Portable USA PU-10W 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame
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Product Description

An elegant wooden frame that can show off your digital pictures and mpeg4 movies on a bright crystal clear, large 10.4" screen by simply adding a memory card from your camera. It's the brightest way to display your digital photos. By simply adding a media card (or two) you can reduce that clutter in your house and show off more than you could dream of with this digital picture frame. By adding MP3 music files (played through built in speakers) to your cards you can add sound to create soothing or exciting slide shows - it's just so simple. Plus... Create your own perpetual slide shows! Handy remote control for pausing or rotating pictures. You can use two different media cards at once. So easy to use. Simply insert the media card from your camera and enjoy!

  • 10.4-inch diagonal LCD screen is clear and bright; 640 x 480 resolution
  • Plays digital photos, MP3 and MPEG video files
  • Easy to use, no PC needed
  • Cherry finish with black matting
  • Remote control included

Customer Reviews:

  • Defective Right out of the box
    Opened this product up after buying it for Mothers' Day gift for my wife. Defective. Have to return it. Customer service was responsive. Maybe that would be a better product for them to sell, instead of this frame. I'm going to return the item and not exchange it. I'll look elsewhere for a frame....more info
  • Not a good buy
    Impressive looking, large frame. It would not read my SD memory cards reliably. After much fussing and reinserting the SD card it might work, but usually didn't. I complained and was shipped another frame which had the same results. I ended up requesting a refund. I was very disappointed....more info
  • Excellent digital picture frame
    This photo frame is a perfect size, great quality with outstanding graphics and picture clarity. It is user friendly and requires minimal time to set up.
    This digital picture frame allows you to take the memory card from your
    camera and place it in the frame-SIMPLE. Do your homework- many digital
    frames do not have this feature.
    Great quality and reasonable price....more info
  • great product
    I bought this picture frame as a gift. The person loved the frame. It is a very user friendly and attractive frame....more info
  • Not Great - just okay.
    Good Points: Picture quality is pretty good. On board memory is adequate. Accepts multiple memory devices.

    Bad Points: Can not program on and off times. Can not be programmed to start up on external memory....more info
  • All we had hoped for!
    We have loved this frame, worked as well as advertised, looks much more real frame like than most I have seen. Easy to use, versatile, high quality pictures. I am a professional photographer and pretty fussy about the quality part. I have not been disappointed. It was a gift for my wife and she has loved it!...more info
  • Solid choice in the range offered today
    First, thanks to all of the other reviewers for their comments. A few years ago I began to rely almost exclusively on personal reviews to make my product decisions. I have always been happy with the results and grateful that many mistakes were avoided due to the insightful remarks made by other customers.

    I settled on this make/model as it didn't seem to have any software problems, the warranty was for a year, it had a nice design and the resolution (640x480) was sufficiently good. It does offer the capability of playing movies and sound clips, I did not test it for this as my interest was solely in using it as a slideshow viewer (besides I have enough ways of watching movies and/or listening to music without adding another). Owning a digital camera I took more photographs than with film and gradually I realized that the expense of developing and displaying them in nice albums was becoming prohibitive. Also, when pictures are "hidden" in albums they tend to be rarely looked at. My last consideration was buying something that was easy to operate having spent too much time already on other product manuals, simplicity is bliss.

    I opened the box and drew the frame out. It was hefty and quite elegantly done in wood with fine matting. The design is clean and pretty well conceived with controls/inputs arranged in a logical manner. I hid the wire by putting the unit on an end table with an outlet right below it. Setting it up was extremely easy and involved connecting it to a power source and hooking up the support "leg" in the back. It comes with a remote control as well with quite a lot of functionality.

    If you read forums on digital frames a point often made is that you are better off sizing your pictures to match the frame's resolution. My camera is a Nikon SLR and I shoot in raw format which the frame would not accept (few do) and the aspect ratio was different that the 640x480 resolution. Not a problem. I had to tinker a little to figure out how to crop each picture to the right aspect ratio in Photoshop, then I reduced the size to 640x480, made some cosmetic changes and finally saved it as a high resolution jpeg. 80 photographs took almost two hours but keep in mind I was trying to select the pictures from a larger set for sequential viewing. Some people may just pop the flash card directly in and do no editing whatsoever.

