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  • A generous 3 stars.... more like 2.75
    I didnt really like this movies and I teeter back and forth from giving it 3 stars or the 2 that it probably is more deserving of.

    First let me say that this is NOT really a WAR MOVIE. It's more an action movie that is set in a war zone and has some combat.

    My first gripe is that I was really distracted by the use of the camera in this film. They tried to do too much fancy stufdf with the camera and it was disorientating to me. This is very noticable in the beggining when they are about to be shot down and I DID NOT LIKE IT! It was annoying... I mean just let me WATCH the movie.

    My second problem is that the movie professed itself to be a war movie while it was not. This is no "saving private ryan" or "enemy at the gates". The plot isn't particularly intriguing and the action in the movie isn't terribley great either. There is a cool battle at the end, though a bit unbelievable and a bit over-dramatized (and plus how none of the americans died is beyond me).

    I just didnt find very much to like about the movie and too many things to complain about. I rented it on PPV and am not in a rush to see it again. It wasnt completely bad, but it wouldnt be up for an oscar either. This is the kind of movie you rent when there is nothing else good at the video store or that you watch when you are really bored or dont plan to pay much attnetion to anyhow....more info

  • a must for flight fans
    This film has some of the best flight sequences I have ever seen. The cinematography is superb, and one gets a glimpse into the speed a pilot experiences as he tries to outmaneuver an oncoming missile; it also shows the "nuts and bolts" of the ejection seat process, which I found fascinating.
    Having fairly low expectations for this film, I was amazed at how entertaining and visually stunning it actually is, and am surprised it did not receive greater success in its theatrical release.
    It takes place in Bosnia during an imaginary time, with US forces under NATO command, and though fiction, it uses captions at the end, telling the audience what happened to the characters, as if it were a true story.

    Filmed on the USS Carl Vinson, and in Slovakia, with the beauty of the Carpathian mountains as a backdrop for the horror of a war zone, director John Moore keeps the pace of this film constantly pumping. Though some characters are somewhat cartoonish, and the script at times silly, much of the acting is good. Gene Hackman can always be depended upon for a solid performance, and Owen Wilson does well as the main protagonist, who starts out as being a rather shallow, whiny fellow, and grows with his extreme experience, as he plays a cat and mouse chase with a Serbian "tracker", played by Russian actor Vladimir Maskov. Gabriel Macht is excellent in the smaller part of the fighter pilot Stackhouse.

    Yes, there are times the plot is contrived and not altogether believable, but this is more than made up for by the dazzling cinematography by Brandan Galvin, a fine score by Don Davis, and astounding visual and sound effects...and if you like jets and choppers the way I do, you are guaranteed to like this film....more info

  • Owen Wilson Single Handely Defeats the entire Serbo-Croatian Army!!!!
    Well, not exactly, but pretty close. This movie is the most absurd piece of cinema that I have ever watched. I think the director purposely cast crooked-nose Owen Wilson as some kind of sick joke. This is total fantasy from beginning to end.

    That said, I did enjoy it on an action movie parody level. It plays out like some kind of cartoon and I encourage anyone with a sense of humor to indulge. Don't expect much and you will not be disappointed. You will finish with a smile on your face.
    ...more info
  • Touch of Intrigue and Solid Military Action
    I was concerned that this movie would either be influenced by the continued backlash from Viet Nam or would be so incredibly over-the-top as to be completely unbelievable. I was pleased that the movie combined a bit of political intrigue with generally realistic military action to yield a very enjoyable movie. There are a few moments where the movie is unbelievable, but those moments are few enough to get you to the end.

    Lt. Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) and his friend and partner Stackhouse (Gabriel Macht) are flying a routine mission over Bosnia. They fly into territory into which they are not permitted. During their flight they see something on the ground that causes them to take a closer look. Using their new digital image recording system they take high-speed pictures of an area that incriminates Serbians in aggression towards Bosnians. The Serbians shoot down the F-18 with SAMs, later blaming the incident on rebel Bosnians.

    Once the plane is shot down the two vulnerable pilots are quickly found by Serbian forces. Stackhouse is quickly executed, causing Burnett to yell in anguish and anger, which of course was a serious mistake because Stackhouse's executioner hears Burnett, and the chase is on.

    This movie is all about the chase. Burnett runs for his life, trying to reach an extraction point. The Serbian executioner that murdered Stackhouse chases Burnett almost to the end of the film. During the chase there are several incidents that were very creative, though incredible in their coincidence. One example happens when Burnett has a large group of Serbians on his heels. The chase is being watched from Burnett's aircraft carrier, the Carl Vinson. When Burnett trips and falls according to the infrared image, the anxious crew of the Carl Vinson are sure he is dead, yet the chasing Serbians miraculously do not find him. You'll have to watch the movie to see why.

