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These Streets
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19-year old Scottish singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini sounds older than his years on his debut album, These Streets. It's not just his careworn, smooth-as-sandpaper voice, either (although, admittedly, it does help). It's more to do with the maturity of the lyrics, and the casual soulfulness of his delivery. "Last Request" is more the work of a vintage Motown singer than a teenager from Paisley, and it's to Nutini's credit that he carries it off with aplomb. And rather like the soul singers of previous generations, he manages to sing without a hint of hypocrisy about his own sexual exploits ("Jenny Don't Be Hasty") while also questioning his girlfriend's fidelity ("Alloway Grove"). It's the fact that he's so frank, and even a little bit naive, that he manages to get away with it. And though the stripped-down tunes on These Streets don't always immediately grab the listener (the title track, in particular), the songs where Nutini is accompanied by a full band often manage to evoke sunny-day American soul ("New Shoes", for example). This is a strong debut, and considering Paolo Nutini's tender years, bigger things can be expected of him in the future. --Ted Kord

Debut album from Paolo Nutini.

2006 debut album by this young Scottish singer/songwriter influenced by such diverse artists as John Martyn, Van Morrison, Ray Charles and The Drifters, who is playing sold-out headline shows across the UK based on positive word-of-mouth and press support. 10 tracks including 'Jenny Don't Be Hasty', 'Last Request' and 'New Shoes'. Atlantic.

Paolo Nutini's Songs Suggest He Knows an Awful Lot About the Vicissitudes of Life and Love, and Demonstrate his Unique Gift for Expressing in Song the Attitudes and Experiences of Someone his Age. 'these Streets' Records his Experiences of Moving to London, a Song which Wistfully Name Checks the Places in which He Grew Up and is Sure to Strike a Chord with Anyone who Has Ever Lived in Bedsit-land. "Feeling Good, Feeling Down, Telling a Few White Lies. It's a Very Personal Record," Says Nutini, "But Hopefully Other People Can Relate to the Feelings." Many of the Songs on the Album, Including 'last Request' and 'rewind', were Inspired by a Turbulent Relationship with a Girlfriend, and 'jenny Don't Be Hasty' is a True Story About Encounters with an Older Woman.

Customer Reviews:

    The Scottish John Mayer-he is absolutely brilliant. Didn't discover him until Jade's funeral today. He is truly talented. "Loving You" reminds me of Lenny Kravtz's first album. I cannot wait to share this with friends....more info
  • Nutini rocks!!!
    Think soul...think hot guitar riffs...think about amazing lyrics about relationships and life into just one album...there is only one person I can think of who can accomplish this and that is Paolo Nutini. I heard of Nutini a year before the album was released in the U.S. and I was amazed by what I heard. Songs like "Rewind" and "Allowgrove" are amazing. But it is the songs like "Jenny Don't Be Hasty", "New Shoes", and "Loving You" that make this album as hot as it is. Just one listen to it and its first track and you will be hooked. Nutini is the real "it" and his career will surely launch with his raw and true style; something that is very unique among todays industry. My personal favorites are "Jenny Don't Be Hasty" "Rewind" "New Shoes" and "Loving Me." Buy the album and you will see exactly what I mean....more info
  • Paolo Nutini Is A Genius
    Pandora popped up the suggestion to listen to a Paolo Nutini single "Last Request" and we were hooked! Bot the CD and one song is better than the next until you replay the CD and then you know each and every song is better than the one before... a "do loop" of constant gratification. Nutini wrote all the songs when he was younger than 17(?) and yet demonstrates a relationship knowledge of much greater life experiences. Fantastic instruments and rock/soul sound...wonderful variety in songs...vocal quality of extreme talent. Bought our initial CD and then purchased 4 as gifts. We would see him in concert if there was a guaranteed way to do so. This is a MUST HAVE....more info
  • Fantastic all the way through
    To the reviewer who only liked "New Shoes": I'm not surprised. It's not a knock on the reviewer or the song, it's catchy. But I think it was a poor choice to release as a single if the goal was to introduce people to his style. "New Shoes" has a completely different feel than the rest of the album.

