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Pioneer GEX-INNO2BK Inno 2 Portable XM Satellite Radio with MP3 Capability
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Product Description

Take a listen to our latest innovation, the Pioneer inno. Small in size, big on features, it's the first satellite radio that plays MP3s and WMAs. You heard right; now you can select and record from over 170 crystal-clear channels of live XM radio or play your own MP3/WMA mix. Anytime you want, at home or on the road, hear talk radio, college sports, Major League Baseball, NASCAR and any kind of music you choose. That's unheard of variety and options. And innovation, now available with the Pioneer inno. Create your own playlists / Manage playlists and files without a computer Bookmark the songs you like and purchase with XM + Napster Schedule recordings in advance, so you never miss your favorite programs Artists and TuneSelect alerts you when your favorite song or artists is played Unit Weight 128 Grams ( 4.5 ounces); Actual Size 2.2 W x 3.7 H x 0.6 D Portable Satellite Radio Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor Rechargeable Battery Warranty 90 Days Parts and Labor Rechargeable battery power rating - Battery Capacity 1750 mAh / Life per charge - Battery Time 15 Hours Playback time / 5 Hours Live XM System Requirements for CD/ROM Applications Windows XP or Windows 2000. Internal Explorer 5.1 or higher, Windows Media Player 9 or higher, minimum of 67 MB RAM, 13 MB hard-drive space. The following Operation Systems are not supported - Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and Mac OS Complies with XM2Go 1-Year Limited Warranty XM service requires subscription with XM satellite radio network Optional car and home kits available

  • 1GB storage capacity for up to 50 hours of music
  • Up to 15 hours playback or five hours live XM radio on a single charge
  • 1.7-inch full-color TFT LCD (180 x 180 pixel resolution)
  • Record from live XM Satellite Radio, play back MP3 and WMA audio files
  • One-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • No need to use the car kit
    I drive a lot on highways so wanted to give satellite radio a try. I once hesitated because installing the external antenna seemed to be troublesome. Additionally, I drove two cars alternatively with my wife but only wanted to have one radio (my wife doesn't like the idea of satellite radio). That means I would need two car kits and do the installation twice.

    Anyway, I still wanted to try. I picked up Pioneer Gex-Inno2BK after reading those good reviews at Amazon (the other portable one that I was interested is DelPhi SKYFI3). It turns out to be a big, good surprise: Inno2 does not need the external antenna! Well, I am talking about highways in Midwest, so keep that in mind. It does lose signal occasionally when my vehicle passes under bridges. Actually most bridges are fine, and when the radio lost signal it's just a couple of seconds.

    It also works fine in the local roads of Chicago suburban areas where the signal is mostly from terrestrial repeater (with occasional loss of signal). I also used it in a small town in Iowa with no terrestrial repeater. It works better than in Chicago suburban area because the buildings there are much less dense.

    The location to mount the radio does matter. I mount the radio on the air vent using a vent mount bought from Wal-Mart. If I put the radio on the passenger's seat, it may lose signal when the vehicle picks up a upslope or downslope. Using a windshield mount gives even better signal, but the vent mount works almost as well -- I prefer vent mount for its lower position.

    Battery life is decent in the range of about five hours. It's good enough for most of my trips. If needed, $10 chargers for Inno are available on the Internet.

    Some other good surprises: I can use it in subway trains of Chicago without using headphone antenna (so far I only used it in part of the blue line and I will update on this). The signal is from terrestrial repeaters. In the Salt Lake City airport, the terrestrial repeaters are so strong that I can walk with the radio without any signal loss. I haven't purchased the headphone antenna yet.

    Some cons: The screen is small for vehicle use. I use the largest display fonts and then most song titles will be rotated on the screen. There is a bug (I think so) that only part of song title is displayed when being rotated, for example, "Big Girls Don't Cry" becomes "Big Girls Don't". That's a strange software bug and I wish Inno would have a firmware fix for this. The menus do not rotate -- if a menu is long and I want go to the last item, I have to move all the way to there. But those are minor issues.

    update on 3/18/08: Now I have four more weeks of experience with Inno2. It still works great and I keep my rating. It works well on Chicago subways. The closer to the city center, the stronger the signal from the terrestrial repeaters. The internal antenna doesn't work well enough when I walk on the streets. Driving on the streets is not a problem, because the driveway is away from the building I believe. It is better to take some recording for walk to subway stations.

