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Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
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Product Description

The Queen's Hope Diamond has been stolen! It's up to you to search for clues throughout 22 levels, find the offending culprit, and recover the stolen gem in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects. Expand your investigations through the game's 29 unique locations by finding items that will unlock subsequent levels. Thousands of clues are cleverly hidden within the beautiful illustrations, creating a new game experience each time you step into this masterpiece of visual indulgences!

Customer Reviews:

  • Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects
    A great hidden objects game to play! It is truely a mystery who the prime suspect is....more info
  • Love this game
    I love this tpye of game because it peaks my interest and it is something that you don't get frustrated with because you can't win. It seems endless! ...more info
  • Really fun Hidden Pictures game
    Very impressive hidden pictures game. This game is cleverly made. You'd think the hidden pictures wouldn't be that difficult to find but they are very cleverly designed and even an adult can run out of time without being able to find all of the pictures. The game is made more difficult by having some of the hidden pictures in a darkened "room" and you have to search using a "flashlight" which only lights up the area around the cursor. (For more fun, the game makes you find the battery for the flashlight in another room so you can only search the darkened rooms after you find the battery in another room.) Interestingly, the game continues to come up with a different and challenging list of pictures to find no matter how many times I seem to be playing it.

    My 7-year-old child and I play with this, and both he and I absolutely love it so it's a good family game as well. Another reviewer has an excellent description of the game. If you enjoy search and find games, this is definitely one to get....more info
  • Hidden Object
    This game is quite a lot of fun. However, there does seem to be too many buildings that need the "flashlight". And, had we not found "cheat clues" on this game, we would never have figured out the end puzzle to open the box that hold the diamond....more info
  • I'm Hooked on Mystery Case Files
    I've been hooked on "Mystery Case Files" games since the first one appeared last year (titled "Huntsville"). The goal in this series of games is to search for a list of hidden items that have been embedded within various pictures/locations - and to do it within a specified period of time.

    In "Prime Suspects", the ultimate goal is to determine who stole the queen's "Hope Diamond". You do this by first locating the hidden items listed in each location within the time allotted. Once you find the clues/items for each suspect, you have to solve another puzzle through the "crime computer" in order to find out what each suspect was really up to at the time of the crime - are they innocent or have they made the "prime suspect" list?

    The types of puzzles you'll have to complete include: reconstructing various pictures, matching games, & word finds. Because you aren't given any extra time to complete these puzzles be sure to work fast at finding the clues/items so that you have enough time to complete these puzzles - lest you have to start at the beginning again for that particular suspect.

    Overall, I've found the "Mystery Case Files" games to be great fun and highly addictive! If you enjoy "search & find"-type games, you can't go wrong with "Prime Suspects"! ...more info
  • Need Help!
    I bought this game after playing the free demo versions of all the MCF games online, but it crashes and freezes almost immediately after launch. I have updated my flash player, shockwave, and have all the Microsoft updates. Any suggestions? The game is useless as it is....more info
  • fun Hidden Items game
    If you like finding hidden items & puzzles, this is a great game. I enjoy it a lot but this is the time of game I like to play when my brain is fried & I need a break....more info
  • A fun game for all ages
    Kids and adults really enjoy this game. It's a nice change from the video game format. We gave it to several younger people for Christmas gifts....more info
  • Doesn't seem to be as exciting as Ravenhearst
    I bought this along with Ravenhearst, and I've heard all about playing Ravenhearst, but nothing about playing "Prime Suspects." I don't get into either of those games, but if you're picking one or the other, go with Ravenhearst....more info
  • Prime Suspects
    This game is a lot of fun. The suspects change every time you play the game and the criminal changes each time. So it makes it a new game each time....more info