3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator PE (Personal Edition) 3D Navigation Device USB ( 3DX-700029 )
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Product Description

Until now, advanced 3D navigation has been reserved for high-end design professionals. With the introduction of the SpaceNavigator, 3Dconnexion has made this exciting technology accessible and affordable for architects, artists, students and anyone else who wants to enjoy the 3D experience. 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator offers natural and intuitive navigation of 3D environments and objects for today's most popular and powerful 3D applications. Simply push, pull, tilt or twist the SpaceNavigator's controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D imagery. You'll experience an easy, simple and fun way to fly through 3D environments like Google Earth using 3Dconnexion's award-winning technology. Two programmable keys store your favorite application functions.At home, at school or on the road - SpaceNavigator Personal Edition is the Navigation Device for your 3D world. There are no differences between the devices in terms of scope or capability. The only difference is the license. The SpaceNavigator Personal Edition is exclusively for private use or for use in research and education.

  • Advanced 6 degrees-of-freedom optical sensor
  • 2 programmable function keys
  • Fly through Google Earth and 100+ 3D programs
  • PE model includes non-commercial use license and online tech support only
  • Ideal for 3D designers, students, artists and enthusiasts

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice device but broke easily
    Ordered this device last December, but since I am from outside the US, just got hold of it by February (Not the fault of seller). Anyway, played around with it, worked as expected, built was just right, but after 2 weeks, it suddenly stopped and would not work anymore. Nothing happened to it, it just stopped.

    Called up seller but seller said it was out of warranty, so I ended up with good looking paperweight.

    Would want to have given this a better mark if it lasted more than 2 weeks....more info
  • Mac Love!
    I was concerned about the level of Mac support before purchasing, but once I plugged it in I was able to fully configure it using ControllerMate (http://www.orderedbytes.com/controllermate/) to the point that I could use it in a completely unrelated game and get good fluid 3D navigation. ...more info
  • Small and Heavy and Accurate
    The unit is small, which is good because I'm a student and need to take it to school and back every day.

    The base is heavy, which is good because it doesn't go sliding around while I'm trying to use it.

    The accuracy is very good, which helps when I'm trying to find the right angle to continue modeling.

    Also, it looks really cool.

    The cons:

    No support for programs outside of what is listed in the official compatability chart.

    The sensitivity takes some getting used to and tweaking to get it right.

    The control only moves less than a centimeter in any direction. The motion is NOT continuous.
    I went cheap ant got the little one with only 2 buttons that are hard to press without accidently moving the handle. Any serious modeller will most likely want the ones with 20+ buttons so that you don't have to switch hands to the keyboard as often.

    Software used to test: Solidworks 2008, Pro/E Wildfire 4.0.
    ...more info
  • Worked as promised
    Functions well. Does take getting used to, like with anything new. Basically a joystick without the stick to grasp. Zooming the camera through Google Earth and Second Life is fun. Moving an avatar within Second Life is a bit trickier, but smooth once you get the hang of it. Good possibilities for working with those who have limited mobility....more info
  • Absolutely Amazing
    A coworker got one of these and let me play with it because I develop 3D applications. All I can say is wow! It was a little bit of a pain to develop for because it's treated as a joystick, but I absolutely love playing around with it. It deffinately takes some getting used to, since moving it forward tends to also tilt it down and etc. Since movement is like a joystick (ie, holding it in a direction means contant movement in that direction), it's really nice being able to continue in the desired direction without having to play the mouse shuffle (drag, move back, drag, move back...) Using this in something like Google Earth is like playing a flight sim.
    The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish they had made the knob a little bigger, more like your standard mouse. I think that would have made it a little easier to control and prevented more accidental movement on the wrong axes. But other than that I love it. I'm gonna have to get one for myself to play with at home! =D...more info
  • Useful gadget
    I read about this gadget when I started to use SecondLife. However, I decided to buy it after I saw a demo of how to use it with a protein visualization software (http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/chimera/). The SpaceNavigator deliver a level of control unparallel by any other device I have used. In addition to the mouse, it allows for a very intuitive control of proteins and electron densities. I own a Griffin 1100-PWRMTS PowerMate/USB Multimedia Controller and Input Device which a more versatile input device. The SpaceNavigator DOES NOT replace my Powermate but actually complements it further. The Spacenavigator is a tool useful only for 3D applications (eg. Maya) and, as I mentioned above) cannot be easily used with other applications. I would certainly recommend it with the above date in mind. For more general use, the PowerMate is still is king. ...more info
  • Eh, good if you have the right software.
    I got this to use with Maya 7 on an Intel Mac. Unfortunately, performance issues with the Maya7 + Intel Mac combo prevent this device from functining in a usefull way. The item in Maya would not update on the screen until you released the controls. This makes it effectively useless because you can't see what you are doing until after it is done!

