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Product Description

Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller The DuoGlider LX is a top of the line stroller with all of the features you have come to know and love from Graco. One of the standout features on the Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller is the 2-position reclining front seat and a flat reclining rear seat. Both children will get the chance to relax and lounge comfortably. For your convenience and their entertainment, two removable child trays are perfect for snack or play time. Carting around two babies requires a lot of baggage - an extra large lower & load storage basket underneath is perfect for storing everything from diaper bags to extra jackets. There's even an organizer tray complete with storage compartment and cup holder. The Graco DuoGlider features removable canopies with tinted sun visors, which a rare among double strollers. It measures 40 inches high and 35.5 inches from front wheel to back. The DuoGlider LX is the perfect size for any family.

Life is busy and complicated enough when you have two small children: but with the Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune) at least getting around is made a whole lot easier. This easy-to-use stroller is built to carry two children in comfortable style--and it includes plenty of great accessories and features to make mom and dad happy, too.

The Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune) offers:
  • Two seats carries a toddler and an infant.
  • Three- and five-point harness ensures security.
  • Built-in snack tray with beverage holder.
  • Just 20-inches wide for easy maneuverability.

Both seats feature a multi-position recline function. View larger.
A Stroller Built for Two
This versatile stroller has two seats that are ideal for use with a toddler and an infant, or even with twins. With the seats positioned in tandem, the rear seat rides higher so both children have a great view of the action. Both seats are compatible with the Graco SnugRide and Graco SafeSeat Infant Car Seats: simply snap your car seats from your vehicle into the stroller and go. Seat the kids directly into the forward-facing seats from the time they can sit up (around 6 months of age) until they reach up to 40 pounds in weight--so even when your children outgrow their infant car seats, you still can use the stroller for years to come.

Each stroller seat is equipped with a three- and five-point harness, an adjustable canopy to shield the kids from sun and rain, and a handy snack tray with a beverage holder. Both seats feature a multi-position recline function, and the back seat can fold down flat to accommodate a napping child.

Convenient, Easy Operation for Parents
Double strollers can be bulky, making them difficult to push and to load into your car. But the Graco DuoGlider LX is just 20 inches wide, making it easy to maneuver through doorways. Its lightweight construction makes the stroller easier to maneuver, as do the lockable swivel front wheels with suspension. And when you're done with your walk, the stroller's one-handed fold-and-latch mechanism easily collapses the stroller. The stroller includes a drop-down basket that offers easy access to your gear, even when the back seat is fully reclined; and the parent storage tray includes a convenient cup holder.

About Graco
In 1942, Russell Gray and Robert Cone formed Graco Metal Products, in Philadelphia, PA. For 11 years, the firm fabricated machine and car parts for local manufacturers. In 1953, Gray left the firm, leaving Cone as sole owner. Cone decided to manufacture his own line of products, but had trouble coming up with ideas. Enter David Saint, an engineer, tinkerer, and stained glass artisan who worked for Graco. Saint, himself a father of nine, was intrigued when an associate told him how his wife would soothe their tired and cranky baby while swinging in a backyard glider swing. Acting on this inspiration, he went to the drawing board and 18 months of hard work later, the world's first wind-up infant swing, the Graco Swyngomatic, was born. Graco sold millions of Swyngomatics in the coming years, becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers of juvenile products in the process. Today, Graco is a Newell Rubbermaid company, with 1500 associates worldwide. While a half-century has brought many changes to Graco, their dedication and commitment to designing and manufacturing top-quality products remains, and continues on.

What's in the Box
Graco DuoGlider LX Double Stroller (Fortune).

