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Acronis True Image 10.0 Home [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $39.99

You Save: $10.00 (20%)


  • Complete backup solution for entire PC and user data
  • Create an exact copy of PC for a full backup
  • Backup and restore music, video, and pictures
  • Backup emails and Outlook data and settings
  • Protect PC applications; schedule backups automatically

Customer Reviews:

  • Product has one major problem
    You can have the best product in the world, but if you turn people off with the procedure to get it activated you start off from a bad position. (Had to go through the proof of purchase exercise to get a serial number and this took several days) Acronis needs to have their marketing people read some of the "Tom Peters" books on good service. ...more info
  • It's the only solution for making a disk image + incrementals
    For easily more than 10 years I've been searching for backup software that implements a strategy I've long believed would be the ideal solution: A whole-drive (or whole-partition) image for the Full backup, that can be restored without first reinstalling the OS and the backup software, integrated with subsequent Incremental backups.

    For as many years, I've been sending e-mails off and on to various publishers of backup software that requires re-installation of the OS, asking them if their software can be configured to do Incrementals without first requiring a Full backup. The answer has always been, "No. Why would you want to do that?" When I explain that I want to combine the use of their software with the likes of Symantec Norton Ghost, or PowerQuest Drive Image, they just make light of the hassles associated with having to reinstall the OS before you can re-install their software to start the Restore. Yuck!

    Anyway, now I've discovered Acronis TrueImage 10.0 Home - it's the Holy Grail of backup software in my opinion. It has an Explorer-like interface that allows you to look at the combined archive (your Full + all your Incrementals) in slices - pick a date that an Incremental was done and the Explorer view will show you all the files the way they looked on that date - not just for that one Incremental, but for the Full and every Incremental that preceded the date you selected! You can restore individual files and folders or the entire drive to the way it looked on the date of any Incremental backup - without having to first reinstall the OS and the backup software to run the Restore. Saweeet!

    It will write to just about anything (CD-R, DVD-R, external USB or Firewire drives, network drives, or even to an ftp server), but I recommend installing a second hard drive (they're cheap!) that's at least the same size as your primary drive. Run Windows Disk Cleanup (without compression) and Windows Disk Defragmenter, then restart your machine, booting from the TrueImage recovery CD, run a Full backup to a new folder on your secondary hard drive. With the Verification and Maximum Compression options selected, I backed up 107 GB of data in 8 hours, from one 7200 RPM SATA drive to another - a transfer rate of 223MB/min. (Remember, that's with the Verify option and Maximum compression - that's fast!)

    What's your external USB drive good for? Every once in a while, you should copy the TrueImage archive (the Full and all the Incrementals you've performed to date) from the secondary internal hard drive to your external USB drive. This will take forever (two days?), but you can safely do this in the background while using your machine for other things and while sleeping, of course - but it's worth the effort for the redundancy it offers, and if you really want to be safe, for offsite storage. Go ahead, burn my house down. My digital photos are safe.

    Full backups (as well as Incrementals) can be started from within the TrueImage Windows application, WHILE you are using other applications, but I think it's a lot smarter to start the Full backup having booted from the Recovery CD - so that the target drive is "offline" during the backup. I do run my daily Incremental backups while Windows is up and running.

    And now for my soap box on the subject of Differential backups:
    A Differential backup gets every file that has been added or modified since the Full backup was performed. (Incremental backups get only those files that have been added or modified since the last Full or the last Incremental.)

    Why would ANYONE want to run a Full followed by multiple Differentials?

    Pros: A complete Restore takes less time because it uses only the Full archive and the latest Differential. All the prior Differentials are ignored. Restoring from a Full and multiple Incrementals takes a lot longer.

    Cons: Differential backups consume a LOT more storage and take a LOT longer to run, at whatever interval you chose to run your backups, than Incrementals do - and each Differential takes longer to run than the last one did because you are constantly adding and modifying files on your PC - so each Differential is larger than the last one. No thanks! I'd rather have Backups that run quickly than a Restore that runs quickly, especially when you consider the ratio of Backup jobs to Restore jobs is likely to be 100 to 1, or far better, hopefully. Differentials just don't make sense. Do a Full plus multiple Incrementals (daily, or at least weekly).

