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Equus 3130 Innova Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability for OBDII Vehicles
List Price: $346.80

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Product Description

  • Professional OBD2 Generic Scan Tool all 1996 and newer cars, light trucks, and SUVs Domestic, Asian and European Import
  • Features unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick emissions check
  • Communicates with all OBD 2 protocols: C.A.N. (Controller Area Network), ISO 9141, J1850PWM, J1850VPW, KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
  • Provides SAE enhanced Live Data - views, records, and plays back* live PCM data streams
  • Displays Freeze Frame Data
  • Includes Spanish and French Interface & Definitions (selected by a menu command)
  • Retrieves OBD2 DTCs: Generic Codes (P0, P2, P3, and U0) /
  • Manufacturer Specific Codes (P1, P3, and U1)
  • Unit can be flash updated with a standard Windows PC (OBD-PC Link software required / included with tool)
  • Memory / Battery backup for off-car review and analysis

    The Equus 3130 Innova ScanTool CanOBD II Diagnostic Code Scanner is an enhanced scan tool that is loaded with many professional features. If you are new to diagnostic scanners, this handy tool connects to your vehicle, scans various parts of your car, truck or SUV, and retrieves a list of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and code definitions from your vehicle's computer. But even if you're a veteran to scanners and auto repair, you'll be impressed with the new functionality that Equus has added to the 3130. This device not only scans your vehicle, it also allows you to freeze-frame live timing and pinpoint your vehicle's problem. Instead of having to recreate a scenario over and over again, you can now playback the timing to scrutinize all the data and make a clear diagnosis. Combine this with Internet connectivity and the ability to interface with a PC, and you have a powerful, professional diagnostic scanner in the palm of your hand.

    The 3130 Innova ScanTool CanOBD II easily scans and retrieves DTCs. View larger.
    As government agencies establish more stringent emission laws, vehicles continue to become more sophisticated for maintenance and repairs, forcing professional mechanics, DIYers, and consumers alike to find easy-to-use tools for diagnosing their vehicles.

    Many tools have already been developed to access these powerful on-board vehicle computers, but the Equus tool is particularly simple to use and surprisingly affordable. It is designed to be used by almost anyone, from the weekend mechanic to the ASE master technician. The 3130 CanOBD II/2 scanner is designed to retrieve diagnostic codes in all OBD II (1996 and newer). The scanner features a unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick OBD I/M emissions check, so you'll know if you're ready to pass those ever-increasingly stringent laws. Equus built the 3120 to display on-screen DTC definitions and user interfaces in English, Spanish, or French, and the trilingual language selection is accessed via a simple menu command. This device also stores diagnostic codes in a handy memory for off-car review and analysis. The 3120 is also equipped with the ability to connect to your PC. With the included cables and software you can connect the scanner to your computer to generate, print, and save detailed diagnostic reports, and even update the 3130 via the Internet.

    The 3130 links to all OBD II protocols including CAN (Controller Area Network). The tool captures and displays freeze frame data that will help you pinpoint and troubleshoot any problem. This device is equipped to retrieve the following OBD II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs): Generic Codes (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and Manufacturer Specific Codes (P1, P3, and U1). In addition, the tool provides live data (view, record, and playback live PCM data streams), bi-directional testing, vehicle ID capture, and O2 sensor results.

    Limited one-year warranty.

    What's in the Box
    Equus 3130 diagnostic code scanner, OBD-PC link software, cables, storage case, and user's manual.

