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  • "I'm telling you man, I'm pretty sure we need guns"
    Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are together again in "Made". We first saw them together in Swingers. This time around, there is a much different plot, although the dynamic between them doesn't change all that much. Favreau is still the voice of reason, while Vaughn is the life of the party.

    The characters they play this time are far worse off. Bobby and Ricky have it rough and so they decide to take a job for a mob boss (played wonderfully by Peter Falk). It's amusing to see characters like Bobby and Ricky in this situation - as they don't quite fit the mold of mob "muscle". Ricky is constantly putting his foot in his mouth and he comes close to blowing everything a few times, but Bobby is always there to reel him back in and handle the situation. Ricky does come up big for everyone in the end, though.

    This is a funny movie. I love the interplay between Favreau and Vaughn. That is probably the sole reason why the movie works so well. If Favreau had written the script for any other actors, it is possible that we may never have heard of it. But, as it is, this is a very entertaining movie and I recommend it to those who enjoyed Swingers. You will want this movie in your collection, as well....more info
  • Stupid film, looks like it was written by 12 year olds.
    DOn't bother with this one. Though I am a HUGE fan of Swingers and the Sopranos. (Some of the cast is used in this film) I cannot recommend you watch this moive. It's about 2 incompetant, small time thugs. One who wants out of the Mob and to settle down with his stripper girlfriend and her daughter. The other wanting to be a bigger part of the Mob, but with the brain power of a gnat. It's more annnoying than funny. Like a bad imitation of Dumb and Dumber....more info
  • Made
    If you love Swingers then you will probably like this movie which is more about the natural chemistry between the actors than the story....more info
  • This...Show Was...really...Worthless
    Not only was the shallow plot poorly acted there would have been only three (3) lines of dialog in this movie if the F-word was eliminated from the script, assuming there was a script...Not much thought seemed to have gone into the script so there's not much to get out of it. If this movie had a humorous plot it certainly got lost in the lack of coherence that permeated each scene, if there were scenes. It wasn't worth the effort to try to follow or care where the plot, or lack thereof, was going. Don't bother....more info
  • Watch this movie!
    It's interesting to see the wide range of reviews of Made.

    Personally, I liked it more than Swingers. I haven't laughed so many times during a movie for years. It also has a sweet side, the final two scenes are as powerful as you'll see.

    I think people expect too much. This isn't Citizen Kane, but you know what...Citizen Kane was boring. This is dumb, fun and full of guns....more info
  • Hilarious, Packed with extra's, Vince Vaughn outtakes!
    By the same creative team that brought the 1996 cult 'Swingers', both Jon Favreau and buddy Vince Vaughn lay down another classic and artful black comedy on a limited budget.

    Writer/Director/Star Jon Favreau brings us the tale of two average guys trying to make ends meet in Los Angeles. Bobby (Favreau) is construction by day, boxer by night, and driver to his stripper girlfriend after that just to make enough to pay the rent. His buddy Ricky (Vaughn), sans any steady girlfriend, is in the same boat. Wanting to better their lives, if only just slightly, they agree to do a 'mobster' type job for off-and-on again shady boss Max (Peter Falk).

    This brings our amateur mobsters to New York. Armed only with a pager, a cell phone, $3,000 between them, and no directions they are on a whirlwind adventure through the Big Apple trying to figure out what they are supposed to do. It seems that the underworld of drugs and money are always one step ahead of our bumbling duo, who are trying to keep their wits and piece the puzzle together. But that's not easy when Ricky, who never had this kind of money before (or responsibility for that matter) wants to treat their assignment as a vacation. Money for drinks, parties, clubs, food. His hi-jinks almost cost them their lives on more than occasion. A modern day Abbott and Costello.

    The cast of characters they meet up with are pretty funny on their own. There's their driver Jimmy (... from the Soprano's), black drug lord who likes Italian food (Puff Daddy) and his overweight body guard Horace (who needs an inhaler). Famke Jannsen plays Bobby's girlfriend. The scene back in Ricky's hotel room after a night of partying is classic (don't miss the extended version in the extra's section where Vince Vaughn ad-libs for 10 minutes).

