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Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI, 1080p Up-Converting, DivX & SACD
List Price: $299.00

Our Price: $229.99

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Product Description

The OPPO DV-981HD is the upconverting DVD player for the ultimate home theater experience. Built upon the highly regarded OPPO OPDV971H, the DV-981HD is ideal for high definition TV's and home theater projectors. The DV-981HD excels at making standard definition DVDs look great at high definition resolutions through the use of advanced upconverting technology that outperforms most TV's built-in upconversion capabilities. The DV-981HD makes it possible for you to enjoy your existing collection of DVDs as well as new DVD titles that will continue to be released for years to come.

The DV-981HD is the latest incarnation in Oppo's highly aclaimed line of upconverting DVD players. It offers an HDMI interface (HDMI Specification 1.1), with HD upconversion ouput resolutions of 720p, 1080i, and full 1080p. This is Oppo's most full-featured player yet, and as such, it's not a DVD player for people with regular analogue sets. While the DV-981HD doesn't offer component output, and doesn't output standard or native resolution, it does represent one of the best (if not the best) upconverting DVD players out there, and it's perfect for people with HDTVs up to full 1080p who aren't ready to jump on the HD DVD or Blu-ray bandwagen. In addition to excellent upconversion, the DV-981HD offers playback of a whole host of formats including DVD-Audio, Super Audio CS (SACD), Audio CDs, HDCD, WMA, Kodak Picture CDs, all version of DivX including DivX6, as well as Xvid, .SRT, .SMI, .IDX, and .SUB file formats.

Audio Features
The DV-981HD outputs audio in stereo or in 5.1 channel surround, either via HDMI, or through the included 5.1 analogue outputs. Other connections include S-Video out, and digital coaxial and optical audio outs. It features 24-bit, 192 kHz high resolution audio D/A converters, supports virtual surround in six settings, and has built-in equalizer, channel trim, and channel delay functions.

Farudgja DCDi Technology
Rather than trying to build their own upconversion technology for this machine, the Oppo DV-981HD the DCDi Faruja technology from Genesis Microchips. In addition to upscaling a DVD's native 720x480 interlaced video to 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p, Farudja technology also detects content that has gone through 3:2 pull down to convert film content to NTSC for video, and recreates the original frames by blending the fields back together. It then processes for any edit mistakes and reconstrucs an accurate signal, producing an image free of motion artifacts. The unique DCDi algorithm can also identify moving edges within an image and adjust interpolation at a pixel level to create smooth edges for on-screen objects, eliminating the jaggy edges that commonly result from other upconversion techniques. Farudja processing also uses a proprietary "TruLife Enhancement" technology to identify transitions in the image considered to be details such as skin texture, freckles or hair, and enhance those to bring more detail in an image to life on the screen. This approach avoids image artefacts common with the peaking filter approach used by other systems for detail enhancement. The Farudja system uses temporal filtering for noise reduction, and can achieve 6 to 10 dB of Noise reduction without introducing artefacts or losing sharpness in the image.


  • HDMI - High Definition Multimedia Interface: 1
  • Analog Stereo Audio (Mixed 2-Channel Left/Right): 1 group (2 connectors)
  • Analog 5.1 Channel Audio: 1 group (6 connectors)
  • S/PDIF (IEC-958) Coaxial Digital Audio: 1
  • S/PDIF (IEC-958) Optical Digital Audio: 1
  • Composite Video: 1
  • S-Video: 1
  • No Component Video (YPbPr/YCbCr) on the DV-981HD model. This model is designed for use with a display device with HDMI or DVI digital video input.

Compared with Other Oppo DVD player models
At the time of this writing, Oppo also has the DV-970HD upconverting player, and their original OPD971H model. Of these three models, the DV-981HD is the only that upconverts to full 1080p, the other models offer upconversion to 720p or 1080i only. Both the DV-981HD and the DV-970HD offer Super Audio CD (SACD) playback, the OPDV971H does not. The other major difference to consider is that the DV-981HD and the OPDV971H both use Farudja processing for video upconversion. The DV-970HD uses a different upconversion system that may not be as full featured as the Farudja. For this reason Oppo recommends the DV-981HD, or the OPDV971H for use with larger screen HDTVs 50 inches or greater, while the DV-970HD is only recommended for HDTVs smaller than 50-inches. Oppo recommends the DV-970HD for use with external video processors or scalers, and suggests careful calibration of both the DV-981HD and the OPDV971H when used with DLP HDTVs. Both of these players are good for use with DLP HDTVs, but for the best picture, some setup time is required. For disply with a DVI input on your HDTV, an HDMI-DVI adapter is required with both the DV-981HD and the DV-970HD models.

