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Kinamax WCM-NV13 6-LED Infrared Night-Vision 1.3 MP USB 2.0 Webcam with Audio Microphone
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Product Description

Use this Webcam in low light environment or even total darkness! This unique Night Vision web camera has the best features, including 6 infrared LED's, built-in microphone and amazing 350K video quality at 640 x 480. You can take snapshots, create video/audio or use it for video/audio conferencing! This unit easily mounts to a PC monitor or a notebook. Installation is a snap with the USB interface! PC Camera software comes with this camera for viewing images!

The Kinamax WCM-NV13 6-LED Infrared Night-Vision 1.3 MP USB 2.0 Webcam with Audio Microphone can be used in a low light environment or even total darkness.

High-Quality Night-Vision Video for all of Your Needs
With the Kinamax webcam's six infrared LEDs and a built-in microphone, you can take snapshots and make videos with 350K quality at 640x480. The webcam can be used for video conferencing as well, adding video to instant message clients such as AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger.

The webcam uses a CMOS sensor that provides both 640x480 (VGA) and 320x240 (QVGA) resolutions at 30 frames per second. Videos are created in the AVI file format. USB 2.0 provides quick data transfer rates and is backward compatible with USB 1.1.

A stylish metal body matches your computer and a built-in clip makes it a snap to install--simply plug and play. The WCM-NV13 requires Microsoft Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, plus an available USB port.

What's in the Box
WCM-NV13 Web camera, and CD-ROM (software, drivers, user's manual).

  • Infrared night-vision technology for use in low light and darkness
  • Records video with 350K quality at 640x480 resolution
  • Compatible with IM clients, such as AOL instant messenger and Yahoo Messenger
  • USB 2.0 delivers 480 Mbps transfer rates; backward compatible with USB 1.1
  • Built-in clip--easy to install

Customer Reviews:

  • Its a FAKE!!
    First of all there is nothing called a switch to turn on the LED.. Second this is the lousiest webcam ever. There are better ones for half the price, which can take up 5mp pictures.

    My suggestion is DONT BUY THIS GOOD FOR NOTHING PRODUCT...more info
  • Nice picture, good deal
    Great deal, work fine on my XP system. I couldn't get the LED's around the lens to light up. I like the manual focus ring....more info
  • A piece of Junk
    Absolutly horrible. Awful picture. Unless u have this cam 6 inches from your face, it doesn't work in low light. You get what you pay for....more info
  • Junk!! Not worth the money!
    I purchased this to use for video conferencing and was greatly disappointed when the color of everyone's hair was neon blue. Not only was the image distorted, the microphone decided to quit working two days later. I knew that I wasn't going to be getting the greatest webcam because of the price but I thought at least it would function for more than 48 hours. ...more info
  • Affordable and works with Mac OS X... sort of
    Well, it works. If you're going to use it on a Mac with OS X, by the way, download macam, USB webcam support for OS X, from sourceforge. The infrared LEDs work (though it's a bit tricky to figure out at which lighting level they do), and so does the camera. When it gets brighter out, they either switch off, or the camera itself starts looking for regular light and not just infrared. Something like that.

    But in any event, it's a pretty cheap camera, so don't expect miraculous picture quality. Yes, it works, and it does night-vision infrared type stuff. Microphone is just as crappy as the picture quality, but it works....more info
  • Not a Good Deal
    Its not that much bad.
    U can use it but its not fulfilling the expectations.
    LED functions properly but light is not that much.
    Its very hard to chat with out light.
    Over all look for some other product with some more bucks....more info
  • I got what I paid for...junk
    LED lights never worked, co support basically does not exist, i was told to try another usb port
    If the camera is unplugged and plugged back in, sometimes XP doesn't recognize it, than the drive has be to reinstalled

    don't buy it, spend another $10-15 and get a known name
    ...more info
  • NOT INFRARED! NOT Nightvision!
    This is NOT an infrared camera. The LEDs are BRIGHT WHITE. I returned this to Amazon for a refund. ...more info
  • Good Webcam
    This webcam is great for a price under $20.00. Unlike my built in webcam this thing works fine in the dark. Keep in mind the fact that in the dark you will appear to be black and white but more like shades of green. Yes this webcam is adjusted manually. Adjusting the webcam is easy and takes all of a minute. just grab it and twist. I have a built in webcam but it doesn't work once the lights go out. This webcam doesn't care if it is pitch black it will see you, and the transition from lights on to lights off is flawless. When the lights are on the webcam is in color. It only switches the color once the lights go out because of the infrared night-vision element. ...more info