    By the way, with TrueImage, you'll have to do a new Full backup every time you run Windows Disk Defragmenter, as documented in the well-written user manual. Any Incremental backup done after defragmenting the target drive will be VERY slow. Hint: Defragment your drive before doing a Full backup, and then leave it alone. The need to Defragment your drive again in the future should be about the only reason to start a new cycle of Full backup + Incrementals.

    Mike...more info
  • Defective
    This program doesn't work, plain and simple. I've tried to copy a drive to a new drive and it gives the message that it finished but when you try to boot to the new drive it fails and gives errors mentioning corrupt/missing files. I tried restoring a full drive using disaster recovery. It just hangs at the beginning saying 15 minutes left. After 8 hours it says 13 minutes left and the progress bar hasn't moved. Lastly, I backed up a directory and tried to restore a few files. It couldn't even do this simple task. I'd pick 5 files, it would restore 3, I'd pick 4, it would restore 2. What sense does that make? There is no way to depend on this program to back up important files and especially not your whole computer. ...more info
  • Oh No
    It worked great until I needed to restore a disk after a win problem. All of my archives on an extrnl 400gig give the message "archive corrupt." Seems the commonly used win defrag will kill your archives - thanks for the heads-up there Acronis!!! Worthless... ...more info
  • 9th person w/o serial number (Don't Purchase From Amazon)
    The serial number issue is still not fixed. I ordered on July 29th and received my order today, July 31st. There is no serial number in the box. The user can't even install the software without the serial number. Amazon said they would fix it, but I don't see how, unless they open the box and physically check the contents. Some people haven't been having issues recently, but order at your own risk. FYI my shipment came from the Fernly, Nevada distribution center....more info
  • No serial number...
    Now I get to jump through some hoops, hooray...

    Bad part is I have an older version on another system which works well or atleast seems better than Ghost.

    Too bad customer service seems so lacking....more info
    So I rebuild my computer, download and install 81 patches for the OS, and install Acronis True Image to image my hard drive so I never have to do it again.

    ...What's this? I'm being prompted for an Acronis serial number. serial number on the box, sleeve, or on the CD.

    Thanks for nothing, Amazon!...more info
  • This one works
    Tried an online backup system that did not work, got my money back and purchased this product and after the update it worked flawlessly. I would highly recommend this product for cloning or backup of a drive. I used the cloning feature because I bought a larger drive and needed to get all my info from the old drive and it worked perfectly....more info
  • Easy to use, 100% reliable restores under XP/Vista,minor glitches
    This review applies to ATI 10 Home only; I agree with those who have used V8 and V9 and reported the "no hard drives found" problem; I have not seen this in V10 yet, but the resolution is posted on the Acronis site (in the user forums) if that problem persists in V10. Unattended (scheduled) backups to external USB drives have been flawless when needed for total or partial restoration, except that after removing and reconnecting the backup drive, a scheduled backup sometimes fails to start. I have only seen this under Vista, backing up the entire C drive and I corrected it by assigning or verifying that full control was given to System and Everyone in the Vista drive security parameters for C and whatever letter was assigned to the backup drive; I use only one account on my computer and it is not password-protected and obviously it is important for anyone to research and consider the benefits and drawbacks to changing drive security and sharing parameters, as well as user account settings. Some might say this is the fault of Acronis and some might say it is the fault of the Windows security model; that is not really important to me, since I know how to correct it and it does not impinge on the security of my computer.

    The bottom line for me, as a single home office type user, is that the software is reliable in backup and restore, consistently very easy to use and the glitches that do exist are easily remedied....more info
  • JUNK!!!
    Many people have had issues installing this product onto their PC. Particularly, when the install is about to complete, it reverts back saying that something has interrupted the installation process. I had this happen to me twice. On my 3rd try, it finally worked, but after clicking Yes to reboot, my computer blue screened during the boot up and took me a few tries before I could finally reload my OS. I tried installing it a few more times, but I kept running into that rollback error.

