Digital Pink 626 Disney Pix Click Princess Digital Camera
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Product Description

Aspiring photographers can record favorite moments in a snap with their very own digital camera. Each one features a cool Disney theme that allows kids to add that particular character on their photos for a special effect. Includes 16MB memory, USB cable and interactive effects software for adding flair to photos. Holds up to 200 pictures. Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included). 1.1" color LCD view screenMeasures 4.5" x 1.75" x 2.5".

  • 16 MB (Holds over 200 photos)
  • VGA 640x480
  • Built-in auto flash
  • 2x digital zoom

Customer Reviews:

  • Poor Excuse for a Camera
    I got this camera for my son, and we know how well most kids take pictures. The reviews don't lie, you need a very steady hand, full daylight, and even then you MIGHT get an ok picture. Don't waste your time on this....more info
  • Terrible
    Two of my daughters received these cameras for Christmas and were both very disappointed at how bad the pictures turned out. I tried to tell them that it takes practice to get good pictures but even when I used it the pictures turned out horrible. It is also disappointing that there is no screen to view the pictures and that they have to wait to see them on the computer. I have not seen either of my girls use these since the week of Christmas, huge waist of money....more info
  • Kids Disney Digital Camera
    I bought this camera for my little girl for Christmas, and it is a waste of money. It takes terrible pictures. The photo editing software is decent, but the photos aren't worth bothering to edit. Do not waste money on this camera!...more info
  • This cam is great ... what are you talking about?
    After reading the bad reviews on the Digital Blue 747 Disney Pix Max Pirates III 3.0 megapixel Digital Camera I just had to leave my own. I purchased this for my 7 yr old. It is a 3.0 Megapixel camera and has flash and a nice LCD display. I have no idea why people are giving it bad reviews saying 1 megapixel, bad pictures, no flash, no LCD display, small etc. I figure they are Disney haters that do not even have this camera. Oh, I see now. Amazon is messed up and including "variations" linking many different Disney Cameras to the same reviews. Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of individual ratings section. What are they doing? I filed a complaint. Anyways, The camera I got has many nice features like the ability to add Disney characters to your pictures as you are taking them. You push the wand button and they display on the LCD showing what your picture will look like. Browse and select different chars (about 20) with the touch of a button Click ... Done. For only two AA batteries, the battery life is good. The SD card slot is nice to have considering a lot of lower priced camera do not have the best features. It holds like 700 3mp pictures on a 512mb card but supports up to a 2GB card. It also takes great pictures as it has a quick auto focus. My seven year old can take a good picture with this and we all know they can never be still. This is a nice, easy to use and durable camera that takes good pictures with ease. Five Stars!!!!! ...more info
  • Not the best camera.
    This camera was purchased for Christmas for our daughter. My daughter does not even use this camera after she has wanted a camera for so long.The screen is very small and the pictures are not clear at all. This camera in not worth the price it is retailed for. I would not recommend this camera. I am very disappointed with this product. It would be better to purchase a regular digital camera for your money's worth. You are paying for the Disney name, not the quality of the camera. ...more info
  • Not worth it
    Picture quality is horrible and that's with decent light. Forget anything darker than a very bright room.
    The overlay thing can be kind of fun for the kids but the almost indistinguishable photo part will keep it from lasting.
    It's fairly sturdy, more than a standard camera anyway.
    You're better off getting a used 1 or 2 megapixel camera at the same price.

