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The Time Machine (1960)
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  • Hokey maybe, but a loved classic
    Maybe not state of the art special effects, but a movie that was way ahead of it's time then and classic to baby-boomers like myself. By the way-my 21 year old and 13 year old thought it was...."way cooler" than Star Wars. About 13 co-workers have borrowed it since I got it. 'Nuff said. ...more info
  • The Time Machine (1960)-Grand old movie!
    The Time Machine (1960)was an excellent five star movie produced by George Pal starring Rod Taylor. This old movie has held up pretty well with the passage of much time. I first saw it at the Loews Paradise in the Bronx back in 1960. Many of my old friends from the neighborhood took the trek up to Fordham Road to see this movie with me and were not dissapointed with this great movie. Although the special effects are a little dated they are nevertheless still effective. The movie owes much of its success to the original Wells story....more info
  • Come on reviewer # 200!
    This movie is, what (?), creepin'
    up on 50-years old. The Time Ma-
    chine is in better condition than
    the surviving actors/filmcrew....
    Based on the age of creation, how
    can anyone YOUNGER than the movie
    understand the wonders of watching
    this film-- for the first time--
    on the giant screen as a ten-year-
    old? There's very LITTLE rocket sci-
    ence IN the film... just sweat and
    time-lapse magic that is just what
    a younger reviewer'd call Cheesy.
    When this film turns 50, I'll turn
    60... the old guy has seen BETTER
    movies, but there's plenty WORSE
    than this. Shame on the 10% of the
    raters-- of THIS film-- that gave
    it ONE[*?] or TWO[**?] STARS! ...more info
  • A little Time machine of its own...
    When I was a kid, the Morlocks scared the hell out of me. I still love this film though, lets face it, it would be easy to make a monkeys arse of such a great story but the directors hand is firm, and the little touches that make this film so good are so enjoyable. The tailors dummy with the changing clothes, the spinning discs that provide the back story for the Eloi, its wonderful. My own childhood niggles such as the lack of interest of his colleagues and the lack of surprise of the Scots ginger-haired chap who meets him twice "in the future" annoyed me a little, but these are tiny glitches. Make no mistake, The Time Machine is a classic film and I hope one day my son will enjoy it as much as I did. Have to watch them Morlocks though!...more info
  • The book is better.
    Filmed in 1960, the movie takes several detours that Wells knew enough to avoid, so it can harp on the Dangers of the Nuclear Age, The Value of Friendship, and Other Topics The Producer Must Have Felt Were Important. It rapidly gets irritating. And while I get that portraying the Eloi as the childish, almost non-verbal characters of the story would have eventually gotten tiresome on screen, they were inconsistent and unbelievable as the more aware, but emotionally void, creatures the movie gives us. I ended up rooting for the Morlocks in the movie.

    If you've never read the book, and don't mind the preachy quality of a movie absolutely determined to make points about the Cold war at the expense of better material, it might be worth renting to mock. I like silly SciFi and often enjoy renting the bad old stuff just for grins, but this one just didn't do it for me.