    There are many ingredients that make this a great movie: Strong characterization, a fresh story (not your typical mob movie), many cameo's (you'll recognize a few people from the Sopranos and more), great music, and most importantly Vince Vaughn's improvisation and ad-libs of many of his key scenes.

    I really don't want to give the entire story or ending away here in this review, but it is very refreshing, satisfying, and not exactly what one would expect.

    Now the DVD:
    While the movie is only 94 minutes long, there are tons of extra's which really surprises me for a film that wasn't considered a block buster. All second-tier DVD's should have this many extra's at this price. It is a GREAT value!

    - Alternate scenes and endings (quite a few here).
    - Outtakes (25+min. This is worth the DVD alone. See Vince Vaughn do multiple version of many of his key scenes in total improv. No two takes are the same, and you'll die laughing (as apparent by onscreen buddy Jon who can't keep a straight face) and wonder where does Vince come up with this stuff!!!)
    - Deleted scenes (at least 20 minutes worth and they are funny).
    - Commentary with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau.
    - Actors filmographies and bios.
    - 3 documentaries (about 45 minutes total), The making of 'Made', the music of 'Made', the creative process.
    - Both used and unused music cue's. (Very novel idea, the first I've seen on DVD and now wonder why other don't have this?)
    - Scene selection.
    - Interactive editing game/demonstration. (Kinda cool)
    - Production notes....more info

  • Casting missteps, chaotic and confused script, not serious
    MADE, released 2001 will probably be of interest to viewers weighing
    Vince Vaughn's cult status, and to the curiosity surrounding the

    Unfortunately, the entertainment promises made turn out short, in
    more ways than one.

    First, it can't be denied that Jon Favreau does a great acting job
    as the "straight man" (reminiscent of James Gandolfini) while Vaughn
    puts in a solid effort as he "comedian" among the 2 gangster
    trainees. Yet, the latter doesn't manage to put in that magic touch
    that makes any difference or that matters in the overall story, just
    his usual artful skill in his verbal exchanges with the other

    The errors, were perhaps casting Peter Falk as the lead mobster in
    this film, considering the number of years the actor has been
    type-cast as a television actor playing Columbo. Also, his schtick
    doesn't seem entirely convincing, as he seems entirely too
    intellectual, too literate and too comfortable in his Columbo
    mannerisms that he's inculcated in his other role. There is an
    identical flaw in selecting P Diddy playing a mobster, considering
    most people won't separate the real life persona from the actor
    playing his role in this picture, perhaps due to lack of time in
    acting school, although Diddy does manage a valuable presence, as
    does Falk.

    The story, to me, fails in terms of coherence, and above all,
    entertainment value, as it seems written by someone with a bad
    hangover, such that a minimalist, direct sequence of events is
    shown, which takes away from the credibility of the movie, (as it's
    too often demonstrated in low-budget TV pictures.)

    The strong point, is the realism of the scenario, a money laundering
    cash drop, among several gangsters. There's an important issue
    raised, also, which are the low moral standards and confused
    behavior seen in certain social circles, which shocks newcomers,
    (such as Favreau's character) when they come into contact with it,
    such that he returns the money from the job, by prefering to box,
    not to be a gangster.

