ClearBlue Easy- Fertility Sticks and Monitor Package, 1ct
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The only technology based solely on hormone monitoring. It more accurately identifies more fertile days than any other method. It also unmistakably displays your personal level of fertility every day.

  • Unmistakable Display of your personal level of fertility every day.
  • 99% Accurate.
  • Unipath Research - Quality Tested.

Customer Reviews:

  • it
    Nothing but Kudos from me. Got pregnant first month using this, had a m/c and then got pregnant the 2nd time using it. It really works and correlated nicely with my charting, so I know it is accurate. Will use it for baby #2 also. Oh, I have my baby girl in my arms by the way!! She rocks! Good luck and get the monitor you will love it!...more info
  • Please don't waste your money on this item
    Please, please, please don't waste your money on purchasing this product. I know the path to becoming pregnant can become a frustrating, emotionally draining one, but this product does NOTHING more than the simple (and much less expensive) ovulation predictor kits. I feel the Company is taking advantage of those of us who are willing to do anything to increase the chances of getting pregnant. I was roped in by the claims of detecting not only LH, but also estrogen (which it doesn't, that's a BLOOD test), as well as its claims that it somehow magically identified your most fertile days. But what I found was that the test sticks are simply "read" by the monitor to tell you if you are in a fertile phase or not, also depending on what day of your cycle you are on. If you've been tracking your cycle, you are already fully aware of these things, and no little computer can outsmart you! The instructions also say you cannot read the sticks yourself, which is an outright lie. You can clearly see the control line and test line (during your LH surge), so why does the computer need to read the stick and tell you that "yeah, we see this too, you are fertile now..." Ughh!!! Don't be taken advantage of because you want a baby... save the $150+ for the diapers! And if you are just starting out and want to understand your cycle better, spend some time reading online about fertility signs and the mentrual cycle overall. There is no replacement for your own knowledge!...more info
  • Good product, but not your only option
    I felt compelled to write this review after reading the many positive reviews just to add my own experience in hopes of helping others. I bought this product with high hopes of using it to conceive quickly as many others have done. I have a 32-day cycle, do not take any medications that would interfere with the monitor readings, and out of the 3 months I used this product, I only achieved the peak reading once (in the 2nd month)and did not conceive that month despite well-timed BD. I suppose since my cycle is longer that I had to use more test sticks, but I went through 20 sticks per cycle, which was very frustrating. I would start getting high fertility readings on about day 10 and then it would continue to read as high fertility until about day 27. I thought perhaps my method of testing was not accurate enough so I began using a cup and dipping the stick to make sure I was consistent. This did little to improve the results. I know this product has worked for many, but I was disappointed in its performance.
    On a brighter note, I did conceive in the 3rd month thanks to using Toni Weschler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility book along with this product. I used her temperature charting and cervical fluid checking methods, and with only 2 days of well-timed BD in the 3rd month, I am in the very early stages of pregnancy.
    I like the idea of this product and wanted to love it, but I think having a back-up method (such as charting other fertility signs) would be helpful when trying to conceive. I can give this product very little credit for my pregnancy and owe my thanks to the Taking Charge of Your Fertility book. Good luck to all who are TTC!
    ...more info
  • Big Waste of Money and Stressful Product
    I posted this review for this product but under a different seller. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, and this product had nothing to do with it. Read below.

    Do yourself a favor, don't get this product, it will totally stress you out. I used it for 3 months and it was useless.

    Something is wrong with this product, it will show "high fertility" for days and days and fail to show a "peak fertility" day. This product is supposed to detect your LH levels once they start to go up, it is an indicator that you will ovulate in the next 24 to 48 hours. However, this product will show you with "high fertility" - rising LH levels - for 2 weeks without showing an ovulation!

    It will drive you nuts, every morning waking up anticipating a peak day, and nothing, even though you have been high fertility for days and days.

    A better alternative is to just have intercourse with your spouse every other day, forget about this product. If you think you have fertility problems, just talk to an OB.

    Good luck!