What's in the Box
Oppo DV-981HD upconveting DVD player, a High-quality certified HDMI cable with gold-plated HDMI connectors, Remote control with "glow in the dark" keypad (batteries included), Stereo audio cable, Composite video cable, and User manual and warranty information.

  • Offers HDMI interface, with Faroudja HD upconversion output up to full 1080p
  • Multiple playback formats, including DVD-Audio, Super Audio CS, Audio CDs, HDCD, WMA, and more
  • Outputs in stereo, or in 5.1 surround sound
  • S-Video out, digital coaxial, and optical audio outs--no component out
  • Built-in equalizer, channel trim, and channel delay functions

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Believe Everything You Read About DLP
    I purchased this unit last weekend and like other reviews was impressed.
    I was originally in the market for a Blu-Ray player, but wasn't quite ready to make the jump. Especially after reading that most of the players out there don't support the latest Blu Ray firmware/profile. Not to mention lack of titles and price tag.

    I use the player with an Optoma HD70 projector and have had no problems with macroblocking, unlike what other user comments and even Oppo has posted.
    I have already calibrated my projector to my old 480p player.
    This is my second home theater projector so I am pretty familiar with how to calibrate.
    I ran a calibration test with the simple THX tests that come on any THX formatted DVD and did not have to adjust anything with the projector.
    The only thing I adjusted was the brightness setting for the Oppo player itself.
    It was set to 0 and I adjusted it to -1.

    I have watched 3 DVDs now and have not seen any flaws. All DVDs had varying dark and bright scenes.
    ...more info
  • oppo 981h
    The 981h is an excellent upconverter. I've pair this up with a LN40A750 and was the upconverted picture was very sharp. Since I have yet to purchase a Blu Ray, I couldn't imagine how much different it would be. You have an abundant amount of control over your picture & sound. Though I did wish they had another output but I could have gone to the next model & don't let the OSD fool you. It's different from the other name brands and takes some getting use to but once you see the picture, you'll see why its a wolf in sheeps clothing. I'm impressed. Now let's see how much is the oppo Blu Ray when it becomes available....Heh, Heh, Heh.... ...more info
  • Great Player, small and any region works!
    I shopped around and got one heck of a deal and have had this player for a year and it is superb and love the small footprint too, can't go wrong on this one, and I paid much less at the time from what I am seeing now. Again shop around, do your research online and talk to friends and others to gather the info before deciding what works best for you. ...more info
  • Not as good as reviews
    Not sure why everyone thinks this unit is so amazing...
    Have a $70.00 Samsung DVD upscaler 1080p player that upscales my dvds to equal if not slightly better image quality then this $200+ unit. I even tried a $75.00 Monster HDMI cable but the player is still not worth the price tag. ...more info
  • Sleek and slick
    The Oppo does all that I was led to believe it would. It makes older DVDs look sharp and newer DVDs look near-HD on my Panasonic 65-inch plasma. Very smart and easy to use. With the future of DVDs uncertain (will all movies be digital files on a hard drive soon?), I saw no logic in paying top dollar for HD-DVDs or re-purchasing my collection of 300-plus DVDs in some other format. So the Oppo figures to give me many years of enjoyment with the standard DVDs I already have. ...more info
  • Great player but beware tech support / customer service
    Like everyone else, I have nothing but praise for this machine. It is, without a doubt, the best DVD player on the market. There is nothing this machine can't handle. I have not read any reviews on the Oppo company itself so I decided to write one for anyone who will need to use their customer support service. I bought the 981 10 months ago. Unbelievable machine. The other day, I went to turn on the unit and the power button light was just blinking red continuously. The machine would not turn on. I literally spent half day speaking with tech support, and the technician did not have a suggestion as to what it was, just that it needed to be returned to them for repair. Five (5) phone calls to them over the course of the day, as they didn't send the RMA return label to me as promised within an hour, and I got it the next day after a nasty letter. I'm worried about what will happen to my machine. I have called their tech support in the past for some general information and they had problems solving any problems I was experiencing. I was not, and am still not, impressed with their technical support. Also, be aware that you will have to ship any malfunctioning units back to California to be repaired. There are no authorized dealers to handle repairs.

    ***Edit: Almost a year later and I still have nothing but praise for this machine. It plays anything you can put into it, and makes your existing DVDs look fabulous. As stated in one of my other reviews, I purchased a Pioneer up-convert DVD player, and while I have the utmost respect for Pioneer products, it just cannot compete with the Oppo picture quality. It did, however, produce better audio than the Oppo, but when push comes to shove, nothing beats the Oppo players. I'm hoping that their customer service has gotten better since they have just released their Blu-Ray players, and I still can't figure out how a company that makes the best DVD players has such less-than-stellar customer support. In the meantime, Oppo players are killer. ...more info
  • Good DVD player
    This player works very well. The picture quality is excellent.

