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Case Logic 13" Laptop Case - Black
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Secure Fit Laptop Protection - Adjustable compartment snugly holds your laptop for ultimate protection. Adjust it once and it stays a perfect fit, Speed Pocket - A quick-access, secure pocket to put metal items (keys, watch, coins, etc.) prior to passing through airport security, Comfortable, fully-padded handle

  • Secure Fit Laptop Protection - Adjustable compartment snugly holds your laptop for ultimate protection. Adjust it once and it stays a perfect fit
  • Speed Pocket - A quick-access, secure pocket to put metal items (keys, watch, coins, etc.) prior to passing through airport security
  • Comfortable, fully-padded handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect match for my laptop!

    I have an 12'' HP tx1320us tablet pc....this case is perfect for it! My mouse fits perfectly in one of it's compartments, cables for the AC adapter fit in the right compartment, my Ipod in has space for all the gadgets you buy and it's really been designed for a person who travels a's weight is perfect..

    Recommended 100%...more info
  • Great everyday case, lots of padding, lots of storage, awesome price!!!
    Purchased this bag for my wife's 12" DELL. Lots of padding, fits the 12" perfectly. Does not wobble inside the bag. Comfy shoulder pad, very light, great padded handle and lots and lots of pockets everywhere. Has a pass-through velcro pocket in the back of the case to slip through the handle of your wheeled luggage, which is ideal for travelers. Separate storage compartement has three good-sized pockets for ipods, mobiles, calculators, gps or whatever else you carry. Zippered pocket in the back for documents. All around a great looking, sturdy case for everyday use that does not seem to waste away anytime soon. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Great buy
    Its realy great laptop bag. A lot of space for all staff what are you need with your laptop....more info
  • Excellent buy.
    Well, I had just bought a Dell XPS M1210, and it didn't come with a case...and I figured I needed one for when I wanted to travel. I browsed online and read a review saying how "so and so" bought this case for his XPS so I decided to give it a try. This case is well worth the money. I go to college and I put my class books in along with the computer itself. It has a lot of compartments for my things, keys, mouse, pens, calculator, phone and other things. The strap is comfortable and I like the fact that it can stand up on it's own. Overall this case is an excellent buy....more info
  • Case in point!
    I love my Case Logic 13 inch laptop case. My 12.5" HP laptop fits perfectly and it is lightweight and well made. I strongly recommend it and I'm even thinking about buying another for my wife's 13" MacBook....more info
  • Functional, nice looking, light-weight bag
    I got this bag for my 13.3 inch Toshiba U305. It has a very comfortable handle and strap. I would guess that it could accommodate 15 inch laptops as well. It could be 2 inches smaller in all dimensions to still hold the 13.3 inch laptop. The size of the bag will not let you easily store papers or notebooks. I am pleased with the purchase and have recommended it to friends looking for a bag....more info
  • useing for macbook 13.3
    great for mac but some of the pockets are uesless. I am happy for what i use it for, but its only for a computer not really to carry paperwork or much of anything else...more info
  • CaseLogic TNC-13
    Best laptop case I've ever seen. It's roomy in places that other cases don't even have places. I bought the TNC-17 for my 17" laptop due to the excellent design. Time will tell if the build quality is as good as the design, but it sure looks good from what I see so far....more info
  • Very good Laptop Case
    They think everything in this case. There are spaces for every. From airplane tickets to mp3 players or PDA....more info
  • Awesome bag!!!
    I've had several laptop bags in the past and this one has got to be one of the best. My macbook fits snuggly inside, the laptop compartment has a strap from two sides that you can adjust to change how tight you want your laptop to be. Inside the same zipper area I can fit one inch worth of piano sheets, plus some thin notebooks, the power adapter, and extension cable with room for more stuff!!

    The front of the bag has another compartment in which you can fit pretty much any electronics device you own. It has a slot for an ipod, palm or pda, camera, glasses, ID, cd's, passport, cellphone, boarding pass tickets, you name it. There are also a bunch of small compartments around the side which I sometimes use to put in some loose change or some money.

    I've only dropped this bag once, on concrete. I'm 6'5" so it probably dropped a bit more than 3ft, when I arrived to one of my classes I turned the laptop on no problem. I feel like I could drop this thing from a two-storie apartment and nothing would happen to the macbook! (Though I highly recommend you don't try that!! hahah)

    Anyway I highly recommend this bag for anyone looking for something to fit everything they need and be on the move. And for only 30 bucks, there's nowhere else to look....more info
  • A bit large, but lots of pockets
    It's a bit thick overall, but it has a ton of pockets. For some of my gear, the pockets are a bit tight, but perhaps I'm asking too much. I want a thin case with thick storage. I need something bigger on the inside than it is on the outside like a TARDIS, but I suspect I'm unlikely to find that in the real world. But, it's pretty thin, holds lots of stuff and provides good protection for my laptop. I suspect that's all I could ask for....more info