    As for driving, I found that weather affects the signal (with internal antenna) slightly and in an unpredictable way. On a heavily snowing day the Inno2 got good signal all the trip, and on a cloudy it lost signal more often. Overall it works well -- I did some sampling (definitely not scientific way) and concluded that I lost less that 0.5% listening time in that worst day for all kinds of reasons. Installing an external antenna should improve the condition, but to me it's not worth the associated cost, time and risk of vehicle interior damage. (Whenever there is a signal, signal strength doesn't make a difference to sound quality for digital radios.)

    I found a caveat in a trip east-bound on I-80 -- when I intentionally drove my car on the left lane in parallel with the CENTER part of a 18-wheel truck on the right lane, after a while the signal was lost. The XM satellite signal comes from the south and the truck could block the signal. Nevertheless, for normal passing the Inno didn't lose signal. It seems to have some buffer to tolerate glitches in signal reception.

    A final word on XM radio sound quality: It is good but not close to that of iPod. With a scale from 1 to 10, I would give 10 to CD sound quality, 9 to iPod, and 7 to XM radio and the best FM radio stations. XM and FM are different: XM seems to have more clarity and those best FM stations more dynamic range. I still like XM for non-commercial music and for no need to search new FM stations every 50-80 miles.

    PS I should have mentioned that the Inno2 is connected to the car audio through an aux port....more info
  • Inno falls short of expectations
    I just received the Inno + car kit for around $200 as a Christmas gift. The Inno is a decent unit, however there are so many drawbacks from my expectations that I would recommend the freebie XM Roady with a seperate MP3 player instead.

    + Hasnt crashed once yet (unlike reports on the Skyfi3)
    + Battery life seems great
    + Unit is small, light and feels sturdy (though I keep the LCD protective film on)
    + Car dock works fine, and Inno rotates display sideways when docked making it easier to see
    + Display is clear, song and info text is large enough to see at a distance
    + Audio quality is superb through mic port, as good or better than any MP3 player I've heard

    - Record function is awful (can't record while playing MP3, cant pause or rewind LIVE audio, unit must be on and tuned to specific channel in order to record)
    - Leather case is way too tight, takes a minute or more to squeeze the Inno in there. Since the Inno cant use the dock with the case on, I just threw the case away.
    - Must install XM+Napster software to transfer songs, even if other MP3 players transfer fine through regular media players
    - FM transmitter is very weak (even with Sureconnect) compared to my old Roady2. It's so bad that I have to use an ADDITIONAL FM transmitter hooked to the mic port to even hear audio properly.
    - No quick channel buttons like the Roady, you have to enter each channel in the menu and then pull it up as a favorites list. Not very easy or safe to do while driving!
    - No FM modulation without the car kit. THE ENTIRE REASON I asked for the Inno was to be able to quickly bring it to my work van from my personal car so I could listen all day. You must have the dock and antenna connected in order to get FM modulation. SO MUCH FOR PORTABILITY!
    - 1GB Memory is realy 512MB for satellite recordings, and 512MB for MP3's. With flash memory being at an all-time low it is very disappointing this hasnt been upgraded yet (or at least add a MicroSD slot like the SkyFi3!) Picture buying a 512MB MP3 player and a portable Roady for almost $200 with car kit, and you see why I'm upset.

    OVERALL: I'm probably missing a couple of cons but the main complains are there. If you need good FM modualtion, find a Roady2 on Ebay, or try the freebie RoadyXT thru XM. I wanted to love my portable unit, but it was a MAJOR letdown. I had pictured a DVR-like software when it came to recording, but not being able to record while listening to MP3's is so archaic in a recording device. This unit needs non-neutered FM Modulation, new firmware for better recording and a MicroSD slot to really be worth the money. The car kit for another $60 should be INCLUDED and is just another way to squeeze money out of you, but it is neccesary in you want to listen to the Inno in your car....more info
  • Blast off!
    This is out of this world great! I love this little gadget. As soon as I took it out of the box it picked up a signal! Wow! It even works at my office! This is wonderful for my productivity and concentration at work. Oh, and it tunes out those loud cubicle neighbors.

    Adding information on May 25, 2009....I LOVE MY INNO!!! I record programming and take it to work with me. ...more info
  • Is this unit for you? Yes and no.
    I was new to satellite radio, so I read every review here and elsewhere before taking the plunge. If you're a noob and want to research this unit (and Sirius XM), you should do the same. If you just need a quick pro-and-con review, here you go.

