Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
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  • Talladega Nights.
    I love this movie. Very funny ! I received my order very fast and the product was perfect. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Silly Is Not Always Funny
    Not even the added presence of Sacha Baron Cohen, arguably the greatest comic actor since Peter Sellars, could raise this hideous flop above abject sub-mediocrity. I expected a laugh or two for my money, Will Farrell's generally good for that, and was prepared to suffer through a lot to get them but this truly, deeply, achingly bad movie was one of the most egregious misfires to come down the pike since the Dumb & Dumber prequel. I'm not a comedy snob, I'll take laughs where I can get them, gags about bodily fluids, farts and amorous overweight old ladies not excluded, but this film oozed a stench that effectively covered anything resembling humor. This was one Blu-ray that went straight to the nearest Goodwill once I was done with it....more info
  • Bring on the nights!
    Even people who have seen neither movie will discern that this DVD is a spoof of Days of Thunder (the fact that they allude to DOT in the film makes this fact all the more apparent!). This is a racing story Will Ferrell style, and I like it!!

    To be sure, this is the funniest movie I've seen in awhile. I thought it would be hilarious from the theatrical previews & I was not disappointed. According to other reviewers, they actually deleted a few key scenes from the theatrical release. I never saw the original, but it sounds like that was a poor decision. Typically, "uncut" means they ADDED a few scenes, not deleted them!

    The film would have gotten a 5 Star rating from me except for the fact that, unlike most unrated Will Ferrell flicks, this one omitted the obligatory gratuitous nudity. This fact is a particular shame in this film as Leslie Bibb and Amy Adams are both SMOKIN' hot - AND they had plenty of opportunities for some tittilating sequences if they wanted to put them in. Hence, those expecting some topless girls to be thrown into the uncut version (as was the case with Wedding Crashers - Uncorked (Unrated Full Screen Edition) will be disappointed. This is basically a PG-13 ditty with a few swear words added - that's it.

    While they didn't get the nudity part right, they did get the comedy part on the $$. This is a movie that pokes fun at NASCAR as well as rednecks, which means that guys like me get a twofer! I can't for the life of me see the appeal of watching cars going around in circles for 5hrs. The makers of the movie tapped into the absurdity of the notion of marathon car races, as well as the silliness of having corporate sponsers tagged all over the race cars. The sardonic wit of the movie's writers made this one quite cathartic for me!...more info
  • Hilarious...highly recommend!!!
    This has got to be Will Farrell's funniest movie to date...and he's got some great ones out there! It's classic Will Farrell...silly, stupid, laugh out loud, fantastic catch phrases (Shake and Bake, Baby!!!) Especially helpful if you're having a bad day and need a good laugh. His supporting cast is equally entertaining. John C. Reilly and Sacha Baron Cohen definitely turn this one up a notch. This movie is the best...because if you ain't first, you're last! Oh...and it gets funnier the more times you watch it. :)...more info
  • the winner!
    you don't have to be "all jacked up on mountain dew" to love this movie. it takes the world of nascar and movies like days of thunder and turns them hilarious. this unrated version offers uncut scenes and the for example the famous dinner scene is now less random and even funnier.
    get thrown of an abblebee's--then get the unrated version!...more info
  • Great movie Great transfer
    This movie was very funny still laughing at certain parts. The transfer was very clean not the sharpest movie I have, however it was done very well. More so shown on the race scenes. The picture was very clean on fast moving action. Highly recommended you'll be laughing out loud in 1080p. ...more info
  • Thoroughly Dissapointing
    I really don't know what to say. Will Ferrell is one of my favorite comedians. Judd Apatow continues to amaze me with the movies hes involved with (Anchorman, Superbad, Knocked Up). There were other talented people involved with this movie, but it just seemed to be missing something. I couldn't laugh nearly the entire movie. The only part of the movie I remember laughing was during the part where they do adds for a bunch of weird products. Maybe I was in an off mood, but I couldn't get into this movie. I highly recommend the other Judd Apatow movies and Will Ferrell movies though....more info
  • What is that a catch phrase or epilepsy?
    Talladega Nights featurin Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby (That Just Happend)definately provides some serious laughs. What gets me laughing the most is the portrayal of rednecks the movie takes on. Just take the scene when they're at the dinner table (one of my favorites) getting ready to dive into a feast of Dominos, KFC, and the always delicious Taco Bell while the two kids verbaly assault their grandfather. It is really funny to see a comedy centered around Nascar.