    ETA: I just wanted to add an update.
    I am currently 9 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant the first month I stopped using this monitor daily. Instead I used the "Taking Charge of your Fertility" method. This book and it's suggested method was dead on. I learned to keep an eye out for changes to my Cervical Mucus which would indicate if ovulation was near and if ovulation is occurring. I backed up the evidence by taking my temperatures daily and when my temperature went up I knew I had ovulated the day before. I learned that, despite my irregular cycles, the number of days until I get my period after I ovulate is always 14 - so I knew when to take the pregnancy test after my period had not arrived as scheduled.

    Here's what I did meanwhile with the digital monitor. I decided that I had all these left over test sticks that I could experiment with. At first I had put the monitor aside completely because it was too stressful. I figured out that it asks for 20 days worth of test sticks, and if your cycle does not ovulate a few days before the 20 days are up this thing gets confused and gives automated results, and does not show you when you ovulate.

    So, based on my CM changes I wanted to see if the lines on the test stick meant anything (even though the customer care person told me the lines on the test stick mean nothing). Indeed, a day before I was to ovulate the test stick showed 2 lines (I tried it on multiple test sticks) indicating increased LH levels. This happened to me on cycle day 24.

    The monitor starts counting down 20 days based on the first day you decide to feed it test sticks. The monitor increases each day whether you turn it on everyday or not. I gave it my first test stick on day 24 and it showed a high fertility day just as I had suspected - and just as the two lines on the stick showed. And I fed it another test stick the day after, which showed that I was ovulating.

    I was done with the monitor, after that it goes into automated results showing a second day of ovulation whether you are ovulating a second day or not. Just FYI it's too late to have intercourse on the day you are ovulating, you had to have done it at least the day before.

    Basically, I had bought the monitor because of my irregular cycles, thinking it would help me figure things out. Because of it's preprogrammed nature, it just did not work out for someone like me. But I learned that I did not need to waste all the money I wasted on this product if I had just known to look out for my CM and I could have verified ovulation with regular ovulation test sticks which are much cheaper, and doubly verify by keeping track of my daily temperatures. If you have regular cycles, all the more reason not to waste money on this product.

    Overall, this product is unnecessary if you just took a moment to learn how your body works. This product will not work for you if you have irregular cycles, especially cycles longer than 30 days (even though it says it works). It will waste precious conception time.

    I had recommended this product to my friend when I first bought it, and the same thing happened to her. She had also gotten very stressed out by the monitor. I then recommended my new findings to her based on the book I mentioned TCOYF, and she also got pregnant on the first month of trying - without the monitor.

    The sure fire way for someone with normal fertility to get pregnant is to just have intercourse every other day from last day of menstruation until you ovulate.