    That being said, what an amazing voice and fantastic debut album! Personal fav's are "Million Faces" and "Last Request". I'm guessing the only reason one of these two wasn't released as the single was because they aren't incredibly upbeat....more info
  • Refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally a new singer - who can sing! How novel in today's music scene with its toy barbies - girls and boys - spitting trash for cash - to see a developing artist make records his children will not be ashamed of, and neither will we when we turn this one up! GO GO PAOLO!...more info
  • Nutini - These Streets
    This young man has me enjoying music again. Just get it and take a listen, you will find something in it for yourself. I can hear so many wonderful influences, mixed with unique and sincere lyrics and music.

    Thank you, Paolo...keep on going :)...Welcome to the USA....more info
  • Good music
    I loved this CD. The music is great and it's different. My only complaint is after track 10 or somewhere toward the end there is 14 minutes of silence,nothing,then the last track plays. Other than that it is a new spin on old blues ideas....more info
  • Great Performer
    Saw this guy at Vfest in Baltimore, Md. a few days ago. Never heard him before and really like his sound. Great voice with some nice guitar work. Worth a listen....more info
  • Simply Amazing
    I first heard Paolo on a morning news show and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I was mesmerized by his live version of Last Request and decided right then and there that I was going to support his talents by purchasing the album. After finding out this kid was only 19 when he released this album was even more amazing. He has the soul & song writing ability of a man twice, three times his age.

    Usually an album will have songs I feel the need to skip over but not this one. I can listen, feel and sing along with all of them. I highly recommend this record. ...more info
  • fantastic
    It's better than i anticipated and better than any review i had read about it....more info
  • Fabulous
    You will love this CD. All the songs are great. I am use to getting CD's that I only love a few of the songs but this one is great the whole way through....more info
  • A True Artist
    I stumbled across Paolo Nutini's album, These Streets, after hearing "New Shoes" play on my sister's iPod at random. I enjoyed the song and sought the album out. I came to discover that These Streets is a uniquely diverse album offering a range of well written songs and melodies. This is one of the better albums I have heard in the past year or so. Paolo is a truly talented artist who knows what being soulful is really about. The songs vary in styles, but the underlying musicianship is the same throughout. Paolo's voice, the most captivating part of the mix, is natural and inviting. Anyone looking for some great music should look no further- Paolo Nutini has what you need....more info
  • Love It
    I bought the album for These Streets and can't stop listening. His voice is incredible: raspy and soulful. All the songs are honest... Beautifully written lyrics, straight from the heart and without pretension. These streets, loving you, autumn are my favorites. ...more info
  • listening to live earth now!!
    when i heard new shoes on tv, i knew i had to have this album. awesome!! and i'm listening to his performance on the Live Earth stage right now on my computer! ...more info
  • Brilliant new artist & 1st CD
    This is such a feel good CD....especially New Shoes which will have you up and dancing. If you're feeling a little low, just put this on and you'll feel better in no time. Paolo has a very sexy voice....he just oozes sex appeal! I'll be coming back for more. Check out his myspace page if you'd like to see the videos. You can also go directly to their site and sign up for information about new music and concert dates. This guy is so talented that I'm sure he's going to be a huge sucess! He was inspired by artists like Van Morrison so, how can you go wrong?...more info
  • Paolo!
    Love the New Shoes song, but the others are a bit slower and sound a little like Jeff Buckley. Not a bad thing, just not as upbeat as what I had expected. Good CD though....more info
  • Peppy Feel Good Fun
    In an era where many artists feel the need to be political outspoken - Paolo Nutini puts the fun back into music. From the peppy riffs and beats to the feel good lyrics, you just can't help but love the bubble gum happy music of These Streets!...more info