    Tool Coverage
    1996 to Present (OBD2 Certified) Vehicle Coverage
    Protocol: Keyword 2000, ISO 9141, J-1850 (VPW & PWM)
    New ISO 15765 / C.A.N. Protocol
    Tool Features
    Patented All-In-One Display, 20+ Info. On One Screen
    All Hot Keys for Intuitive Navigation - Plug-n-Play
    Color-Coded LEDs Verify State OBD Emissions Test Readiness
    Internet Updateable
    Battery Backup for Off-Vehicle Review
    On Screen Definitions in English, Spanish & French
    Optional Online RepairSolutions at
    OBD2 Features (1996 to Present)
    Retrieves Generic & Manufacturer Specific Codes
    Erase Button Turns Off "Check Engine" Light
    Store & Display Freeze Frame Data
    OEM Enhanced & Transmission Codes
    Enhanced SAE Diagnostics (J1979 & J2190)
    View and Record Enhanced OBD2 (1996 and above) Live Data

    Diagnoses ABS faults on most 1996 and newer GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles
    OBD1 Features (1982 to 1995)
    OBD1 Domestic Coverage: Ford (+ Self Tests), GM, Chrysler (82-95)
    OBD1 Import Coverage: Toyota / Lexus (89-95)
    Color-Coded Cable Heads
    Bonus Features
    English, Spanish, French Software & Instructions
    Custom PC Software to Generate Reports & Update Tool
    Mode 6 - 02 Sensor Testing / Mode 9 - VIN Identification
    Backlit blue LCD display

  • Features:
    • Retrieves diagnostic trouble codes and definitions (in English, Spanish, or French) from your vehicle's computer to help diagnose problems
    • Reads check engine light warnings on 1996 and newer vehicles through any OBDII protocol, including CAN (Controller Area Network)
    • Views, records, and plays back live data as well as freeze frame data
    • Features built-in memory to store codes, even when reader is unplugged
    • Unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display

    Customer Reviews:

    • Equus 3130
      Works perfectly. The computer printout is nice and shows extra info about the system. I did not need a database update but I am glad it is there for the future. I used this on my truck and on two at work and like this device....more info
    • Great OBD-II scanner/diag tool.
      Watch Video Here: I originally ordered the Equus 3110, which is a great tool. I realized that the 3110 wasn't what I needed because it doesn't have the live data display or back lighting (I should have read further).
      I ordered the 3130 yesterday and recieved it today. Let me tell you, this is a fantastic tool, especially considering the price. The back light feature is great for my old eyes. The "live data" display and record is wonderful for trouble shooting.
      The included software is more than adequate. Remember, you are buying hardware. This is not meant to run your garage on. I say you can't go wrong with this gear.
      [...]...more info
    • Doesn't work with a Mac
      I have a Mac, not a PC. This product is not compatible with Macs. It should be fine if you have a PC but for me I'd have to spend another $500 or so to get a PC....more info
    • Bad experience
      Purchased and paid for scanner. Waited for two weeks for the scanner to be delivered. Five days after the scheduled delivery date I verified tracking number with USPS they said they had been notified item would be shipped but item had not been shipped. Contacted Amazon and money was refunded. All this time my car sat broke down in the yard. I went to Harbor Freight and bought a compatible scanner for HALF THE PRICE of the Amazon scanner. Had the car repaired and running great in less than 30 min. after getting the scanner home....more info
    • Easy to use, better than most, but could still have more
      I needed a scanner to diagnose a 2000 Cadillac Catera. Repair shop said they weren't getting "proper" trouble codes. I used this to one, find the problem, and diagnose subsequent issues. But I did need some assistance on the Internet as both the tool and the way the car's computer work prevented me from getting complete details. Overall I don't think I could have found a better product. This tool was capable of an additional level of communication that $20-$50 scanners couldn't do, but it didn't have the full reach of $1,000 commercial products. (Don't know why my repair shop had worse results.) If you need such a tool I highly recommend it, but be aware it won't diagnose the problem for you, more like assist you. i also understand some parts stores will hook your car up to their tool for free, so try that first....more info
    • Has anyone actually used this item to fix a REAL problem?
      Am having DTC's of P0171 and P0174. And there's a generic list of all the possible problems. But that's NO help at all! I am looking for a scanner that pins down the problem, and simply cuts out the guess work. I would like to hear from those that ACTUALLY had a problem and that this 3130 scanner found it!!!
      Thanks...more info
    • Money Saver!
      The Innova Diagnostic Scanner was money well spent. I had taken my truck to two separate garages to have the "check engine light" diagnosed. The truck has 147,000 miles on it, and both places told me I had to replace the catalytic converter! I was prepared to spend about $800 to replace it but decided to buy the Innova and see what was going on. The Live Data mode allowed me to see that the rear O2 sensor voltage was not fluctuating at all, identifying it as faulty. I was able to buy a new one and install it myself for $125!!! The tool is easy to use, easy to read, and very easy to understand, and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't like paying high labor prices for repairs. I am not a mechanic, but do have tools and some common sense. It paid for itself with the first use!...more info
    • Great Scanner!
      Great gift for my dad! :) He loves it and he has been playing with it since Christmas!...more info
    • Best bang for the buck
      This scanner has amazing abilities considering the price. It has communicated with all OBD2 and Can Bus vehicles I have tried it on. I work at a dealership and use this scanner frequently. It is super fast at retrieving and clearing dtc's which is important when you work in the industry. It provides freeze frame for all codes that support freeze frame. It has many pids to display on the live data function, and the live data is relatively fast. I use this for everything from reading and clearing dtc's to making sure the ect pid stays steady when bleeding a cooling system to prevent overheating. My coworkers often ask to borrow it from me because it is so quick and easy to use compared with the factory scan tool we have. I have owned it for almost a year and have not had any issues with it....more info
    • can use whether MIL is on or off
      The reader works as advertised on the website [...]. The unit is easy to use, and the backlit display is bright when the unit is connected to the DLC. Provides info on the operating condition of your vehicle even if the check engine light is not lit. I use it to monitor the operating temperature of the vehicle, and the live data capture comes in very handy....more info
    • Very Pleased
      I am very pleased with this product. It helped me solve my check engine light problem. Works excellent. Great software....more info
    • Great price and performs.
      I bought this product because 2 Autozones couldn't read my error code with their Actron scanner. I hooked it up and it worked perfectly. Changed the O2 sensor and watched the screen for a couple of days until it had passed all tests. My vehicle passed the emissions test. Same with my son's vehicle. The unit is easy to read and understand. Software comes with it but I haven't tried it yet. This unit is a good buy....more info
    • Works as advertised
      I am glad I decided to get this code reader. Even though the problem I have been having on my '99 Maxima did not display a "check engine" light, the reader picked up a code which related to changing my knock sensor. I also like the fact that it has live reading capabilities. Worth the investment for me. ...more info
    • Equus 3130 Code reader
      When I purchased the reader I was a bit skeptical as to whether it was going to help me find why my engine light came on. The unit is easy to hoopk up to the car and use. It gave me the error code and brief description of what the code meant. This allowed me to find my problem (a loose gas cap--Man these cars are sensitive these days!) and clear the code turning off the engine light.

      Something to keep in mind with this or any other code reader and that is the code reader doesn't alway tell you exactly the problem with your car but can get you close. Having some knowledge of automotive systems (including the car's shop manual) is definitely helpful....more info
    • Great Product!
      This is a great tool to add to any home garage. This is one of their upper end models but it has allowed me to effectively diagnose a problem clear the code and check to ensure the emission system reset. Highly recommended... ...more info
    • excellent product
      This scanner is excellent. It works on every car I have plugged it into. It is very easy to use and response time is faster than the big expensive ones. Sometimes though it will show pending codes as stored codes when the check engine light is not on. Every thing else is great just wish it read abs codes a great buy for the money. The exact same scanner in the store is double....more info
    • Doesn't work with Audi
      From all of the reviews of this product, I thought I was getting the top-of-line scanner that would work with any vehicle. I have US-made, Asian-made, and German-made cars. From what I can tell, it does not work with my 1998 Audi A4. I have tried different connection combinations, vehicle key positions, standing on my head, etc with no luck. I will be returning it to Amazon tomorrow. But,...

      From what I can tell, this does seem to be a very nice unit if it will work with your vehicle. It has all of the features that I was looking for. I just need one that will work with my Audi....more info