    I hope this helps. I wish you luck and baby dust. and I recommend the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" instead of this digital monitor. ...more info
  • clearblue fertlily monitor
    Clear Blue works, I used it for two months got pregnant, had a miscarraige, kept trackin for two more months became pregnant again and now we have our healthy baby boy, he is 8 weeks old....more info
  • Great product
    Worked great - we became pregnant after 3 months! It is a great product for those people that just want to know the most fertile days without going through temperature taking, etc. Highly recommended for people who have been trying for 6+ months....more info
  • Easy to Use CLear Blue Easy FM
    This product is very easy to use. It is a little expensive, but worth it if you get tired of trying to read the OPK lines. An important peice of info is that you have to start using it by cycle day 5 or you have to wait until the next cycle starts. The first month it learns you cycle, so you may not get any high fertility days or may get too many. The peak fertility days are really the ones that matter anyways though....more info
  • Product excellent. Shipper awful
    Buyer beware. This shipper is expensive to ship with and is very slow in shipping. Careful....more info
    I can't believe I'm actually typing this...but after just 2 cycles of using this monitor, I'm pregnant!!! I've read EVERY review about this monitor on every site I could find, and wondered if I would ever write one...and here I am writing a review 2 cycles later. My husband and I had been ttc for about 7 months when my mom mentioned this product. We were so sick of being devastated each month when "the period" came, or the pregnancy test was negative..we were just so frustrated.. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but we were spending tons of money buying the ovulation test strips each month..and they weren't working. I thought~ let's just try it. It came in the mail quickly, was very easy to use and best of all....IT WORKED!!!! Buy this if you want to know exactly when you ovulate to maximize your chances of getting pregnant, especially if your cycle is irregular! I wish you all the best of luck, YOU SHOULD spend the money and BUY this if you want a can't put a price on the feeling of actually seeing the positive result, and of course a brand new baby! *baby dust*...more info
  • Really works!!
    I was very skeptical that this product worked as well as the reviews said, but I figured it was worth a try. I had tried the store bought fertility sticks with no luck and after being on the pill for 10+ years I thought perhaps I wasn't ovulating. So, I got the monitor, used it ONE month and discovered I was pregnant! I can't believe it! This product is a miracle and it is worth the cost. I would suggest only buying one box of testing sticks at a time because you may not need more than one! Good luck!...more info
  • This really works!!
    We brought this product after going through 2 years of infertility treament. We were looking for another option, because treatment obviously wasn't working, and found it in this. We got pregnant the first month. I couldn't believe it! I would recommend this anyone who is have difficulties getting pregnant. LOVE IT!...more info
  • It worked!
    We had been trying to get pregnant for 6 months. Then we bought the kit and during the first month of using it, we became pregnant! I never thought it would work right away but the test showed me that I was ovulating during week 3 of my cycle not week 2 like I thought. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • worked exactly like it said!
    This product helped me to get pregnant. It took all the guess work out of knowing when I was going to ovulate. I was regualr, yet my cycle varied within a span of about 4 days each month. It was too hard to estimate, and I didn't have the patience for taking my basil body temperature every morning at the exact same time. Plus, I didn't want to wake up early on the weekends so, one of the great things about this machine was that it provides a large grace period for testing. It said in the directions, to give the machine 3 cycles (months) to get accustomed to your body. I did, and on month 4 I was pregnant. Very easy to follow, very reliable and reccommended by my OBGYN. I'm just sad I didn't buy it sooner, since we tried for a long time with no success....more info
    First I will start off by saying that my periods are so irregular that some months they can be 20 days and others 45 days! So trying to get pregnant was so difficult! I purchased the monitor and although it tells you to wait until the first day of your period to "set" it I did it right away (I just finished my period that lasted 20 days). Well on the 10th day I saw the ovulation symbol! Which means I ovulate on day 30!!!!! I never would have known that without this monitor! Worth the money! I am now 9 weeks pregnant and happier than ever! ...more info
  • Monitor Review
    I bought this and have been using it for 5 months. I'm not pregnant yet. However, I think it has definitely helped me figure out when I'm ovulating. There are so many reviews that say they got pregnant the first month. I thought I would add another experience. I'm still hopeful that I will get pregnant, but just be prepared that it doesn't always happen in the first month or two. I think the monitor works pretty well for determining ovulation. ...more info
  • Well worth the price
    I tried to get pregnant for three months before buying this monitor. If I could go back now, I would have bought this monitor the very first month I started trying! The cost was a huge factor in my decision to wait on buying it, but don't let that deter you. It is well worth it! I started using the monitor on my fourth month of trying, and no luck. But on my fifth month, it worked, and I was so excited to finally see a positive pregnancy test this morning. The monitor is so easy to use, and it made me feel more in control of the process of getting pregnant. Both months, it clearly told me when I was ovulating, which took all of the guesswork out of it. Like I said, if I could go back, I would have bought it at the very beginning. So stop second guessing your decision to buy this monitor. Do it today. You will not regret it. ...more info
  • Great for NFP
    The Clearblue Easy Fertility monitor is used in conjunction with Vaginal Mucus observations to achieve or postpone pregnancy. This is referred to as the Marquette Model of NFP.
    The monitor works very well for tracking your fertility for both achieving and postponing pregnancy. This monitor can also be used with tracking Basal Body Temperature, giving a woman 3 different methods for tracking her fertility....more info
  • For those of you who have been ttc for over a year...
    Just like many of you, once I decided I wanted a baby I wanted instant gratification. Well, there is no magic pill, device or method to insure that happens. I had been ttc #1 for a little over a year when I stumbled on this device. I also chart my basal body temperature and cervical mucus and use "Pre-seed," a sperm-friendly lubricant, on my dryer fertile days. My doctor put me on Femara which is a fertility drug similar yet different than Clomid when I went for my first infertility workup at 8 months ttc. My doctor diagnosed me with a hormonal imbalance and he wanted to correct that with the fertility drug. I was convinced that it was too early to be on a fertility drug but tried it anyway. On my first month of using this monitor I noticed that I had 15 days of high fertility and no peak - keep in mind, I was using Femara at that point. I went off the fertility drugs at that point, started an organic diet and herbal regimen to naturally correct my hormonal imbalance. The second month, I was stressed out and ovulated very late (CD 22). By using the monitor and taking my bbt every day, I realized that my body ovulated late and the monitor was very helpful. On the 2nd month, I had 3 days of high and no peak. I continued with the herbs and organic diet in an effort to balance my hormones. This is now my third month of using this monitor and I finally have had a normal cycle off fertility drugs with 2 days of high fertility and 2 peak days. To sum this up, anytime you are ttc, you need to have some patience and learn how to interpret what your body is trying to tell you. For me, I think this device gave me peace of mind and it is very helpful when you combine the information with your basal body temperature. I give this product a 4 because it does a great job for most women if you give it a chance. The reason I did not give it a 5 was two-fold: 1) customer service is terrible (the 1-800 help line) and 2) the company will not tell you how the product works (it's top-secret). After 3 months, I am still not pregnant, however, the high and peak days on my fertility monitor have let me know that I am ovulating and my hormones have returned to normal. This gives me peace of mind. For any woman reading this that is having problems conceiving, do your research and keep trying until you find something that works for you! Below I've pasted two links to products that have helped me.

