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LG enV VX9900 Phone, Silver (Verizon Wireless)
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Product Description

If you're looking for the ultimate in features and high-speed wireless broadband content, look no further than the feature-packed LG enV. Packed to the gills with the latest technology, the enV features a hidden QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, a 2.0-megapixel camera, a microSD memory card slot (for memory expansion up to 4 GB), stereo speakers, an advanced MP3 player, and more. It's compatible with Verizon's V Cast Music Service, which enables you to purchase songs through your phone and download them via Verizon's fast EV-DO data network. Other Verizon service options include V Cast Video with clips from major networks, the VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn directions, BroadbandAccess Connect for using your phone as a modem to your laptop, and the Wireless Sync always-on email service.

The enV fully supports Verizon Wireless' exciting V Cast service. Learn more about V Cast.

The 2-megapixel camera on the back offers an LED flash, self-timer and 2.5x digital zoom as well as up to 1 hour of video capture (saved to memory card).
Verizon Service Options
With support for the EV-DO high-speed data standard, you'll enjoy fast access to the Internet and Verizon's multimedia services (additional charges applicable), with average download speeds ranging from 400 to 700 Kbps and peak rates up to 2 Mbps. (Learn more about where EV-DO coverage is offered.) The V Cast Music service enables you to download songs instantly to your phone, or purchase music through your PC and transfer the files to your phone. If purchased from your phone, you'll receive two copies of the song: a Windows Media Audio Pro Plus format at 64Kbps stereo is sent to your phone, and a Windows Media Audio 9 format at 160Kbps stereo is sent to your account in the V CAST Music online store for downloading to your PC. V Cast Music offers nearly 2 million songs, with more being added all the time.

The V Cast Video service enables you to stream or download video clips to your phone from a variety of news, entertainment, sports, and weather channels, including CNN, ABC News, E!, CBS Sports, The Weather Channel, and VH1.

Getting on the Internet is easy using Verizon's Mobile Web 2.0 package, which allows you to read and send e-mails, exchange instant messages and view your favorite web content on your phone. Verizon's Get It Now wireless download service is also fully compatible with this phone. This pay-per-download service features application downloads, games and productivity tools. You can also personalize your handset with ringtone downloads using the Get It Now service.

With this GPS-enabled phone, you'll be able to access Verizon's VZ Navigator service (additional charges applicable) for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, heads-up alerts, local search of nearly 14 million points of interest in the US (such as landmarks, restaurants and ATMs), and detailed color maps. And Verizon's Chaperone service lets you easily locate your loved ones from your Verizon Wireless phone or PC in real time. After defining a zone, such as an area designating a school or summer camp, you'll be sent an alert via text message when the Chaperone handset enters or leaves the zone.

With BroadbandAccess Connect (subscription required), you can use your smartphone as a modem for your notebook when you connect the two using a USB cable--or open a Bluetooth connection--enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet. The tethered modem capability is ideal when you're traveling and need to use your notebook to check email, access corporate networks, or download large files like presentations and reports. And with BroadbandAccess Connect, you won't have to buy an extra PC Card or other devices.

Verizon's Wireless Sync always-on email service (subscription required), you can stay connected and get the job done while away from the office--without a delay and in a secure environment. Email is delivered to your device in real time across the National Enhanced Services Rate & Coverage Area, and you get the ability to forward large attachments via email as well as access both your personal and corporate emails on one device. Wireless Sync offers strong security with AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology so that unauthorized parties cannot access or alter application data transmitted over wireless networks.

Slim and powerful, the enV keeps you connected and entertained. See it in 3D. Check out the phone in detail: front and open.
Phone Features
The front of the enV features a large, 65,000-color screen with 128 x 160 pixel resolution and a standard dialpad complete with a five-way control button. Flip open the horizontal clamshell, though, and you're presented with a crystal-clear, 240 x 320, 262,000-color landscape display and a full QWERTY keyboard. Dialing function buttons are also duplicated on the internal touchpad. A pair of stereo speakers reside on either side of the display, and a microSD card slot is provided on the side of the device for additional memory expansion. There's a standard jack to accept universal hands-free headsets, while the rear of the device houses the 2.0-megapixel camera. Lastly, an internal antenna keeps the enV sleek and compact, and the provided USB data port ensures convenient connectivity.