    I can't give an honest opinion about the application itself because I've never used it. If you can get it to install, then great, this may be the product for you. But for those who can't, you'll be hitting yourself in the head for buying this crap. Also, good luck with technical support, it's virtually nonexistent from what I've read in some of the forums.

    CONCLUSION: Get Norton Ghost. I had a trial version of Norton Ghost 10 on my computer and it worked flawlessly. I should have stuck with it, but the reviews I read here about Acronis True Image convinced me to give it a try. Bad I won't be making again....more info
  • Product will not clone
    I purchased this product to clone my primary HD to another internal HD with the intent of upgrading the cloned HD with Vista. Didn't want to screw up my primary HD with Vista. I have tried numerous times to create a clone - doesn't happen! System locks up at "Operation 3 of 5" and the only recourse at that point is to pull the power plug. After plugging computer back on, the destination disk is no longer visible with Windows Explorer. To get access to the destination HD again is to go through Disk Management and reformat it.

    On a different topic, be aware that if you purchase this product from Amazon, you will need to send Acronis proof of purchase in order to get an unlock code to install the product. What a hassle!

    Pass on this product and try something else. I gave this product a 1 star rating only because there is no zero rating....more info
  • No issue with my order
    I saw the comments on the lack of license keys from current users. I ordered 7 copies of Acronis True Image 10 on May 29 and received them today May 31. I checked each box and they all had the license key, which is printed on the back of the "Quick Start Guide". Hopefully, the other users will find their license keys on that documentation, if it was included. I would have given a 5 star rating, but I don't have experience with this version. My experience with version 8 was excellent....more info
  • Acronis 10 worked for me-w XP Pro
    For what it's worth - I've used this program to backup my disk and restore my hard disk image several times, from several different backups. It's always worked fine, whereas Norton Ghost completely failed to work.
    As for backup size, I mostly use incremental backup so the backup files are less than a gig. I'm not sure how well the compression works...more info
  • makes backs up under xp or vista
    if you replace a hard drive you may have to repartition it to get the same size as it is....more info
  • True Image nearly works perfect
    True Image is great in cloning a VISTA system disk. It runs under VISTA, creates a task list based on your needs, and then restarts VISTA with these pre-boot tasks which are done before the windows kernel loads allowing full access to the hard disks in the raw level. What is fails to do however is set the bits needed to BOOT from any new cloned system disk. Acronis is aware of the problem (July 15 2007) and working on it they say. The simple fix is to put the cloned disk in your master position, and then boot from the VISTA CDROM, allowing it to REPAIR the boot sequence which it will automatically detect without any user intervention. Takes 5 extra minutes and mostly VISTA runs in auto-pilot mode since it sees a valid VISTA installation, but sees a broken boot record. The fix is automatic. 4-stars until Acronis gets the cloning process 100% VISTA compatible....more info
  • Acronis
    This is a great product! I have it for 2 external drive back ups. Very user friendly!...more info
  • Missing documentation - Twice!
    I order this product because it was recommended by a gentleman in our IT department as a quick/convenient way to back up home PC's. The first copy arrived in a timely manner and I attempted to install but was unable to do so since the authorization code was conspicous mainly by its absense. I contacted the company via email and was advised that this code could be found in the quick start documentation accompanying my order. Not finding this documentation, I returned the product and asked for a replacement. The replacement arrived but did not include documentation. I have contacted Acronis software support and advised them but have not heard back. This product is in imminent danger of being returned as well...more info
  • Possible Source of Imaging Problems
    Googling for information about Acronis and Drive Image and Ghost and other imaging software will show you that some users have done hundreds of backup and restores with never a failure, others had constant problems.

    I have used Ghost, Acronis and Drive Image on numerous computers for years. All have worked well for me. But....

    A long time ago, I vaguely recall, I did have some failures with one or the other of these programs. What I learned is that there can be some unpredictability in backup results if there are corrupted files on the hard drive, the drive is badly fragmented or the windows restoration point service or the indexing service is active during a hot backup.

    The indexing service is especially problematic. If you do not disable it, could be changing its pointer files on your c: drive the whole time the backup program is working during an image write. That might well cause murky problems when the image is restored later.