    Pre-Seed Intimate Moisturizer - Free Shipping and 2 Free Early Pregnancy Tests

    The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies ...more info
  • Takes the guess work out of ovulation
    After using the fertility monitor for three months I've just received a positive pregnancy test! It completely took away the guesswork of trying to predict when I was ovulating. My husband works long hours & is often away for business so trying to bd regularly was always going to be difficult. The first month I used the monitor I didn't ovulate & got my mp after 20 days, I was extremely relieved the second month to see the ovulation sign come on & the third month was a hit! I highly recommend this to anyone trying to conceive a baby whether you're just starting or whether you've been going at it for a while. Good luck !...more info
  • Fertility Monitor review
    This product is great. It's compact, easy to use, and the instructions are easy to read and follow. I actually have both this fertility monitor and the ovulation monitor, both by ClearBlue Easy, but I like this one better. It gives you a clearer picture of your ovulation calendar, which is the reason you're thinking of getting it in the first place. It takes the guess work out of monitoring each month, so I feel less likely to miss my peak fertility timing. It's a little expensive, but I consider it more valuable than extending the amount of time trying to become pregnant. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    This product is great! My husband and I had only been trying to conceive for 2 months before we purchased this. I am 31 and figured a little help couldn't hurt and may ease some anxiety. At first, it was a bit discouraging and tiresome because I had to pee on the sticks for like 16 days, however on day 15, I got 2 bars (relief), then on day 16 it was peak. We conceived using it the first time. On average it takes 50% of healthy couples 3 months to conceive, so perhaps it was that. I think it is probably a combination of factors, one of which was Divine Intervention, another of which were simple odds, and, of course, the fertility monitor that helped guide us towards when we should try based on when I ovulated. I spoke to a friend last week who lives in another state. She is 32 and informed me that she also purchased this product and became pregnant after 2 or 3 cycles with the help of the monitor. I am now 3.5 months pregnant and we are very happy about this...minus the nausea of course ;-) I wish you well.