The enV's built-in address book can store up to 1000 contacts for quick and easy management of phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The phone comes with built-in polyphonic ringtones plus a vibrating alert. More ringtones can be downloaded via Verizon's Get It Now service. The phone lets you match pictures with callers to identify them, and the enV's voice recognition software supports voice commands from any user, not just a pre-programmed user's voice. What's more, many of the phone's functions can be controlled by the sound of your voice, thanks to advanced voice recognition technology. Text-to-speech technology enables the enV to read emails and text messages to you, if you so desire. A powerful speakerphone unit means you can easily talk hands-free, while Bluetooth allows you to use your favorite wireless headset.

While the enV is a great platform for watching V Cast video content, it can also capture video that can be shared with your friends and associates via video messaging. The video unit records in MPEG4 format and can capture clips up to 15 seconds in length. Of course, you can also use the camera to capture still pictures, too. In addition to megapixel resolution (1280 x 960), the camera features an LED flash, macro and night modes, a self-timer, and brightness and white balance controls.

The enV has all the bases covered when it comes to messaging, too, with support for sending and receiving text, picture, and video messages. There's also a complete e-mail client on the device for POP- and IMAP-based accounts. And of course, the QWERTY keyboard makes it a snap to type your messages.

The enV ships with a number of handy tools, including a calendar and a voice memo application. An alarm clock and calculator are also included. Use the enV's Bluetooth capability to set up a wireless link with a Bluetooth headset accessory or to connect to a computer or handheld device to exchange and synchronize data.

The enV supports V Cast 3-D games, as well as other 2-D-based games, which are available from Verizon's Get It Now service. You can also customize the phone's wallpapers and screen savers to give your phone a look that suits your style. And if music is your thing, with the built-in memory card slot and the enV's advanced MP3 player, you'll never be at a loss for something good to listen to (memory cards sold separately).

Other features include:

  • Bluetooth version 1.2 with the following profiles: A2DP (stereo music streaming), AVRC (remote control), HFP (hands-free car kits), HSP (communication headsets), BPP (basic printing profile for text, email), DUN (dial-up networking), FTP (file transfer), HID (support for mice or joysticks), OPP (object push for business cards, calendar items, and pictures)
  • Flight mode for listening to music and watching videos with the phone functionality turned off
  • 13 unique ringtones; vibrate and silent modes
  • One-touch speakerphone
  • Speaker-independent voice-activated dialing
  • Voice memo recording
  • Music format support: MP3, WMA

Vital Statistics
The LG enV weighs 4.60 ounces and measures 4.64 x 2.08 x 0.78 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 4.50 hours of digital talk time and up to 460 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the 850/1900 CDMA/EV-DO frequencies.

The ultimate in mobile entertainment just got better! The new enV from LG has everything you love about The V: EvDO high-speed technology, a QWERTY keyboard, a large internal screen, dual stereo speakers, and an external memory port. Not to mention exciting new features like an upgraded 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover, and Bluetooth? stereo support for listening to music. Now, all this LG innovation is packed into a slimmer and lighter weight design. The LG enV. Thinner. Lighter. Better than ever.

  • Excellent multimedia features and innovative dual-face clamshell design that opens to reveal a QWERTY keyboard
  • Access Verizon's V Cast Music and Video service via fast EV-DO data network; GPS-enabled for turn-by-turn directions
  • 2-megapixel camera with video capture; Bluetooth for headsets and music streaming; microSD memory card expansion
  • Up to 4.5 hours of talk time, up to 460 hours (19+ days) of standby time; measures 4.64 x 2.08 x 0.78 inches (WxHxD)
  • Includes: handset, rechargeable battery, charger, quick start guide, user guide

Customer Reviews:

  • average
    I expect a phone to be a phone first and anything else second. Although this phone is fantastic for texting, it is mediocre at best when functioning as a phone. The sound is quite poor and not at all crisp. It sounds like you're listening through a speaker phone at all times. My wife has one as well and has commented on the poor sound. I find myself constantly asking others to repeat what they've just said to me.