    For some reason I can't give this thing less than 2 stars. It really only gets a 1 from me....more info
  • Poor quality photos
    I'm surprised that they couldn't get better quality photos in a $50 camera. The quality looked like my RAZR phone years ago. The flash made the photos way too bright and actually worked better without. My 8yr old loves taking pictures but it would be so much better if it took good pictures....more info
  • not worth the money
    I bought this camera for my 6 year old. I tried to get a cute camera that still fuctioned as well as a "real" digital camera. The LCD screen is what you use for the viewfinder, which would be fine if it ever focused. Basically, the LCD screen is horrible. I have not loaded the pictures on my laptop yet, so I don't know if it actually takes good pictures or not, but as of right now, I am really unhappy with this camera. I wish that I would have skipped the cute pink color and just went for function. My daughter is disappointed in the camera as well. She prefers to use my old digital camera (8 years old and still works better than this one). ...more info
  • Lovely camera for kids
    this is lively camera for kids , but the screen is too small , and the resolution of the screen is really bad , but my daughter love it .....more info
    DO NOT BUY THIS JUNKY CAMERA. I got this camera as a Christmas gift so I did not see the reviews until I visited this website. What a waste of $50! The pictures are grainy and washed out. The LCD is so small, and dark that you cannot even see the subject of the picture. The SW did not work. We returned the camera immediately and got our money back. ...more info
  • not so good
    I bought this camera and a disney princess one for my daughters. The camera's pictures always turn out blurry and it also has the habit of taking multiple pictures. Since there is no LCD screen you cant see what has been taken or if one was even taken, I ended up with about 10 pictures of my daughters legs....more info
  • Great!
    Got this as a first camera and he loves it! He took over 200 pictures on Christmas! Easy to use and operate....more info
    Okay so these were like a really big deal during Christmas and i still have yet to figure out why. We keep up with all of the new electronics and this is probobly the worst buy weve made. The flash goes off when it feels like it and the button to take the pictue RARELY ever works! Its really that bad. ...more info
  • Awful
    I can't really say anything that hasn't been said before. I bought this camera last July for my son's 4th birthday. It is small, about the size of a box of matches. Too small for small hands.

    Has an LCD on the back, but it only shows picture number, no preview. No flash. Holds about 50-60 pictures, that my son went through in about 3 minutes. He didn't seem to care that he didn't see a preview, but never asked to use it again after we downloaded the first batch of pictures and no one could tell what was in them. I uploaded some examples.

    The viewfinder is not lined up with the lens so even pictures taken by an adult are bad and cut off. Indoor pictures were just terrible, outdoor pictures wouldn't be too bad if viewed only in small preview size, not printed, and if the viewfinder lined up well enough that at least an adult could capture what they were looking at, and not decapitated lopsided pictures...

    shoulda just given him my old digital camera and bought a new one for myself......more info
  • Please read
    If you bought the camera for 49.99, you did not get the 3.0 mega pixel camera. If you paid 89.99, you got the 3.0 mega pixel and are probably happy with it. it appears the bad reviews are for the lower mega pixel camera. The two cameras look alike....more info
  • These reviews are TOTALLY accurate!
    I thought that maybe some of these bad reviews were for the other models of the disney camera. It doesn't matter! I got the more expensive disney pix max camera ($75) and it performed EXACTLY as every bad review on here states. Grainy pictures, way to bright with flash and too dark without. The wait time between pushing the button and the picture snapping is FOREVER.
    I am SO glad that I checked out the quality before giving it to my daughter. I will be taking this back tomorrow and looking for a new product....more info
  • Absolutely, positively garbage!
    I purchased this camera for my 7-year-old Daughter. It looks like a cute little camera but the pictures that it takes are horrible. They are so blurry and so dark that you can hardly see anything. The camera doesn't have any type of flash and it is badly needed. We even tried taking pictures in very bright light and the pictures still look like they were taken outside at midnight without a flash. I don't leave 1 star reviews very often but I feel this camera is very deserving of it.
    ...more info
  • Fun for kids
    I bought this for my 5 year old daughter. She is very careful with all her toys so I figured a cute "adult" like camera would be good for her. It is a nice camera and has been used a lot. She loves it and makes her feel grown up...especially when she gets to download them onto the computer and use the software to work with them. The only complaint I had was you don't get to see the pictures until they are downloaded and the pictures can be easily deleted. However, this is a childs camera for only a few bucks you can't beat it. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • BEWARE- Horrible product plus keylogger spyware
    I would have to agree with the terrible reviews already posted here for this product. In addition, I was unable to use the software to download pictures because I did not allow it to install a nasty keylogger spyware program. DO NOT buy this product, and if you have, fire up some good anti-spyware software, and get your money back. I wish I could give negative stars for this potentially damaging product. ...more info
  • Kids camera
    My son has fun w/ the camera but the pictures aren't clear. Pictures are fuzzy. ...more info