  • One hand fold with storage latch, front swivel wheels with locks and suspension.2-position reclining front seat, 2-position flat reclining rear seat with infant retention, and a combination 3 or 5 pt harness in both seats
  • Stroller per seat weight recommendation: not to exceed 40 lbs. Stroller accepts two Graco SnugRide or SafeSeat infant car seats.Elevated rear seat for better viewing, and an extra-large lower and load storage basket.
  • Removable canopies with tuck-away tinted sun visors, parent organizer tray with storage compartment and cupholder, and removable front and rear child's trays with cupholder
  • Not to exceed 40 lbs. each seat
  • 40lbs. Each seat maximum

Customer Reviews:

  • Graco Duo LX Stroller
    This is a very good durable stroller. It came to my door really fast after purchasing and was very affordable...more info
  • Unsafe!
    I am so disappointed in this stroller. My twins are now 6 months old. B/G and there is a big weight discrepancy between them. I have had the stroller tip back on me 3 times. At first I thought the added weight of the carriers were contributing. So I went out and bought 3-1 convertible seats for when they are older and installed them rear facing. But it has also happened 2 other times without the carriers. My heart dropped to my stomach each time. The very first time, I didn't have my son buckled in, but I still caught him from the adrenaline rush. Since then I always buckle them in. The seatbelt system is a pain and gets old real quick. It's a five point system, but not like car seats. This stroller may be fine if your twins are close in weight, but one of mine is 15 lbs and the other 22lbs. I have tried the heavier one in the front and back and it still tips. I have been saving up money to get a side-by-side stroller. It gets scratched up easy when you are folding it up. The canopy tends to get stuck under the seat, when you are opening it. The unlocking latch is a serious pain in the rear end. It seems fine in the store, but after using for a few months. I really would NOT recommend this stroller!...more info
  • Quality vs. Functionality
    This model is more posh than some of their others, with very nice canopies for both seats and a large storage area, however it is not as functional as the one that I have at our other home, as this one has only one adult cup holder and when you put the upper canopy back, it covers that space making it impossible to use. When you push it away to reveal the cupholder and storage, it covers the infant area so much that the baby gets upset if he's not asleep.

    I also am not crazy about the hard plastic wheels versus the rubber that I have on other models, but the stroller is great quality and easy to setup/fold down with a reasonable weight so it's manageable....more info
  • Easy to push but carseat problems
    I just bought this stroller a week ago so I could be ready for my 2nd little girl due in May. I have a 20 month old. The stroller is EXTREMELY easy to push around and maneuver with just one hand! I admit that I do have a few concerns. I also bought a graco safeseat to use with the stroller but it's so hard to get it in the stroller! Not to mention pulling it out. Maybe I need some more practice but time will tell. Also, my 20 month old is a big girl and when the front seat reclines for her to take a nap, she'll be bumping her head in the car seat behind her. She's just not comfortable to nap in it unless I switch her seat to the back and the carseat to the front. Other than these problems, the stroller looks nice and is easy to use. I'd recommend it to anyone with a normal sized baby but for those with big kids, beware!...more info
  • nice stroller
    I just received this stroller a couple days ago - and so far it is working great. While long, it does fit in the bag of my minivan. My husband was even able to unload it from the car and unfold it while holding our infant son. The description from amazon was not very detailed -- this stroller has a 3 OR 5 point harness on both seats, and it has the drop down basket- so that you can have access to the storage while the back seat is down flat. Pretty much it is exactly like the duoglide in Fortune print -- only looks a little nicer and more modern....more info
  • Works for us!
    I'm surprised by how much one of the reviewers disliked this stroller. The only part I agree with is that the front canopy does have to be removed before folding. I usually left it off - my older child didn't want it anyway. Otherwise it's a smooth ride with plenty of storage. An infant car seat fit nicely. I would buy it again. However, if you have an infant and an older child who's over 2 1/2 I'd recommed the Joovy stand-up stroller....more info
    I currently own a Laura Ashley "Graco" stroller for my daughter. We paid $300 for it and didnt want to spend that much again. Pregnant with baby two, we need to get another quality stroller. I searched and was going to get a Peg Perego double stroller, but after careful research it had many poor reviews. I was skeptical purchasing this duo glide becuase of its low cost, but I was pleasntly surprised by the quality. It looks great, moves and stores easily. Thanks Graco for putting out a quality product at an affordable cost. It looks better in person!...more info
  • The product is good
    My angels one is 27 months and one is 9 months are having fun with this new Stroller. It served my purpose well. I found little difficulty while closing and opening this Stroller other than that, its fine....more info
  • loved it! kids loved it!
    I have a 4 and a 2 year old and they both loved it! the bottom tray fits a lot of stuff! and even though the front seat wont recline completely, as te rear one does, it does lean back enough for the child to sleep comfortably. this strolelr survived Disney and several airpor trips. had a little trouble closing it because of the front hood, but we got the hang of it! it's not as heavy as I thought it would be, and the girls loved it! both trays have a cup holder, plus a cup holder for mom plus a storage bin that fits the cellphone perfectly! minimum assembly requred (just the tires and trays)This one's a keeper!...more info
  • Excelent Product!!! is very ....
    1) Util
    2) Elegant
    3) Practical
    4) You don't need more explanation for use...more info
  • Graco DuoGloder Stroller
    We have an 8 month old and a 2 week old infant and after doing extensive research, we determined that this was the best stroller for us. We needed our 8 month old to be able to sit in front and the back seat to hold an infant carrier. We are very happy with the design and style of the stroller and their is a large basket underneath for storage. It meets all of our needs and was the most reasonably priced of the double strollers. Now, after using it on several different occasions, we can't imagine how you would get around easily with a side by side double stroller. It is also very easy to fold up and unfold....more info
  • A good stroller, with some flaws.
    We purchased the duoglider two years ago for our twin boys. We have taken it everywhere, on car trips, on planes, to Disneyland, to the store, to parks, and more. It has been a pretty good stroller for us overall, but it is definitely starting to show signs of wear and tear.