    Pro: The Inno2 is a good, solid, small receiver. Much thought went into its design and features. It can record up to 50 hours of XM content, which is quite nice, and/or you can put your own music onto it as well. I am well satisfied with it (and with the Sirius XM service).

    Con: It's not the Inno2's fault, but reception is the must frustrating aspect of satellite radio. If you're looking for a radio you can use out of the box with problem-free reception both indoors and out, satellite radio may not be for you. Reception quality will depend upon where you live. Indoors, you will most likely need the external antenna (supplied). Used outdoors, the unit's stubby antenna works well enough in the suburbs; some -- and especially city dwellers -- will likely be frustrated unless they spring for the Belkin antenna headphones. And if you plan to use the Inno2 in the car, the car kit is all but mandatory. Once you adapt, reception's not a big issue.

    Pro: The Inno2 has a small color screen which displays the song & artist; this is very useful.

    Con: the channel guide crams too much into the small space; if your eyesight isn't good, it's difficult to read - especially while driving.

    Overall, this is a nice unit with good features at a decent price. (Which you should monitor; it rises and falls periodically.)...more info
  • First bad, and then good, but not best, in manufacturing
    The radio I received from the initial shipment held itself to Channel 5 like a hostage (maybe attempting to hold the buyer for a ransom). The power switch was simply defective, and did not do anything. The 3.5mm mini-jack did not hold itself in the "hole" on the radio and no audio came out to my stereo at all. The mini-jack and the "hole" just don't fit each other. So one hold, the other no hold. Things would be working if they were the other way around.

    I had to call and returned the set to the Amazon, which rushed me another shipment. This one is working good, except the "hole" still is not holding or snapping the jack very well, but much better than the previous set. Other than this, I am happy with this radio. ...more info
  • Great product for a new industry!
    I love this thing! Having dozens of dozens of channels to listen to is the greatest.

    The good things:
    - It can record what you're listening to. Some channels will allow you to record the whole track even if you only began recording mid-track.
    - You can put your own music on it!
    - Portability is excellent! I can jog with it. I can pop it in my pocket. I usually use it in my car with a cassette adapter.
    - It can alert you when your favorite artist or song is on the radio.
    - Dozens and dozens of channels!
    - For me the storage space is excellent! I have tons of comedy, music, and news tracks on my radio, and I still have tons left. (Others might say it's not enough, but it's plenty for me.)
    - The battery power is great for me. I went on an 6 hour trip (3 hours one way and 3 hours back), and it was on the whole time and the power never ran out.

    The not-so-good things:
    - When I was visiting a friend in a rural area, it completely didn't work. If you live in a rural area, this will NOT be for you.
    - I expect that when I go through a tunnel, the radio doesn't work, but sometimes just passing by a large tree messes with its reception.
    - Because it updates on its own, it's a little problematic. XM radio updates from time-to-time. The last time it did, it took almost a week before the display features were properly visible, but the radio was still functional.

    All-in-all, I think this is a great product! Since I commute quite a bit, I swear by this thing. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for the few quirks that I mentioned above....more info
  • My husband loves it!!!
    I got this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He takes it everywhere with him and gets good reception. He uses it when he exercises or when he needs a news update at work. The only time he has had some trouble with reception was at our daughter's house in the hills of West Virginia but he found it worked perfectly in our bedroom there. His phone doesn't work there at all. I believe this was his favorite gift....more info
  • Very disappointing - recpeption is awful
    I bought this for me wife last Christmas. She loved XM and was very happy with the idea of a portable that she could use in her car and in the house. Unfortunately, we had nothing but problems. Reception in the house was awful, so I connected it to my home stereo. This worked OK but managing the cradle, the antenna and another connection to our stereo was more trouble than it was worth. The Inno reception was equally weak in the car. You could not get a signal unless you held it up to the window. So I spent another $70 for the car kit. This worked for a while but we had to connect through the tape player and all the cables (one to charger, one to antenna and one to tape) were very annoying. I could have spent another $150 or so to have it professionally installed, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a handheld unit. After a week or so, the unit stopped working. It would not get any signal while in the cradle. I could not get service locally and had to call the Pioneer national service desk. We were told we need a new battery(?) and were sent another battery. The new battery did not help. I think this was just their standard response as the battery only comes with a 90 day warranty. After another couple weeks of frustration, she finally threw the Inno and all the cables in her glove compartment and we have not used it since.

