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Corsair Flash Voyager 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive CMFUSB2.0-16GB
List Price: $56.99

Our Price: $32.99

You Save: $24.00 (42%)


Product Description

Product Name: 16GB Flash Voyager USB2.0 Flash Drive Marketing Information: Corsair Flash Voyager USB drives is rugged, stylish, compact, and reliable, making it ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and more. Flash Voyager drives is fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. This durable rubber casing is easy to grip and water resistant. Technical Information Storage Capacity: 16 GB Interfaces/Ports Interfaces: 1 x 4-pin Type A Male USB 2.0 - USB Physical Characteristics Form Factor: Hot-swappable Portable Warranty Standard Warranty: 10 Year(s)

  • Ideal for transporting MP3's, Digital Photos, Power Point Presentations, Video Footage of the kids, and so much more!
  • Flash Voyager drives have been tested by dropping, boiling, baking, and even running them over with SUV's!!!
  • Store up to 4,000 MP3 Files! Or How about 4,960 Digital Photos! Or Store 6 hours of video footage!
  • Enclosed in Corsair Proprietary All-Rubber Housing ensures Water Resistance and Ultra Durability!
  • Our 10 Year Warranty means you can write information for 24/7 for 10 years non-stop!

Customer Reviews:

  • Corsair 64 GB Flash Drive
    I had to return the product as it would not format. When communicating with the seller, I was advised that once received, they would replace the product and reimburse me for the return postage. Instead of doing that, they issued a full refund for the original purchase price and shipping charges but not the $4.95 I paid to return it. When I questioned them on this, they advised that I could pay them $80 through PayPal and they would ship me another flash drive. I have difficulty in doing business with people that do not honor their commitments even though I was reimbursed minus the additional charges I had to pay. That seems to be unprofessional and quite frankly, I do not trust them to follow through since their word is obviously not good....more info
  • Acceptable Drive
    This drive performs well and it has a lot of capacity. I hear it is also water resistant. It's a little thicker than I would like, which means it takes up a lot of space on a key chain. It also has a rubber exterior, which means that it sticks to the key chain instead of sliding around it like a key would. I also think having the key chain hole on the cap makes more sense as I don't like having my keys dangling from the USB port on my computer -this might interfere with its water resistant design though this is a rubber cap that doesn't snap-on quite like the Lexar drives do. It would be a good drive to throw in a backpack or in your pocket. If I was writing a dissertation, I would want something more key chain friendly....more info
  • A very nice Flash ...Almost
    The Corsair 64GB Flash Voyager is a fine flash dcrive. That IS the bottom line. The nagging problem I have had (and continues) is that Microsoft Money keeps telling me the drive is full when I backup. I have not been able to determine if this is a Microsoft issue or a product issue. The backup file is actually written but I keep getting this nagging message to backup my files. Hmm... I have no answer!...more info
  • Great all the way!
    Superior product (love the Corsair brand)...
    and to top it off - the service was the best!
    Thanks!...more info
  • Corsair Voyager 16gb CMFUSB2.0-16GB A
    This drive is very slow. It feels like it's writing at USB1 speeds instead of USB2. According to the Corsair website this is due to using MLC NAND instead of SLC NAND, at least for the GT models, I don't know if it applies to all their flash drives. I would have bought something else if I knew this was so slow.

    ...more info
  • 16GB model seems slow
    I generally like the Corsair flash drives I've purchased in the past (2GB and 4GB models), but this 16GB model does seem to have a pretty slow data transfer rate. Slower than I expected, slower than the other models. I probably would not purchase the 16GB again because of this....more info
  • Corsair works
    Purchased a cheap alternative which found the bin after 24 hours (just kept corrupting files) so purchased a Corsair GT (red). The Corsair flash is solid and dependable, which is more important to me than speed. But in the speed department its not too bad .. In Vista64 it was achieving a write speed geater than 6Mb per second. Now if ever a fire comes near my house, I will grab the voyager and wife (yes in that order) and run for it. ...more info
  • Flash Drive - Reliable!
    We purchased 2 - 4GB about 3 years ago and each has wonderfully handled backing up our office files over and over again. So there was no question which Flash drive we would get when we needed to back up a much larger database. These are very quick and cost effective flash drives. I have been impressed with their reliablity and will definitely continue to buy Corsair Voyager Flash drives when I need additional or flexible memory.
    ...more info
  • Usefull Gadget, Very Practical
    I got this product after a friend recommended it. 8 gb is a ton of storage, but now I won't have to worry about shifting files around on my portable devices. It's just all in my pocket. The usb is incased in a very grippy rubber sleeve. Very nifty, but it prevents it from fitting into tight spaces in the back of my computer. Not a biggy considering most have front usb ports now anyways. Good product, definitely worth the $26. : )...more info
  • Horribly slow
    I've worked with other thumb drives in the past, and this one is far and away the slowest that I've seen. On my Kingston Data Traveller, I can transfer 8gb in about 5 minutes. The same transfer takes over 30 minutes on the Corsair Flash Voyager 16gb. Performance is similarly horrid in all other respects as well. I have a Microsoft Virtual PC on each of the thumb drives. Performing any function on the Kingston takes "x" amount of time, while the Corsair takes anywhere from "5x" to "7x". In general, it's about 6 times as slow.