    The only reason I give it 3 stars is because of it's texting ease. ...more info
  • over 2years later and it still works perfectly!!
    After less than a week of owning the original LG Chocolate, I traded it in for the LG enV and have been satisified every since. I've had it for over 2 years and the battery charge is exactly the same. It functions properly no matter how many times I've dropped it.

    My main uses for the phone are:
    - calling
    - texting
    - pictures
    - videos
    - record sound
    - games

    I don't use it for music so I can't review it in that regard. I don't have problems with calling or texting. The pictures have great quality and I just email them to myself so I can keep them forever because I'm too cheap to buy an SD card. The videos are decent quality but I have a digital cam if I really need that.

    The thing I didn't like was when the Chocolate had come out, I bought a game and it wouldn't work. I have bejeweled and I play that on my phone whenever I'm bored or waiting in a long line....more info
  • Best phone I ever had
    I love this phone.
    Like: I can hear others perfectly.
    I have no problem hearing the phone ring (if the ring is at a normal volume tone).
    I love the texting abilities, it is so easy that now I get frustrated using my husband's phone.
    It is very sturdy.
    Battery life is great.

    Don't like: no selection in ring styles and those that are there pretty much stink. My hubby found a way around it that if he records a video of the music we want as a ring he can send it to me and I can save it as a ring.

    To take a picture straight you have to hold the camera sideways.

    Voice recognition isn't great, but I haven't bothered to try to use it much.

    ...more info
  • Love the phone...but Amazon's Equipment Policy is MISLEADING & INCORRECT
    I previously had the predecessor to this phone, The V and loved it. Unfortunately it was stolen a few months ago and I was using an old phone in the meantime. I'm sick of the old phone and really want to get the enV, my roommate has it and it's even cooler than the old one. However, my problem is the policy stated on Amazon's site for the Equipment Discount of $250 states it's "for either activating a new, non-substitute line of service or renewing an existing line of service". When I actually tried to purchase the phone and called Amazon, they told me that with Verizon you can't do a renewal...well then don't state on your website that you can!!! Amazon is being misleading and stating a discount they apparently can't provide. Had I not called and confirmed this twice I would have been charged $250 to my credit card (the 1st time they were going to work with me and asked me to call Verizon to confirm I wouldn't incur charges from them, the 2nd time apparently they changed their minds, and gave no real inclination that they would remedy the situation on the website). Lesson learned: don't trust what you read on Amazon's website....more info
  • what happened to the speaker phone?
    I got my phone a week ago and I have not run into any of the other problems (so far) folks seem to be having. Except for the speaker phone!!
    It is awful,it does not work.

    IMO the enV is not equipped with a speaker phone.

    For someone who dislikes head/ear phones/plugs and is accustomed to super clear speaker phones (think Razr) this is a problem. I am aware there has been some mention of it among the reviews but it did not come across as a particularly big issue which is why I didn't pay particular attention.

    Anyone know if the speaker phone works better on the orange enV?

    Thanks....more info
  • LG VX9900 Review.
    You do not need to sign up for the e-mail service to send email. That service fully synchronizes with e-mail on your computer and is way overpriced in my opinion.

    To send an email you simply go to the send a message area and then select text message and put in the email address to send it to.
    Try the free program at Bitpim dot org which will allow you to sync with outlook calendar as well as backup and restore contact list and also import any sound file to use as a ringtone.