    She loved XM and I may buy her a car receiver and have it installed correctly, but do not buy this product thinking you can take it anywhere and listen to XM. The reception is awful ait does not work very well in the cradle....more info
  • A good little radio overall
    This is a good little radio. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because of a couple of quirks, but overall I am very satisfied with my Inno.

    The Inno is very user-friendly.
    It has a clear screen and easy-to-use controls.
    PC setup is a snap, even for technophobic folks.
    You can tag or bookmark a song that is playing as a favorite, and then later buy a copy from Napster or another music service. That is useful since I can never remember artist names.

    The home kit (included) and car kit (separate) are easy to install (disclaimer: I had my car kit professionally installed since Subaru electronics are a bit complex). The car kit does not include an FM Modulator, which I recommend. I bought the entire setup - Inno with home kit, car kit, FM Modulator, and installation - for just over $400, a reasonable price for a good radio.

    The "record song" function cuts off the last bit of the song, sometimes by a barely noticeable bit but other times by as much as a full second. I don't know if this is an issue with the Inno or with the XM broadcast signal.

    The Napster software does not display the name of the song when I download recordings (if it does, I can't figure out how to see it). It only displays the start and stop time of the recording, which I find to be really goofy and useless information.

    The unit MUST be plugged into an antenna in order to get good reception. That is not a problem when I use my Inno at home or in the car, but it is a problem when I want to listen to it while exercising. The built-in antenna does not pick up a consistent signal. Belkin makes antenna headphones for the Inno, but the headphones are of poor quality and are painful to wear (mine caused major chafing in my ears and then crapped out after 2 weeks. Others report the same problems).

    Overall, the Inno is a great product. I use mine every day....more info
  • first XM radio
    This was my first satellite radio purchase. I must say, the Inno2 has a lot of great features. I like the portability of the unit as well as the size, but the reception without an external antenna is why I am not rating it a 5. I also purchased the car kit and fm direct adapter to use the radio in one of my vehicles. It works perfectly and the quality of the sound is good. I really like the ability to record songs or set up the radio to record at a certain time. The TuneSelect feature lets you pick artists and the radio beeps to give you the option to go to that channel to hear the song from that artist. Sports information is endless....more info
  • Good XM Radio
    PROs: The design is compact and sleek. The menu structure is easy to follow. Sound quality is good.

    CONs: While the Inno has a built-in FM Modulator, this feature is only available on the menu when docked in the "optional" Car Kit (for $50+). Additionally, as far as I can tell, it is not compatible with i-tunes (only Napster)....more info
  • Welcome to the 21st Century
    I am going to make this simple. I love listening to the radio- always have. I can remember putting on the "timer" on an old-fashioned clock radio in 1970 (11 yrs. old) or so and listening to WMCA, etc. for 60 minutes while I fell asleep. I always resisted satellite radio. Why buy what you can get for free? My wife bought me this Inno & XM service for my birthday, and boy was I wrong. This satellite radio stuff is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Buy the antenna headphone as well- it gets you better reception when sitting in the family room, etc....more info
  • still works
    a little annoying if it's cloudy, that's expected with a new technology that hasn't really been perfected yet. it's been a couple years though and it's still perfect....more info
  • XM on-the-go
    I am more than impressed with the performance of the Gex-Inno. The reception is far better than I had ever imagined. At times without the home dock and purely dependent on the internal antenna it is a little tricky but with a few tilts it works great. With the docking station no problem. My only complaint would be the limited and lack of expandability of the internal memory. The inability of adding additional memory is a limitation of the MP3 part. Also the manner in which the internal memory must be partitioned is a disadvantage. Overall I am very please and certainly would make the same purchase....more info
  • Poor reception
    This satellite radio is a disappointment. It gets no reception indoors. I have to go outside to listen (often in the rain). Pioneer recommended I buy an earphone antenna which I did. Now reception is slightly better. I can listen if I stand at a south window. Pioneer should issue a warning that reception is limited in some areas....more info
  • Device works great, LEATHER CASE IS JUNK!
    The device works great, read elsewhere about good reviews of XM. I love XM.

    My problem is the leather case.

    It's too tight, so the button holding the device inside may come undone and the device falls out, causing said device to break.

    This just happened to me.

    It kept trying to power up, finally it came on

    I powered it down then turned it on again, it appears to be working ok now.

    Use a different leather case, that won't let the device fall out.