    Read the book, though. It's darker (much darker at points), but it does what it sets out to do, which is make you think and entertain you at the same time. ...more info
  • The Time Machine
    A great movie. My family has watched it several times, and never get tired of it....more info
  • A step back in time.
    The Time Machine is not only a wonderful movie but it is a favorite subject of mine; the ability to move back or forth through millions of years fascinates me, especially the future as it is largely unknown. For its age the film is scarcely dated with fine acting and production values, and one of those that you can watch over and over. The question of what to bring with you into another civilization for better or worse is infinitely intriguing....more info
  • Please Make a Time Machine Faithful to the Book
    As a book to movie purist, why can't either movie address the main contention in the source? The Eloi created the Morlocks! The Eloi were the wealthy class, and the Morlocks were the workers. Any socialist philosophy aside (and I am far from a socialist), it makes the book highly engaging, because those who you would normally root for (the Eloi), and the villains (the Morlocks), it turns out the monsters are the victims. Great stuff (which is why it's a great book). Why must Hollywood, both in 1960 and 2005 (or whenever that other tripe was made) simplify and elimininate this crucial point! Well, you want something much worse, check out On the Beach, the great book, and then the god-awful 2000 and whatever version! WRETCHED!!! ...more info
  • Worth it for a laugh
    Like any old campy sci fi movie its good for a laugh just to see crappy sets and terrible Morlocks. I dont think anybody takes this movie serious, well i hope not anyways. The same people who like this movie are the same ones who say the remake is terrible....more info
  • Time machine Review
    This is one of the best movies ever made. This isn't just a classic, this movie is one of the movies that paved the way for other sci fi movies. This is as much of a classic as Wizard of Oz or Gone with the Wind and in my opinion this is better than both of those movies put together. ...more info
  • What a classic!
    Just re-watched this movie this weekend and forgot how good it was. Alan Young plays Taylor's best friend and there are great behind-the-scenes stories for this movie in Young's book MISTER ED AND ME (I believe that is the title) also available on If you love Morlocks, beautiful women, Oscar winning special effects and clever plots, this movie is for you....more info
  • A Real Classic!
    "The Time Machine" is a classic sci-fi story which has spawned a myriad of other time travel scenarios, the two most recognizable being "The Time Tunnel", and "Quantum Leap".This movie stands the test of time (pardon the obvious pun).It is expertly paced, and draws the viewer right into the story.You almost get a feel for the past,present and future.You also hear Wells' ominous predictions for what is now a very real and quite alarming present.His stories have always exposed the worst of our natures, whether self-created or from outside, yet preach that we are the ones who control our destiny, and that there is always hope.This movie can and should be viewed several times each year. I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy it as much on the tenth or even twentieth time as in the first....more info
  • Talk about classic
    This really is a great movie in about every way. It's well written & acted. It has forsight. It's fun. There are slow parts for people who can't appreciate the story and/or have a short attention span. I have a hard time bringing myself to spend the time to re-watch it when I'm in the mood but when I do, I'm always glad I did. I don't think any DVD collection is complete without this awesome classic....more info
  • the best -time machine
    it dont get any better full of great thoughts and class and great ideas and lovely blonde girls blondes are more civilized than brunettes, good call on director this one should get six stars. the new one came out after this is worst crap i ever seen nothing butt special effects and some kind of racist attitude butt this 1950s is so good and represents how people were back then very good. i should know my ancestores go back 1640 in ameirca....more info
  • Travel in Time with HG Wells
    Several 3rd grade classes in my school viewed this movie (rated G)after reading a version of the book. We'd read it chapter by chapter and reviewed with EOG-style questions. Wow-talk about a page-turner! The children could not wait to read the next chapter just as soon as we finished the last. Watching the movie was a fun way to see the images we'd created in our minds come to life. This was the original version (I think the best) and because it is rated G, I felt very comfortable showing it to my students....more info
  • A Thought-Provoking Film That Looks Better Than Ever On DVD
    Boy, did a nice DVD transfer like this one not only make me appreciate the visuals in here more but made the story seem better, too, for some reason. I only acquired the DVD as a memento, so to speak. I had to have at least one movie which had the woman I had a crush on back in the early '60s: Yvettte Mimieux. She still looks great, too.

    Since time travel stories also fascinate me, my favorite part of the film is when "George" (Rod Taylor) is actually in his time machine and experiments with it, slowing it down here and then and then stopping it a couple of times to observe World War I and then WWII. Then, he stops in 1966 when supposedly there was a nuclear attack. (Apparently, scare-mongers back in '60 thought that was a short-term likelihood.)

    Anyway, when "George" (H.G. Wells, the author of this story) finally stops, in the year 200,000-something, the story loses some of its momentum. However, it's a fairly interesting study of a group of ultra-passive people being dominated by others who live underground and then literally eat the good people. Taylor is astounded that mankind has not progressed as he had figured but seemed to have regressed.

    The message I got on this last look is that man is still man, meaning sinful and capable of anything bad as well as good, and to put one's faith totally in man is a mistake. It's only going to lead to disappointments as "George" found out on each of his stops. (Notice he never stopped during a peaceful, progressive period.) Yet, "George" is still an optimist and wants to be one to help initiate change for the better. There's always hope for a better world and people like George, with his idealism put to action, can make a difference.

    Overall, an entertaining and thought-provoking film.
    ...more info
  • An unexpected vision of the future
    The chronological setting of the movie is New Year's Eve 1899. George Wells (named in honor or the author of the original book) is just hours from seeing another century. But he is not satisfied with that, nor does he have to be. He wants to go many centuries into the future.

    The H.G. Wells book this movie is based on was written in 1895 close to when this movie is set. It was also the first story of time travel by mechanical means. "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" written by Mark Twain six years beforehand was about time travel via a bump on the head. In fact it was this book that coined the phrase "time machine."

    The movie closely follows the book except that it takes advantage of knowledge of 20th Century history not available to writers in the 1890's. When traveling into the future George stops during the two World Wars and the year 1966 which was a future year when this movie was made. Then he narrowly escapes a nuclear blast. This encases him and his machine in rock forcing him to continue traveling into the future until the rock was worn away over time. He stops in the year 802,701.

    George expects to see new inventions and progress. He is shown some advanced technology but not much. What he first sees is a lush garden and people, all blond and young, living in leisure. It appears that mankind has found a way back to the Garden of Eden. But something is just not right. For starters they do nothing when one of them is drowning in the river. The time traveler rescues the woman whose name is Weena and asks about her people's "rather curious attitude."

