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TRENDnet TK-209K 2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio (Includes 2x KVM Cables)
List Price: $40.99

Our Price: $22.60

You Save: $18.39 (45%)


Product Description

The 2-Port USB Audio KVM Switch lets you control multimedia PCs with just one keyboard, monitor, mouse, microphone, and a set of speakers. The KVM switch not only allows you to share your monitor, keyboard and mouse but you can also share microphone and speakers. With just a simple press of a button, this KVM switch eliminates the hassle of cable swapping and switching between 2 PCs. With it's Hot-Plug, Auto-Scan and Hot-Key operating features, the TK-209K is the perfect choice for managing 2 PCs.

  • Use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse to control two computers
  • 2-port USB KVM Switch with 1 set of Mic/Speaker port.
  • 2 sets of VGA and 2 sets of Audio & Microphone Cables
  • Supports super High Video Quality, up to 2048 x 1536 VGA resolution
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse, Optical Mouse, Logitech Net Mouse and more

Customer Reviews:

  • works great but ugly cables
    Worked right out of the box. No extra power supply needed. It does take a few secs to sync up. I am fine with it. LED light on top indicates the sync status.

    I do use a wireless keyboard/mouse combo (1 USB) and that works fine too.

    The video cable to the monitor comes from the side and makes it unsightly (the only drawback). They could have moved the cabling to the back. I have not connected the audio cables - and that connects to the other side. The unit itself is small : about 4 inches x 2 x 1. The PC switch button is on the top of unit and so the unit has to be placed within reach. Compare this with a belkin's model which had a wired extended cool-looking toggle button and the rest of the unit hidden away.

    I see the price in Amazon has dropped to $25. That's a steal, considering you get the unit and all the needed cables....more info
  • Filled the Need
    We were short on desktop space and needed to connect a mini-Mac and PC to the same monitor, mouse and keyboard. This item did it well, with ease of setup. We have had it one month with no problems....more info
  • Terrible Product
    I have a Linux and a Windows machine. It screws up the screen resolution for the machine started second. You can't even correct the settings in the operating system because it doesn't show up in the drop down. The switching shortcut of hitting scroll-lock twice only works for Windows too. Disaster of a product....more info
  • Worked like a charm, only one issue.
    I'm currently running a WinXP system and an Ubuntu system. Everything hooked up without any issues. I've only had one operating problem and it's the keyboard-based command (Scroll Lock x 2) doesn't work on the Linux side. It switches fine on the WinXP side but when I switch to the Linux side then back to the WinXP side, the Scroll Lock stays on. Not a bad issue but I have to have the switch at easy access to press the buttons. With all the cables coming out of it, it looks a little unsightly on the desk....more info
  • Wouldn't work between a mac and pc
    This thing worked just fine between 2 pcs but wouldn't work with a PowerMac Dual G4 with USB. When switching back to the mac it would lock OS 10.4 completely, forcing a reboot. I did indeed return it and amazon credited my money back quickly.

    Thanks Amazon! I would seriously consider going elsewhere if you want to be assured of Mac compatibility....more info
  • Does the job well
    This product works great. I have two PC's linked by this item to one monitor, pair of speakers and mouse. Only complaint is that it is not attractive and not discreet! It has connections on all sides meaning that it has cables splaying out everywhere. That's why I give it four stars and not five. It's a keeper though because it does what it's meant to do and it does it well. I use the hot buttons on the keyboard to switch between PC's and it works smoothly. I recommend this product....more info
  • Doesn't work with windows server 2008
    I bought this KVM switch to work with my computers 1 having windows XP and the other having Windows Server 2008.
    After I hooked up this switch, I was able to switch from XP to Windows server 2008 computer but when I tried to switch from Windows server 2008 to Windows XP- the monitor shows the display but the mouse/keyboard never worked..
    I called up the technical support twice: On the first instance, they asked me to change the resolution (on both the machines resolution was different so I made it similar) worked for one day. Next day again the same problem-can't use mouse/keyboard when I switch back from windows server 2008 to Windows XP.
    Called technical support again and they said this product may or may not work with WIndows Server 2008! This is not mentioned on the product description anywhere.
    I talked to local store (Best Buy/Radio Shack) technitians and they said it shouldn't matter.
    Anyways, returned this product and bought the KVM switch from Belkin. Its been almost 10 days and no problems at all..Can switch back and forth between 2 computers swiftly.
    ...more info
  • Mostly as good as advertised...
    This thing is working as advertised. Signal is strong, audio sounds good, regardless of the computer the signal is coming from.

    Two reasons why I'm giving it 4 stars vs. 5. One, as another reviewer noted, this thing when all plugged in, literally has wires coming in from all sides. So, it's kind of a challenge to place.

    Second, the audio cords are shoooort. I had to completely reorganize my workstations under the desk (2 pcs, two monitors, wacom cintiq, wireless router, etc. It was a bit painful) to get all of the wires to reach properly. Buuut, now that everything is organized, I'm really happy with the results.

    But yeah. Monitor cords about 4 feet, audio cords about three or less.

    However, outside of that, I would recommend with vigor. ...more info
  • It works as advertised!
    Installs easily. Works as advertised. A and B switch to control 2 pc's. In an effort to minimize the size of the box, the placement of the ports makes it awkward to place on the desktop without some cables getting in your way. Just a slight inconvenience....more info
  • works great
    Allows easy switching between my Mac mini and Vista pcs. All cables are included. My only disappointment is that it is very small and cables are sprouting out from nearly every direction. I wish I had bought the next larger size. ...more info
  • Works as it should - flawlessly.
    Highly recommended.