    I would recommend Talladega Nights. Just know that it is very funny at times but also tends to drag at certain points....more info
  • Mike Honcho & Shake & Bake... Two reasons to buy this movie!
    Like Achorman, this is a Will Farrell classic you can watch over & over & over & over again!...more info
  • had potential; the Anchorman formula without the humor
    This could have been a good movie - it did have a few parts that made me laugh and did make a few good points about selfishness and its consequences. It also seems to have a good message about the importance of loyalty.

    That being said, it was difficult to find anything else that was good about this movie. If you've seen Anchorman, you'll know a lot of the plot formulas right away.

    The stereotypes are over-the-top. The homosexual frenchman, the knuckle-dragging Nascar drivers and fans, the voluptuous back-stabbing blonde wife, and Ricky Bobby as the self-absorbed star driver that needs to be taken down a peg. Ricky spends awhile at the top treating other people badly and is once again painfully and repeatedly humiliated well past what is necessary to make the point in a rehash of the Anchorman plot line. OK I get it, he needs some humbling. I was grateful he was not reduced to literally eating feces this time. But bring a strong stomach if you do decide to rent this movie, unless constant homoerotic humor doesn't bother you. Someone somewhere apparently thinks feces and homosexuality add humor to a movie.

    It would have added a great deal of humor if the product sponsors were made up. The "Clown Malt Liquor" was a great idea and the movie could have been a lot funnier if they had invented more of their own fake products for sponsorship. Applebee's gets a lot of advertising. Apparently the creative humor machine runs out when it comes to the commercial product placement.

    The frenchman, at his core, actually has a lot of respect for Ricky Bobby (Anchorman again) but the verbal exchanges between the two aren't funny or meaningful at all. Anchorman at least had humorous rivalries between the news teams resulting in hilarious exchanges.

    Once again the loyal crew is right there for him when he's ready to pull himself out of his self-induced pity party and save the day (Anchorman again).

    The driving scenes make no sense at all. The frenchman just "won't let Ricky pass" and thus manages to stay ahead of him. Apparently none of the other drivers had thought of that.

    I'll end on a positive note. Ricky's mom has more common sense than anyone else in the movie and welcomes Ricky and his kids back when his wife leaves him....more info
  • Thanks!
    I ordered this item as a present and ordered it at the last minute. Item arrived on time and therefore I wasn't in the doghouse!...more info
  • Has its moments, but not enough of them...
    I heard that Talladega Nights was hillarious. It had it's moments, but I wouldn't consider it hillarious. If you aren't much of a Will Ferrell fan then you will probably agree. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of comical moments in this film, but some of the bits are overdone, and since they weren't that great to begin with they become annoying the longer they are carried out. The "invisible fire" for example, though seeing Ferrell run around in his underwear is pretty comical. Why does he tend to run around naked or underwear-clad in most of his movies anyway?

    Not having checked the credits before watching the film, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sacha Baron Cohen starring as the villain, converted Formula Un driver Jean Girard. His was a comical performance, though he seemed to overdo the accent, sounding almost as if he litterally had peanut butter in his mouth. But I think that was the whole idea.

    There are several subplots and story lines: Ricky Bobby (come on, you're laughing. If that isn't the funniest name I've heard in years...) and his relationship with his father, his self-esteem, his out of control children being conformed into well-behaved boys by their strict grandmother, losing his wife to best friend and fellow team racer Cal Naughton, Jr. All of these stories are woven into the plot.

    I'm not a huge Will Ferrell fan to begin with, so I think I may have been biased from the beginning. I do appreciate his humor though, and I get a laugh out of his antics, so Talledega Nights wasn't a major flop for me, just not one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

    As I said, it has it's moments, and they would be worth the price of a rental at least....more info
  • Talladega Nights
    Funny funny film. Be warned however the blu ray version from Amazon Home site is region A.. it wouldnt play on region B machine ( pioneer). ...more info
  • Below the belt all the way
    I was embarrassed to watch this movie with my family and friends. Some of them actually decided to take off within the first few minutes. ...more info
  • I love this movie
    It just cracks me up. I love Ferrell, and the rest of the cast. Thought they did a good job. It was funny, but had some good points to make. I just like it a lot....more info
  • Not A Very Funny - Don't Waste Your Time
    I like Will Ferrell and have seen most of his movies. He can be very funny. Unfortunately, this movie is not especially funny. Much of the movie tries to make fun of NASCAR fans, such as showing that fine gourmet dining for NASCAR fans consists of dining at Applebees.