    He finds out more about these people. They are called the Eloi. There are people underground called the Morlock. But they do not look anything like the Eloi. These Morlocks are blue skinned, big eyed, monstrous looking people. Over time the human race has divided into two species. The Eloi have everything provided to them by the Morlocks but they pay a price for it. They all must eventually go underground to be eaten by the Morlocks. They respond to a siren with the exact same sound that civil defense sirens have been sounding since the beginning of the 20th Century. The time traveler had heard this sound during his stop in a World War II air raid and in the 1966 nuclear holocaust as people were being warned to seek shelter. Apparently people had been so conditioned to respond to that sound by going underground that the Eloi were doing so mindlessly.

    H.G. Wells was concerned about the working class increasingly working underground. In this story, this perceived trend of his has progressed to an extreme. There is a lot more to this story than someone going into the future and seeing new gadgets. On top of being a fun movie, it is rich in social commentary. The movie gives one the experience of traveling with the main character.
    ...more info
  • Great story line and clasic rendition
    This video is a classic of its era. Good special effects that accompany a pretty good story. ...more info
  • The Time Machine
    This movie is a great adventure. It has been enjoyed by my husband and i. Thank you Paula Flynn...more info
  • A Enjoyable Journey
    The movie is a timeless classic, just as I remembered from the first time I watched it a long, long time ago. ...more info
  • The Time Machine
    A good movie for it's time and a good movie now. So much better than the cheesy remake. ...more info
  • In search of a promissory future: the great illusion of the progress!
    Based on the famous novel of H. G. Wells, a young inventor constructs a device that
    enables him to travel to the future, to see what the future will depart us. But this somber gaze has nothing to do with a promissory future where harmony and peace will reign.

    Regardless the spanning years, the film still strike you. Memorable special effects and imaginative stages, where the vigorous profile of Rod Taylor is admirably compensated with that sidereal beauty who Yvette Mimieux was.

    Georges Pal would eventually the same director of the famous cult movie:"the seven faces of Dr. Lao."
    ...more info
  • Classic
    This movie is one of the better quality movies from the 60's. With very little special effects the story line is great. The warning of what faces the world if we don't change our ways is played out very will here. Excellent actors in Rod Taylor and Alan Young. ...more info
  • Time Travel
    This movie is one hour and fourty-three minutes long and was released on August 17, 1960. Also included in the movie is an extra 48 minutes of film that deal with the making of the movie, the restoration of the time machine, and 15 minute short. The movie is told in first person fashion. How George invented the time machine and traveled several thousand years into the future. Into a time were there is no war, no politics and no worry. Almost a garden of Eden. This is a very good movie to watch and the special effects are great and won an Academy Award for Best Effects, Special Effects (1961)....more info
  • Lisa's Opinion
    The time machine was an excellent movie. I highly recommend it. Rod Taylor is a superb actor, and makes this movie a classic. ...more info
  • Time Capsule
    This movie collects many of the ideas and fears of its own time, and straps them together with pieces of Wells's original story. There are some nice spots here, esp. Pal's signature stop animation in some of the time travel sequences, but not enough to save this from being only ordinary.

    The 1950s-isms stand out quite clearly. The Eloi are Wells's gentle hedonists, playing ineffectually in a garden world. Here, they're all young, dressed in pastel tunics, coiffed, and blond - as if only blonds could be beautiful people. Complete lack of children in this world leaves me wondering where the next generation would come from, but issues of reproduction don't suit this movie's era. Wells's troglodytic Morlocks become monster-movie standards: green, clumsy, with glowing eyes. And, to satisfy the moral needs of the time, characters identified as good defeat the ones identified as evil, without much though to where the good guys' next meal might come from.

    This movie was made in the 1950s, so the threat of nuclear war has to figure somewhere in the story. Missile silos come to mind when we see the air shafts into the Morlock's underground city. The big presence, though, is the air raid sirens, co-opted as triggers for a bizarre but recognizable instinct.

    This is a fair bit of nostalgic entertainment. It loses all the social imact of Wells's story, and adds features that don't really add much. Despite that, it's still a fair popcorn movie.

    //wiredweird...more info
  • "Before its Time"
    I first viewed this film when I was 11 years old and I must confess that seeing this movie impacted my whole life. I still have drawings I did in grade school of glass-domed futuristic houses with large double entrance doors. The time machine itself, is so humorous, but it is what they would have had in the 1800s for such a contraption. I was entranced by the Eloi and their lack of emotion and having to do nothing but eat fruit all day. My infantile mind thought that would be a GOOD life. I consider this a much better movie than its "twin" Journey to the Center of the Earth, but they were both great and thought-provoking, especially to pre-teenagers. The scenes and special effects are phenomenal. It is because of this movie that I probably eventually decided to write a time-travel novel of my own. Rod Taylor was not my favorite actor, but he did a very good job in this movie....more info