Disney's High School Musical: Making the Cut
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The six High School Musical friends have decided to sign up for a National Musical competition. With the help of Kelsi and each other, they signed up and travel across America performing songs and dances to prove they have what it takes to earn the prestigious America's Best Amateur Musical title.

  • The six High School Musical friends have decided to sign up for a National Musical competition. With the help of Kelsi and each other, they signed up and travel across America performing songs and dances to prove they have what it takes to earn the prestigious America s best amateur Musical title. Game Features: , Original Music game , Stylus and Touch Screen Dance game , Create your own

Customer Reviews:

  • fun
    My girls are 8 and 6 and they enjoy playing this game! They like anything that has to do with HSM. and its not a singing game...its more arcade than sing along. ...more info
  • too difficult
    this is way too hard and somewhat boring. i am 7 years old and pretty coordinated, but this game is really difficult....more info
  • Entertaining
    I bought this game for my 6 year old daughter. At first she was frustrated with it, but after a while she got the hang of it and started getting great scores and unlocking new parts of the game. I found it interesting myself, and we both enjoy singing along with the songs. Overall it is a good investment. ...more info
  • OK
    In this game you make Music videos and do dancing but It ends very quick but it is OK Here is my smiley rate :(...more info
  • Good game
    My daughter got this game for Christmas and she is playing it ever since. The music is great, and as you get along you play with different characters from HSM. As far as I saw, the game (at least in the beginning) is based on reaction. You would have to tap circles at a certain time in order to play an instrument or make dance moves. And your performance will be rated. You can improve your grades by going along.
    Perfect game for all the HSM fans out there.

    ...more info
  • More fun once I got the hang of it.
    I got this on one of those great deals Amazon always has. I guess I was thinking more like American idol. It is an good game but probably more for teens. I thought it might be a break from all brain games and it is but not one I'm going to get addicted to.

    After working with it more I am liking it better. It is a good eye hand coordination game than I first thought. You have to have exact on time actions to get good results.

    It is actually better than I first thought. Just wanted to come back and update my review so anyone on the fence about buying as an adult you may just like the change of pace. The music is very upbeat....more info
  • Don't Buy
    My daughter turned the game on twice and hasn't used it sinse. It's too difficult and doesn't make sense.

    I would have expected better where High School Musical is such a hit but the game is not....more info
  • ehh...
    I recently bought "High School Musical: Makin the Cut" for my nintendo ds. I thought it would be fun because I loved the movie. I was flat out wrong. This game is definetly not worth 30 dollars. All you get to do is play the high school musical songs and thats it!! I do NOT reccomend this game....more info
  • Faaabuuulous!
    My 7-year absolutely loves this game. She's managed to master it in a couple of weeks. Even so, she still enjoys playing and singing along!...more info
  • Great for those Tween HSM fans
    This is a great game for all those tweeny HSM fans. My daughter just received a DS lite for Christmas. She has nevered owned any other game system & was able to play the game with minimal instructions. A very user friendly game. She tried a friends Hannah Montana game & found it too difficult to play & they both went back to this game. High recommend...more info
  • kid's game
    I found the most entertaining thing about this game was reading these reviews! The guy that stated "for 18 to 30 year olds" this game just did not do it!! Are you serious? Get a job! Quit playing kid games! This game is great for kids. No wonder our world is falling apart, we have adults sitting around on couches playing games....more info
  • FUN GAME!!
    This game is really fun to play!! I sarted to play it this afternoon and was hooked!! Its so addicting. You just want to keep going and to improve the grade you get every time so you can unlock mmore levels. I havend't learned all about the game yet, but I love it so far!!

    If you like High School Musical and/or High School Musical 2, then you will love this game!!!...more info
  • Very entertaining (rhythm) game!
    First of all, if you do not like rhythm games or hate musical movies, then stop reading now. However, if you do like the genre, this game is a good choice for you.

    I love the songs from HSM, so I enjoyed this game quite a bit. The difficulty levels are well balanced, and I actually liked the hardest one better, because it makes you keep the beat along with the song's lyrics. In the fastest songs this is a good experience.

    If you do not speak english, the game lets you choose from other languages (spanish, deutsch, italian and french). This is convenient and may even help with some foreign language training, as well.