    Don't waster your time. Watch something better....more info
  • Still Laughing
    Good for laughs everytime...
    I'm all jacked up on mountain dew, I'm coming at you like a spider monkey, and I too love Baby Jesus!...more info
  • Making a left turn?
    This was a Xmas gift for my younger, college-aged son. He seems to really like this movie. I have not seen it, nor intend too. I am not a Will Farrel fan but he seems to have reached a niche audience. If you like him or NASCAR, it might be the right movie for you....more info
  • Bah
    I found this movie Cornie and stupid. The whole plot is very redneck to me. Perhaps I have the wrong sense of humor for this. It is definitely not for everyone. I like some of Ferrell's other stuff. This one does not do much for me....more info
  • NASCAR Lampooned
    Will Ferrell is great and I try to catch every single one of his movies. There are some really funny scenes in this movie. Most of the humor is site gags, but there are some decent jokes as well. Although I enjoyed the movie, it seemed like it was missing something. I prefer him in "Night at the Roxbury". It was an excellent story and very funny. I'm just not sure about buying "Taledega Nights". This seems a little strained at times during some of the sight gags. You certainly will chuckle, but it may not tickle your funny bone as deep as some of his other works. I recommend renting it first before buying it. It may be funnier to you NASCAR fans since you know the sport far better than I do....more info
  • Very funny movie with some very special performances
    This is a very funny movie. At points, its crudity goes beyond my taste, but I can live through them to enjoy the rest of the jokes. Will Ferrell as Ricky Bobby is certainly the point of the film, but his performance is only one of the thrill rides in this amusement park. Let's start with Gary Cole and Jane Lynch as Ricky's parents, Reese and Lucy Bobby. They set the perfect tone for the film in the opening scene racing towards (and past) the hospital when she is just about to give birth to our hero. Reese has some wonderful moments in the film, such as the career day appearance when Ricky is in grade school, or the family dinner at Applebee's that is going so well that it makes him uncomfortable. Or what about the time that he finally goes to pick up the pair of tickets that Ricky has been leaving for him at every race for years (that the ticket sellers resell and pocket the cash)?

    When Ricky is down so low that he has to go live with his mom, Lucy is masterful with his ratbag kids and provides some of the great fun in the film. She is a terrific character. John C. Reilly is perfect as Ricky's best friend, Cal Naughton, Jr. and is the anchor that provides a foundation that allows Ferrell to soar as Ricky. Cal is the one that came up with their "Shake and Bake" slogan and is willing to always come in second to Ricky's first. Until he can't anymore. His finding out that being on top isn't exactly what he was looking for in life is even a bit touching.

    Leslie Bibb provides the right amount of babeness and avaricious romance to the film as she claims Ricky and then Cal when Ricky can't get her what she wants anymore (and in neither case is it the man). Carley is a tough role to get just right because we have to like her, maybe even attracted to her, and yet she has to be a bit creepy.

    Greg German and Molly Shannon as the team owners (the Denits) also get their roles just right. Larry Denit is a hateful, and we gather impotent, owner who got the racing team from Daddy and resents everyone on the team who is able to do things he can't do except for the money he got from his pa. Mrs. Dennit is fully aware of the ridiculous situation and takes her comfort from booze, from flirting with Denit's big ticket customers, and the vibrations of the track as the cars zoom by.

    Sacha Baron Cohen as Jean Girard is most everyone's delight in the film. And while it is a whacky character that helps Ricky Bobby to get even weirder, I thought the accent was so awkward and the emphasis on his being gay so over done that I found the role to be a net negative. However, that is just me and I recognize that others think this guy is a comedy genius. And I know that taking risks means at times doing things that don't work. I am not saying the Girard role doesn't work, but I didn't find it wonderful. Weird isn't wonderful or brilliant. It is just weird.

    While Will Ferrell gets a lot of attention for running around in his underwear or less, for me the perfect moments in the film were his first interview with the ESPN guy, the scene at the bar with Susan (Amy Adams), and learning to drive again with his dad. That and the knife in the leg scene at the hospital with Lucius (Michael Clark Duncan) and Cal.