    The company's website has a forum with direct access to the developers who were very helpful. Their solution was to upgrade Maya to 8.5 because it works fine for them.

    I had to return this item because we need exactly Maya 7 for our custom tools. Other than that, it seemed to be a really good quality piece of hardware. It was much larger and heavier than I thought. It was very well made. If you have the right software, then it will be great for you!...more info
  • Easy to use, essential peripheral!
    I bought this device recently to use with Google Earth and Secondlife. It was incredibly easy to use, right out of the box with no learning curve in either application. It makes 3D viewing, navigation and movement very intuitive. It is a solid piece of equipment yet occupies very little space on your disk or keyboard tray. For the relatively small price, the benefit is huge. Recommended!...more info
  • Space Navigator
    I found this product to be well made and very intuitive to use and makes navigation in Google Earth much easier than with the normal mouse controls....more info
  • Highly recomended!
    It does exactly what I wanted it to do. I have used it with Pro/E and Solidworks and would recommend it to CAD users. Drivers are good, not great but better than your average Logitech driver....more info
  • 3D mouse works great, with caveats
    The 3D Connexion mouse works great as long as you keep a few things in mind. 1:It does not replace your main input mouse, its made to work alongside it.
    2:To get the Space navigator PE to function with all applications, you need to register the device with connexion through their website once you receive it.
    The PE pricing does not include Tech support so you cannot call and ask why the device does not work as promised. You have to figure it out. (If you are not computer savvy, you may want the SE version. (It includes Tech support}
    There are applications that are being updated daily to work with this input device and registration allows you to download the latest drivers for those applications. First thing, quality construction, weighted with enough engineering so the piece seems solidly built. I still do not let my younger kids gang bust with the device as they don't have the dexterity for subtle handling required for movement changes. The big movement is "pulling up" on the cap to zoom out and "pushing down" on the cap to zoom in. They either end up levitating the whole device with their pulling force or smashing down on the cap. Leave them the old "mouse. It cost much less to replace if That gets broken. I got the Space Navigator PE to work with Google sketchup 6 when I design component placement for media rooms and out of the box the Space Navigator would not work. Once registered, the connexion download supplied the interface and drivers needed for skethup to work and the input device works great. Drawing in sketchup is now just as fluid as drawing in any 2d drawing application because moving your object/space can be done with the "other" hand while you use your predominant hand to work the drawing tools. Using the device in Google Earth literally gives you the feeling of "flying" into your world. I navigated flight through the canyons of skyscrapers in New York City, south of Central Park, with the nimbleness of an swallow. (if nimbleness is a word.) Haven't tried the "pay-per-viewer" MS Virtual Earth yet. The trifecta would be if I could get the mouse to work with Quicktime VR. That would be good for real estate navigation. Workin on it....more info
  • A must have for 3d work
    I first saw these while taking classes for Inventor. At first I thought they we more a novelty.
    I bought the least expensive model for home use. Now, while at work, I find myself reaching for the navigator.
    Am definately going to have to get one for work now.
    Get one and you'll be amazed how much easier working in the 3d enviroment is....more info
  • Great product
    This controler is a must for the serious cad user or anyone who uses a graphics program. It is small but heavy, so it does not move around while you are trying to work. There is a screen that alows you to coustomize what each movement does. I did have trouble with the software. I am not sur if that was me or the disk. Simple solution, go to the company website and download from there. I love this controler....more info
  • undispensible
    This navigator is a lifesaver. I use it mainly in 3d studio. I can manipulate my viewports with ease and percision without having to remember all those dag-on shortcuts. It have greatly increased my workflow efficiency and i highly recommend it to anyone who works heavily in 3d....more info
  • 6DOF is SO fun!
    I am really enjoying this product, I feel it was affordable, and I recommend it. I use SpaceNavigator for solid modeling in SolidWorks2008.

    It took about 10 minutes to get a hand feedback feel for 'flying-through-space'. It took a couple hours before I felt I could control my model views faster with SpaceNavigator than with my 2D mouse.

    CON: After using the gizmo for a few weeks I find it a dubious claim that it increases productivity at all. I did not buy this product expecting this to be a productivity booster.

    CON: The driver and control panel software are esoteric, but when I put a quarter on the left side of my monitor, a coke can on the right, and pray to the correct hindu god, it works!

    PRO: Nevertheless it is REALLY fun to use and superior for presenting and inspecting models in groups. I have also found it improves the look of screen capture demo videos. I can make the model dance and float with the music, it adds a nice flourish here and there that breaks the monotony of an instructional demo.