    One observation I made that no one else mentioned is that the internal speakers do not sound as good as the Previous V model. That is probably because of the top of the unit not being as deep so the sound is flatter. It is still good enough though. I use my own Shure E2C with adapter from 3.5mm to the LG's 2.5mm. (4 connection plug) Make sure you get the right connector with 4 sections on the plug. A standard 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter will not work. You will only hear sound in one side....more info
  • Warning re: Verizon Wireless
    Although not to this exact phone I would like to warn any folks out there who are considering purchasing service or anything from Verizon NOT to. Their customer service is the absolute worst of any of the carriers imo. Their reps are rude, they change information each time they talk with you and don't deliver upon their promises. The phone may be fine, but the service of this carrier is just absolutely horrendous. It's not always about the phone; it's about the service provider as well. Verizon does not stand behind its products and after spending a minimum of 10 hours for the last 6 months every month without satisfactory resolution I feel compelled to warn others who may be considering them...more info
  • enV
    I got this phone about a year ago, it's held up pretty well. I've dropped it countless amounts of times and it's still working perfectly. (knock on wood)
    The only complaints i have is that it's kind of big and sometimes it doesn't fit all the way in my jean pockets and falls out and occasionally the keyguard will turn off in my pocket and it will sometimes dial random numbers, but it's not a big deal. It's a good phone and the camera is great for a phone camera....more info
  • Great Phone for the $$
    The LG enV is a great phone with many features. The keyboard for texting is my favorite! The "speakephone" is a pain....when it is closed, in a case,on your hip and you are in a room full of noise , it is hard to hear it ringing. When you put the speakerphone on when open and try to talk to someone the person on the other end asks you to turn it off you are breaking up. The other thing about this phone is that the internal pics you assign to an individual caller are so small you need a magnifying glass to really see them....LG could have utilized the full screen for those of us with the over 40 eyes. I am thinking of purchasing the new jawbone headset and hoping that it syncs properly. But overall for the price it is a great phone. BUY IT AND TRY IT maybe it will be different for you....more info
  • An Fantastic Phone for the Text Happy!
    I am incredible happy with this phone. I text more than i talk and the phone is amazing. I was never very good at using T9 so the built in keyboard really helps. I also like the screen. The outside screen is nice since you can go through all your menus and tools without flipping open the phone. When you do open the phone you get a bigger screen and better graphics. I was pleasantly surprised with the camera. I own the orange EnV so i get a bit longer videos than the silver. The camera takes great shots and video. You can also set a video for you wallpaper, which is the first phone I have seen that does this. The built in ringtones are okay, the only thing i wish is that you could use your own music as a ringtone. Plus if tend to download from Limewire or anywhere else like that, the phone will not read the song, since it is missing th licensing.
    ---Overall this phone works for me. My sister who is a talker hates it. SHe says its too big and the keyboard takes too long for her to use. But for a girl like me, the keyboard is a life safer. ...more info
  • More hits than misses
    I just picked this at the end of April and loved it. Not being much of a text message person, I am sure this will change seeing this QWERTY keyboard. I did compare it to the new Voyager and the camera on this stands out as it has flash and a protective cover. For the price of the Voyager now, shame on them. I do have to send it back as I experienced some freeze ups after doing simple tasks as text messaging and/or reading them, in the multimedia task such as Get It Now and EZ Navigator plus viewing the photos. It's being replaced this week but I want the green unit as the 'email' key is dysfunctional for me on this unit and can not be changed at all.

    This phone, even though it is 2 years old, it awesome. It has a TTS (text-to-speech) feature that I found yesterday which reads all emails, text messages and other areas too. I am glad I found it I do not have to fumble with my glasses trying to read various information. I only wish the voice command worked better as I can not get it to match my voice. I love the EZ Navigator and bumped my package up to include this as an unlimited feature. Other than this, I have no problems with the phone as a whole....more info
  • EnV
    I've had the phone for about three months and agree that it's a great phone. A couple of solutions to the issues people brought up. You can go back by using the CLR button (obviously not real intuitive). As far as the camera and the lens placement causing you to put your finger in front of the lens. I consulted a technical guru for his opinion and after much contemplating, here's the solution he gave, "What, are your fingers the size of my arm, move your finger."