    Now it was time for the acid test. I popped in the flash card and turned it on. After a quick introductory screen and beep it started immediately. Very nice. Scrolled through all my pictures with random transition effects,no problems whatsoever. The screen was bright (adjustable), colors vivid (also adjustable) and resolution just fine for my needs. Each horizontal picture filled the frame right to the edges, vertical ones had black space to the left and right of them. Needless to say I sat throughout the entire presentation and could not wait to go back and add more photographs. Each picture took up only 200-300K so I could fit around 2,000 on what is now a small 512mb card...perfect. It accepts pictures up to 12mb each but take into consideration that the possible gain in resolution may not be worth the extra space, also I'm not sure if transitions will be as smooth with very large files.

    Why a 4 out of 5? Given the technology we have today I don't see why a 1024x768 display isn't possible (is the cost differential that high?), even though 640x480 was plenty for me. The market appears to be disjointed right now with no clear winner in the field to compete against, this may be part of the reason. The manual was a trifle short on details though the controls are quite intuitive. Small issues nonwithstanding, it works for what I intended it to do, clearly some thought went into this product.

    The size is ideal for me as I believe anything larger may overwhelm, unless hung on a wall. The rear of the monitor does not stick out much and is discreetly black. An excellent value, produces instant results and looks tasteful to boot. Thumbs up.

    ...more info
  • Great picture, could use more slideshow options
    We bought this frame for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Its a large screen, quite visible and clear. I scanned several 100 photos from our family albums and wanted to view them in chronological order. Unfortunately, the frame only does slideshows in alphabetical order. So, to view the pictures chronologically, we had to change the name of each file, putting an index number in front (0001, 0002, etc) so that it could show them in chronological order. Great frame though. Big hit with Mom and Dad. Brought tears to Mom's eyes. ...more info
  • After a great deal of research
    I conducted a great deal of research prior to purchase. Based on my experiences with Amazon.Com and their return policies, I decided to go with Portable purchased from Amazon (great return policies). I was not dissapointed in the product.

    I will not go into an in-depth technical review as most people are not looking for that. I purchased this frame on July 2, 2007 and have had it running non-stop since about July 5, 2007 (24 hours a day). Pictures look great, brightness is excellent, colors are not washed out, and no dead pixels!. Pictures should be scaled in an editor prior to upload- but it is not necessary.

    The only fucntion I would like to see on the frame is a timer. I would like to have the frame go on and off at certain times. Other than that, I am about to buy my second Portable Digital Frame. ...more info
  • good idea/failure to function
    I ordered this, inserted my media card, sent it to my mother and it worked exactly one month! Then it displayed PG-RGB NO SYNC.... I did all the usual repair attempts including new cards, etc... not worth the effort!...more info
  • Great Gift
    I gave this to my wife on mother's day about 4 months ago. We all love it. We set it up in the kitchen since that is where we spend a lot of time. It is definitely an eye catcher. People tend to cluster around it and watch the pictures scroll by. Our kids particularly like it. The only issue I have is that it does not have a shuffle mode. So the pictures are always played in the same order....more info
  • easy to use
    I'm not very technicaly minded, but even an novice can get pictures up and running in less than 1 minute. I haven't used the music or other features, but the slide show is good quality with a bright enough picture to view in the daylight. I've used it for about 10 hours in the last month and haven't had any problems. The viewing angle is quite large. It accepts most memory cards, I gave it a 4 because it does not take a usb memory stick....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Recently received this digital picture frame and it was even better than I anticipated. Frame is well packaged to give as a gift. The instruction manual is simple and easy to follow. Was looking at pictures within a few minutes of opening the box. Picture quality is outstanding. Large viewing area compared to other products is a plus. Simply insert your SD card or memory stick and you are viewing. Haven't tried the MP3 Music option as we do not anticipate utilizing this feature. Great Product and will purchase for future family gifts....more info
  • Looks great, but quirky
    Rec'd this 5/31, and for 3-4 days it worked OK. Then the problems started. Customer support tried to help, but when I solved one problem another popped up. I finally quit a couple days ago when the slideshow quit in the middle, music would start up somehow, and screen continally froze and went back to opening screen. Had to manually turn off and on to get file and menu. Sent it back yesterday. But SIX stars to Amazon for their cooperation. That's why if Amazon has what I want, they always get the order....more info
  • Beautiful Picture; quite decent sound
    We've had this for a couple of months and so far it's been completely troublefree. The only thing I hadn't realized when I bought it is that it requires that you have a memory card in it as it doesn't have any built-in memory.

    This is a minor drawback for the quality at this price and I'd highly recommend it....more info
  • Kinda happy
    I got this to give to my wife for mothers day 2007.
    We where expecting our next child at the end of the month so thought it would be great and Amazon had a Gold Box sale with $40 off price.