    ...more info
  • Excellent System!!!
    I bought the ClearBlue system with very few expectations and was completely surprised by its accuracy. The first thing I learned at the start of using ClearBlue was that my ovulation cycle is irregular, occuring anywhere from 16 to 28 days into each month. By following the simple steps, we were able to track my ovulation monthly. We were pregnant within 3 months of trying. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone attempting to understand their cycle and best times for conception....more info
  • Highly recommended
    AFter trying for 18 mos, I finally just bought this monitor, even though I was really skeptical about the cost. After two months I was pregnant, I never even had to buy more refill sticks....more info
  • Worked for me!
    I bought this monitor when we started trying again after our first pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at 12 weeks. It was a really difficult time and it took me 3 months to even get my period back! Since it had taken us over a year to get pregnant the first time around we thought we'd try to get a little extra help to speed things up. After I had two menstrual cycles, we started to use the monitor along with pre-seed (which I had also read great reviews about). The monitor was easy to use. However, it gave me 5 high fertility days and no peak days (which is why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5). We tried once a few days before it went to high, and then on the 2nd and 5th day of high fertility. Well... I just took a pregnancy test this afternoon and it was a BFP!! We couldn't believe that it happened in just one cycle! Not sure if it was luck, the monitor, the pre-seed, or a combination of everything- but the monitor definitely gave us some piece of mind that we at least tried at the right time. Definitely worth the money. I would recommend the monitor and pre-seed to my friends and family....more info
  • Inaccurate during the first month!
    The first month that I used this, I followed the directions exactly. It gave me a low fertility level until day 22, when I got two days of high fertility, and then it dropped back down to low and never got to peak. According to the instructions, this means that I did not ovulate, so I assumed that I could not get pregnant that month. BUT, my period never showed up and it turned out that I did get pregnant that month, and I am now 6 weeks along. Most of the reviews seem to say that people got pregnant using this the second month, so maybe it just takes a month to figure out your personal hormone levels. Beware that it is inaccurate the first month!...more info
  • Conceived with CBE FM first time!
    I purchased this monitor just to help me figure out my exact ovulation dates for the easiest chance of conceiving. My husband and I were planning to start trying soon so I ordered it a few months before and tried it out in July just to have it "get used to me" and my cycle. It was easy to use and very accurate. In the 2nd month while using it this time to actually get pregnant, it worked! Now, I just found out today that I am pregnant with our first child. Very excited and very fortunate for it to be so easy for us! This product is great!...more info
  • Clear Blue Easy monitor
    Very precise, but a lot of reading on how to use it. Once you get the hang of it, the product works well. Hope it gets me pregnant and then I will give it 5 stars!...more info
  • Not exactly for newcomers to the "baby-dance" game.....
    I received this product a month ago, and though I'm not pregnant yet (that I'm aware of) I'm very pleased with the monitor. I reccomend it for any woman whos been trying to conceive without success and who desires a more discernable result than with regualr OPK's. You MUST take time to read the entire manuel before turning the monior on for the first time in order to fully understand it! You cannot begin using it the first time after cycle day 5...VERY IMPORTANT to note. I reccomed using it along with BBT charting for best chances of conception....more info
  • No one takes responsibility for the product that does not work
    The first cycle I used it was in August and it worked fine until 2 weeks later. After that day it marked a telephone, a square and a exclamation (!) sign (that means it does not work any more) . I left some messages at the 1800 but I did not get any answer. I have been looking in Clearblue web page and I have not been able to find an email address where I can write looking for a solution. I wrote to BioMed USA Co. (the seller) Last week and did not get an answer. I am concerned nobody takes responsibility for this product....more info
  • Claire
    Must have! I got pregnant the first month we started trying. I charted and used the monitor for two months before TTC. I am saving it for Baby #2. I hope you have the same luck with it that I had....more info
  • Works great!!!
    This monitor works great!!! My doctors gave me less than 5% chance of getting pregnant due to premature menopause. With out using this monitor I would have no idea when I would ovulate because my cycles are so different. The first cycle I did not hit peak fertility till day 20 the second month I hit peak on day 13. I was a little nervous when first buying this machine because its a lot of money to spend on something that may or may not work but I got pregnant on the second cycle of using this machine so I can say its the best money I ever spend. Its worth every penny....more info
  • I'm Pregnant!!
    The first month using this product I was really frustrated because it didn't show a peak fertility and peeing on a stick everyday is rather frustrating, but I did know that it was expected when I bought the product. Also changing the date from the first month to the second month was a little difficult to figure out. The second month it showed peak fertility and I got pregnant!! Although the monitor is expensive and the sticks aren't very cheap either, I think it was well worth the money....more info
  • Monitor
    This monitor was very helpful and allows me to see which days I ovulate every month. It's very accurate and I would recommend it to others trying to conceive....more info
  • This REALLY works!
    I bought this monitor because I had read reviews that said that it really worked... even that some people conceived the first month they used it. I didn't really believe that it would work that fast, but it did. I used this to chart only one cycle and I am pregnant! I know they can't, but ClearBlue Easy should guarantee this product!! It seriously works!! :D...more info
  • Worth every penny!!!
    I got pregnant using this the first month! I had trouble reading the regular ovulation sticks and had several faulty sticks.
    This monitor is incredibly easy to use and read - and clearly accurate!...more info