaluate for intentional abuse -- and has so far fulfilled expectations. The shock-proof, waterproof construction goes clubbing, boating, boarding, beaching or 3rd world safari with confidence. This camera is on its way to Africa, in fact, which has been totally unfriendly to any digital device!

    The big pay-off are the high-quality extended movie captures QuickTime motion JPEG at 30fps. The video and audio is far superior to even some cameras advertised for this purpose! (see other reviews later) This camera also lets you fill a memory card with video, unlike others with an enforced time cut-off.

    Picture quality is very good even in the medium resolution ranges. In RAW mode, under low light situations it performs very well, giving good, clear, well balanced shots. "Anti-Shake" features pay great premiums under demanding conditions.

    Although they advertise this unit can be submerged down to ten feet for up to two hours -- we would not recommend it for other than 'light' pool or beach use. Get an underwater camera if you plan to use it for serious diving.

    This is an ideal camera to take into 3rd world, rugged, dirty or active sport uses like skateboarding or snowboarding. Shock-proof ratings and smooth, tough skin will protect it where others fail. The lens does NOT extend, and is sealed and covered. Drop it in the sand and just rinse it off. It is immediately usable with PC or Mac without complaint. (Does NOT come with a memory card!)

    Bravo, Pentax

    Fred Showker

    DTG magazine...more info