    But seriously, a great phone, I do have one issue. With the phone on, it is very easy to bump the keypad and accidently dial or redial numbers. If anyone has a solution other than turning the phone off :), I'd appreciate it....more info
  • horrible phone!
    I have had this phone for a year. One day, After the 1 year mark, i set the phone down and it started to freak out on me. it started pressing the * button over and over and i tred texting and it would write random words. i have to update my phone every few days just to recieve text messages. i was talking to another girl with the same phone. i didn't tell her my problems with my phone, yet she was telling me the same thing was happening to her phone....more info
  • Bulky BUT can take a beating!!
    FIRST I want to congrats AMAZON. I bought my LG-enV from Amazon and the first phone I recvd although new in a sealed box - had problems. 24 hrs after I notified them my new phone was having problems they overnited me another one 100% hassle free. THANKS AMAZON. Now back to the phone, Its STURDY as hell and can take a beating. I've dropped mine on a hard surface a couple times AND thanks to my beloved dog Mr.Peppi, 20% of my phone was submerged in water. Now the little "pink" dot under the battery is RED (LG's way to tell if you got your phone wet & VOIDS any warranty - Most phones have that, not only LG) BUT NOT TO WORRY - I shook out any excess water, let the phone dry and IT WORKS FINE. To be honest about it, this happened to me TWICE, and phone still works great. ALSO - the MP3 player is AMAZING. I absolutely recommend you get the music MP3 software & earbuds (arround $30.00 additional). The sound is BETTER than my SamSung SENSA MP3 player. I don't use the SENSA anymore, just the LG-enV. Why carry a phone + MP3 player when the phone MP3 player sound GREAT!! Sorry BUT I can't review on the camera because since I dropped the phone a couple times all my pics come out fuzzy. I strongly believe this was MY fault. I heard from other people that the camera works GREAT and does a nice job. MY ONLY COMPLAINT is how BULKY this phone is - Aside from that I would say DEFINITELY BUY IT!!!
    As always, THANKS for reading my reviews and be well. The WebbMan ...more info
  • biggest annoyance in my life.
    Honestly, this phone does not even deserve the one star I am giving it. I switched from Sprint to Verizon in January 2007. Over the course of the year I have replaced my enV four times. No, I have not dropped it much, gotten it wet, or dropped anything on it. It is clearly a software issue. As with most common phones and other electronic products that come out, the ideas and products are there, but due to the push by companies to satisfy the consumer, the software is commonly a disappointment with many products now days.

    But back to this phone..

    Many people like this phone because of its unique keyboard (at the time it came out) and its nice screen, great camera, etc. But my problem was not the features of the phone nor the applications. Due to lack of software development, the current phone I have, my 4th enV, likes to freeze randomly and the buttons are not responsive half the time. I have had my 4th enV for 2 weeks and have not dropped it, etc, or do anything that would cause harm to the phone. My 3rd enV would turn on and off whenever it please, no matter if I was in the middle of sending a message or in the middle of talking with someone.

    My recommendation is to steer clear of this phone. Go with something reliable, and don't buy it just for the "fancy features" because this phone is not to unique anymore....more info
  • How does this only gets 4 stars when everyone rated 5 stars?
    I'm writing this from my wife's account. I replaced my Motorola E815 when I ran over it, with the Samsung SCH A930, then this phone after a long research for an upgrade. I thought I couldn't beat my old phones by much, but I was wrong. Not only does it play the WMA format, it plays the MP3 format too.... :) Great screen inside and great camera. Love the orange color. I thought the Motorola E815 was good, but not even close to this. I can't complain. Great phone and worth every penny. Easy to text, access functions, and so forth. ...more info
  • Transferring Music
    Good evening,

    My wife and I purchased an LG ENV for our son and we have several questions:

    - can the music transferred from my computer be in WMA or MP3 format
    - is there any advantage to either format
    - we can't get the cellphone to play the music from the memory card, even though the memory card was formatted
    - can you please provide detailed directions to transfer music from my computer to the cellphone
    ...more info
  • Great Phone!
    Very satisfied with this phone so far. Great keyboard for multimedia & texting applications. Very nice 2MP camera & video camera. Nice to have the Micro SD slot for extra memory capacity. My Motorola Bluetooth H700 works with this phone really well. My only complaints is the speaker phone only works with the unit flipped open, otherwise all of the benifits outway the complaints....more info
  • Very Good Phone
    First of all i am renees daughter, and i have jus gotten the enV yesterday
    This is a really great phone. The sound quailty is excellent, but upon recording my voice-mail as i listened 2 it my voice sounded high-pitched && girly...which it is not. Other than the voice-mail msg and the smaller outer screen i have no objections 2 this fone. Although id have 2 say id give this fone a 4.5 b/c there are a few teensy items i do not like but can live wit

    -bright && colorful screens
    -its body is long so i dont mind relinquishing my razr; i have had flip fones all my life.
    -Sound Quality
    -Many Many Options
    -Full Size QWERTY keyboard, which is great 4 a txtr like me =)
    -Nice, Loud Speakers
    -Outer && Inner wallpapers can be different or set 2 as pictures
    -Email button comes in handy
    -Music qualily is good
    -Outer buttons are nice
    -Camera is really really good - im an ametuar photographer && own the Canon PowerShot SD600 - and this camera on the fone is really good nice clear crisp photos
    -The Keyboard is nicely spaced out enough even for my fingers, no i do not have fat fingers but they're clumsy
    -Txting is fast and really easy, either way

    -The outer screen is a bit too small but i can live w/ that
    -My voice mail sounded shrill && girly, but the razr did that 2
    -There wasnt much choice of ringtones for the fone && they all sucked. i am currently pix msging my self the ringtones from my mums old fone - which are better and u can use them

    Other than those few, small gripes, i have nothing bad 2 say bout this fone! my brother && sister are planning on gettin one just like mine.. oh yea i almost forgot, if u want 2 put music on ur fone n u have iTunes, jus buy the SD card, put the music on it && slip it in the fone! ...more info
  • help with my lg 9900 phone
    Downloaded some songs on my new lg9900 cell phone but cant figur out how to set them as ring tones can anyone help?...more info
  • You will love this phone, believe me.
    I researched, researched, and researched many cell phones over the last 2 months as our "new every two" drew near. I looked online, talked to many people, and tried out many phones at my local Verizon store and I ultimately decided on the enV for both my wife and I. It was a tough call, also considering mostly the VX8700 and the VX9400, but decided that the enV had what we needed and more importantly, had what we would really use. What a great choice! It delivers on everything it promises and is by far, the best out of the bunch. Did I mention I did my research? My wife loves the enV almost more than I do.

    Believe it or not though, I lost sleep over the "big" decision (you may be too, right now if you are actually reading this), however reading a great many online reviews, both pro and con, really helped me make a solid decision and I feel obligated to help others.

    If you are considering this phone, I seriously doubt you will regret buying it. So many of the cons other reviewers mention really are pretty minor and you will love it anyway. The camera is amazing, the VZ Navigator is great, the speakerphone works perfectly, and on the whole, it is really a great working cell phone! I hope you will sleep well tonight as you make your decision--I am, being very happy with my great Orange enV....more info
  • WOW
    This phone is the best phone ever. Seriously, I hvae dropped it over 30 times and it works like it is brand new. The keys are nice and spaced out (not like a Sidekick) and make is easy to type. Personally, I think it is easier to type on this phone than a sidekick. Also, the verizon serivce is GREAT so my phone works almost all the time and everywhere. I really think that you should get this phone if you are a verizon customer, and if you aren't a Verizon customer then make the switch becuase I am pretty sure you will love this phone. ...more info
  • The enV Helped Me Make the Leap
    I was late to the cell phone game, anyway. I rocked a beeper until at least 2001. After which I was a plain-Jane flip-phone user. Of course, my luck with such phones has left a trail of half broken hinges from New York to Seattle.

    When it came time for my most recent phone upgrade I reluctantly decided on the LG enV. It seemed like more phone than I'd ever needed or would ever use. However, I have happily accepted I'm wrong.