    Not a film most would want to see a 2nd or 3rd, time, losing points
    for its chaotic and confused approach that even Vaughn couldn't undo
    the mess....more info
  • Interesting Commentary
    The movie is interested although somewhat strange. I really enjoyed watching the commentary. Vince and John (we're on a first name basis for this review) clearly enjoy making movies and this came across in the commentary. They are so NOT pretentious like some other directors can be....more info
  • very funny but a little too much
    i am a huge swingers fan. but, this film was a lot different. it was extremely funny and i liked the ways they made me laugh. but, i could have done without all the strong language. it seemed like they dropped f-bombs in their just to get an R rating. otherwise a well made film and a funny one at that....more info
  • Money baby!
    I have been watching Swingers over, and over since it first came out. I think it is a very, very funny and entertaining look at a man getting over his break-up. The fact that it was Jon Favreau's first screenplay impressed me very much, and I waited patiently for what was next.
    I was pleasantly surprised watching Made. I heard it was a mob comedy, and thought that there was no way that it would come anywhere near the humor, and undercurrent of sweetness, that Swingers had. I was dead wrong.
    Favreau and Vaughn are even better together in this film. The chemistry is amazing, and the story itself is pretty darn good.
    The film is basically about two lifelong friends who have to go from Cali to New York as a favor for mob boss, Peter Faulk. Favreau's character is hesitant, but is basically forced into it because he recently screwed up his other job for the boss, bouncing for his stripper girlfriend. Vaughn plays the friend who is arrogant, ignorrant, and loud-mouthed. It isn't exactally Trent part 2, but it's close. It is more like Trent, without the winning charm. Vaughn's character has a way of angering everyone around him, and consistently screwing things up. The two play off each other very well. There are also some great moments between Favreau and his girlfriend's daughter. The rest of the cast also turn in good performances - including P.Diddy, who did an impressive job in his first role.
    Without giving anything away, the twist in the story is never fully explained, although it isn't too complicated where you have to think about it for too long. That is about the only complaint that I had with the film, which was a very good directoral debut.
    The extras on the DVD make it definately worth owning. There is a TON of bonus material here, including quite a bit of outtakes and deleted scenes. Unlike most DVDs, Made does distinguish between the deleted scenes, and the extended takes - putting them in different sections, which for me was a bonus. I was expecting a better commentary track than what is offered here. It is pretty entertaining, but after the chemistry that the duo showed in thier two movies, I was somehow expecting more. They do spout off plenty of info regarding the locations shot, casting, and don't stray too far off what's happening on screen. The telestrator feature gets a little overused by Vaughn, but you can always turn it off.
    Overall, a very good movie that should be a must buy for fans of Swingers, or just DVD collectors looking for some good extras....more info
    Vince Vaughn is on a roll. I cannot think of a single bad movie he has ever made. "Made" is his very best. He is absolute genius in this spoof on gangster films, but so is everybody else. Jon Favreau plays his straight man, as usual, and is at his laconic best, but check out "Puff Daddy" Combs as some kind of gang leader in New York. Combs almost steals this show. In fact, everybody in every scene steals the show throughout - the fat black guy who is Combs' right hand man, the Scottish drug merchant (the "Red Dragon"), and how about Peter Falk as a smarmy L.A. Mob guy?
    This flick has everything, including backstory and character development. Vaughn and Jon played football at Hollywood High but blew the Fairfax game because Jon got caught stealing, but Vince took the heat, so there is a reason for their loyalty to each other. Jon's girlfriend is a stripper who hooks on the side, but Jon refuses to see it. He gets a gig through stripper entrepreneur Falk - go to New York because they need some "strong arm guineas." The plane ride is insane with Vaughn screwing up and breaking every rule set before them. In the Apple he just goes off the deep end in a world of laughs, spoofs, hilarity and laconic irony. In the end, Vaughn's alcohol- and sleep-deprived paranoia saves their lives, and upon return to L.A. the girlfriend is revealed as a coke whore. Jon has a heart of gold whern he "adopts" her beautiful daughter, and Vince now seems to have grown up, just a little.
    This is a cult classic. It should be up there with "Old School", "Swingers", "Animal House", "Caddyshack" - you name it.(...)...more info
  • Against the odds, Favreau and Vaughn are money once again
    In 1996, Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn made an unforgettable duo as swinging bachelors Mike and Trent in the indie comedy smash "Swingers." Five years later, they reteamed for "Made," another film written by Favreau and starring the dynamite duo. This time, Favreau is also behind the camera, directing his first feature film. Do Favreau and Vaughn rise to the occasion again?

    The answer, happily, is a resounding yes. "Made" is a sharply written, nicely acted comedy with plenty of laughs. While the film is different than "Swingers" in many ways, it does share one important trait with the earlier film: Favreau again plays the more soft-spoken, grounded of the two, while Vaughn is the cockier, more outgoing one. This time, though, Vaughn's character isn't "money" at all -- he has a remarkable knack for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and creating problems out of the most innocent situations.

