Kinamax SC-WAVT 2.4GHz Wireless Audio & Video CCTV Transmitter & Receiver
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Product Description

This is a great transmitter and receiver for both video and audio. It allows you to transmit video and audio from one location to another, it's good for home and office use. For example, if you have a spare LCD monitor (provided that is has video/audio in), then you can use this device to extend your TV/ Stereo signal from your living room or elsewhere. There is a lot more you can do with it.Power up with the Wireless Remote Extender. It installs in minutes, just plug the transmitter and receiver into the AC outlets at the desired locations. The extender even works in situations where you can't easily place the receiver in front of video or audio equipment. With the wireless remote extender you can use your existing remote control to operate audio or video equipment from any room in the house, about 100 feet effective range you can still use your existing remote control to operate audio/ video equipment from any room in your house/ office.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Piece of Junk!
    Bought this item through Tiger Direct - does not work at all. I have a wireless sub that is about 10 feet away - hooked it up and nothing. Wasted money - the only bad thing that I've ever purchased on Amazon....more info
  • OK but specs are wrong
    This product performs about as well/poorly as others have stated here. I bought it to relay a camera feed from the back of my RV so distance is not a killer and audio is irrelevant to me. The important error I found in the specs is that the units are not actually 12 volts DC. The units are actually 8 volts DC. This is irrelevant if you are using the supplied power packs in a 120 volt AC (e.g., home) environment. It is a very important error if you plan to put either or both units into a car/truck/RV....more info
  • Room to Room?
    I didn't do much searching around for a wireless AV system. I saw the price and like the look of the Kinamax SC-WAVT 2.4GHz. When I Opened the box I was impressed by the metal casing, and the solid design. It looked professional. It works great if you sit in one spot, the phone doesn't ring, no wii controllers are on, and if the moon isn't out. Yeah it seems like it cant even send a clear signal 5 ft let alone a whole room. But that one or two days a month that it works, it's great. ...more info
  • ?????????
    this thing do not working, I try is for 100 time and nothing.
    Please someone have any idea for very use it.

    And I don't wanna send this back, because i want spend more money on shiping and for days to get this back.
    Thanks anyway....more info
  • I am missing an item
    Dear Sir. I could not find you profile yo write you about that i ordered 3 Video Transmitter & reciver but you sent me only two of them. And your charged me three.
    When i would recive this item i am missing?

    Marco Rivas
    ...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I wanted to make my directv receiver (that was in a room that we do not watch much) work wirelessly in the kitchen (7" under the counter lcd monitor), so I bought this item with "bad" reviews.

    Now, I have a 2. somthing gig cordless phones in my house, a wireless dsl network and 2 baby monitors. So there should be plenty of air noise to screw these items up.

    They works great. It took a little time to set them up. I had to go through the 4 channels to find one that has no audio static, but when I used channel 4, everything was clear. You have to move them around (spin them a little) to get a good lock.

    Bad revews on several websites, but they work good for me and they are cheap, too.

    ...more info
  • Junk
    Works up to a 100 feet? How about 0 feet? This is a POS. Check out the Tiger Direct website reviews for the product, all reviews (sorry I didn't see them there first) say the same thing. Static, popping and distortion. Then Tiger Direct charges you shipping, then you pay return shipping. So for $20 in shipping, I now have nothing.

    Total trash! ...more info