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Delta 75520PB Five-Spray Hand Shower, Polished Brass
List Price: $49.98

Our Price: $39.99

You Save: $9.99 (20%)


  • Victorian style 5-spray hand shower with anti-clog to remove mineral deposits
  • Internal water-way for durablity and double check valve for security
  • Shower arm mount for hands-free showering; 6-foot tangle free flexible hose
  • Installs in minutes; wrench or pliers required
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Rubber nozzles broke off after ~ 3 years
    This is the only brass shower head I could find. The water jet is weak for the outer and middle ring. The center one is strong. I guess that is the price to pay for water savings. However, the rubber nozzles on the outer ring became brittle and about half of them broke off after about 3 years of use. The Waterpik shower head I had in another bathroom is still fine after 5 years. I'll need to replace this shower head but I will go with another brand this time....more info
  • Pleased with performance
    We are happy with its performnce for water flow and force. It is also quiteer than other Hand Showers. The surprise was that it is not solid brass or brass over steel.

    Over all we are happy with the product but not sure whetyher the price was littel too high....more info
  • Brass Hand Shower
    I needed a replacement handheld shower in brass -- hard to find now that nickel and other colors are more popular. It is more "low flow" than my previous older handheld, but all 5 spray settings work well and I am very happy with looks, performance and price....more info
  • It works...
    This was the only brass hand shower that i could find for a good price. I actually first shopped in store at Lowes & HD and could not find a single hand shower in brass, so dont waste your time. The hose is extremely long, which is helpful because i use this to wash my dog. I was disappointed with the water flow settings, they range from a low pressure water pick type mode to a burst mode that is hardly worth mentioning except those are the only two it has. Miss my old shower head that had great water pressure. Overall it looks good, works fine, but has bad sprayer settings....more info
  • Good Price
    Hard to find brass hand held shower. Found same product in Lowes and
    HD, but for quite a bit more. Not heavy solid brass, but a good buy for the price! ...more info
  • Why not brass and WHITE?
    Great item, I have a home full of Delta. But my 'brass' bathroom is brass and WHITE, so this one won't do me a bit of good. Does anyone really have black-anything in their bathroom, other than anyone in love with onyx?!...more info
  • Great buy
    I was having great difficulty locating a brass,(there are lots of chrome, but brass is hard to find), hand shower in retail stores; then I found that Amazon carried this one. It's been terrific (once I figured out how to attach was easy once I had the correct tools to remove the leaking old one!). It has several different strengths of spray and is quite manageable for such a low price.. I can highly recommend this item to anyone looking for a reasonably priced hand shower. ...more info
  • Good Price
    Hard to find brass hand held shower. Found same product in Lowes and
    HD, but for quite a bit more. Not heavy solid brass, but a good buy for the price! ...more info
  • Exceptional!
    Don't hesitate to purchase. We bought two since the water in LA is hard and begins to build up in the shower head and affects pressure and performance. My husband had it installed & working in no time. ...more info
  • Delta Hand shower review
    Wow! This is the best hand shower I've owned. The swivel mount makes it so easy to position the head anyplace in the shower. I would only replace this hand shower with another just like it! ...more info
  • Delta Hand Held
    Works well, better than the Kohler unit it replaced. Good flow and spray pattern. ...more info
  • Nice Showerheard, but I had to modify the install
    I really like this new showerhead. Mostly because I increased the overall showerhead height by a full foot and no longer have to duck under the old showerhead. Installation was straight-forward. I only ran into one issue. The instructions only required teflon tape in one location, but I had a small leak in the handle connection until I also added the teflon tape there too. If you have a really old showerhead (before the conservaion standards) you will notice a decrease in water flow, but this will be true of any showerhead meeting the 2.5GPM standard. Only tools required are teflon tape (available at any hardware store...about $1). You might need pliers or a wrench to remove your old showerheard..use an old cloth to protect the metal from the wrench if you don't want to damage the finish. Installation of the Delta showerhead only requires hand-tightening. Using tools on the Delta installation could damage the finish. ...more info