    Pros: It works flawlessly
    Cons: A little cheap looking (but who cares)...more info
  • Worked Initially...........
    Out of the box the product seemed a little cheap. However, I connected it with ease and the product worked fine. Over the past 3 months, the switch began to malfunction.

    The hotkey function failed and I had to unplug and re-plug the cables to re-set the unit. The fix worked. I had to do the same a few weeks later on the other switch I bought. Now the keyboards and mouse (on both switches) become non responsive following switching, requiring unplugging and re-plugging of the USB cables.

    Pay a little more and get quality.. I purchased the IO-Gear 4 port switch for another set of workstations and it switches smoothly and am, after 4 weeks, still very satisfied....more info
  • TRENDnet 209K an excellent switch
    I've been using the TRENDnet 209K KVM switch for about a month now, and like it very well. This switch was a replacement for the Belkin PS-2 switch I had initially. Although it is about half the price, I like the TRENDnet USB switch much better.

    The build quality is good. I mention this because I think one reviewer said that it was cheaply made, but I disagree with this. I've used three different switches on my two systems, and therefore have the experience to say that this switch is constructed very well. It is a small unit, however, and since the wires extend from all four sides, it's a bit ungainly when everything is hooked up. But I found that to be a minor problem. I taped it to a corner of my desk to stabilize it.

    One thing I really like about this switch is that it has physical switches, which some KVM switches do not. These are located on the top of the unit. As I discovered with the Belkin switch I had previously, which would only switch on a keyboard signal, the physical switches are much more reliable. Note that the TRENDnet switch also responds to a keyboard signal to switch (i.e. a double tap on the Scroll Lock), and software is included that allows the user to redefine the keyboard sequence for switching if desired.

    All four components, i.e. video, audio, keyboard and mouse, are switched very well with this switch. The switching of the speakers and monitor are instantaneous, but the keyboard and mouse take a second or two. This delay occurs because it is a "pass-through" USB switch, and not an "emulation" type. Because it is "pass-through," the mouse and keyboard drivers get unloaded and re-loaded every time you switch between the computers, which takes a couple of seconds each time. (Actually, this is one advantage a PS-2 switch has over a pass-through USB switch. The PS-2 mouse and keyboard drivers are not unloaded each time, so this delay is avoided.) Note that this delay would be common to all switches of this type, and has nothing to do with TRENDnet or the quality of the build. You get used to it, and it is not a significant problem.

    The unloading of the keyboard and mouse drivers has one other consequence relative to PS-2 switches: Each computer has to be started separately, and the switch must be set to the computer that is booting up. Since each computer can see the keyboard only when the switch is set to the correct position, if the switch is not set correctly when a computer boots up, you will get a keyboard fault (at least I do on one of my two systems). Again, this is not a major issue for me, but I mention it because of my previous experience with the PS-2 switch. With PS-2, both computers could be started at once, and the position of the switch was not an issue.

    I may sound like a major proponent for PS-2, and perhaps, all things being equal, I would prefer PS-2. But, unfortunately, one of the two computers I am using has no PS-2 port, and I was unable to get a PS-2 mouse to work correctly on it. I tried different adapters and other solutions to no avail, and ultimately had to go to a USB switch to get full functionality with the mouse. This is the reason I switched to the TRENDnet device.

    The only problem I've had with this switch occurred just this morning: For some unknown reason, it failed to initialize the keyboard and mouse on either system. I solved the problem by essentially rebooting it - i.e. by unplugging all power carrying wires to the switch and then reconnecting them. After I did that the switch started working again, and has worked through the rest of the day. I don't know if this is indicative of a problem with this switch or not, but if it becomes a pattern or a regular problem, I'll return to this site and leave a note about it. For now, however, I'm not worried about it.

    Except for the small problem mentioned above, this switch has done very well for me. In addition, I think it's a great value for the money. Note that some Belkin USB switches are >$50. I think this one works just as well, and at less than half the price. In general, it's a great switch, and I recommend it highly.

    ...more info
  • Better than the Iogear I had
    I had an IOGEAR KVM which I had constant trouble with. For some reason, the device would go unresponsive several times a day, and the only fix was to unplug the USB connection on both PCs (the KVM derives power from either one being plugged in), and reset it. The Trendnet is far better, so far no problems, easy to switch (scroll lock twice). Highly recommend....more info
  • Does what it needs to do, pretty well.
    This switch does everything it is designed to do and it does it pretty well. All cables needed are included with the item and it is USB capable, which you have to have. It switches very fast between the 2 machines. I have one Mac hooked up and on XP machine hooked up. No problems using a USB keyboard and wireless USB mouse (Microsoft).

    Only "issue" I could find is that all 4 sides have cables coming out of them. So you can't really put it on the desk because it doesn't stay well and lacks a clean look. Could have worked with the design a bit more, but again, not a big deal, I'm nitpicking. It's a good product and took no time to setup.
    ...more info
  • works well
    This kvm switch works great, just plug everything in and you're good!

    I do have two complaints. One, the hotkey functions don't work in OSX. (I didn't even know it had hotkey functions before I bought it, so I'm not too disappointed)

    Two, there must be some kind of shielding problem because there is *minor* ghosting from the inactive computer on the monitor. I really want to stress the word minor. It's only visible in black portions of the screen and even then it's very difficult to see....more info
  • multiple cpus
    This is a great little gadget. It lets you set up 2 cpus to one monitor, mouse, keybpard, speakers, amd mic. Great for doing stuff on your own cpu and setting uo another cpu for others. Easy switching between the 2 cpus with a press of a button. Highly recommended. ...more info