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Lowepro SlingShot 300 All-Weather Camera Bag (Black)
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Product Description

Designed for SLR cameras, especially Digital SLR, the SlingShot 300AW is a backpack suitable for photographers who travel in virtually any terrain. The SlingShot offers secure protection for your camera and accessories but also maximum comfort for you on the road, in the woods, or mountainous terrain. If you can go there, this case is ready. Silent Zipper Pulls - Provide quiet access around film crews or wildlife. SlipLock Attachment Loops - Add pouches or other SlipLock compatible products to customize. Accessory Pockets - Provide quick access to cables, adaptors, small accessories or personal items. Mesh Covered Back Pad & Sling Strap - Provides breathable comfort during long treks. Built-In Memory Card Pouch - Quickly find memory cards in the same place every time. Built-In Micro Fiber LCD Cloth - Protects LCD screen from camera strap, nicks and scratches. Padded Waist Belt - Fully adjustable belt distributes weight on hips for heavy loads. Two large organizer pockets / Accessory pockets provide quick access to cables, adapters, small accessories or personal items Unit Exterior Dimensions 13 x 9.1 x 17.3 (33 x 23 x 44 cm) (WxDxH); Interior Dimensions 11.8 x 6.5 x 11.8 (30 x 16.5 x 30 cm) (WxDxH) Water Resistant (not waterproof)

  • Sling style bag for carrying comfort and easy accessibility
  • Holds a Pro D-SLR with long zoom (80-200mm) lens attached, 3-4 extra lenses, cables and accessories
  • Built in digital memory card organizer and micro fiber LCD cleaning cloth
  • Lowepro's patented All Weather cover to protect bag and contents from extreme weather, sand, dirt, etc.
  • Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great bag
    I purchased this bag for an upcoming trip to Europe. I wanted the freedom it offered for carrying and also easy access to my camera. The bag is well made and is very comfortable - except for the side support strap that doesn't work well for women, but I think I'll be able to get by without using it. I'd recommend this bag to any serious photographer....more info
  • Hey, It's Great
    Well designed. I can get a lot more stuff in this bag than any other that I own of the same, relative size. What's neat is that I can "swivel" the bag around and access just about anything in it. I spent the extra $bucks to get the weather protection feature. ...more info
  • Tough durable & easy access
    My first internal frame was a Lowe and it is still my 1st choice more 25 years later. In well over 200's days of hard trail use it has NEVER failed, not a strap or any of the seams despite 60 + pounds winter loads.

    I was initially impressed by the design; for me this is not solely about style but the efficient use of space & security for the contents. There is a clever side loading feature for the camera with an attached lens. Inside there is room for 2 more lens & all the associated accessories. More importantly it is bomb proof w/ a rain cover built in and lashes for your jacket when it get to warm. On the trail the quick release fastex buckles provide easy access to the contents while ensuring they do not accidently drop out.

    I may go though more digital camera in the next 25 years, but will only need this one pack.

    Thank you. ...more info
  • Nice Bag
    This sling bag is perfect for my Nikon Camera. It gives me enough space that I can put my Sony handy cam in it as well....more info
  • A great DSLR bag!!
    I have been getting more involved with my Nikon D300, and wanted to carry more lenses with me when shooting. Most bags I tried were bulky or not very comfortable. The Slingshot Pro 200 ended my search.
    This bag has enough room to carry 2-3 medium sized lenses( say, an 18-200 on camera, a 12-24, and even a 28-70, with another spot in the top for yet another lens-the top compartment is a little less secure).
    For a long zoom(300mm and up), I think you should get a larger size.
    I really like the set up of the main compartment- Lots of padding, velcro. When zipped up, 2 clasps on the outside of the bag allow the camera to be accesed while keeping the lenses secure.
    The strap is nicely padded and the bag, when full, is nicely balanced.
    Overall, a pretty nice bag for a reasonable price....more info
  • Awkward for this Lefty
    Keep in mind here, that I do not, nor have I ever owned this bag. I'm sure it is a great bag, but as a left - handed person it felt very awkward to have the sling going that way. I was all set to buy it after reading reviews online, but if you are a lefty, I would suggest you try one on before you buy it (check at Costco, they had a bunch when I was there recently). I am probably going to buy the Kata KT D-3N1 bag instead because that one can sling either way or you can wear it as a backpack....more info
  • Camera Backpack
    The bag had enough dividers to form pockets for all my accessories. The dividers were adjustable with Velcro adjusters. ...more info
  • Invaluable
    I bought this bag principally because I wanted a set-up that would make it easy to change lenses -- with my previous lenses-in-padded-cases-in-my-backpack set-up, I had to stop, take off my bag, find a flat enough surface to work on (so lenses don't fall over and get damaged), and then juggle two lenses while I switched. With the SlingShot bag, you flip it under your shoulder and have a nice flat, safe surface to work on, with two easy-to-grab lenses. Now it's easy for me to switch lenses to get just a shot or two. Plus, there's enough room for me to carry both film and digital bodies, and useful gear like cleaning supplies and a raincoat for the camera.

