Infrared Digital Scouting Camera
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Product Description

Capture black and white still pictures at up to Four-mega pixel quality, or choose 3 to 90 seconds of video day or night with infrared illumination. The unit can be programmed to pause from 1 to 90 minutes between pictures, and by using the Quick Shot mode you can capture an even quicker 2nd and 3rd picture before entering the pause time if additional motion is detected, such as a buck following a doe down a trail. The Early Detection PIR Sensor has five detection zones to trigger the camera just after the deer enters the picture window, which almost doubles the time allowed for the camera to capture the picture. The camera gives you the choice of extended battery life or a faster trigger time with the ease of a switch. The internal 16MB memory can hold up to 50 images, and hundreds more can be stored if you add a Compact Flash Card (not included). You can view your images on your TV, download your pictures to your computer, or view images on the built in 1.6" TFT viewing screen.

  • Discreet night pictures and video through infrared illumination, 400 event counter, battery strength indicators
  • Pause time setting from 1 to 90 minutes, Quick Shot mode for 2nd or 3rd picture to be taken if additional motion is detected during the Pause time
  • Separate control panels for camera and motion sensors for easy setup
  • Adjustable sensitivity of motion sensor, walk test light for set-up, external ON-OFF-TEST switch, date and time on each picture, Requires 4 D and 3 C batteries
  • Includes: Mossy Oak Break- Up Camouflage, USB cable, RCA cable, steel mounting bracket, Steel security bar, mounting strap, photo-editing software and instructional DVD. Requires four D-cell and three C-cell batteries (not included).
Customer Reviews:
  • Very few pictures
    Bought the IR3BU model a couple years ago and has been returned twicw for repair and now the menu system is in Chinese which isn't a problem as it is broke down again. I would spend the $300 on another scout camera before buying another of these....more info
  • Great customer service
    I have 3 of these cameras now and I have had good luck with most of them I did run into a problem with one of them but I sent it in and the customer service called me right away they got it fixed and sent it right back out to me. I also had another one get flooded MY FAULT but they took care of it for me. I really appreciated their great customer service. I would recommend this camera over all others I have tried. ...more info
  • great cam
    I used this cam last season and was very pleased with the results. Battery life was very good. Security is top notch with an electronic passcode, a security bar that goes over the front cover so it cannot be opened and the ability to put a python lock through the frame to attach it to the tree. IR illumination is good. Have never had moisture or bugs get into the cam. Has many advanced features to fine tune the camera if you choose or you can just use basic factory settings. Video mode provides crisp pictures as well as camera mode. Night shots with the IR are a little fuzzy but this seems to be common with many IR cams. These can be fine tuned with common programs. I have yet to see a nervous deer due to the IR flash. You can see the IR bulbs illuminate at night. They have a red glow that is noticeable but not bright. If this is a concern, it can be mounted higher up in the tree and angled down so it is not in the line of sight. You can also buy extra IR attachments (up to 5) to illuminate wider or further areas. I don't think any other company offers that. Their customer service is one of the best in the business with great support and extremely fast turn around time if you ever had to send it in for repairs. I will be purchasing another this year....more info
  • To catch a thief
    I have been pleased withe the results from this product. It has worked as it claimed and has given both day and night pictures without any disturbance to the animals.
    I have yet to catch the thief, but I am confident that I will and the camera will tell me the time and date that they were there....more info
  • Easy to use; works great
    When i started looking for a camera, my criteria included infrared so as to not spook game or (more importantly) be spotted by others who might happen by in the dark. I wanted good megapixel capability, and expandable memory. Finally I wanted a good locking system to keep it from being stolen. The Leaf River scouting camera had all that I was looking for. It is easy to program, has an in-field viewing monitor, adjustable range, simple interface with computer or tv, and its capable of taking very sharp pietures. It also comes with a video cd explaining the major features, as well as an easy to follow owner's manual. I have enjoyed using it and already have taken picutes of deer and elk. It is a wonderful scouting tool. ...more info
  • Excellent Camera That's Worth Every Penny
    I purchased this camera for the purpose of doing long term photo surveys. To date the camera has performed flawlessly. While the price is at the upper spectrum of game cameras it more than justifies it by providing high quality digital photos coupled with an infrared versus traditional flash. For those having second thoughts about this camera put them aside. The Leaf River Digital IR is the best bar none....more info