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MINOX DCC Leica M3 5MP Digital Camera
List Price: $249.00

Our Price: $159.00

You Save: $90.00 (36%)


Product Description

Get a digital camera with a classic look and small size with the Minox DCC Leica M3 Plus. It features the miniaturized shell of the legendary Leica M3. Functional controls have been discreetly integrated in the body, including the 1.5-inch TFT color monitor. As a supplement to the optical viewfinder, the display can optionally help you compose the shot. You can also shoot film sequences in AVI format. With a resolution of up to five mega pixels, this camera delivers detailed images with impressive sharpness. All data are stored on SD cards with a capacity of up to 2 GB. It also has 32 MB of internal memory. A built-in Li-ion battery provides the camera power supply. Internal Memory - 32MB Flash Memory External Memory - SD Card up to 2 GB Image capacity - Super/high - approx. 20 images Fine/high - approx. 30 images Fine/low - approx. 50 images Video - 60 seconds per Clip Viewfinder - Optical (Galilean-style) Display - 1.5 TFT LCD color monitor Compatible with MINOX Classic Camera Flash Lens - 4 elements glass lens with IR filter glass Focal length - 8.7 mm (= 42 mm compared to 35 mm film) Lens aperture - F3.0 4x digital zoom Focus range - 0.5 m, 1m, infinity Automatic White Balance Automatic Shutter speed Self-timer - 10 seconds Power supply - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion-Battery/ USB-cable Auto power-off - OFF-Mode (after 60s inactivity) File Format - Still - JPEG, Video - AVI Computer Interface - USB-cable Dimensions - 74mm(L) x 47mm(B) x 44mm (H) Weight - approx. 110gMinimum System Requirements Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP Pentium-Processor or later 64 MB recommend Video with 2-MB-RAM for displaying at least 16 Bit (High Color) USB-port

  • miniaturized version of the famous Leica M3 from 1954 / scale 1:3
  • Comes in Metal Tin
  • All Accessories Included

Customer Reviews:

  • BitterSweet
    The camera was lovely, for all of 8 photos before the shot button became stuck :(

    The camera is a jewel, very sweet and beautiful - the pictures we did get to take turned out lovely. We were very sad to have to return it....more info
  • Really Disappointing Camera
    It looks/touches like a toy but not a LEICA titled camera, poor plastic cover, poor rubber USB cover.
    The small LCD display is deem and has very low resolution. You can hardly get any idea what is displaying on it.
    The picture image is really poor. I shot 3 pictures in my office(with a steady support)and found almost hardly see any details of the picture.
    The only attraction is the wood box I got.
    I am sure, I will refund it....more info
  • just for fun
    the size is small enough. The package is strong and safe for transportation. The quality of image is just acceptable. Just for fun only....more info
  • Nice miniature
    I was hoping for a better camera for its price. You are paying for the pure nostalgic miniaturization of a classic camera. My old 2.0MP Sony takes better pictures. The camera is an attention getter, though. People are amazed by the exterior detail and its size. However, it has the feel of a plastic toy. The SD card is hard to remove because you feel like you're gonna break the door that covers it. The picture quality is adequate, except they have a bluish hue which is correctable with any basic photo-editing software. Comes in a great wooden box!...more info
  • Skepticism overruled
    I am a serious amateur photographer with professional training and own serious digital and film equipment, including film Leicas. My wife wanted me to buy this because it looked cute. It does and it is. After reading the reviews, I thought all I was getting was "cute." But having used it both in decent lighting conditions outside and severe natural light conditions inside, I am impressed and my skepticism has been overruled.

    This is not the equal of a good Canon, or other brand of point and shoot with a zoom lens, ISO adjustments, image stabilization, etc., much less a digital single lens reflex. That should be obvious. And if I were buying one camera for general snapshot or travel use, this would certainly not be it.

    I think of this as a "fun" camera for someone who owns a decent general purpose camera, point and shoot, or better, film or digital. It has given me some very decent photos which I have printed easily to roughly 8" x 8". Add the cute factor, the fit in your pocket factor, the conversation piece factor, use it with an SD card, and I like it -- a lot.

    You should be aware that as delivered, the battery must be charged off your computer. However, it uses a very common battery used in Nokia phones, a BL-5B, so replacement batteries are easily available and so are standard wall current chargers. I have ordered both, but have not received them. This should improve the utility.

    Finally, if you believe in lens caps to protect lenses, as I do, you will find that the top of a 35 mm film container with a little tape or something to slightly reduce its diameter will work reasonably well....more info