Q-See QS2350C Weatherproof CCD Camera w/Built-in Heater & Blower (Color)
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Product Description

QS2350 is a weatherproof CCD color outdoor camera. With CCD, it delivers the most sophisticated technology into the most reliable and accurate quality picture in the security industry. It is ideal for monitoring or recording. The camera has 6 big IR lights to be able to see as far as 180 feet in the dark. This Camera also has a built-in heater and blower for extreme weather conditions.

  • 420 TV Lines Resolution
  • 6mm Lens
  • 1/3" CCD Image Sensor
  • 6 High Powered IR LEDs for 180 ft. of Night Vision
  • 60 ft. Cable & Power Adapter Included
Customer Reviews:
  • Missing Mounting Bracket/Hardware
    For the vast majority of my purchases from Amazon they have been nothing short of sterling . . . .this purchase unfortunately was the exception - purchased this along with 6 other CCD security cameras along with two DVR . . . . . did not open this box until almost three weeks later as I was installing cameras one at a time . . . . guess what ?? No bracket or hardware !!! and the box was sealed . . . . . I know Q-see makes a good product . . . but quality control on ensuring what they state us in the box . . . is ACTUALLY in the box . . . . . contacted Amazon . . . . . more to follow . . . .as I see how Amazon handles the missing parts !!...more info
  • Q-See QS2350C Camera With Blower
    The camera does not have sufficient information to tell you why or how the circulating blower works. Although it gives great video (somewhat blurred) in daylight it also gives good video in color at night for a very good distance these attributes cannot be overcome by the large size and the fact that it requires the power source (110 outlet) where the camera is located. Power cannot be supplied over a dual wire cable similar to other Q-See cameras. Would not recommend due to size and power requirement....more info
  • Q-See QS2350C Color CCD Camera
    I am purchasing another one of these as i write this. The simple
    statement of " works as advertised " doesn't begin to cover this
    As the owner of numerous Panasonic and Sony cameras, this one is
    certainly worth the price.
    Another customer wrote about the appearance of the unit alone as a
    deterrent to would-be crooks and bad guys is true.
    This camera will certainly get peoples attention, so if you are
    concerned about irritating your neighbors, i would place it in an
    less noticeable location ! As for the interference it creates, as
    one reviewer noted, i haven't seen any evidence of this. Also have
    checked with my neighbors about any possible problems and have not
    heard anything negative. ( i have one that will complain about
    everything--no matter what, as I'm sure many of you who read this
    do too !.)
    All in all a great little addition to any security system. S. Dunn
    ...more info
  • Good value for the price, clear picture
    I purchased a set of these cameras as part of an outdoor surveillance system and both the daylight and night-time images have proved to be surprisingly good for the price you pay. The built-in heater seems to be functioning as advertised as our night images are clear and free of fogging. The night vision seems to drop off at around 50-60 feet.

    Unlike some of the cheaper outdoor (plastic) camera housings, this camera features a durable metal housing which gives it a more "expensive" look and feel. I only wish Q-See had given this model a pan-tilt-zoom option. The lens is good for an overall "parking lot" view however it would have been nice to be able to switch out the lens for a wide-angle lens. Even though this camera is only rated at 420 TV lines, I found that the image quality beats the Q-See QSD360 Outdoor Vandalproof Dome CCD Camera (Color), which is rated at 480 TVL.

    Pros: Durable housing, good image quality, night vision suprisingly clear, price

    Cons: No pan or tilt add-on option, no wide-angle view...more info
  • Crystal clear night/day all weather
    Bought a kit with 2 of these and 4 of the non-heated Q-See outdoor cameras. At night the non-heated cameras tend to fog up making any real detail nearly impossible to make out while the QS2350C remains clear.

    A real CON for this camera is the need for 120v power near the camera. The other cameras are powered by the video/power cable which you plug in near the DVR....more info
  • Q-See Model # QS2350
    The first camera ran about 3 minutes and quit.
    After four weeks finally recieved the warranty replacement camera.
    The warranty replacement camera worked for six days and then failed. We have sent it also for repair or exchange, but have not recieved the replacement yet. ...more info
  • Very bad RF interference, but excellent otherwise
    Excellent price, excellent color and seems to be built good.


    I have an outdoor TV antenna and after 1 second of plugging this product in, I lost reception on many channels.

    This camera will get your neighbors mad at you as the RF output interference it causes is really bad. The FCC obvious never approved this product!...more info
  • great out door camera
    recieved one of my cameras todayQ-See QS2350C Weatherproof CCD Camera w/Built-in Heater & Blower (Color)and took it outside tonight after dark to try it out i havent had the chance to mount it yet and i have to say its a great out door camera, with a little bit of light from a street light thats a couple of hundred feet away from where i aimed the camera i could still see in color in the dark the leds light up a long ways in dark areas how far im not sure yet but over a 100 feet easy i would have to say this is the best camera i have got so far very clear and sharp only draw back was a 110 volt power cord that is 5 1/6 ft long on my camera. you have to be able to plug it in where ever you mount the camera for me thats no problem as im mounting it out side 2nd story windows with power near by ,the other poster is right on with his statement on how good they work and the quality of the product,i bought 2 of them and probably should have bought 3 instead while they were cheaper, price just went up about $40.it comes with a 6mm lens so dont expect a wide angled view from it.it looks like you may be able to change the lens to something else but not sure about it....more info
  • Best outdoor camera so far.
    After wasting time and money with the cheaper Q-See cameras, I decided to order one of these QS2350C outdoor cameras. Then bought another one. And then one more, for a total of 3. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with not only the picture quality, but the build quality of the camera itself. The cameras are being used with (2) 4-Channel Q-See PCI cards. The camera includes mounting hardware as well as 60ft of BNC video cable. No audio functionality. It uses BNC at both ends of the cable, so we were able to extend the one in the backyard to 120ft. However, the power cable is attached to the camera, and is only about 3ft in length. So you will need to get power to the camera wherever you decide to mount it.

    The picture quality is excellent. Night vision also work quite well (B&W) so that you can actually see what is going on even when the sun is gone. Thanks to a low lux rating, the camera is able to remain in day time mode even when there is minimal lighting - which obviously provides the best possible picture. Even a dim light nearby is sometimes enough for it to go into day time mode.

    Also thanks to the excellent mount and hardware, you have many options as to how you want to mount the camera - as long as it's outdoors. While you could put it indoors, I think it might stand out a bit too much. Besides, thanks to it's built-in Heater/Blower, it was meant to be outdoors. I haven't seen ours kick in yet though. It's still summer time.


    * Excellent picture quality (420 lines and 1/3 CCD)
    * Very functional night vision mode (tested at over 100ft)
    * Great build quality of camera/mount.
    * Long 60ft BNC cable - easily expandable.
    * The way the camera looks is probably the best deterrent to crime.


    * Separate power cable required (Power cable won't detach from the camera itself.)

    Bottom line. If you are serious about a usable day/night video surveillance system at your house/small business and want to be able to record what you see - this is the one to get. ...more info