    The feature set is reasonable. It does everything I need it to do. The connectivity options could be better but they are adequate. Most people will use HDMI and won't need anything else.

    Overall, it's very good and worth the price. ...more info
  • Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDML
    I am truly enjoying this product, my older DVD's look great with the up- conversion to my new HD 1080P Lcd TV. The only thing that I would have liked was to record, however this unit does not record. I could have bought a Sony that does up-convert and record at first but I heard so much about the Oppo that I had to get it. I still may buy the Sony just to record to DVD and VHS, this way I can convert all my VHS to DVD. Great product for the money, don't be fooled by the cheaper units out there.
    Johnny Mags
    Peabody, Ma ...more info
  • An unknown player takes the title
    Oppo DV-981HD Universal DVD Player with HDMI, 1080p Up-Converting, DivX & SACD
    With all the pesky region encoding it's almost impossible to find a player capable of playing any DVD. Along comes Oppo and solves the problem without having to re-do the internal circuitry of a standard player. So far, this unit has performed well in playing anything I have fed into it. There is also no need to make any adjustments as the player removes all of the guesswork. One loads a DVD in normal fashion and awaits the clear and detailed image to appear of the screen. At last I can play PAL and other DVD's without resorting to my computer. ...more info
  • Never again
    While I liked this well enough when I bought it, but it failed on me after less than 2 years of use. That's shorter than any electronic product I've ever owned. I replaced it with a Sony that was less than $70 which is providing picture quality superior to this. Last time I get sucked into spending this kind of money on a DVD player....more info
  • Missing Half-Note
    This machine does not reproduce the first half note of many selections on CD. The Oppo technical support team informed me that they are aware of this but there are no plans to fix it. They attributed the problem to the processing chip. So, if you want to hear entire tracks while listening to music, this is not a machine you will enjoy....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I have had the Oppo DV-981HD for a few months now, and have been extremely pleased with it's performance. It simply does everything it is supposed to do with ease. I love being able to view PAL DVDs as well as NTSC. Super color, amazing on-screen picture. You won't be disappointed.
    HIghly recommended....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I have had the Oppo DV-981HD for a few months now, and have been extremely pleased with it's performance. It simply does everything it is supposed to do with ease. I love being able to view PAL DVDs as well as NTSC. Super color, amazing on-screen picture. You won't be disappointed.
    HIghly recommended....more info
  • Oppo Review

    This Oppo DVD player is quite excellent. Very, very useful as it extends the life of your
    old style DVD collection - competitive with Blu-Ray....more info
  • Meets Expectations (which were high)
    Up-converting DVD players are becoming the norm, problem is, well, they suck. I had a top quality 480P player that died after 5 years, so I replaced it with a $100 Sony 1080p Up-converting DVD, what a piece of crap. So I hit the web and after many hours of reading about up-converting and product reviews, the Oppo stood out. The Oppo is rated in the top 5 best DVD players on just about any site that has a list, it is rated better then units costing 4x as much, and it is rated as up-converting standard DVD's better then HD, BlueRay or PS3 units (note, this is for up-converting standard DVD's only).

    I've been using the unit for about a month now and it outputs a great picture. I'm very happy although I can't say that the picture looks all that much better then my old top quality 480P player, but for the price I think it would be hard to find better. ...more info
  • Great in USA, tough when travel
    Before you think I'm really down on this player, let me mention I have bought two 981HD's and two 980H's for myself and some family members. All through Amazon. Our use of these players in the U.S. has been without problem. I have not been able to judge it against other players on really good video equipment, so I'll just say it is good enough for all of us. My down rating to 3 stars is ONLY because of the problems I have using it in a foriegn country. Otherwise I would rate it higher.

    The one problem I have noticed is my use of it in Thailand with region three discs, most legitimately purchased (not always easy here) and a good amount with street purchased DVD copies, which is the only way to obtain some titles. The 981 (have not tried the 980 in Thailand) often will freeze up, sometimes waiting until the middle of the movie to do so. At times it fails to load a disc at all. More often this will occur for the street purchased copies, but can occur with store bought discs as well. Most (80%) Thai purchased discs will play OK. The problem is related to particular discs, and is not intermittent.

    Other than a few completely bad discs the same discs will play on my computer (purchased in the U.S.) and the Thai purchased players I have tried. Because of this I keep a Sharp (I have also used a friend's Sony) DVD player one shelf down from my Oppo.

    The upshot is, while it is easy to alter the Oppo to play region free, many region 3 discs will not play. I wonder if the company knows about this. I have seen no mention of it anywhere on the web.

