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Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain with Disc Lock (5 Ft)
List Price: $154.95

Our Price: $110.00

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Product Description

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain with Disc Lock. Super strong case hardened, tempered boron manganese chain for ultimate strength with a unique six sided hexagonal shape. Weather and heat resistant nylon cover. Includes a disc lock with one lighted key and two standard keys. The ultimate in motorcycle security in high theft areas. Narrower inner width of individual links prevents leverage attacks. Available in lengths of 33" and 5.

  • Super strong case hardened, tempered boron manganese chain for ultimate strength with a unique six sided hexagonal shape
  • Weather and heat resistant nylon cover
  • Includes a disc lock with one lighted key and two standard keys
  • The ultimate in motorcycle security in high theft areas
  • Narrower inner width of individual links prevents leverage attacks

Customer Reviews:

  • Great System
    Great lock, great system.

    I wouldn't recommend it for bicyclists, just due to the weight. For scooters/motorcycles, I think it's great. Very heavy, solid construction. I know that no lock is going to deter a determined thief - but this one will at least make the less accomplished crooks look elsewhere. ...more info
  • perfect protection
    i bought this item based on kryptonite's reputation. i am not disappointed!

    i'm using this lock and chain to secure a honda generator to a very large, very heavy ladder. i live in the santa cruz mountains, and we all have generators for when the power WILL go out. here, it's not a matter of IF but always about WHEN.

    the first day i had the generator, someone was already eyeballing it. i came outside to make some adjustments, and saw that someone had been messing with it already - and it was not even 2 hours old! that day, i ordered a new york noose with lock. there's a huge ladder next to the generator, which is now attached to it. if someone wants either one, they'll have to take both, making it very noisy, and hard to get away. :-) the generator weighs in at 260 lbs. the ladder is 18 feet tall, and weighs around 50 pounds.

    i have subsequently seen that this chain has provided the desired protection. i've seen the chain's nylon cover all mussed up, the generator cover on the ground, and the lock moved around. this $89 lock and chain has already saved a $4,000 generator from going to someone else's house, and is one of the best protection investments i've ever made. thank you, kryptonite!

    ...more info
  • Maybe a little overboard...but worth it
    I bought this bike lock because it was the best lock on the market (according to reviews), and I figured I will very likely one day own a bike that would be worth stealing. My current bike is not THAT valuable, but I still don't want it stolen...However, now that I own the Fahgettaboudit, it's almost too much...

    It's definitely heavy. Wrapping it around my frame causes a noticeable weight increase, especially when leaning the bike and carrying, if I don't wrap it just right, the lock swings while I'm riding, which has clipped my ankle once (not a very pleasant feeling). The chain will crush just about anything in a backpack, and putting it on the bottom will be annoying when it comes time to take it back out...though a compartmentalized backpack would fix that. Some users say they can fit it around their waste, but when I tried I couldn't keep it on with a winter coat on to boot.

    Despite all this, I still highly recommend this lock. It doesn't even occur to me that someone will mess with my bike, no matter where I put it. If you own (or plan on owning) an expensive bike, there's no other way to go.

    For those that are wondering if you should upgrade to the 5' chain, I lock my chain to a 4x4 post, and I don't have a problem with it. If you can position your back wheel by the object, 3'3" should be long enough. I can't imagine what another foot and a half would do to the weight......more info
  • If you can cut through it, you can have my bike...
    I bought a 09 Cannondale F3 Caffine and needed a sturdy chain and lock as I work near downtown SF...Bike theft is rampant in the downtown area, according to my bike mechanic, so I opted for the biggest chain I could find. Other than the weight, this is a great lock...I am never more than eyeing distance from my locked rig so I am not too worried however you never know. The lock is easy to manage and comes with two of them has an led light attached...So far so complaints...I am pretty relaxed leaving my rig on the street with this chain and long as carrying this beast is not a problem for you, I would recommend it......more info
  • Forgeddaboutit
    1 of: Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Bike U-Lock - 997986
    Sold by: Seasonal Outfitters Incorporated (seller profile)
    1 of: Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit - 5' Chain and Lock
    Sold by: Seasonal Outfitters Incorporated (seller profile)

    I purchased the 5' not the 3' as indicated in the email to me. I knew it was heavy to begin with.
    It is a great and solid product, but way too heavy to carry around all the time.I use it to secure my bike at home or if I am going on a shopping trip and have to leave it for a lengthy time.