    Burnett tries continually to make his way to the rendezvous point for extraction, and is continuously stymied. Eventually the Serbians convince NATO that Burnett has been killed by the rebels, and the Carl Vinson prepares to head for home. But, as we all know, Burnett is still trying to get out. I'll not spoil the ending, which is the one portion of the movie that is really over-the-top, more reminiscent of James Bond than the military.

    While the movie contains flaws in how the action is portrayed, for entertainment and patriotism it is a good bet, particularly if you enjoy military action movies....more info

  • Realistic? Heck no. Fun? Definitely!
    Navy pilot Lt. Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson) is bored out of his mind. All he ever does is run exercises or fly routine reconnaissance missions for a war he doesn't even truly understand. Until one day when he and his co-pilot, Stackhouse, are shot down by two surface-to-air missiles over Serbia. After parachuting down, Burnett begins to walk up a hill to try and get a better signal on his radio. As he nears the top of the hill, he notices that Stackhouse is being questioned by a Serbian rebel army. When the Serbs are through questioning Stackhouse, the hunt for Burnett begins. Lost in unfamiliar territory, Burnett runs for his life from the Serbs trying to get to an open area to be rescued. But what Burnett doesn't know is the politics that are being played out behind the scenes. Because the two pilots flew into a no fly zone, the navy can not just go in and rescue their men unless they want to cause a full blown war. Hopefully Burnett will be able to survive long enough for the red tape to be cut, and the Navy can send in the marines to rescue him.

    "Behind Enemy Lines" can be way over the top, but it really brings back the memories of the good 80's action movies where you left behind your brain and loved to believe that a man in a red head band could single handedly bring down Vietnam, North Korea, or the whole darn continent of Asia if he wanted to. Or when a man with bare feet could take down a terrorist group with witty lines inside a sky scraper. Or even when the governor of California came back through time to destroy the man that would destroy the future that hasn't been created yet. Ok sure it's nowhere near as good as Rambo, Die Hard, or Terminator, but it is a lot of fun. While those movies are great, there are always parts where you can pick them apart and say "Oh come on". "Behind Enemy Lines" is filled with a lot of cool scenes, and some tense moments. From the mine field, to the fight in a war torn city (a tank inside a building blowing the crap out of things), and to the final moments with a sniper honing down upon Burnett, the movie never really lets up. There were so many things though that I could tell you was wrong, but why really? When it comes down to action films, as long as they aren't trying to be very realistic (like Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down), you just have to sit back, grab the popcorn, turn up the volume, and watch the crazy explosions, the blazing guns, and all the crazy car chase or dog fight scenes.

    While I like the "Behind Enemy Lines", it's definitely not the best movie out there, but it is a very fun action movie. It's close to a 3.5 stars than a 4 star, but hey, I gotta help it out some. Definitely recommend for the action fans. And definitely on Blu. Heard it has incredible video and superb audio.

    P.S. - Definitely the best part of the movie to me was the scene where the 2 SAMS were chasing down the F-15. That was some cool stuff there.
    ...more info
  • Uhhhh, why did I get this?
    This is a one time rental movie and thats about it. I will say that the sound effects are very cool and even better when in surround....more info
  • Barely interesting
    This was a rather annoying movie- one of those that I don't really enjoy, but manages to be just barely interesting enough to keep me watching it, even though I know how it will end.

    Maybe the problem is that the film already seems dated- the music, the lightning fast camera shifts, even the setting in war-torn Bosnia- it just did not manage to retain its relevance in the same way that Black Hawk Down did.

    It was strange to see Owen Wilson in a serious role because I'm used to him playing somewhat smarmy characters, but he carried it off quite well. And Gene Hackman was good as the admiral torn by the duty to the soldier under his command and the orders he received from higher up.

    But I never could quite figure out what was going on-- why the superiors kept ordering Hackman away from rescuing the kid, and what was really going on. Again, the jerky camera angles and rapid fire music were distracting. It was also hard keeping up with all the subtitles-- okay, I understand having enemy soldiers speak in a foreign language to add reality to the situation, but having to read subtitles on the small screen is a pain in the neck, especially when you're also following weird camera shots and a disjointed plot.