    - will comfortably fit your babies/toddlers. No worries there.
    - Good sun shades
    - Fairly good storage (see cons)
    - Easily folded down and unfolded (with the touch of a button)
    - Accepts car seats
    - Holds up even with a lot of abuse
    - Basket can hold a ton of stuff. I've used it for quick grocery trips several times
    - Can be pushed with one hand, though it is getting harder as it gets older and my children get bigger
    - A smooth ride; can get over rough terrain fairly easily, without too much bumping

    - Heavy
    - Big and cumbersome. I've run into things several times
    - Can be difficult to push with the car seats or with heavier children
    - Back seat needs two hands to lower it, which can be difficult with babies/toddlers in your arms
    - Back seat also only has two positions up or flat
    - Storage is difficult to get to when the back seat is fully down. There is a latch system to get to your stuff, but it requires stopping and bending down. Which isn't necessarily a ton of work, but when you are running around with two babies it can seem like it
    - Wheels are getting difficult to turn; probably need some WD-40
    - The fabric on the shades faded a lot while it was in the back of our car for a while, which makes it look a little tacky
    - Can be difficult to turn (all double stroller are, it seems. Can someone fix that and make it affordable?)
    - Unless you are really careful when folding, the front tray will get scratched up
    - It is difficult to see the kids in their seats without actually coming around to the side.

    Overall, it is a good stroller and worth the money. It's fairly sturdy and will hold up, but not forever. I recommend it, but we also have a couple of umbrella strollers and are looking into something that would be better for travel. ...more info
  • Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller
    Graco DuoGlider LX Stroller

    Nothing but good things to say. First is ease of use, opens and closes very easy, however some parts have to be easily removed in order to collapse fully. For a double, it collapses fairly flat, enough to fit nicely behind the 3rd row seats in my car. Opens very easily, and rides extremely smooth. I had to get used to pushing something so long, kind of like driving and old Cadillac, the hood goes on forever. Accommodates my one month old in his car seat and 20 month old on her own nicely. The rear wheel locks are independent of each other, and for lazy people like me, this creates a situation whereby I end up only locking one wheel, if they worked in tandem by some connecting mechanism that would probably be better, again for lazy people like me. For the price, a great acquisition
    ...more info
  • Have had this stroller for 2 years now
    We love this stroller. It is safe, easy to use, easy to fold up, and has a huge basket on the bottom for when we are shopping.

    In the two years I have owned it we have had no problems at all. I can't say enough good about it.

