SOG Specialty Knives FSA-7 Flash I
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Product Description

Item #: SOGFSA-7. 2.5 in. AUS8 stainless steel plain edged blade. Glass reinforced Zytel handle, with a bayonet mounted clip. Overall length 5.75 in.
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  • Features SOG Assisted Technology for easy one-handed operation
  • Includes a reversible low carry pocket clip for concealment
  • Designed with an additional safety lock that gives added security when the blade is closed
  • Attractive, satin polished blade
  • Features rugged Zytel handle

Customer Reviews:

  • 4.5 star if there is one
    I love it. The only thing I don't like is the knob to open the blade and the small switch used to close are not comfortable....more info
  • Phenomenal knife
    I love the safety. I also am very happy with the blade. Sharp without being crazy sharp. It is an exceptional product. To open quickly, simply press the stud upwards towards the end of the knife. It will open like a switch blade. It is not classified as a switchblade!!! The blade release works flawlessly and doesn't give any danger of accidental closure. One of my best purchases....more info
  • Great small EDC
    I really like this small knife.

    But there are a few cons:

    The finger side of the grip seems like it is made for a child, my index finger would sit right on top of that little hump. I did not like this at all. In fact, I took some course sandpaper and removed it. Also the latch to disengage the blade lock is a little difficult to operate, I tried lubricating it and working it back and forth and its just not as smooth as it should be.

    The Pros:
    Discrete, sturdy, opens fast, nice and sharp, the shape allows it to be totally unnoticeable in your pocket. You can actually reach into you pocket and hardly notice it is there. I find most knives get in the way if I am reaching for my keys, or what ever it is that I need....more info
  • Nice utility knife
    This knife makes a great, easy to use, utility tool. It's small size, easy opening, and sharp blade work well together to open envelopes, small packages, or wherever a smaller knife is needed or wanted for all kinds of tasks. The only negative is, when compared to the larger Flash II, you can see that the blade is noticibly thinner and therefore less robust, and of course the overall size limits its uses to those with smaller hands. Nevertheless, it's a great tool for the jobs for which it is designed. Overall it is well made and works very well....more info
  • Great little pocket knife!
    I bought both the Flash I and the Flash II. My reason for buying the knives was for a pocket knife to carry around day to day. With this goal in mind i sent back the Flash II.

    Size wise the Flash I is ideal. It's big enough to get the job done and with SOG's low profile clip it absolutely disappears in your pocket while remaining very accessible. The Flash II is still a great knife, but along with the added length it has added width as well. Flash II's added girth makes it a little too big for day to day carry.

    One last note: I found for a day to day knife the serrated edge versions of these knives is NOT the way to got. For hunting and other more extreme uses these serrations may come in handy but for cutting tape on packages and other such "office related" tasks they tend to get in the way....more info
  • Flash I: all it can be (nearly)
    First off this knife is everything you may have read about it. I don't know much what to add in terms of its positive features. In summary:

    * The combination of its light weight yet positive and solid lockup is awesome.
    * The plain blade rocks (unless the blade is a foot long and it's dedicated to slicing bread there is almost no reason to buy any knife with serrations).
    * The reversible and point-up clip is great.
    * The S.A.T. is great fun and wonderfully practical.
    * It came real sharp. I usually spend a lot of time with my Spyderco SharpMaker getting blades into serviceable condition but it was not necessary here.
    * The locking mechanism works fine (although it won't get much use).
    * The FRN texturing is effective for what this knife will be used for.
    * The blade shape is ideal for nearly any reasonable task you'd ask a small EDC knife to carry out.

    And on the downside:
    * The blade came with some annoying play side-to-side (horizontally). This was easy to correct though as you can just tighten up the pivot pin a wee bit.
    * There is a little lateral play however that the pivot pin has nothing to do with. It is very minor but is a fault in manufacture.
    * The finger swells/grooves suck. If you are over about 12 years old there is nowhere to grip the handle with authority. I fixed this however and took a bastard file and sand paper to the handle and smoothed out the profile to look a little more like the SOG Aegis. Now not only do I get a sure grip on this little knife but the thumb stud is much easier to access for blade deployment.

    Even with the things I don't like I still give this handy knife 4 stars. It's functional, handy, sharp, fun, almost invisible in the pocket, and is priced competitively - here on Amazon anyway. It's a great EDC blade and I foresee carrying it on my person (whether in jeans or a suit) for many, many years.

    ...more info
  • Great little EDC knife.
    I read lots of knife reviews before choosing this one. I will probably still get a Benchmade Mini-Griptillian for a heavier duty knife, but this SOG is great for having a light-duty knife that is hardly noticeable in the pocket. It took a while to get the right grip down for quick deployment of the blade with one hand, since it is small, but after a little practice, it feels natural. The clip allows the knife to ride low in the pocket, which was an important factor for me. After a month of use, I can say it is the perfect size for the small cutting jobs I carry a knife for....more info
  • Excellent Knife
    As a maintenance man, I carry several different knives over the week. The SOG knife is smaller and I carry it as an after work knife. I like everything about it, especially how it holds it edge. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a smaller knife....more info
    Watch Video Here: In the field of daily carry knives, the SOG FLASH 1 is a fast, lightweight, well-built, and securely carried companion. I have many of these knives and have used them extensively for both duty and personal use. As my VIDEO shows, the FLASH 1's size is perfect as is the deep carry clip. Add its good quality AUS8 steel and most importantly it's feathery 1.2 oz weight (not 1.4 oz ike I said in video) and you have the near-perfect daily carry knife. For a knife you'll have on your person at ALL times to open packages, cut food, etc. it's my top recommendation....more info
  • Great little Knife
    Great price for the knife. Assisted opening hard for me to get used to, but I am getting there.Super light and very sharp. Bought from Amazon and thier delivery time was fast !...more info