    Probably people who are more into war movies than I am will enjoy this, but those looking for a good action flick should look somewhere else.
    ...more info
  • Great title for action fans...Awesome sound effects even in Dolby Pro Logic Surround
    I first saw this movie on DVD the first time several years ago and then when I saw that it had come to Blu-Ray, I knew that I had to buy it. I was kind of disappointed with the picture quality, but then again I was only using 1080i due to a problem with my monitor. If I can manage to find an HDMI-DVI cable that works in 1080p I might post another comment in here so stay tuned. A few scenes were awesome in high definition especially the ones where the F-18 is being pursued by a couple of SAMS (surface to air missiles.) The audio quality on the other hand was outstanding! During the scene with the gunshots where the main pilot gets executed by the Serbian army, the shot was so LOUD I felt like I was standing right there in the field. My friend Mark was watching this movie with me (my first day playing Blu-Ray discs) and he said WHOAA with a capital W.! He said that he couldn't follow the story very well, and I was like, "Dude how could you not?" Basic search and rescue plot with a good story to boot. I believe this movie was based on a true story that happened in the late 90's if I'm not mistaken... ...more info
  • Bland
    The only reason I gave this movie 3 stars instead of 2 is because of the early movie flight sequences. Usually whenever this movie is on HBO, I watch this part and then turn something else on. The rest of the movie really sucks. And I, personally, am getting tired of Gene Hackman playing the same roles over and over.

    Basically, the flight sequence is probably the coolest air scene ever in a movie. Top Gun can't even compete really. The fireball is hokey, but overall the sequence is done pretty well. The rest of the movie is boring. Nothing to do with flying at all. It's one man versus an entire army, and guess who wins? It's a good old patriotism movie (This movie came out like a few months after 9/11, if I remember correctly)....more info

  • A direction master piece
    As it is written in the movie's review I don't want to repeat the story again.So I begin from my point.
    Although the story,events,etc... do not deserve any word better than "classic hollywood" action movie,the thing that makes this movie unique is for sure the directing.As John Moore-an ex-commercial director- had mentioned it,the movie is generally based on how realistic and good a movie can be made by small budget.Throughout the movie there is dominantly way of 360 degree camera movements,professional aerieal shots,and fast forwarding editing movements makes the movie a good directed but as I said a lousy plotted movie.I think for movie fans who seek for good directing and photographing in a movie, aircraft's being chased by intelligent missles,the flash backs are trully must-see pieces ....more info
  • A very moving epic
    Oh, when I got this video, I'll tell you now: I believed that it was Sunday Afternoon material. But, my views have changed threefold since then. It really is an epic; a tale of how willpower can survive men of the highest caliber in the most serious and severe conditions. It's Christmas: everyone is in a good mood. But one proud man stands up to the captain: he's had enough of the damn navy: shouting, dying, crying: why should he do it? He tells Gene Hackman, playing the role of the captain. He's upset, and ridicules him bigtime. He sends the pilot and his best buddy to fly recon over Bosnia, now named Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the militia see them and shoot them down. They're the real Milosovich crew. It's a cat and mouse chase: and to cut a long story short, the young pilot's friend gets shot before his own eyes. The pilot runs for miles: through railway stations, explosions, death pits and assassins. People think he's dead. But he gets home safely.
    I'll give this video four or even five stars, and as a fictional thing, it really brings home how the military deals with real war situations....more info
  • don't know why much ppl don't like it
    This was an awesome movie. It really showed how aweful the Bosnian siege was. The land scape scenery was really beautiful. I would recommend this movie to anyone....more info
  • above some areas
    this is one of the better action/military flicks to come out lately, the special effects are pretty good and the story carries on at pretty decent quality, i just wish the ending had been a little better/smarter/though out, its just abit too arrogant to think 75 or so guys armed to the teeth with a tank, mind you, shooting at one man running straight ahead, all happen to miss, but strangely i didn't feel the ending ruined the movie for me, cause it was an action flick to begin with. All in all:

    definitely worth renting/on the dvd issue u can judge for yourself....more info

  • Behind Enemy Lines - The Movie
    To me this movie has a weak story and is boring. Gene Hackman's talent is wasted. Owen Wilson should be in comic movies only....more info
  • Not very believable.
    The hero is a reckless fool, and the villians are all incompetent. This movie is somewhat entertaining, but is just not in any kind of reality.

    When he's being shot at hundreds of times, and goes through a minefield, he wouldn't have made it. It's called shrapnel.

    Even forgetting about shrapnel, the darn explosions hit him directly half a dozen times and he keeps running.

    Gene Hackman, and the jet plane scene were the highpoint. You might squeeze 2 1/2 stars out of me because I was atleast entertained. Not a keeper for my collection.