    The only bad remarks I can give it is that it is huge even when folded and the canopy for the front seat pops off way to easy. We have since just taken it off because it prevents us from seeing what our 2yr old is doing anyways so it turned out to be good for us! ...more info
  • used it twice
    should have gotten a jogging stroller instead. this thing is huge. i would run into everything. save your money and get a joggind stroller...more info
  • Satisfied Customer!
    Item arrived very quickly and without damage. Thanks amazon! Was easy to put together and maneuver. Canopy's can be put on or stay off as well as the drink trays. I kept the trays off because my son doesn't like being constrained by it an he can easily get in on his own. I gave it four star only because I was not used to having my baby so high up on the back seat and I felt the space was small but that's because I'm used to a single stroller. . .otherwise, I'm happy with my purchase. Item folds very flat and compact and fits our 07 Camry. Easy to open and close too. Now I don't have much experience with other strollers as I only have Graco but i still am satisfied. Oh, love the color too. Matches my diaper bag....more info
  • worst stroller ever
    'Engineered' apparently by people who never had kids. I have twins and this is a disaster every time we go out. I dread going out simply because the stroller is so horrible to use. 1) HEAVY. Make sure you start weight training NOW if you ever expect to use this stroller. The latch folding system is terrible and usually doesn't work. 2) SAFETY ISSUE: the Snugride car seat is supposed to strap in to the stroller, however, the stroller straps are DEFECTIVE and too short to hold the car seat in. Whatever 'genius' designed this must've graduated from Idiot School of Engineering. He or she obviously never had kids or even parent tested this. They should have designed some sort of clip in system. 3) The rear car sear only 'snaps' into the stroller about 50% of the time. The rest of the time you just manhandle it and pray it stays in. 4) the 'directions' - if you can call them that - absolutely s&*!*(ck. Like, try writing some English words to go with the stupid pictures. My friend and I - who between use have 5 master's degrees - couldn't figure them out. Three calls to the 'customer service line' didn't help, either. Absolutely the worst $199 I ever spent in my life. I just want to throw this stupid stroller off a cliff. And people with TWINS have no time to fool with an idiot product. Ought to be recalled immediately. There is absolutely nothing that is 'user friendly' about this stroller. ...more info
  • so far so good
    this is my second Graco stroller. I believe Graco to be a normally reputable brand overall, and purchasing from this seller was easy, fast and hassle free. the stroller arrived in original packaging and was easy to put together. it is still new and hasn't logged much usage yet, but so far no problems at all. now having said that, the last large Graco stoller I owned was a single stroller and the collapsing mechanism failed less than a year of ownership. it was a gift and therefore no receipt, and Graco would only entertain the possibility of a refund if I would ship the stoller back to them, which of course is an extremely pricey gamble especially considering I couldn't collapse it! None of this reflects on this buyer, however, and my experience was a good one. it was nice to be able to find exactly what I wanted online and have it shipped for free right to my doorstep....more info
  • great purchase
    I am so happy with this stroller! We have loved using it this summer. I have a 3 month old son and a 3 year old daughter and what is cool about this stroller is that they can swith spots according to the temperamental wishes of my toddler. She can see great from both spots (if the front umbrella is off, which it always is for us). The only tiny probem for me is that when the baby is in the back, you can't see him and he is kind of covered by umbrellas (from the stroller and his car seat). The graco snugride seat fits perfectly in both slots and seems very safe. This stroller pushes great and maneuvers through tight spaces pretty well. It doesn't seem too heavy at all, even with the two kids in it. The front seat is larger than most stadium strollers so my 3 year old doesn't seem squished or uncomfortable (though she may be a little smaller than the average 3 year old). I really struggled between 4 or 5 stars because we do LOVE it, but the very few things are that thing I mentioned earlier about the baby in the back seat, and that it does fold up easily like it claims - but it does take up quite a bit of space in the back of our SUV for trips (however, I am sure that it is good compared to other models), and one of the front wheels somehow got warped already and we have no idea how- but it still works fine anyway. I would recommend this stroller over any of the readily available ones in Wal-Mart,
    Target, etc. Spend the extra time and money and get a good one like this one- it'll be worth it. As for the color, this one is great because it could be for both a girl and boy, and is a nice gray color that looks nice with about any car seat color, and dad isn't embarrased to push it. ...more info
  • Great double stroller
    I reall enjoy this stroller. I have a 13month old a 3 month old. It is big and bulky, but it is a double stroller so I didn't expect anything different. I have trouble getting the carseat in and out of the rear seat, so I usually put it in the front....more info