    Favreau stars as Bobby, a noble-hearted boxer who earns extra money by escorting his stripper girlfriend Jess (Famke Janssen) to her appointments. Bobby's not cut out for the job, though, and when a customer gets too touchy-feely with Jess, Bobby delivers a beat-down. Problem is, the guy he kicked the c--- out of is a wealthy gent, and this causes some problems for Bobby's boss Max (a highly effective Peter Falk). As a result, Max "fires" him from his bodyguard role and gives him a different assignment: Fly to New York and take care of some business for him there.

    Bobby insists on taking along his childhood friend Ricky (Vaughn), who for all his idiocy is as loyal a friend as they come. Once in New York, they're picked up by a tough-looking limo driver (Vincent Pastore) and given some cryptic instructions that eventually lead them to crime boss Ruiz (rapper Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy, making a solid acting debut).

    Much of the film's tension and laughs are generated by seeing whether Ricky's foolish antics will land him and Bobby in trouble, ruin their assignment, or even get them killed. Favreau and Vaughn again demonstrate a spectacular rapport that is a treat to watch. Vaughn is particularly impressive in a tricky role that could have been disastrous if handled incorrectly. Instead, Vaughn gives an off-kilter performance that establishes the perfect tone.

    Speaking of tone, director Favreau does an admirable job of navigating back and forth between comedy and drama. Perhaps part of his confidence comes from knowing that he wrote the excellent script, which again shows his superb ear for dialogue.

    "Made" boasts a darker feel than Swingers, and credit Favreau and Vaughn for not tossing out another rehash of that earlier film. While it may not be "Swingers," "Made" is a gem in its own right and one of the best comedies of the decade. ...more info
  • After the greatness of Swingers we get this tripe ?
    Vince Vaughn's character was so overdone as to make this film impossible to watch. My wife stopped 15 minutes into it, I made it a little over 45 minutes. This is what we got from the guys who made swingers ? It's just plain awful.

    The plot could have worked out to be funny, but instead of being funny, it just got tired. Vince Vaughn plays a clueless slacker who uses his friend to get work and wants badly to be a gangster like he's seen in movies such as "Casino". Now, if the part had been played properly, it would have come off funny, instead, it just gets more and more grating by the minute. I really wished his character would have been killed off early.

    The plot was pretty good, but VV's character was , as I've said, so overdone and annoying, you just can't take it....more info

  • Did others watch the same movie???
    Boring and stupid. Do not waste your money. I wanted to rent this from NetFlix but they didn't have it. Now I know why. Instead we bought it and would now like to take it back. There were four of us watching it and 2 of them fell asleep. The rest of us watched Spy Kids after watching Made and it was better.

    While the one character was somewhat funny for awhile, his attitude and stupidity grew old quickly. The acting was good maybe even great but the plot was limp. It could have been a great storyline had they added more content.

    We watched the Outtakes hoping to see something funnier. WRONG! These were the worst outtakes I have ever seen and believe me, I watch a ton of movies!...more info

  • One of the Worst Ever
    The two main characters are so irritating that you never get to identify with them.They never shut up and run off about their bosses "business" in settings that would get them popped post haste in anything approximating reality. Huge suspension of disbelief needed for this one. Not enjoyable at all. It is actually irratating. The DVD case is worth more than the DVD. ...more info
  • Have to see!
    If you are a Vince Vaughn or Jon Favreau fan, you have to see this movie. I bought this as a gift for a Vince Vaughn fan who had never heard of this movie. They loved it!
    Just a really funny movie....more info
  • This is a must-watch film if.......
    If you like the conversational pace and humor of Swingers, or have a good sense of humor in general, you'll love this film.

    Jon Favreau did a spectacular job of writing and directing this film, but, honestly, Vince steals the show with his hilarious acting. Some of the lines he spits out are so darn funny. He truly doesn't seem like he is acting with the way he so naturally delivers his lines. The line he delivers while offering a $50 tip to the cocktail waitress while entertaining in a NYC bar is worth the price of the DVD itself....more info