    Hence it seems good practice to precede the making of a backup by shutting off the disk indexing and restore point services, running CCleaner or some other good disk cleaner and finally running disk check and a defragmenter to tidy up the drive and make needed repairs. Finally, after your image is made, BE SURE TO READ THE PROGRAM'S EVENT LOG to make sure there were no errors in the write.

    Hope this helps....more info
  • No serial number in box
    I am having exactly the same problem as those who made comments in May 2007. There's no serial number in the box. I just contacted tech support. There should be a fix on the site right now but a search on "serial number" leads to nothing about this obvious problem. I'll bet they are getting questions every 5 minutes in this regard. Why not have an item right out front about how to take care of this?

    Has anyone gotten this problem resolved yet??

    Mike Powers...more info
  • Best Imager I've used
    This is the best imaging software I have used and I've been using PCs since the mid 80's....more info
  • Works Fine for Me
    After reading the complaints, I went with the 15-day trial version. TI-10 took forever to install on my Vista Home Premium laptop. Much of the time it just sat there ruminating.

    However, once installed it was fast. I did a full disk backup (about 55 Gig) and it completed in less than 40 minutes. I was not timing it, just checking in once in a while.

    After the backup was completed, I then tried to restore the backup to another USB drive. That went well and all the files I backed up were there. I then tried restoring single files and groups of files. That went well too.

    I do my backups to a fixed-letter USB hard drive, I don't use DVDs. TI-10 was run with the default settings. The interface is simple and the Help files were not looked at until after the backup and test restore were completed. A boot CD was created but I have not tested that yet.

    I also tested Ghost 12.0. That product was, for me, an awful mess. The automatic backup feature kicks off, can't fine the USB drive (it was not attached yet), and gives you all of 5 seconds to stop it from starting up. The default is to backup to C drive where there is no room. TI-10 is so much smarter than that.

    I would suggest trying out and testing the demo version before making a purchase. TI-10 worked well for me, your mileage will vary. Oh yeah... why not 5 stars? That annoyingly slow install....more info
  • Easy use and reliable backup / restore software
    I have been using the Acronis True Image Home Edition 10.0 for several months and I am very happy with it. I had been a long time Drive Image user (until it disappeared). My operations are simple, I use software for system backup and restore in case of catastrophic failures. File and folder backup are also used, but mainly for partition / disk backup.

    Acronis TI 10.0 is relatively easy to use. I was confused initially when backing up to and restoring from DVD discs. The prompt messages were strange, and could be misleading as to exactly which one it wants. Once over that hurdle, the DVD operations turned out to be straightforward, if a little slow (could be my DVD burner).

    I do always verify the backup archive to avoid corrupted archives. Been burnt once.

    It built a confidence in me to stop using Drive Image. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • No serial number in box!
    True Image 10 has, in my experience thus far, been a great product. Unfortunately, the copy I ordered from Amazon suffered from the same problem several others have noted: no serial number was included, making it impossible to install.

    I've since bought the downloadable version from another company (sadly, for $10 more) and it works great. I recommend that option if you have a CD burner so you can burn your own recovery CD.

    Program has just the options I need for automatic incremental backups, and unlike some others, I've had no problems with corrupt images. Since I'm working from a clean Windows install, I created an image, burned it to DVD and immediately wiped my hard drive and tried restoring it from the image. Worked flawlessly, so now I have a disaster recovery DVD I'm confident of.