    I started playing it and couldn't stop until I'd finished the story mode. Of course, the challenge is to get perfect scores in each stage, so I will keep playing this for some time.

    Only complaints would be that there is only one save file (there's space for three custom characters, but the story mode advances are shared) and that the songs are not performed by the actors. I understand why that is, since that would make the game more expensive. Even then, it is not that much of a problem, since I only could notice differences in Sharpay and Ryan's songs (which would be my favorite ones).

    The graphics are okay, and the characters do look like their movie counterparts somewhat. Not next generation graphics, but not bad, either. There's even pictures of the actors during the story mode, and they all look very good.

    Recommended game for music lovers....more info
  • Nintendo DS High School Musical
    Love this game, it's alot of fun and educational too! I have so much fun playing this, I can't believe I'm actually learning stuff too! Can't wait to get the next one!Disney's High School Musical: Making the Cut...more info
  • Clean fun for kids
    I am glad that my daughter loves HS Musical!
    Megadeath videos lose out....more info
  • This game didn't make the cut.
    For any of us 18-30 year old HSM fans, this game is a disappointment. The only thing real are the photos of the actors from the movie, everything else is not authentic. The graphics are cheesy and the object of the game is pointless and repetitive. Should you buy the game just for the music...don't! The songs are re-recorded by demo singers. Unfortunately, I really think Disney cut some BIG corners with this game. The first chance I get, I'm trading it in for something else....more info
  • For Younger HSM fans only!
    This game takes you through a competition for the best musical in the country. It involves timing notes or steps until you can click to play them. This game was fun at first but was repetitive after going through one level which only took about an hour. The entire game only took me one night of play or a few hours. I'm not a big HSM fan but I'm sure that for most fans hearing the songs and the character's face will be the only pleasure in this game. I would only recommend this game for kids only 10 or younger because they would not really care about the game but enjoy listening to the game.

    HSM fans might demand to have this game and love it but as a unbiased player I don't love. Although I did not purchase this game for myself I think that it could have been better written....more info
  • Great Game (Would you expect any less?)
    High School Musical Making the Cut is a great game for almost everyone. There is some reading involved so I would suggest getting this game for people who have basic reading abilities.

    In this game the HSM cast competes in competitions to be the best in singing and dancing. You get to create your own music videos, you get to listen and sing to all your favorite songs from the movie, AND you get to play as your favorite characters. I believe there are a total of 12 songs you can interact in. You get to compete in local, regional, state, and national competitions and with each level advancement everything gets harder and faster. Within the game you get to shoot basketballs into the net, click on correct music notes, and copy letters that the game gives you. There is a lot of interaction with this game. You also get to keep the recordings that you make. Again I believe this is a great game for almost any age. If you like or love the movie then you will like or love this game...more info
  • Makin' The Cut
    What delights me is that all the songs from High School Musical one are included in this NDS game, and also the characters. The game is based on the songs and the characters and the story of High Schoo Musical. From Sharpay and Ryan performing Bop To The Top to the Woldcats' Getcha Head In The Game. players can follow their dance moves, listen to their songs, collect pictures of their favourite HSM stars and to join in the fun! ...more info
  • Okay.
    I am fifteen and this game is not very fun. It looked very fun from all the previews and pictures but to be quite frank, it's rather boring.

    The main game itself is not incredibly fun either, it is similar to Elite Beat Agents / Ouendan, so it is a rhythm game, but it's sometimes confusing because there aren't numbers on the notes so you can't figure out what order they are in and you have to remember what order they popped up. I don't like how it interrupts you in the middle of a song to change instruments, it kind of disrupts the flow of the game and all the instruments sound to same to me anyway.

    There is not too much reading and the text is big and it's pretty short, there's not really a storyline except that the kids are going to compete somewhere so you can just skip it anyway.

    The graphics could improve, although it may be the DS. I think cartoons may have been a better option (although whenever a game contains a cartoon of an actual person, it looks nothing like that person..._ because a lot of the people's faces look crispy and discolored due to the DS bit/pixel/color support thing.

    The game is kind of confusing because I could only play two songs at first and now I still have no idea how to get more songs (and I honestly don't feel like playing it more to find out).

    If you really, really like High School Musical and the songs, you'll probably enjoy this game, but I quite like High School Musical and didn't like this game very much. I think Elite Beat Agents or Ouendan is a much better option....more info