    Though I have a serious case of fat-thumbism, this phone works with me and not against me. The interior keypad is easy to use, though which buttons to push when and which order did set me back the first few times. I'm not a techno-idiot but I'm not as committed to maximizing the use or my understanding of my digital hardware as some are.

    The camera feature is a breeze to use and takes excellent photos.

    I love the notepad option as well. As a writer, I'm often want to capture a thought or observation when I don't have a pen and paper handy. This phone has had my back more than a few times.

    The only pitfalls I'd personally caution against are a) the little raised portion around the ear piece, it always digs into my ear, and b) when using blue-tooth the front keypad does not automatically lock (or lock at all, but I can't be sure) so there are sometimes embarrassing hangups due to inner pants pocket pressure.

    Overall, I have come to trust and enjoy this phone and would recommend it especially to those who are a) on a budget, of sorts, b) like to txt msg all the time, and c) generally like to use their cell phones for everything in between....more info
  • white chocolate v cast
    lousy phone, when you turn on it starts going through all the available options for about 2 or 3 min. Then the voice commands do not work, it does seem to understand what i am telling it to do even after I programed it to. It does not pull number correctly. The circle direction option is also lousy the direction keys, option keys and the okay button do work like it, made to do. Dont purchase this one....more info
  • The Greatest Phone Ever
    The LG VX9900 or En-V might be the greatest phone of all time! This phone is very light but not delicate, and has proven to be extremely durable. It can be dropped on concrete, chewed on by the family dog or even given a bath in a giant 64 oz cup of Ice Water. Nothing seems to bother this phone, I have repeatedly put this phone in harms way (by accident of course) it just keeps on working. It offers the feel and functions of a straight (non-flip) phone, then flips open with full a keypad, good size screen and speakers that work great for my music or talking to people on speaker phone. I can hold the phone in the palm of my hand with my arm fully extended and talk; I have never once had someone ask if they were on speakerphone. (No echo) I bought a 2G; memory chip, so all my pics, videos, and music have plenty of room. I have over 300 songs on my phone, almost 40 self recorded videos, and at least 200 pictures on my phone with room to spare
    ...more info
  • Ear Mic issues
    I purchased the LG enV last year in May. I enjoyed all of the multimedia features with the phone and was impressed with the qwerty layout because I use the text messenging (1500 a month on average). However, in October of last year, the ear microphone stopped working, so I had to resort to opening the phone up and using the speakerphone to answer incoming calls. I got the phone replaced and 2 months later, had the same problem, but this time, the speakerphone button would not activate. Replacing this phone AGAIN, I got a third one which had been returned. Yet again, after only 3 weeks, the SAME problem. Verizon has been good to work with and has replaced the phone for me in each instance, but it's a hastle having to transfer contacts, losing some messages and data each time I need a new handset. I am wondering due to my extensive txting, that there is fatigue with the connectors as I open and close the phone. It's ridiculous that I've had to replace the phone this many times for the SAME problem. ...more info
  • More than I expected
    My biggest complain with Verizon was the terrible ringers the phones came with, and the cost of getting new ringers. The EnV allows you to make any sound you recieve via message a ringer and add it as a sound for your phone, so you can send it to other people. The first night I had it I browsed the internet and loaded up the phone with probably 30 ringers. I has at least 40mb of space available for fill, and I'm probably close to maxing that out.

    My only complaint with the phone is a small one and not really a sticking point at all. The camera is in a sort of odd spot, but there really wasn't another place to put it. You'll find that the phone won't sit flat on a table and often I have my fingers over the lense when I'm trying to take a picture.

    All in all a terrific phone. I don't see myself replacing it with another type anytime soon....more info
  • Some flaws
    I got my Envy as a christmas present, although it is a great phone, there are some problems that I have had with it.

    The Camera- The lense thing doesn't want to open sometimes, it gets stuck and it feels like im going to break it.

    The interface seemed really buggy, when I tried to delete my messages, I clicked erase, and it didn't do it. I would have to restart the whole phone to do so.

