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Wii Component A/V Cable
List Price: $24.99

Our Price: $3.50

You Save: $21.49 (86%)


Product Description

6 foot length

  • Hook Me Up!
  • For you TV, PC monitor and projectors
  • 6-feet, 9-inch cable with gold-plated connectors
  • Compatible with Wii

Customer Reviews:

  • Works as good as the higher prices one!!!
    After hooking this up to my 42" HDTV, Wii games look crisper and sharp. Whiles it only outputs at 480p, there is a considerable difference from the standard cables. At less than 5 bucks, you can't go wrong with this after-market cables. ...more info
  • Good cables
    Cable seems well constructed and allows me to operate my nintendo wii at 480p. I do not know why others are saying that they are seeing imperfections, it may be their set-up. I just bought a new 46'' Samsung ln46b530 which was the reason i purchesed the cables and the only issues i have is the 480p resolution, but that is only due to the nintendo and not the cables. I'm giving a rating of five stars because they do what they are supposed to do with the quality of signal that they have....more info
  • Decent cables, but the connectors are too fat!
    I bought these cables for my Toshiba REGZA 32" TV, but the inputs will not all fit in the jacks due the the plastic surrounding the connectors being too fat. These are going back to the store. They seem like a decent, relatively inexpensive cable, but if your jacks are close together, give them a pass....more info
  • Just as good
    Pretty simple - just as good as the "official" cable...just a whole lot less money. And this IS just as good as the "official" cable - and your Wii will look a WHOLE lot better with progressive scanning....more info
  • HDTV Wii Connect
    For anyone who now owns a HDTV, they would need to buy special equipment for their system. Although that is the case with the Nintendo Wii, you would also need to buy a specialty wire connector to hook up the Wii to your HDTV. This one from the third-party company Intec works nicely for some, but it doesn't last as long as the original one Nintendo has made. Although the specialty cable isn't available with the Wii, it is sold seperately through Nintendo's website, and it is a recommended bet. I suggest you buy Nintendo's version instead for the HDTV connection.

    Price: C

    Overall: C ...more info
  • Good for the price
    -It's inexpensive.

    -I can't really tell a difference between this cable and the one that shipped with the system.
    -On Ravin Rabbids two I have a black outline around the game now.

    Other thoughts
    -The newest game I had prior to purchasing this cable was Ravin Rabbids Two, since I started using this cable I have purchased RE3&4 and Guitar Hero III & World Tour. Both games display well and I haven't switched the cables to see if the display is any better or not....more info
  • Great High Quality Cables
    I was very impressed with these cables. The quality is top notch, something not always seen in third party accessories. The cables are built very strong. The picture quality is also great. I saw a very noticeable improvement of the picture when using these cables on my HD LCD TV. These cables were definitely worth the money. ...more info
  • Waste of money
    Wii is really a great game and a lot of fun to play. But Wii is limited to low resolution, and the cable provides no improvement to the display at all. It is a waste of money....more info
  • Cables for Wii
    Product arrive on a timely basis. Easy hook-up and worked perfectly for new entertainment set-up....more info
  • No Optical Support
    The official description says "An optical input is also included." The Wii does not support optical output. I purchased this cable thinking I would have digital surround sound with the wii. The Wii only supports analog sound through Dolby Pro Logic. There is no included optical cable.

    The cables themselves do work fine, just not as the description says....more info
  • ehh
    These cables clear up the picture but they cause the picture to jump at times. The bottom of my screen gets all jumpy. It only happens on my TV when the Wii is on so I know it's the cables. Get the Nintendo cables instead or an S-video set. The Wii isn't HD gaming anyway....more info