    A pretty funny movie that people will laugh with for a long time.
    ...more info
  • Poor Blu-Ray Transfer
    A quick opinion on the blu-ray video quality. I got this movie bundled with my PS3. It's supposed to be a good demo to show off the blu-ray technology. I found it quite the opposite. The quality cannot compare with most of the WB blu-ray movies (such as Corpse Bride). ...more info
  • Obnoxious
    While it does have a couple funny scenes, most of it is just plain obnoxious. Definitely not for children or people who don't appreciate the more vulgar side of life (myself included). I gave it two stars because it will appeal to those who don't mind such brashness. ...more info
  • Don't waste your time.
    This is a bad movie. Being a NASCAR fan I thought I'd enjoy the movie but, alas, this was not to be. I freely admit to not being much of a Ferrell fan. Movies like this are the reason why! It isn't good parody. It isn't good satire. It isn't good comedy. It isn't good anything! Forget it....more info
  • Don't say those words.
    There's only a handful of words you hope never to catch yourself saying without a due period of reflection: 'I love you.' 'That dress makes you look fat.' 'Have you put on a few pounds?' 'Nobody will notice.'

    And then of course: 'This is the funniest movie I've ever seen.'

    I can hardly stop myself. I'm gonna' say those words about Will Ferrell's TALLADEGA NIGHTS. THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

    I live in a town that titles itself 'the racing capital of the world'. In fact, I was out at the Brickyard yesterday to watch McLaren continue its resurgence via a Hamilton-Alonso one-two finish in the United States Grand Prix.

    There are three big races each year at Indy: The 500, Nascar's Allstate 400, and yesterday's F1 race. Each draws a completely different audience, each dismissive of the demographics of the race that came just before theirs and the one that comes after.

    That's the dynamic upon which Ferrell's Rick Bobby and Sacha Baron Cohen's irrepressible F1 convert to Nascar Jean Girard play. They rightly play to howls of laughter.

    Ferrell's and John Reilly's Cal Naughton, Jr. (even the name is perfect) hilariously draw out the bisyllables of Southern Fried culture. Even their motto - 'Shake and bake!' - is uproariously Southern.

    The movie's humor is a bit crude and may push the boundaries of the PG-13 rating of the in-theatre version.

    But it really doesn't get any funnier than this.

    I'm gonna say it!

    The funniest movie I've ever seen ......more info
  • Adams Chronicles
    We liked JUNEBUG so much that we consulted IMDB to find out what Amy Adams was up to next, and the database spat out the name of TALLADEGA NIGHTS. To our surprise, Frabk Hoyt Taylor, who memorably played the fiery, pathetic old "outsider artist" specializing in crudely drawn portraits of Civil War genitals, was said to feature in TALLADEGA also. Well so there we were and for a few minutes we might almost have been watching JUNEBUG 2, for the first movie ends with a young couple reuniting after some disputes, driving down a long Southern highway in the moonlight, while TALLADEGA NIGHTS opens up with Gary Cole and Jane Lynch driving down a lonesome road, but after that the two pictures veer wildly, and to tell you the truth, Amy Adams was admirable in JUNEBUG, but lousy in this one, and as for crazy old Frank Hoyt Tayler, we never did spot him! Even his own mother, if he had one, would be hard pressed to pick him out to the sea of hillbilly humanity that is THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY.

    The love story, and that's stretching it, is supposed to be a little like the one in THE SURE THING, where our hero is so knocked out by the sensual appeal of his dream girl, that he doesn't notice that his plain little girl pal is really the one for him. That's a hard part to play, the caterpillar who becomes a butterfly when she pulls her T-shirt up over her chest, and Amy Adams does it as if under protest, gritting her teeth and despising herself and her agents for allowing her to undergo what Meryl Streep never had to. That said, the movie is hilarious and the other girl, Leslie Bibb, seems to glory in being dumb as a post, like the ex-wife in MY NAME IS EARL, she is having some serious fun.

    When Ricky Bobby has to choose between the two girls, and chooses the caterpillar over the sex bomb, the movie deflates a little, like a tire what picked up a rusty ole nail....more info
  • Disquised Heart-Felt Comedy
    Though the first quarter of the movie is just classic Will Ferrell comedy, it becomes a heart-felt comedy of a man going through a midlife crisis, and refinding himself, his estranged family, and deciding who his friends really are.