    One star review from me, because if it breaks because of the case, then I wasted my money....more info
  • Kills my car battery!
    It kills my car battery if I leave it turned on. Don't buy unless you want to record your XM programs. The Only reason it hasn't been replaced....more info
  • Freaking Awesome!
    I cant think of a single thing I dont like about this XM radio. I've had others... I highly recommend it....more info
  • What a super sound from something so tiny!
    I was really surprized to hear the QUALITY of sound that comes from this little XM radio. I live in the boonies and without any additional antennas, I can almost always get 2 or 3 bars in the middle of the house!
    Excellent purchase and quality....more info
  • Not all it's cracked up to be
    I purchased this with the intention to be able to record shows, music, etc. and the reception was aweful. The only way this would work is if you live in a very rural area. Seeing as I live in the city I had hoped this would work out, but it never did. I'd have two bars of service and it would cut out, even while I was on the train platform. This needs to be a device that can really be used "anywhere." I sent it back and canceled my XM service after a week. Nice try Pioneer, but you just didn't give it the power to perform the way you say it should....more info
  • excellent
    I bought this for my husband whose old satelite radio was no longer working. This is so much better. All of the features of an MP3 with great reception and ability to store music. He loves it....more info
  • Supurb !!!
    Excellent product, great features. I use it with my MAC powerbook G4 !
    I do not use the nabster software, you need windows for that.
    I am extremely happy with this product......more info
  • Pioneer Gex Inno Portable XM Satellite
    Three weeks of using this radio and very pleased. Has long playback capacity for recorded xm content. It's definitely short on live xm battery time. Five hours about the maximum. Signal can be blocked easily buy placing the radio in a shirt pocket. For excellent reception I use the Belkin XM headset both in my vehicle and while walking. I hang the headset over the rear view mirror and get great reception. Then I plug in a fm receiver into cigarette lighter outlet and tune to free frequency and get great sound. ...more info
  • Buy it!!!
    I have had my Inno for a couple weeks now... it is amazing. I also bought a Delphi Boombox.... wow.. I can listen to XM at home and record my favorites. I can even scedule recordings of my favorite shows on the comedy chanel and NPR... and when I am listening to live music on XM I can start recording anytime during the song and get the whole thing on my Inno... it has a 10 min buffer time to start your recording. It is a sweet live XM receiver and a great MP3 player. Oh... BTW i can put tons of my MP3 on it too... wow wow wow. ...more info
  • Great Gadget!!
    I purchased the Inno as a Christmas gift for my self and I have to say I am very pleased with the Inno and the XM satellite service. I'm a first time satellite user so I was a little skeptical at first about the quality and coverage area.

    Let's start with the Inno first:

    When I received the Inno I was impressed by the weight, screen layout, button placement and accessories minus the ear buds. The unit was very easy to figure out without much reading of the manual. Battery life is very good. Sound level is also good - however for better audio quality you'll want to buy better ear buds. The Inno is a nice size as well. It's about the size of a Nextel phone. Other cool features include downloading your own MP3 files, downloading audio books and recording live satellite feeds of any channel. One final note on the Inno it comes with a nice protective case that fits great around the Inno. Nice touch on Pioneer's end.

    Now regarding XM:

    I was one of those people that use to say I'll never pay for satellite service when I have free radio. I take the words back now.

    As a daily commuter from NJ to NY I spend alot time on the bus. I can't read in a moving vehicle and I was getting tired of all of the commercials on my little AM/FM radio so I decided to try XM. Boy I'm glad I did! For about $14 a month I get 170 channels commercial free.

    Regarding satellite coverage I thought I would have problems on the bus but my ride into the city is almost static free accept for the Lincoln tunnel (or course) which is where I switch to my MP3 files. Also, I've read other reviews stating that you can't get any satellite signal in an apartment...well I live in a two story apartment and I get good reception without the antenna extension. Maybe I'm one of the lucky few.

    In closing I have to say I am very happy with the Inno and XM service....more info
  • Poor reception, poor design, poor quality
    I got this unit hoping for something that would work in the car, home and while walking. Unfortunately, the built-in antenna gets such poor quality reception that a full antenna kit is needed to use it in the car or home. While walking, forget it. I was never able to get good reception. You might get a signal for a few minutes outdoors, but I was never able to get steady reception, no matter how I held the radio. When I tried using it at work, as a portable radio, again I could not get good reception. You just have to have an antenna kit.