    ...more info
  • Action packed fun
    If you're looking for a movie with action, suspense, blood, and big guns, you'll love this movie. The effects are incredible, especially the first part of the film, before they get shot down over enemy territory. The acting is great and, boy... what an ending. You'll love it!...more info
  • Splendid adventure-thriller!!! Owen Wilson scores for serious roles too.
    I just chanced upon this wonderful war-based adventure-thriler last night.As it title has already said,the movie is about a young US navy navigator who struggles for survival after his fighter plane was shot down in war-torn Bosnia.

    Here,Owen Wilson plays Chris Burnett,the navigator who has to flee from the local soldiers,dart behind trees and play dead.It was quite a thrill as you watched him running up and down,hanging for his dear life.However,in the second half of the movie,you began to feel for Burnett as he struggles to seek help from the US navy army via his little sensory phone (or whatever signal that you call it).You also began to to feel the various obstacles he faced as he struggles to survive inthe cold,alone in a total foreign land,with the lack of machinery weapons and tools.It sure wasn't easy for Burnett,with his enemies hot on his heels,with a very stoic,determined hitman,eager to have Burnett dead.

    Gene Hackman's portrayal of a commander is also convincing as he pledges to save Burnett's life,going against the rules and orders of his superiors.

    It was endrearing to see Owen Wilson in a serious role,where he plays the navigator Burnett.After all,the actor's recent roles in recent years were mostly based on the comedy genre (READ: Shanghai Knights,The Wedding Crashers,Starsky&Hutch).Watching BEHIND ENEMY LINES has allow me to give credits to Wilson as an actor. After all,he did a pretty good job in a convincing portrayal as Chris Burnett,whose auick-witted thinking saves the day,as he struggles for survival in a war torn area,behind enemy lines.
    ...more info
  • Historical?
    As the US European Command A-2 (Director of Air Intelligence) during this phase of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, I was surprised to see the ending -- what happened to the admiral and pilot. Historical? No way! The only plane shot down was a single-seat US Air Force F-16 pioted by Capt McBrien (sp?) while on combat air patrol (CAP), no cameras. Some naval F-14s carried film-loaded cameras in pods, but most of the imagery pin-pointing mass graves came from U-2s and satellites (and good coordination with French peacekeepers on the ground). So, this movie was fiction. It could have conveyed a better message, a better review of the decay of the former Yugoslavia and the dominant role of Serbian forces. But the producers decided action via fiction was better than learning fact....more info
  • An average action
    Take one standard action film involving Americans, add in a new baddie for them to triumph over, and have the baddies act atrociously and brutally, then let the good guys be victorious in the end.
    That about sums up Behind Enemy Lines. It has reasonable special effects, a plot that is simple and oh so seen before, and a square jawed handsome hero (although, looking at Wilson's nose, not that handsome). One thing is certain, though. As long as there is conflict in the world, there will be a Hollywood movie to glorify it and vilify the enemy. And just who were the enemy? The Bosnians? The Serbs? The Croats? The film didn't seem very certain itself and neither was I, even at the end.
    As for the movie, the opening scenes are the most rewarding. Once the movie passes into its middle it becomes a bit dull and the ending, as others have observed, is more like a Rambo film and gets quite farcical.
    Sadly it just paints everyone as the baddies and only looks for the emotion of cheering 'our guys' on rather than feeling anything for the real people or real country. Saviour may be bleak and depressing as a film but my god it is easier to stomach at times than this was. If you want things going bang then it should do you but you'd best try to switch off your brain, morals and heart before you start watching it. ...more info
  • Behind Ememy Lines
    This is a good to very good film. Cast is very good. Visuals are great on Blu-Ray.

    ...more info
  • action galore
    a cool action movie with great set pieces that blow you away literally. the part where the building explodes and Wilson's hearing goes off is really a neat thing. theres a lot of dizzy camera work but it pays off in the end, tough the final battle with Wilson and the sniper doesnt add up entirely....more info
  • The cast shines and the story is belivable
    As usual Gene Hackman is perfectly cast in this dark portrayal of the US and international forces monitoring of the Bosnian/Serbian conflict. I caught the end of this film on a cable channel and it was forever imprinted in my memory. After watching the film again from beginning to end it's become one of my favorite "war" type of films, realistic, dark and gritty.

    If you like Owen Wilson be prepared for a shock. In many films he is cast in comedic roles as in the Jackie Chan films, Zoolander and The Wedding Crashers but this film shows the true depth of his abilities as a serious actor. This by far is my favorite Owen Wison film. ...more info
  • Exciting Action Movie
    Great military movie, lots of action and current topic. Top stars and fast paced plot keep you riveted to the screen! ...more info
  • Petty good movie
    This movie was good but not very historicly accurate or in military but overall its a pretty exciting movie...more info