    It works fine for first month but I think I see it getting a touch dimmer. Not sure if its just my eyes or not. My wife still loves it and see's no issues, but she maybe just biased cause of the photos on it.

    She does love it, she turns it on everyday and when feeding the newborn just stares at it.

    The 10.4" seems big at the time, but truth is I wouldn't get anything smaller that that in future. I may upgrade to a Philips model in a years time, I hear they are very bright.

    BTW, it only takes 640x480 images, if you have a larger image it scales on fly down. No biggie. I just export my images reduced size from iPhoto to the SD card.

    Ed W....more info
  • Techie Photographer
    Nice picture, simple interface. It shows 90% of my jpeg files right out of the box but it coughs on a few of them claiming they are formatted poorly. It will play the music in MP3 as well as show the photos in a selected directory which means you can have different directories for different moods: family, christmas, art, vacations, whatever. ...more info
  • Excellent frame
    The frame works very well. The frame itself is beautiful. Following the advice in the instructions, I purchased a small video card and it holds plenty of pictures. ...more info
  • Excellent value---so far!
    This digital frame is the best value I've seen so far! The pictures themselves are reasonably bright and clear (although I would love MORE than 640x480--which is why I rate it 4 instead of 5) and measure from 8 inches by 6 inches (width x height) as landscapes to 5 inches by 6 inches (w x h) as portraits. This is the smallest-sized frame I would recommend. The frame itself is the most attractive I've seen anywhere---and is excellent! I just put in a compact flash card, turn it on, and watch it go. Rather than use one of the fancy picture transition options, I prefer to immediately transit to the next full frame picture and look at it for the whole 1,3,5,or 10 seconds (although the pictures cannot really be loaded in 1 second). So far (after a few weeks) I have had no problems with the remote or screen, etc. Alas, I have not tried out the music with the pictures, since I prefer my iPod/Bose SoundDock to be playing instead!...more info
    What a great frame! I love it!! I bought 2 of these to give as gifts for Mother's Day. Both the mom's loved them!!! I had a little problem in the beginning with getting the order the way I liked it, but was able to figure it out pretty quickly (with the help of the company). By the time I put the pictures on the 2nd frame, everything went smoothly. Would definitely buy this product again if I ever wanted this for myself. And, I would highly recommend it!!!!...more info
  • Disappointing
    First one received had glass broken, so got another quickly and with no problem and no extra expense.

    Menus are very difficult to understand, manual is inccorrect on some menu options.

    The only way to just display a single picture is to pause a slideshow on that picture and then a pause icon appears in the upper right of your picture and just stays there. The only other way is to delete everything on the frame memory and only insert one picture and then hit slide show.

    The button to progress through a slide show doesn't work all that well, but seems to function if you keep hitting it. Why do engineers think it is cute that a single button has multiple uses depending upon what part of a menu you are in?

    The email help from company was very responsive when I had menu problems (how can they make money if they have to answer questions from everyone who buys one???)


    ...more info
  • Photo frame
    This was a great deal and a great product. Would have bought more had they been in stock. Large screen, nice frame, the entire set-up including remote control!...more info
  • Love it, best for its price!
    This unit arrived very well packed. Instructions reasonably well written, that means that it made sense and I could follow the instructions. I loaded up several pictures and mp3 music. Amazing, it worked as advertised.
    Would recommend this product, especially when compared to the prices of others on the market.
    ...more info
  • Digital Picture Frame 10.4 inch Portable USA
    Portable USA 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame (PU10W)

    Concept good BUT!
    The remote controls on both of the TWO products that I bought fail to control the digital display as advertised. Generally, one finds the whole process of attempting to navigate using the remote to be very frustrating and ultimately one gives up. Simple commands such as advance one picture are ok, but anything more than that, particularly switching between folders (directories) on the memory card are all but impossible. Contrast controls are not particularly good in dealing with varying exposures....more info
  • Great Gift - Great Picture!
    I bought this for my husband for Father's Day -- he loves it. Very easy to setup and the picture quality is terrific....more info
  • Good value, bright screen, good resolution
    This screen is reasonably-sized for most viewers (this one replaced an earlier 7-inch sized screen) and I can recommend it for elderly or sight-limited folks. I bought this for my parents (aged high 70s and 80s) and loaded up lots of photos on a 2 GB chip. As stated by other reviewers, if the frame is placed horizontally, vertical shots are shrunk very small to accommodate the limited height of the screen. Unlike some of the wider screens, this one has a ratio for normal photographs, so there is no distortion on horizontal shots [in comparison, 16:9 ratio screens will have the left and right sides of each image stretched a bit, causing some distortion on the sides -- person at the left or right side will appear to be much wider than someone in the middle!] Screen resolution is not as sharp as a PC LCD screen would be, but till very good and bright. At this price point it seems to be a very good performer. Same quality as Brookstone's frame at half the price....more info
  • Exactly what we wanted
    I shopped for a picture frame that was resonably priced. My primary concern was that I wanted the photos to be easily viewed from across the living room and I wanted the frame to be easy to operate (load & display photos). I do not intend to use the video or audio portion of the product.