    The radio worked fine in the car with an antenna kit, but the interface design is awful. There are no preset buttons, and you have to either use non-intuitive arrows on the radio itself to change channels, or use the remote since it does have number buttons. But if you use the remote, you have to point right at the unit or it won't work. And then you have to have eagle eye vision to figure out which channel its on. The active channel is highlighted with a very weak yellow fringe, and I always found it difficult to tell which channel I was actually on. Overall, I found it very difficult to use when driving.

    Finally, the unit just broke the other day, shortly after one year of use. It just flat out died, and I had to junk it. For this price, I was expecting much better quality.

    I just bought the Audiovox XMCK20AP, and I like it much better than the INNO for use in the car (you can call XM to swap your license to a new XM radio). Don't know yet about the quality, but I bet it will last longer than a year.
    ...more info
  • Good product, but has its limitations
    My wife got this for me as a Christmas gift. At first, I was skeptical--I had never heard of a portable XM unit (although it made total sense) and wasn't thrilled about the idea of paying for radio.

    That said, I really like the Inno. It's compact--almost exactly the size of my candy bar cellphone. The sound is great. Reception will of course vary by location, but my house doesn't have an exposed southern window and still I'm getting maximum bars through a south wall on the home unit. The menu is quick to figure out and it's easy to manage recordings. The option of listening live vs. recording XM content is cool.

    The major limitations have been discussed already, but I'll reiterate--if you want to do anything besides listen from the home unit through your stereo or listen through headphones on the go, be prepared to pay a significant amount extra for an additional home unit or a car adapter. The car adapter is ridiculously complicated, requiring hours of installation time and removal of interior panels in the car, etc. Why Pioneer would do it this way is beyond me.

    The other limitation is a minor one, but from what I can tell there's no way to connect this unit to a home stereo through a line-in. It has to be through RCA cables. This doesn't make any sense to me, but that's seemingly the way it is. If I'm wrong on this, please let me know commentators.

    Last thing is that I'm officially a XM/Sirius convert. For fifty cents a day, it's tough to beat all the music programming plus sports that the two satellite nets provide. Now that they're joined and you can get everything in one package, it's awesome....more info
  • the best xm radio
    This is a nice solid well built little radio with a stable and fast responding OS. The ability to record live XM music is the reason I got it. I am happy with its performance except the very beginning or end of the song will sometimes get cut off, and the sound quality of either satellite radio company is far from CD quality(128kbps) but it still sounds decent. One feature that I wish the INNO had is the ability to pause and rewind live radio, like the Sirius Stiletto. If you have XM and want to record stuff, the INNO is a nice alternative to an ipod that you have to pay .99 for every song you want to save. ...more info
  • Excellent product if you're realistic with your expectations
    I've had the inno for about a month now and would highly recommend it if you have realistic expectations. It works great with the included home dock in my southwest exposure upper floor condo. It will even receive a signal with the built-in antenna inside the condo, but it will drop in and out if you're moving around. If you are stationary you can usually adjust it until you get a signal. It also works in the car with the built-in antenna if you're driving in relatively open surroundings. It will drop in and out if there are lots of trees and large buildings around. However, the ability to record XM compensates for this. If the signal drops out, I just switch to my recorded content. I don't want a car kit with all the wires etc.

    My only complaint is that you can only partition the memory to either 50/50 recorded XM and mp3s, or 100% recorded XM. I would like to have about 75% recorded XM and 25% mp3s, but this is a minor complaint.

    Overall I'm very satisfied....more info
  • Car adapter comes separately.
    like it, but somehow I overlooked the fact that the car adapter must be purchased separately, at a cost of around $60. Without it, forget getting consistent reception in your car. I haven't tried it outside yet....more info
  • Good Device For The Price....
    Pros: I really enjoy having XM radio in my life. I have it docked into my home stereo system and it sounds and receives great. It has a battery so I take it with me and play it through a boom-box while I work. I ordered the car kit and enjoy it when driving and seem to get good reception around town (Atlanta).

    Cons: FM modulator reception so-so even with "sure-connect". This probably has as much to do with FCC regs than with the quality of the receiver, but if you are an audiophile, bank on having a way to tie it directly into your car stereo. While driving, toggling from one end of the channels to the other end is laborious and who can use a remote control safely while driving? A dial would be nice but, its one of those things that I would probably break it off! I'll just toggle slow.

    In The End: Good device. I would buy it again and would recommend it to a friend. I'll write another review once I sit down and learn more about the MP3 feature....more info
  • Pioneer Inno2
    Excellent value. XM music & room for 50 hours of music. Get the external headphones/antenna, well worth the money....more info