    Kryptonite is great with their customer service. Register the keys and extra keys for these specialty locks are breeze to get. Even from older locks if need be. With the other big company, you have to go to the locksmith for specialty keys, if you can find one with the blanks. This is not a dis, but I think info that one should know this when buying an expensive specialty lock. And, I happily own a number of the other guys locks....more info
  • theoneandonly
    This is simply the best. When you really love your bike, you buy this lock!!
    I'm more than satisfied. Every penny worth....more info
  • A very good chain
    This is a very secure and sturdy chain and lock. I only wish it was a little lighter in weight....more info
  • Worth the money
    I received the lock promptly and put it to use right away. I have been very pleased with the added security that this locks provides both with it's ability to withstand attacks and in it ability to simply intimidate a thief. It is ungodly heavy, but I can justify that considering my bike is worth it. Why by a 20 dollar cable to protect a $1300 bike?! It's in a investment that pays off every time you come back to find your bike still there waiting for you at the bike rack....more info
  • awsome bike lock
    The lock was just as stated, Fagettableit, if some one steals my carbon fiber bike with this monstor lock on it, then there is no stopping the bad guys!...more info
  • The NY Noose is better (4ft 6") and "Only" 8lbs
    If you need a long super secure chain to lock your bicycle or motorcycle shed a couple of pounds and get the 4ft 6" NY Noose. The Noose has a loop on one end so you can run the chain through it. It takes an extra moment to lock your bike, but it's more flexible in ways to lock the bike and it weighs less. Both chain systems use the same basic lock so no savings there.

    Don't get just the chain and one of those big ULocks, then the lock becomes the weak link in the chain so to speak, and then what is the point of carrying all this weight around?

    Either way your frame and wheels will still be there when you return even if they've stripped off all the other parts... Hopefully just the sight of the lock will cause the thieves to just pass on your bike and take something easier like a car....more info
  • Prefer U-lock + security pins
    I lot of people recommend chains over U-locks, reasoning that chains can lock both the frame and front wheel. I got the fahgettaboudit chain, but it soon proved to be depressingly heavy, and made parking a chore to do without scratching the frame.

    A friend who'd been biking for much longer than I recommended the alternative of using a simple U-lock and security pins. Security pins/skewers are replacements for the quick-release pins and hex screws that keep your wheels, seatpost, and front fork attached to the bike. You can think of them as hex-wrench screws, only instead of a standard hex wrench, they can only be opened by a custom key that comes with the pin set. The U-lock keeps your bike frame locked to some external object, while the pins keep your bike components from walking away. A chain, by contrast, won't deter seat or front fork thieves.

    I'm now using the fahgettaboudit mini U-lock with Pinhead security skewers (a 4-pack can be found for about $60 on the web). For reference, the U-lock is about 1/3 the weight of this chain, despite having an even thicker shackle. I highly recommend this approach over chains, unless you get a free chain, like my roommate did from me :)....more info
  • Solid Lock
    The lock has the highest rating from Kryptonite.

    very secure
    nylon cover to protect bike
    long chain to put around almost anything

    locking takes longer than a u-lock
    very heavy (not a serious negative point since this is expected for a lock this secure)

    if u want the best security, this is the lock to get. if u really prefer a u-lock, they offer the same security rating in a u-lock as well....more info
  • strong
    nice lock but very heavy to carry around. if you dont need 5 feet of chain dont get it. i might cut the chain down i just dont know what would do the job. practically indestructible, if you need it get it but mostly overkill if you dont live in a major crime area. ...more info
  • Good and heavy
    This thing is heavy. If you are getting this, you need to have a plan in mind for how you're going to ride around with this. I tried wrapping it around my top tube for a while, but it's a pain to wrap it around every-time, and it scratches up the bike. I got a rack of the back, and it works pretty well (changes how the bike handles significantly though).

    Since I park my bike in the same spot everyday, I just leave the chain there most days, and it's fine. If you're in a position to do this, i recommend you bite the bullet and get it. It's easily will lock both wheels and frame to something, and it's something i never have to worry about. ...more info
  • had to return it.
    Excellent lock, this thing could stop a tank. It would've also been easily mountable due to the chain design. I had to return it though due to the weight. It weighs approximately 10 pounds and the extra weight won't work for long rides. ...more info
    I see people wrapping this monster around their waists and cringe. This chain is heavy!

    I own 4 of these 5' monsters and use one of them as a bike chain. I have a rack and side baskets mounted on the back of my bike. On top of the rack is a plastic box strapped on with bungee cords that I carry my chain in. The box hasn't fallen off yet. While in the grocery store, I do not worry my bike will be stolen and the Wald collapsible side baskets allow me to carry groceries.

    onguardlocks dot com rates their locks and this lock gets the highest rating.

    Bike-locks dot com rates many brands of locks.

    This Kryptonite lock gets the highest security rating

    May 2009 update. I was at the commissary a few days ago and could NOT get the lock to LOCK together. It took about 5 minutes of trying to take. I was almost to the point of riding home and getting my car because I was not going to leave my bike unlocked while I shopped. It was also embarrassing to have people staring while I messed around with this lock.

    ...more info
  • Heavy Duty!
    The lock is 9 pounds, tough to ride my bike with but worth the added safety. Hopefully the thieves will pick on someone else when they see this lock....more info