    Don't buy this piece of junk....more info
  • works fast and reliably USB 2.0 connections
    So far, so good with this flash drive. It works fast and reliably USB 2.0 connections. It is also reliable with USB 1.0, however it takes far longer to transfer data/music/etc. What took about 8 seconds to transfer via USB 2.0, took more than 40 minutes via USB 1.0. ...more info
  • Big and tough... oh, and did I mention 'big'.
    If flash drives were all forced to play profesional sport then the Voyager 64GB would be signed up by the All Blacks as a Rugby Prop Forward. Big, strong, dependable and mobile. It's no sprinter or pint sized jockey - there are other drives that can do that much much better. I'm more than happy with mine and you will be too if you need capacity and durability... just don't expect it to run the hundred metres in record time.
    ...more info
  • $8 price INCREASE since yesterday
    price increase is not going to incline me to buy this sooner.. get it straight corsair...more info
  • Amazing Flash Drive
    I read a lot of reviews before I bought this flash drive. I was looking for something that was fast, good storage and reliable. I red good things about it and although I haven't heard this brand before I decided to go for it.
    It is an amazing product. I used it for school, work, and for fun. It is way faster than my 1GB and 2GB (other brands) I have. Easy to use and I don't have to be worried that it will go bad if I drop it because of its "cushiony" outside.
    I do recommend this flash drive to everyone, great product....more info
  • satisfied
    With a 64GB capacity in early 2009, I knew I was getting an MLC flash device, and my performance expectations were conceived accordingly. Sure, you can get much faster SLC flash drives, at a fraction the capacity and with much lower space/$. I wrote about 45GB to mine, at an average rate of something like 10MB/s on a MacBook Pro, which was entirely reasonable. I suspect that many of those who complain of the write speed are comparing apples to oranges, or in this case, a large MLC device to a small SLC device. I also suspect that some have the mental idea that a flash drive should take N seconds/minutes to fill, without regard to the capacity difference. Perhaps there are applications for USB flash drives that require massive speed, but I'm currently not aware of any. Heck, if one needs any real speed by today's standards, the bottleneck of the USB interface alone disqualifies any such unit and a (smaller, SLC) class 6 SDHC/CF card with a FireWire reader is a much better option....more info
  • good buy
    This stick has a lot of space and the body feels quite sturdy. I got it for a really good price ($25 after rebate) so I'm happy. It does run a little slower than I expected, but still not so bad. And the bulky body sometimes has trouble fitting in certain USB ports, so the product does come with an alternative extension. ...more info
  • Corsair flash drive
    Awesomely fast, nice and practical. a lot of data at your thumb. Buy one and you won't regret. Nothing can go wrong when you purchase from Amazon....more info
  • 32GB Corsair Flash Drive
    The delivery was faster than expected- which was good news! After I loaded approximately 13 GB of data, files, pictures, & music from my desktop computer, I defragmented the USB drive. My only complaint was that it took over an hour to accomplish this simple task (using Diskkeeper 2009 Pro). Since then, the defragmentation takes mere seconds & I feel secure knowing all my important data and files are "right in my pocket!"
    ...more info
  • Good Price
    I don't know a ton about these but had 5 other smaller ones and consolidated everythign to the 32GB model. It reads and writes pretty quick. The whole unit in a dense rubber and it has a quality feel. Its nice to have all your data with you for use on any pc....more info
  • Don't go anywhere..this is the best!!
    Beleive it or not this is my best drive so far. I had number of USB flash drives used but all of them were lacking qualities in one or another way.

    Hardware: Doesn't heat up if you use for 1day continuosly too.
    Speed: Superfast(Pl. don't compare with internal hard drive..its flash drive. Compare with other flash drives)
    ...more info
  • Spanish because nobody write it
    Este de verdad es un producto excelente lo uso para ver peliculas en un DVD y creanme que es rapido y eficiente, vale la pena comprarlo, es un sue?o la cantidad de peliculas que le caben.
    Saludos....more info
  • Corsair 64 gb
    The product arrived in great shape and has worked perfectly. Very useful in off loading videos and pictures from my hard drive....more info