    I'd give it 4 or 5 stars if only I could have installed the copy I bought from Amazon!...more info
  • Could not copy a Vista hard drive
    I bought this software to do one thing. My main goal was to copy my current dual boot XP and vista hard drive to another hard drive. The XP partition seemed to copy without any issues. However, the Vista partition worked one time, now when i try to boot it i get a blue screen of death every time. The one time i was able to boot i had to use my Vista disc to repair the vista install. When i re booted the never ending blue screens started when it tried to load vista. I have tried to re format and re copy 3x and it meets the same results everytime. This software is not something i would reccomend to any one who uses vista. I no longer have the time to try this worthless software and i will look for another brand of software as this fell short. ...more info
  • Archive corrupt
    It worked great until I actually needed to restore a disk after Windows crashed. 3 hours into a 5-hour restore I got the message "archive corrupt". Now I'm screwed. Previous review pretty well sums it up....more info
  • Little customer support
    When I needed the company to help me at the time of need, they were full of excuses. My computer failed and I needed to revert back to a former time. It didn't work and the company only game me excuses. Norton's GoBack is much simpler and works. ...more info
  • I agree that it is not reliable
    The whole purpose of a backup is to secure your data and that is where this product fails even though that is its main purpose. My computer crashes when trying to back up with an error of "disk is full" not saying which disk. Also all disks were not full. Also can not read data from the back up touted by the sales material. Again the error is useless saying that it can not "mount" a partition but not saying which. Acronis fails to reply for support unless the problem is trivial like changing an email....more info
  • Seems nice enough but.....
    it won't work on my pc. AMD x2, windows xp. The customer support people have been pretty responsive but no progress. I have installed patches and scanning and logging programs for them to see what is up but nothing. They now want me to screen print every step I take but I am tired of dealing with it. Guess I will give Ghost a shot.

    I have the same problem as some others have described. It installs, pretends to work and then dies part way through pretty much any operation I try. Some options will work if I reboot my pc and use their recovery disc in safe mode but that's not really helpful day to day....more info
  • Acronis True image 10.0
    I have used all versions of Acronis True Image except 11.0. This version has full functionality and is at a good price. Mirror partitions or disks, back up computer settings or back up data. Boot and restore even if windows is not working or from a boot disk. This program is somewhat difficult to learn but is a life saver....more info
  • Had Nothing But Trouble With It
    This product has saved me many times. I have used older versions on other machines. When I had to do a restore (and it always happens) everything went fast and well.

    But with this version on my XP machine, it won't work. I was faced with a restore a few days ago. When I hit F11 the Acronis logo came up and it looked like the GUI but then . . . nothing. The software didn't load. So I couldn't do a restore.

    Customer service is terrible so I got no help. I am not happy with Ghost. So I'm not sure what solution I'll find. I'm currently using version 9 on another XP machine and it has successfully done a restore and I'm happy with it.

    This problem may be unique to my machine. But in light of my experiences, I don't recommend this version of the software.

    I learned how to get the GUI up and do the restore. It's a hassle but it works. Use a TI boot disk if possible. Either way, hit F11 and hold it a bit longer than usual. That brings up a Linix line that says "quiet".

    Enter the following (without the quotes) quiet acpi=off noapic. That should bring up the GUI and the software so you can make your restore. In addition, be sure you have the update of version 10 as the original version is very buggy. The update is also buggy but less so.

    Also make sure that under "services" you have Acronis ticked --- it won't work right otherwise.

    If you can get by with a previous version, you may be better off until they get the bugs out of this version.

    UPDATE: Sept. 10, 2007 - I had to do a restore last night. Had a rough time with the software. Tried several boot disks. They didn't work. Finally the GUI came up after about twenty or thirty minutes and I made the restore without incident. As I said before, the software is buggy. It will work but not as it should and perhaps not at all times.

    UPDATE: Sept. 14, 2007 - I had to do another restore on another computer last night. I decided this time to just let the software take it's course. So I hit the F11 key and held it longer than usual so the Linux kernel came up. I gave it the command above. It took about ten minutes for the GUI to come up. Then it took quite awhile for the software to prepare for the restore. But once it started, the restore went well and it was a perfect restore....more info
    Let me first qualify my rating. I use Acronis for one feature only. I clone my laptop disc for a back up. This clone feature takes about 15 minutes and is an exact clone of your drive. If you ever have a hard drive problem you just swap out the disc and you don't miss a blink. All your softwear, settings and data are there just as you cloned them. Last year I was forced to use a worn out old laptop for work. Three times Acronis saved my behind. I would swap out the disc with the clone or install it in a repaired laptop and never miss a beat. The disc have to be the same type (storage capacity is not an issue) and the laptop has to be the same make and model to use it that way.
    I cannot attest to the other features, but the cloning alone is worth it to me. The worlds best back up.

    Tom Watkins...more info