    If you're using this bag as a daypack, the 300 is the only one with a big enough top compartment to be useful. You can easily fit a couple of energy bars, a rain jacket, a guide book, and sunglasses in the top compartment -- perfect for a hike or acting the tourist.

    For travel, I would've liked a laptop compartment -- the 300 is large enough -- but it's true that I wouldn't want to haul along a padded compartment all day long.

    At first the single shoulder strap seemed heavy to me but I got used to it. Keeping the waist belt tight is key to wearing the bag comfortably and is also constant work as it seems to loosen easily on me. Note that the strap is *not* switchable right-left so you'd better be happy with your right shoulder.

    Make sure to get the water bottle holder accessory!...more info
  • Nice product
    During my ski trip in Verbier and 3 Vall¨¦es, I loved this backpack for my DSLR that allowed me to make over 2 GB of photos easily....more info
  • Great and perfect nice bag for my D90!
    I needed something to put in my D90, 18-105 kit lens and 70-300mm lens that is not too big and bulky and will enable me to access my gears without taking it off me. So i looked at sling type bags and this one fits my needs perfectly.It easily fits my D90 with the kit attached and extra space for my long 70-300mm lens. I still have extra room for my future 50mm or 35mm prime lens and maybe an external SB-600 flash. I like it because it's convenient, i just take it and carry it over my back. If i need my camera, i just move it infront of me, and i can pull out easily my camera to take pictures. I can even easily change lenses with this bag infront of me which is really cool. I originally had the nikon bag and a tamrac sling bag but i like this one's configuration better. There are more pockets and small storages to put in SD cards, battery charger, and USB cables if needed. The quality of materials is very good and the all weather cover is a big plus. It is nicely tucked under the bag and just pull it out to cover the whole bag if your out stuck in the rain. The 200 is a bit bigger but too big for my taste, maybe next time when i upgrade to full frame dSLR and acquire more lenses. ...more info
  • Lowepro Camera Bag
    This camera bag is everything I wanted and more. It is so well designed there is a place for everything and it is compact too! I love it!...more info
  • A little confusing at first...
    I bought this bag to carry my SLR and lenses to Europe and after finally figuring out how to carry it, I found it most useful and quite practical for carrying my gear. I started out swinging it around my right hip for access but felt it just wasn't right. The trick is to swing it around your left hip and it works like a charm. I was also able to carry guide books, extra battery packs, and snacks in the zip pockets. Would I recommend it? Absolutely - just practice using it first!!! ...more info
  • Mr Fernando B Menendez
    I gave this bag to my doughter for her birthday,she love it.
    practical and easy to use....more info
  • Lowepro is a pro
    The Lowepro SlingShot 300 AW is the perfect bag for advanced amateurs. It has enough room for just about everything you could imagine and is is small enough to take anywhere. The only thing I would have liked to have is some way to attach my tripod....more info
  • Great Product
    We recently took a trip, via airlines, to the jungles of Central America. This bag was a life saver in carrying my camera gear (Cannon EOS, 300mm lense and accessories). Yes, it is small but everything fit including passport and small essentials. Great as my "personal carry on" or "purse" along with one carryon piece of luggage - I travel light. Everything was right there at my fingertips, easily accessed. Bag is flexible enough to use as both a day pack or camera bag. The Lowepro Slingshot is now an essential part of my traveling activities! And yes! That rain cover is ideal in those monsoons... :-)...more info
  • Lowepro 200AW Great all purpose Bag
    Watch Video Here: Great Equipment Bag!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I just purchased a Nikon D90 (what a great camera!) My internet research concluded that this was one of the most recommended cases for this camera, so I purchased it. While I haven't tested this out "on the trail" yet, it seems to be a very lightweight and comfortable backpack and you feel like the camera is protected and secure (wish I could say the same about my life). There are a lot of compartments for additional equipment (although I wish there was a specific place for the large manual that comes with the camera). I recommend this....more info
  • Using my slingshot 200
    Just days after getting the backpack, I went with a group of people on a 4 mile walk into the Superstition Mt Wilderness Area. I continually amazed myself on how easy it was to quickly pull my camera, take a picture, put it away and continue to keep up with the group. No one had to wait on me....more info
  • Great Camera Bag for the money!!
    Bought this bag for my Nikon d80 + external flash + battery grip. It fits everything pretty snuggly. Other reviews state that the camera juggles around in the bag but I had not experiance that. Very comfortable. I was able to wear it for 8-10 hours straight wandering around Disney World with a little one in tow. No discomfort whatsoever. I love the easy accessibility of the bag...quick access to camera when needed. Rain pouch works great too. I highly recommend this. I agree with other reviewers that the Slingshot 100 would've have definitely a bit small. Glad I went with the bigger size....more info
  • Great camera bag!
    The bag is well made and is easy to carry. It make is so much easier to grab your camera with a sling shoulder instead of a traditional backpack. Customizing the compartments and adjusting for multiple lenses or accessories is a snap....more info
  • Slingshot 100 is awesome!
    This is such an awesome bag! I only got it a couple of days ago but I'm amazed by how much this little bag can hold! The Slingshot 100 is the perfect size for me. Right now I only have a Sony A300 and the kit lens, but i know that once I get more, it will hold it. With accessories and all, this bag can easily hold 3 normal size lenses, (one attached to the camera, one laying on its side, and one standing up in the slot) or 2 lenses and a flash. If you dont use the upper zipper compartment for normal accessories, (the one closest to the top, by the handle) you could also put another "normal" size lens up there. (totaling it to 4 lenses)-(I'm measuring "normal" as my 18-70mm lens that came with my camera)

