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Paula Abdul's Get Up and Dance
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  • terrible camera work
    Not easy by any means, which is not necessarily a bad thing, since at least for me, a challenge keeps me coming back for more. BUT! This video is much more frustrating than it has to be because of the poor camera work. Throughout the video, the camera keeps cutting between shots above her waist, shots from above and far away, shots of her students from funny angles, and shots even of her on what seems to be a monitor tv of some sort. AHHH!! Especially when she is teaching a step and all you want to do is just watch her feet transition from one move to the next, the camera keeps shifting just to confuse you some more.
    I'm definitely not coming back to this one. ...more info
  • A fun workout!
    The outfits may be dated, but the workout itself is timeless! This is a fun workout! May be a little difficult to follow at first, but it is set up to where you start out slow and work up to tempo. Just keep doing it over and over and you'll get it. Some mornings I just do the warm up and the first section. It is segmented so you can add more as you have the time and energy. You don't need a lot of space. I do this in my living room....more info
    Well as you can Tell Im a huge Paula fan which got me into wanting this video. I recieved it for Christmas and I fell for the tape immediately! She is a very expierienced dancer and danced since she was little (this tape really shows it). The workout is for advanced people and if you buy it and can do the moves you will love it!...more info
  • good music, too hard to follow for beginners...
    I will admit that Paula is inspirational BUT she doesn't give you enough time to "learn" the move before putting you in full gear. I loved the music and Paula's upbeat personality but felt it moved way too fast. This video will definitely get your heart a pumpin'....more info
  • Product in good condition
    The tape was in fine condition, but I like her other one much better. This one's almost impossible to follow, & I'm not THAT bad a dancer!...more info
  • Too difficult
    The moves in this are great, but I did this with several fairly coordinated family members and it was very difficult. I never have managed to master it. She makes a passing attempt at teaching you the moves, but a couple of times she actually completely skips teaching you the move and just does it at the speed of light and expects you to get it. It was freggin sadistic. I'd rather have an impossibly difficult video with good moves than an unbearably easy video, however, so it gets two stars. If you pick up stuff fast and easily, this would probably be a good investment. Also, the set and costumes made me laugh a lot, way too old. Fortunately, most of the moves survive the test of time and you won't look like a dork on the dance floor....more info
  • Fun - but not easy: Dance like no one's watching! (warning: bad music)
    I'm not the most coordinated person; I found this video difficult to learn. BUT had a great time, just moving my "best guess," in the meantime. I get so crazy with videos that explain to you for an entire minute while you are frozen and just waiting to get on with it. Paula Abdul just jumps right in and you have to sink or swim. Disadvantage is that it will take a few viewings before you can accurately emulate these moves. Which can be seen as an incentive to use this video again and again. It is now part of my regular rotation, and each time I put it in it's a challenge to get up to speed...but a fun time while I struggle with my coordination challenges. I mean, we're at home, right? I'd never brave a class like this in reality ... but can freely embarass myself over laughter at home.

    The Amazon editorial review is accurate in that the camera angles make it difficult to see the steps properly. I found myself with the remote replaying a few combinations in order to get it down.

    Negative: the music is really awful.

    Positive: Since you're concentrating on the moves, you are sweating like crazy without even realizing you're working out. A fun time....more info
  • If you like to dance then you will love this dvd!
    If you are really motivated about losing weight, getting a great work out, and hving fun while doing it this tape is for you. YOU WILL SWEAT AND YOU WILL DEFINITELY FEEL THE BURN!!! I had the VHS for a long time and since I do not own a VCR anymore upgraded to the dvd. It's great! Paula does slow it way down so you can get the steps but does not show the feet in detail. Anyone with basic rhythm, coordination and balance can do this tape! As my dance teacher used to say, Practice Makes Perfect!!! I recommend doing this tape at least 2 times a week starting out and then building up to 3-5 times depending on your motivation to work out! I hope you enjoy this DVD as much as I have and am still having!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!! Glad I found it on DVD!!!
  • Not for Begginers
    I thought... hey lets give this a try.. I had never worked out at all ever and was needing to do something after the baby was about a year to help loose weight!
    If this fits u..try the belly bance for begginers.. slower paced way better!...more info
  • Fun
    I was a little apprehensive at first because I don't consider my self to be all that coordinated. The video is split into three pieces before they put it all together, so I did the first three pieces separately for a week, at the end of the week I was able to put it all together no problem. It's a good workout and it's pretty fun. It is a lot of jumping and straining, so if that's not what you're looking for, stay away....more info
  • Who would ever purchase a Paula Abdul workout video?
    While I do not admit to many people that I actually own a Paula Abdul workout video, I feel the need to share my experience with you. I purchased the VHS back in 2000 and hated it. I spent a week fumbling around my living room like a buffoon attempting to do these moves. I stuck with it and I encourage you to do the same.