    We received the frame in a timely manner for an affordable price. I purchased a 1GB memory card from "Best Buy" and downloaded 362 of my favorite digital photographs on the memory card. There is still enough memory on the card for about twice as many photographs.

    I attached the memory card to the frame, plugged the frame into an AC outlet and turned the frame on by the remote control. It is PERFECT! It clearly displays our photographs and continually projects a slideshow of selectable viewing intervals.

    Several of our friends have viewed the product and our photos and they intend to make the same purchase. I would recommend this product 100% for slideshow viewing of your favorite photographs on a large frame....more info
  • RED not wood
    Before you buy beware - This is not just a wood frame which appear son the box picture it is a BRIGHT RED wood frame! If you are looking for a wood frame to coordinate with other room features, DO NOT BUY UNLESS YOU WANT A BRIGHT UGLY RED FRAME...more info
  • very nice, but a few trivial things to be desired
    I think this is a great digital picture frame. If you want my advice, if the price is still competitive, go get it, you'll like it. The rest is nit-picky: but that is why you read reviews is it not? Here is my best information: What I like: the picture is pretty nice. It is very bright and can get bright enough to saturate, so there is plenty of range available. The same can be said of the contrast. The picture quality is very good, however, it is not 'excellent' as the resolution could be better. dont get me wrong: the resolution is good, it just could be better. If you are searching for the best resolution no matter what the cost; you must continue to look elsewhere. however, for the cost of a better frame than this you will likely pay dearly. this frame provides a cost/performance ratio which is unmatched. It looks great too: some other frames look very cheesy (to me) but this has a basic natural wood frame that looks like the other frames on the average wall. If you have a swedish motiv house designed by Bang & Olafson then this frame will clash. If the previous sentence is swedish to you, then you'll probably like this frames' style on your wall too, as I do. It works! I've read ALL of the complaints about this frame, and either the company has worked the problems out or I got lucky. Everything works fine, I DO NOT NEED TO RESIZE MY PHOTOS !! I have both HUGE and small photos on my card but they all play just fine, no snags, no re-booting, nothing, it plays for hours. No problems like those mentioned in earlier reviews. None. What I dont like: OK, I mentioned the resolution is not as good as it might be, but it is not poor either, its in the middle. Also, there is an option to rotate images so they always appear right-side up...that is if your frame is mounted on the wall so the long-axis is horizontal. Mine is mounted with the long axis vertically and there is no option to get all the images to rotate to display correctly for that frame orientation: next software revision guys... Also, the power plug: its a bit too big. If you use the supplied stand which plugs into the back of the frame to have a free-standing frame with the long-axis in horizontal position (as in the picture advertised), then the plug on the bottom is too big and prevents the frame from sitting flat and level. The frame has to be on the wall or it wont sit flat. the plug is too big. Its hard to explain, you'll see what I mean when you get the frame. Also, a black power cord...common guys, how many people have black walls? Next time: WHITE CORD to match/blend-in with white walls. Also, the pictures are always played in alphabetical order, not the order you load them onto the card with. Your alternative is to play them 'randomly' which is good, but if you have pictures in a show you want played sequentially, then I guess you need to name them correctly. Another software issue, nothing to do with the frame itself. I have to say I REALLY LIKE that the frame is in the same ratio as my digital camera! It makes sense! This feautre is ultimately why I bought this frame. There is no cropping! The whole photo is there. I like that feature very much. ...more info
  • This product works if you don't have too many photos to run a slideshow.
    I'm having trouble to display all photos in my 256MB SD. While play music and run a slideshow simultaneously, it only display about 300+ photos then jump back to the first photo and display again even though I have total about 1400+ pictures in the SD card. The tech support can not help me to resolve this problem. I did a replacement to change a different frame but same problem happen. So I have to return it. Too bad. The frame looks really nice and elegant but it can't function what I ask for.
    *** But I have to give Amazon customer service an excellent rating. They really make my whole purchasing process much easier and fun. Thank you....more info