    To my knowledge, Oppo players are not sold in Thailand. I brought mine over from the U.S. Since it runs on 220V as well as 110V other than the problem above, it has performed well here. If it were the only player available to me, however, that one problem would rate it "not acceptable (in Thailand)".
    ...more info
  • excellent picture, analog sound works great
    I have tried both the 980 and 981. The 981 picture from DVD is amazing (but it goes to an upconverting TV, so I'm not really sure which device is responsible.) I have not tried the 980 for video, I just play SACD. The 981 is small, and that is usually an advantage. The trade-off is that you cannot access the menus by pushing buttons. You need the remote and a TV screen. If you are using it as an SACD player only, you need to bring a TV to check or set up the menus. I find it strange that this unit (compared to the 980) has better video output but is a step backward on sound. Not the sound quality, mind you, but the fact that it cannot output SACD via HDMI. This is an SACD player, so of course you may want to play SACD. The digital coax and optical out do not handle real SACD. If you want to listen to real SACD, you need HDMI 1.2 or higher or use the 6 channel analog outputs. This has HDMI 1.1, so you need to use the 6 channel analog out for SACD 5.1 sound. NOT TO WORRY. I also have a 980 which I use at the office to play SACD. Although the 980 will output HDMI 1.2 so you can run the SACD sound through the HDMI, I have tried it both ways and I actually prefer the analog 6 channel sound going into an amplifier, rather than a digital HDMI conection. So, with the 981, although you are limited to playing an SACD through the 6 channel analog out, I think you will like that better than HDMI anyway. (It's certainly not worse.) For playing DVD, I run the picture into the TV with HDMI, and run the sound into an amplifier with 6 channel analog. Both the picture and the sound are awesome. There is one potential glitch. I noticed the 981 freezes if you turn off the power with a disk in the tray. When you power on, it is frozen and I have to unplug the power cord to re-boot. This problem has consistently occurred when I leave a disk in the tray and has not occurred when no disk is in the tray. But that's easy to live with, just learn to remove the disk before turning it off if that happens. All in all, exceptional video and audio quality, and if you have a 5.1 sound system, you will love the sound of multichannel SACD for music. It would be a shame to have a 5.1 system available and have a player that cannot play an SACD. This one does it all- 1080p upconvert AND it plays SACD. If you want a SACD player only and don't care about video, the 980 is fine.

    ...more info
  • Outstanding Performance and Price
    Hooked up to my brand new Samsung 46" HDTV via HDMI (audio to my Denon via optical) and the picture look very similiar to real Hi-Def. No artifacts, wiggles or other annoying twitches. Sound is awesome through the TV or the receiver. Although all (most anyway) new HDTV's will "upconvert" (stretch) to 16:9...this machine does it so much better, clearer, cleaner and faster than my TV allowing the TV to spend it's time processing the color not the format and pixels. Without a doubt, the best video processing for standard def DVD's. A lot of nice menu features for the techno type but simple enough and more than good enough if you just pop in a DVD and hit play. Well worth the $ especially if your old DVD player can't upconvert and it must rely on the TV to upconvert the picure to 16:9 and then process the video too. This processor is soo much better than a TV's video processor. As far as the competition out there for upconverting players...this one is just as good as my $500 Denon when it comes to the upconversion and picture quality. If you are like many of us and are waiting for the 3rd (or 4th) generation of Blu-Ray (to work out their bugs and final standard) before jumping into that market, this is a very nice "tide-me-over". And this will probably still be better than a cheap blu-ray at upconverting and video processing. Enjoy ...more info
  • Another Satisfied Customer
    Well, I ordered the Oppo Dv-981HD player and became another extremely satisfied customer...2 months ago I also ordered, from Amazon, the Sammy 5271f series LCD 52 in. monitor what a combo this is.....I played King Kong as the 1st stnd. DVD and the Clarity & Quality of the picture amazes me.Looks almost as good as the great Blue boy....Or is it Ray? Anyway I really don't like the $25.00 price of HD dvd's. Now I can buy standard and watch in 1080P quality.Dvd player was delivered in quality box, and wrapped with cloth,inside, very nice...If you're thinking of getting one of these, don't think. Get it now....No trouble of any kind from my 120 hz, Sammy either.I Recommend both of these products very Highly.......more info
  • Great player
    Great picture using HDMI cable but don't expect Blue Ray quality picture. It depends on the quality of the video equiptment used to make the movie more than anything. A recently made movie will usually look beter than an older one....more info
  • Great Choice !
    While the DVD format debate goes on I didn't want to commit to either of the new format choices, but wanted a quality DVD player that is second only to HD. This has turned out to be a great choice for me and will be for years to come....more info
  • oppo dv981hd

    Suspect this was a used/returned product from Amazon---internal packaging
    had been previously opened! Unit performed OK except for jerky, blurry
    images on some DVDs especially those with action scenes. "Upconverting"
    was disappointing. Super Audio/DVD Audio was subpar compared to a
    panasonic unit....more info