    But everything else was great....more info
  • My "2nd" phone seems to work!!!
    I'm now enjoying the new (green) enV phone I got a couple of weeks ago... after an experience that mirrored another review earlier this month.

    After getting my FIRST VX9900 and setting everything the way I wanted, the battery began a quick decline. I have no interest in putting music on the phone, or incurring any extra expenses... which even includes texting, although the keypad makes it soooooooo easy!! All I did was take a couple of pictures, and tinker with all the settings. The very next day (following a COMPLETE battery charge) the phone died!! I took it to Verizon. They tested it, & said the battery had no power. They said there was nothing faulty about the phone OR the battery, and that it must be the CHARGER unit! After taking it home, charging it again, then using it for 1 day (with only making some light calls) the battery began dropping again! At one point, it dropped from 2 battery blips to NOTHING, after turning it off, and on again. I then returned it to a different Verizon store. They checked it, and after witnessing the battery charge dropping before their eyes, they replaced the phone altogether. I AM NOW FINALLY PLEASED. The battery in the replacement phone now runs at least A FULL WEEK before needing another charge! Again, I don't do anything particularly draining with the phone.

    I find everything on the enV pretty easy to use, and enjoy the calendar feature as well. It also takes excellent pictures, with or without the flash. The only major complaint is the ringer volume. Like someone else said, with the phone strapped to the belt, in a Verizon leather case, it can be very challenging to hear the phone ring, depending upon which ring setting it's on. Even the "loud beeps" aren't as loud as one would imagine. Keep in mind this is with the volume setting on HIGH~! Other than that, there's not much I dislike about the unit. My advise to any new user, would be to keep a low profile with the phone at first, and watch the battery very carefully!!!!! You MAY have a dud!!...more info
  • love this phone!
    i recommend this phone to anyone!!!!

    the phone is great, but in order to enjoy it to its fullest:

    -buy expandable memory
    -get headphones
    -get some sort of case/cover
    -get a usb cable commector

    u can get all of that extra stuff from amazon for around $15!!!

    this phone is amazing, has great speakers, lots of cool features, and an amazing camera! EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS PHONE!!!...more info
  • Trouble with 2 units and no one cares...
    I had high hopes for this phone, because it got pretty good reviews by customers. The features are nice, and the phone looked as if it would be a good fit for me with the media player, Qwerty keypad, shortcut keys, calendar, etc., but it died while showing that it still had two bars. This happened a few times in the first two weeks of ownership--oh, and after the first week, I did not use the media player, because I wanted to see if that was draining my battery. It wasn't the problem. I took it back, and the customer service folks told me I needed to upgrade my battery. Let me get this straight. I had had the phone for two weeks, and the battery was bad already? Too make a long story short, after arguing with the customer service people that it was indeed the phone and not my fault in some way, I exchanged it for a new unit to try again. Same thing. I left the phone in my car for one hour (it showed 2 battery bars when I left), and when I came back the battery was irreconcilably dead.

    I realize things happen to phones. They are small electronics, so there will be batches that are defective, but here is the issue: When talking to verizon, it was always something I was doing to the phone or some application that I had downloaded (i downloaded some ringtones and a couple of pictures--nothing earthshaking) that made the phone power down. In short, no one cared. No one wanted to help me, give me an extended trial period while they tried to figure out if the phone was bad, offer another phone to try out--nothing. They didn't care about anything but making sure I did not blame the phone for its own deficiency. I was to blame. It was something I was doing. This may be a good phone, but I will never know, because the experience I had with Verizon as a result of two defective units, makes me want to wait out my contract and sign with someone else.

    ...more info
  • not bad
    the comment about not being able to go back one screen is not correct. you can press CLR to go back one screen.

    the camera is not as good as expected. you really have to be within 3 feet to take a decent picture of anything.

    also, the speaker is really bad. you have to put it up to the loudest volume to hear anything clearly even when the only other sound around is the sound of my computer fan, and at that setting, the sound is broken and hard to listen to. otherwise, a fun phone to play with....more info