Scytek VISIONGUARD 8000 Security and Remote Engine Starter System with Built-In Camera
List Price: $999.99

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Product Description

Brand New in Sealed Box! With Full exchange warranty. This pager alarm takes a picture of the vehicle and sends it your LCD Pager. Full Featured Vehicle security and Remote Starter with a Built-in, Mount Anywhere Camera! Full Color Camera with Night Vision Built-in, Mount Anywhere Camera Automatic picture capture upon security violation Selective picture capture through the remote Store and recall up to ten discrete images on the LCD remote. One Carbon Fiber 2-Way True Color Picture remote control. One Carbon Fiber Slick 5-Button Remote With Super Bright Blue LED Built-In Parking-Light Relay Programmable (+/-) One 5 button code hopping remote control Sleek Carbon Fiber with Super Bright Blue LED Plug In LED and Override Switch Remote Start Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Signal Processing -compatible with all vehicles Remote Start Tach Monitor Starter Interrupt Output Dual stage Electronic Impact sensor Power door lock control Trunk Release Parking Light Flasher programmable polarity Courtesy Light Control Anti-grind Option Gas or Diesel compatibility Cold Start timer Selectable Engine Run Time Turbo Timer (adjustable) Smart Network Port Easy programming Via your PC, Pocket PC or Valet sw. and Remote Transmitter 1-year Sonic Electronix warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty by Manufacturer

  • Alarm and Remote Starters With Built In Camera
  • High Quality Anti-glare Picture Remote With 65K Color
  • Extra Small EZ Mount Camera With Built In LED Flash
  • Full Color Camera with Night Vision
  • Automatic picture capture upon security violation
Customer Reviews:
  • Extremely low quality gadget. Save your money
    We purchased two of this for our cars. Within 2 months, all the video remotes failed. Then the LEDs failed. Then the sensors failed. Then the video tranmissions failed. Beware of the carbon fiber look. They are not carbon fiber. Just cheap plastic, designed to look like carbon fiber. The remote's fail so easily. Two of them also broke. This is not even handled by kids.
    You can't call the company for support. They will force you to call some retailer, which is next to imposisble to contact, and they charge a premium for replacing items even under warranty.

    The manufacturer don't respect any warranty. They're based in LA. You try to contact them with e-mail and they just ignored us.

    We spend $800+ for both units and $200 installation charges of each of them. We could have just trashed $1000 into the waste basket.
    Don't be decieved by the cool look and hitech promises.
    The bad thing was that we put one of them on our most expensive/rare car and now we are forced to pull it out and trash it.

    Our Alarm installer, just warned us, saying the product is pretty flimsy and the components are not good. But we just took a chance on it and regret it.
    We just dont' want others to make such mistake by it's hitech looks. Even if it's free , it's not worth buying and then paying all the installation charges, just to rip it off and throw it away later.
    Do your research and go to your local/well known auto security/audio installation shop and get opinion on something good and reliable that will last.

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