    For the price I recommend this to any solid modeler. I hope to see more applications using this device. I hope to watch this product line evolve and improve as competitors enter the market....more info
  • Nice device, I guess
    Item was ordered because I thought it would be a nice alternative to using a mouse. Unfortunately, while the product was made well and might work well for some, its certainly not a replacement for your standard mouse or touchpad. Very few applications seem to be able to use this, and I had difficulty configuring the one application I tried: google earth. Its a solid device but in need of some applications and a willingness on the user's part to learn how to work it. ...more info
  • My Boss is impressed
    Once I saw this product I couldn't stop thinking about how much it would make my life better (at work/school) when doing 3D modeling. I am all about innovative input methods. I purchased this model to try out the 6 axis of movement concept and I love it! At work I am able to fly around and walk through our 3D models to get a better idea of the spaces we are creating in our architecture. I primarily use this device with SketchUp where it is especially handy for navigating tight interior spaces and getting a good view of the piece I am working on. My boss is even impressed as to the things I can do with it and enjoys seeing the model move around the screen in such a fluid manor.

    The only negative things I have to say about it are: 1. I have issues with the device sliding a small bit on my desk when pushing it to the limits in any direction. 2. I should have sprung for one of the models that includes programmable buttons because I still have to move my hand from the device to the keyboard very often negating some of the efficiency gained. 3. There are some minor aspects of the software it comes with that I find lacking but perhaps that will change....more info
  • Even Better Than I Expected
    The SpaceNavigator works like a charm for navigating 3D space in the two programs I used it for on my MacBook: Google SketchUp and Google Earth. The base of this 3D mouse is a heavy metal so that when you pull up on it, it won't come off the table. Because of this metal, at the security checkpoint in the airport, they took it out of my bag, gave it a funny look, and put it back in. Maybe I should put it in my checked luggage next time.

    The software that comes on the CD, or that you can download from their website has a control panel which allows you to configure each of the six axis controls separately for direction and speed. Each program you use can be configured separately as well. I didn't like the defaults, so I changed them for both Google Earth and Google SketchUp.

    ...more info
  • Wish it supported more apps..
    I like this item, I really do! But I wished ip supported some other mainline applications. Yes, Photoshop useage is fantastic! But can we somehow get this to work with Corel's Painter program? PLEASE?!?...more info
  • Vista and Photoshop CS3 Compatibility Fixed
    Update on the situation: Recently 3dConnexion released a driver update for the SpaceNavigator. The update fixed the compatibility issues with Photoshop CS3. Anyway, I now give the product five stars and find it very valuable when navigating extremely large images. It's also quite a good deal at $59 MSRP for the PE version. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to update the number of stars on the review.

    I purchased this product exclusively to use with my Vista Home Premium PC and Adobe Photoshop CS3. I had no problems for the first 20 days or so. Now everytime I attempt to pan an image in Photoshop using the SpaceNavigator, Photoshop crashes and any unsaved work is lost. I downloaded the latest drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled, and even posted a blurb on their support forum to no avail. Nothing changed on my PC's configuration. I would return it to Amazon except I just recycled the cardboard packaging this morning and it just stopped working this evening. Nice concept, but it still has some serious software implementation issues and bugs.
    ...more info
  • Excellent for video capture in Second Life!
    I was inspired to get this product after seeing a cute video made by a friend in Second Life. The ability to use the controller to do fly-cam moves is just fantastic. Makes capturing live action so much fun. (Paired with iShowU HD and my new Macbook). It's a very simple plug-ad-play product, and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended....more info
  • exelent product !!
    3D connexion has also a very good customer support!!!!

    for low cost 3D tools, photoshop navigator,
    and virtual travelers,
    (google earth,virtual earth, world wind 1.4)

    is now the only and totaly satisfacting buy!!!...more info
  • Perfect for people who work with CAD everyday!
    I started using a spaceball about 10 years ago and can not live without one now. I bought this one for my home office and for travelling to offsite locations. $50 is an incredible price for something that makes my job easier. The installation is very simple and it works flawlessly with most CAD programs out there. ...more info
  • Great device, driver could use more work.
    I was intrigued by the SpaceNavigator after seeing videos of it in action. In the realm of 3d modeling, every program has its interface quirks and issues. The SpaceNavigator allows me to bridge those interface issues and work smoothly across apps, and I can't imagine being without it nowadays. However, although the device is well made and looks cool, the drivers need to be better written.

    Sometimes the drivers are sluggish in response in certain programs, and sometimes the device would lose my previous settings in a certain application, and I would have to calibrate it again. It would also be nice if it could support more applications....more info
  • 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator
    I am using the SpaceNavigation to teach airspace for the Federal Aviation Administration with Google Earth. It is fantastic viewing Google Earth providing a very smooth movement during tour recording sessions....more info