    Ricky Bobby is the fastest, baddest race car driver NASCAR has seen in years. He marries one of his biggest fans since she is hot. They have two rotten, (though extremely comical,) misbehaved kids. He has his lifelong best friend as his racing partner, and it seems life couldn't be any better for Ricky Bobby. That is until a French raceman comes and takes everything away.

    His wife leaves him for his best friend, and he loses his house and job, forcing him and his kids to go live with his mother. His mother takes over his kids lives, changing them from demons to angels, while Ricky gets reconnected with his former-racing father.

    The movie has plenty of good laughs, and is never slow, and seems much shorter then its two hour length....more info
  • Fun and enjoyable
    I'm not always amused by Will Ferrell, but this movie was very funny. Though I could do without Walker & Texas Ranger. Other than their names, I found their foul mouths a turn off. I really don't have to go far to find rude kids in real life, so I can do without them in my "entertainment". Sacha Cohen was also funny and John C. Reilly is in everything, isn't he? During the rehilbilating period, it was quite funny him thinking he was poor and had to deliver pizza for a living. Overall, Talladega Nights was a strong script and most of the humor was dead-on funny. Recommended....more info
  • The Longest Commercial of All Time
    I can't believe I paid to see this. I mean, I should have been paid to see this 100 minute long ode to...(I refuse to print the titans of bread, soft drinks, energy drinks and fast food for more ads) There was even a cut away during the climax of the movie (like anyone watching didn't know how it was going to end anyway) to show an actual commercial. I understand product placement is new advertisement, but please, this was insulting and distracted too much from the movie; this cannot be rationalized by 'this is how the industry of nascar works' when one of the funnier bits in the movie involved the fake ad for 'clown malt liquor.'

    Maybe this would have been forgivable if the movie was funny. I laughed a couple of time, yes, but no more than when watching a 20 minute episode of Family Guy. I was bored by the movie and kept looking at the time. This was the least comical of Will Ferrels movies (including the earnestly bad 'Stranger Than Fiction'), and I cannot recommend watching it except this seems to be what people like (sigh) so perhaps one lap around......more info
  • Sweet Baby Jesus
    This movie is absolutely hilarious & a must buy. If you appreciate rednecks you will cry from laughing so hard. ...more info
  • Talladega Nights The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
    This was not to my liking. Not my type of film, or humor. I watched about thirty minutes of it, or less. I found it inane and a waste of my time....more info
  • Fast, Loose And Very Funny
    Okay, this has to be one of the most one-trick-pony movies I've ever seen and yet I found myself laughing a good bit at a lot of it. Not because of especially good writing, but because almost every supporting actor steals the movie on their own; Sascha Baron Cohen pushes his stereotype so far it turns into something wonderfully weird (lordy, does he pour himself into his comic creations), Jane Lynch is a hell of a lot of fun as usual and so on and so forth (plus a small sexy turn by Amy Adams). Probably nothing I'll ever watch again but at at least I got to see Gary Cole explain quite logically why there's a cougar in the car....more info
  • Ferrell at his best
    Some of the funniest bits I've seen on film recently. Also has the fella from Borat in it. What more do you want?...more info
  • depends
    Depends on your sense of humor. Some find it laugh-out-loud funny, others think it drivel. I had to watch it several times before it began to grow on me....more info
    If you and your friends just want to have a side-splitting good time, this is the movie for you. Sometimes it's good just to be silly and forget the worries of the world. Will Ferrell is his usual nonsensical self - in the spirit of the equally insane "Anchor Man". With a name like "Ricky Bobby", you know that this just a vehicle for Ferrell's brilliant humor. All of his supporting cast is just a silly as he is - even the two kids who play his sons. Take your shoes off, unzip your pants, grab a beer and some pork rinds, and sit back for a crazy ride. In today's world, we all need to be able relax with friends and just laugh our heads off - even if it is for only two hours. When the movie is over, keep your friends close and enjoy the out-takes and bloopers. Who knows when you will be able to have such a great time again?...more info
  • Talladega Nights Crashes and Burns
    Something about Nascar just does not do it for me. Sitting for hours watching guys drive cars around in circles for hours upon end just does not really tickle my fancy. I see enough idiots driving on the highways on my way to work, therefore, I don't really need to see more idiots driving around in circles on the weekend.