    I began doing this video twice a week. I ate the same, exercised the same, and did everything else the same. Within a few months I went from 154 lbs to 138 lbs and I have stayed there since (disregarding a few fluctuations around the holidays). Sure I am not Twiggy, but I look and feel great.

    The video is broken down into three segments, each consisting of three dance moves. At the end you put the nine moves together for a great workout. The first segment (3 moves) is fairly easy, but they get progressively harder as the video plays on. In the first few weeks (if you are anything like me) you will never think you can get it down, but I encourage you to stick with it. Once you get the moves down, the video is a lot of fun! It is fast paced - this is bad at first when you learn the moves, but it is great after you know the moves as the video becomes fun!...more info

  • Who exercises with heals?
    Paula does, that's who! This is too fast paced. Not very easy to get the moves. Maybe if you are a trained dancer....more info
  • Get Up and Dance
    When I first got this video, I tried to follow along but before too long I mainly stood there staring at the TV thinking "you've got to be kidding me". It was about a week or so before I even played it to the end and then I thought that tacking on a long section of crunches was sadistic. The frequent reminders from Paula Abdul, her dancers and her recruited people exercising in the background to "not give up!" and "pause the tape if you have to!" were actually more intimidating than encouraging, and I thought that they moved way too fast through everything. I lost the remote to my VHS long ago and I was constantly hovering near the rewind button.

    However, despite my first misgivings, I kept plugging away and it wasn't really all that long before I had the moves down and was exercising right along with them. Then it was suddenly nice that the tape was fast paced, because it means that its still interesting without a ton of really slow instruction. The tape is hard to pick up at first, but the dance steps are really fun. Its worth the initial confusion and disorder to get it all figured out....more info

  • The Camera loves Paula
    I just did this routine and found it extremely poorly cued compared to other dance/cardio routines I have done. I think part of it is that it was shot in 1995 but she only gives you 2 chances to learn the steps and then it goes to tempo which is a very fast tempo. The thing I found most offensive is that the cameraman was constantly focusing on Paula's FACE rather than her FEET while you were trying to learn the steps. It is definitely a good cardio workout but I'll save my cardio on a better cued routine....more info
  • A Bit Tricky
    This video is a bit tricky and very fast paced. The first time I tried it, I thought there was no way I would be able to do it! But I took one section a day for a few days to learn the steps. Once you get the steps, its not that bad. It does get you moving, there is a lot of jumping, and it will get you sweating before you know it! You'll enjoy this video if you don't mind taking time to learn the steps....more info
  • Working out has never been so FUN!!!
    I read the previous reviews of this DVD and was confident that it was going to be too difficult when I bought it...But for $12.99, I couldn't resist. Day One found me tripping over my own feet..But, today (day two)I had all the steps down and now I can feel free to "play" tomorrow and make the steps my own (and I am NOT a dancer) I experienced a high energy cardio workout (and that energy stays with you the entire day). In the end, there's a nice cool down and a killer abdominal workout. I can't wait to do it again tomorrow...It's SO nice to not have to hear "Feel the burn!" by a toothpick who lost you at the warm up and keeps telling you "You're doing great!" When you know you're not until you finally sit down, watch HER do it while you eat. It was just nice to learn how to dance, burn fat, and release tension, while having fun and who better to teach someone how to dance than Paula Abdul. She's welcome in my living room any day. Don't judge this workout by your first WILL get it and if you like to dance you WILL enjoy it....more info