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Product Description

Product Features: We all have the feeling sometimes that we are being spied on. This is why Counter-Surveillance has become a huge business. Camera detectors work great if the camera is wireless and transmitting a frequency. Until the SpyFinder was introduced, there was no way to detect a wired pinhole camera. The Spyfinder is a compact battery powered device that allows visual detection of any hidden or spy camera, powered on or not. Any and all hidden cameras will be detected by this device. The SpyFinder works on the principle of optical augmentation. This means that light is reflected from a focused optical system. This is analogous to the "red eye" effect you get when taking photographs. What this means for you is that the light emitted from the SpyFinder is reflected by the hidden camera and is seen through the special viewfinder in such a way that false positives are virtually eliminated. This is small enough that you can keep it with you anywhere you go. Inspect dressing rooms, your office, locker rooms, anyplace you are suspicious of. No camera can hide! Includes complete instructions. Simple to use, battery operated, fits in your purse or pocket. Originally manufactured for the US Government and has recently been declassified. This is technology that required extensive development costs. This is not a gadget. This is the worlds only effective tool to locate spy cameras. Thousands and thousands sold with a less than .001% return rate. That's less than one return per thousand sold. It is that effective. Millions of dollars are spent each year settling lawsuits for company liability issues resulting from employees placing hidden cameras in dressing rooms, tanning booths, etc. Effectively scan an average sized room in two minutes for hidden cameras, both wired and wireless.

  • Simple to use
  • Battery operated
  • Fits in your purse or pocket
Customer Reviews:
  • Awesome
    I've use this EVERYTIME I go to a hotel. Haven't found anything yet thankfully, but I've tested it with some of my own mini cams and let me assure you that it works.
    If you ever want to be absolutely sure, get one of these......more info
  • Nauseating Price Destroys Product
    This item is so overblown price wise, you'll see for yourself if you ever purchase one. It's materials probably cost $20 at the most. It's nothing but red lights with a little glass. You look through the viewfinder and reflect red light off of any shiny objects. You could create your own at home using a high school hobby kit. It's not worth more than $29.95. This price is so obscene it's criminal....more info
  • limited to U.S. only???
    I would love to have one but it seems that they don't have international shipping for this item....more info