    So I am not quite sure why then I might have had somewhat of high expectations for the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby . Perhaps I was blinded by some decent Will Ferrell movies of the recent past and thought that perhaps even Ferrell himself might have been able to shine his comedic genius upon something that simply seems more banal and boring than humorous. But I was wrong.

    Will Ferrell plays the part of Ricky Bobby, a quirky and rather unintelligent man who always hoped to be a race car driver just like his deadbeat daddy before him. When fate should have its way Ricky becomes not just any Nascar driver but the lead point winner in the entire Nascar circuit. Ricky goes from being just another driver to basically the figurehead of Nascar racing.

    Ricky's childhood friend who almost has a man-crush on his best buddy is Cal Naughton, Jr. (John C. Reilly) Cal is, if you can believe it, perhaps a bit more dopey than Ricky Bobby and in fact sort of hopes to live up to what Ricky Bobby hopes for. Talk about aiming high! Cal for years has basically played second fiddle to Ricky Bobby and even on the race track often yields a victory to ensure Ricky Bobby comes in first.

    But when a "serious" injury nearly ruins Ricky Bobby's life, things take a turn for the worse. Speculation runs rampant that Ricky Bobby might not ever be able to race again and even his wife Carley (Leslie Bibb) begins to find herself not in love with the champion that she once had.

    Ricky Bobby's fall from the stardom opens the door for a driver that does not necessarily fit the whole redneck stereotype associated with race car driving. Rather, from France comes an F-1 standout now looking to become the Nascar champion, as well. Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) certainly is going to be a very different sort of individual now entering the world of Nascar and needless to say he and Ricky Bobby might come pretty close not just in their racing, but perhaps in other ways, as well.

    Directed Adam McKay, it seems as though Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was set out to perhaps poke a little bit of fun at race car driving and the entire fascination behind Nascar. However, the humor in the movie is in actuality quite flat and unimaginative. There really are few scenes in the film that are drop dead funny and the overall feel that you get from the movie is more of a desire for it to be over rather than yearning for more.

    Though it did win an ESPY Award for Best Sports Movie, there were certainly no major awards bestowed upon it. One certainly should take issue with the ESPY Award, as well, since certainly there is little athletic ability in being able to drive a car around a track. That aside, there is a reason why Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby did not win any significant awards: it just isn't that good.

    For a Will Ferrell film, this movie falls well short of expectations and should be avoided at all costs. Just like sometimes the best part of a Nascar race is watching a car crash into the wall and ending its run in the race, the best part of this film was when it too had ended....more info
  • Stunned disbelief
    My wife and I sat silently watching this movie. I laughed a couple of times, mainly out of boredom. Our reactions were both the same...what a stupid, stupid movie. The ONLY thing that kept me watching it until the end is I couldn't remember the actors name who played the dad (Gary Cole). My wife gave up half way through.

    There just isn't much funny here. The basic premise is that nascar is composed of a bunch of rednecks...but they fail to translate that into anything funny. Our main debate was whether this is the dumbest movie we've seen. I say no, because there must be something more stupid...but I couldn't think of an example....more info
  • A disgrace to the civilized world
    Something is seriously wrong in the world of film. Absolutely dumb. Not in the least funny. Shut that off....more info
  • Funny yet occasionally boring Ferrell vehicle
    Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby does a more than fine job of spoofing the world of NASCAR and its fans, and is a pretty funny vehicle for Will Ferrell as well. Ferrell plays the top racer title character, whose lifestyle of fame and fortune get curtailed by the arrival of French racer Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen) who seeks to out race our hero. John C. Reilly is here and in fine form as well as Ricky's best bud Cal Naughton Jr., and there are enjoyable turns from Michael Clarke Duncan, Amy Adams, Greg Germann, Molly Shannon, and a wonderful turn from the great Gary Cole as Ricky's father. While Talladega Nights isn't bad one bit, there are moments of occasional boredom. Compared to Anchorman, and to a lesser extent the more recent Semi-Pro, Talladega Nights doesn't have the laugh out loud moments that one may expect to find here. Still though, the good definitely outweighs the bad, and the moments of NASCAR lampooning are worth the price of admission alone....more info
  • Hilarious movie!!!!
    I loved this movie! I think this is Will Farrell at his best! It's so amazingly hilarious! I definitely recommend it for major laughs!...more info