    I love how durable this bag feels. Even when you dont have much stuff in there, it holds it shape well. The materials feel extremely durable! There is lots of padding, and the zippers feel top notch. The "sling" design works well.

    All in all, I would definitely recommend this to anyone! ...more info
  • Great camera bag!
    Thrilled with this bag. Have had it for 4 or 5 months and it is all that we could want or need. Perfect size. Fits Rebel XTI, 70-300 ISM zoom lense (ON!), slim pocket digital camera, and a Canon digital movie camera...all together!...more info
  • Good small bag
    This is a great bag for dslr cameras. I have a grip battery and 28-135 mm lens on my camera and it is a tight fit, but there is still room for 2 small lenses in the main pocket. Spinning it around from your back to in front of you does work as advertised, I was a little skeptical before purchasing, but it is worth the money....more info
  • Slingshot 100AW
    My Tamrac (sub-compact) bag JUST for my Canon XSi (kit) wasn't cutting it. It's a nice little bag but it didn't have much cushioning and only an itty-bitty pocket in the front. Which is why I invested in this Slingshot 100.

    This bag makes me feel like I can take my camera anywhere! It feels well protected an insulated enough to take a few minor bumps here and there. The 100 is just perfect enough for my XSi and two lenses. (Or a lens and a flash unit with a bit more room to spare.)

    The way it swings over to have easy access to your gear is wonderful! This bag was really thought out and you just know a photographer was there in the design of this bag.

    Ladies, the pocket on top and in front can act as your purse. So now you can have your purse AND camera in one place.

    Guys, your wallet can either fit in one of the pockets OR right next to your camera.

    The strap fits comfortably and just fine. (Yes, it sits between your bust ladies. If you have a larger problem!) The padded strap adjusts quite nicely. The bag didn't make my neck or back hurt. (Then again, I got this small bag so that I WOULDN'T carry a lot of gear with me. What would be the point of my back hurting? If you want something to carry lots of gear, I recommend the Lowepro backpack-type series.)

    I would buy this bag again in a heartbeat. It was worth my money. When I was doing my research in the local camera store, I compared it with the other bags and nothing came close to the padding plus functionality of this bag.

    NOTE: The day I got this bag, I was heading for a 'halloween' type amusement park and I DIDN'T want to take my gear. (Yuk, dark flash pictures of guys dressed up as monsters?) I ended up taking out the adjustable padding and using the Slingshot 100 as a purse. I placed nothing in the outside pockets. (To keep the people behind me in line from possibly pickpocketing something.) And I placed my wallet, glasses case, make-up bag, etc. in the zippered camera compartment. Easy access to everything! And it was drizzling that night...the weather cover did just nicely!

    (P.S. It was Knott's Scary Farm.)...more info
  • Lowe slingshot 100
    Very nice camera pack, just what I need for my trips. This was the best price anywhere....more info
    Received this bag not to long ago as a gift and absolutely LOVE it! It is comfortable to wear across my shoulder and easily holds my dslr camera body with a lens attached, room for 3-4 more, extra batteries, and my external flash. ...more info
  • Excellent bag.
    Big enough for all my gear (canon d40 + 3 lens + mini tripod + hoods + more)....more info