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The Sentinel
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  • Secret Service agent framed
    Michael Douglas plays a long-time Secret Service agent who took a bullet in place of Ronald Reagan during his [...] attempt. Word has it that there is a plot to kill the current President and Douglas is supposed to be the man working on the inside to see that the [...] is successful. Investigators don't have to look far to uncover a motive, as Douglas has been carrying on an affair with the First Lady. Douglas has a tough job in eluding the investigators who are after him and trying to find the real Secret Service mole. This is a slick, fast-paced movie with plenty of star power in Douglas and Eva Longoria. It will provide you a good evening's entertainment....more info
  • Movie
    I was very disappointed in the condition of the dvd box on arrival. Bent and broken. Box was not in the same condition. Don't know if it was caused by shipping or sent that way.
    However, the time frame it took to get the movie was very prompt....more info
  • Good
    Good action though the plot was a little worn. Good acting by all of the principal characters....more info
  • Really great action/suspense movie
    Bought for my dad (who loves 24) as a "fun" extra gift...we watched it to check it out first and really enjoyed it...but more importantly he loved it and hadn't even heard of it previously!...more info
  • Enjoyed It
    I actually liked this movie and I don't understand the bad reviews maybe they were expecting a smarter movie I don't know. Anyways the plot was easy to follow and made some sense and the action was okay. I am not going into the movies detail because I don't want to ruin the story for somebody. I will recommend this movie to people and most will enjoy it but those crazy people that like perfect movies and complain about every detail will not enjoy it all. Rent it then maybe buy it if you like it....more info
  • Ok
    Michael Douglas is a top flight secret service agent who also happens to be having an affair with the first lady. When another agent is murdered, investigators played by Kiefer Sutherland and Eva Longoria are called in. They uncover a plot inside the secret service to kill the president and eventually the evidence leads to Douglas. The final act of the film is Douglas using his skills to elude the rest of the agents while he tries to prove his innocence.

    The Sentinel is an enjoyable thriller, but not completely enthralling. The story is a little weak. The performances are good as these are all actors with a lot of experience. It's a good movie, but not a great one....more info
  • Reminds me of basic instinct
    As I started to watch this film, my mind went back to the other kop character Douglas played in that film Basic Instinct called Nick aka Shooter. In that film, he seemed to fit the role like a glove: he was fit and dashing, and was believable. When I watched the sentinel, I couldn't help feeling that Douglas was (sorry to say it) clumsy and overweight. When he tried to run after someone, he seemed unkop-ish. Im a huge Douglas fan, but I felt he was trying to play a younger person's role, and it didn't work. The plot seemed a bit too far-fetched, and I ended up hoping the end would come soon. At the end, everything turns out as expected: Douglas gets all the praise, and there were no twists or surprises. In short, it was all too predictable....more info
  • Solid Michael Douglas Thriller
    The Sentinel is not a groundbreaking, totally original thriller, but it very well acted and directed.

    Douglas plays a Secret Service agent who gets a tip about a presidential assassination plot. Things get very complicated from there, not helped by the fact that he is having an affair with the First Lady, played by Kim Basinger. Douglas ends up on the run, being tracked by fellow Secret Service agents Kiefer Sutherland (a former protege) and Eva Longoria (a rookie agent.)

    This is a sturdy, well-made thriller that has enough tension and excitement to keep audiences entertained, even if the mystery isn't much of a mystery. The Sentinel is a very enjoyable film....more info
  • "Secret" Service
    a day in the life of an unrealistic Secret Service Agent and His protectee,Hillary Clinton needed this guy....more info
  • Good Solid Entertainment
    Well the critics on both sides of the Atlantic savaged this movie, all I can say is "Why?". This is a very good cast with a competent script,well acted and, yes it's Entertaining !! A movie is supposed to entertain isn't it?..well this is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. It may not be Academy Award quality but does that mean it deserves a slating? ..My advice is ...give it a try....more info
  • As much as I like Clark Johnson, I can't get behind this one.
    The Sentinel (Clark Johnson, 2006)

    Back before this movie came out, I was a little confused-- it got very little marketing for a movie with a cast as respectable as this one has. Well, now I've seen it, and I think I know why-- I'm guessing Fox, once it saw the finished product, was a bit reluctant to release it. That, or embarrassed. Clark Johnson (probably best remembered for his acting-- he played Meldrick Lewis on the wonderful Homicide: Life on the Street) is very good at directing for the small screen-- he's done some great work on The Shield, including the pilot episode-- but as his big-screen adventures have shown, it's not translating well.

    The plot, for those of you who missed it in the trailers: Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas), a decorated Secret Service member, is accused of being a mole. His former best friend, David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland), is pursuing the case with, shall we say, a good deal of overeagerness thanks to a fallout between the two some years before. Meanwhile, the real mole is planning something dastardly having to do with the President (United 93's David Rasche).

    Much of the movie's lackluster pace and overall silliness can be pinned on scriptwriter George Nolfi (whose previous claim to fame was Ocean's Twelve; need I say more?), but its disheveled appearance is all on Johnson. You'd think someone who can make The Shield almost palpably slimy would be able to work with this stuff. And I've never quite figured out why it's so tough for successful TV directors to make the switch to the big screen, but The Sentinel provides more evidence for the hypothesis that it's so. **...more info
  • Secret Service Film Should've Stayed Secret
    Trying to conceive of something as insipid as THE SENTINEL would be pretty difficult. The problems are many. The result is terrible and loaded with plot holes.

    Michael Douglas stars as Pete Garrison, a Secret Service agent who "took one" for Reagan during the attempt on his life. Years later we find Pete assigned to the Whitehouse Family, mainly as a guard for the First Lady (Kim Basinger, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL). Troubles arise as we see Pete's close involvement with the First Lady, and a sudden threat against the President himself (David Rasche, UNITED 93). When Pete fails a polygraph test, he's singled out as a disgruntled agent by investigator David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland, 24 TV series).

    As the presidential assassination plot unfolds, Pete finds himself on the run from his own people. His only confidant is the First Lady, and she's reluctant to tell anyone about their affections for one another (which is why Pete failed the polygraph in the first place). But is Pete really innocent? Or is he simply trying to buy time until he can kill the President? If he is innocent, how can he help prevent the assassination attempt while running from the Secret Service?

    The one, big, overwhelming problem with this film is that there's no justification for the reason behind the presidential threat. Isn't that what the movie's supposed to be about? One would think so! But the audience is never let in on why the assassin(s) want to kill the Prez. Hmm. Someone forget to put that in the script somewhere?

    And what's with David Breckinridge's (Kiefer's) new partner, Jill Marin (Eva Longoria, CARLITA'S WAY)? What was her purpose again? Did she do anything other than look nice in tight pants and a low-cut blouse?

    There are so many problems with the basic premise of The Sentinel as to be laughable. The action is too easily stymied by the "What the...?" responses sure to be uttered by those unfortunate enough to watch the movie....more info
  • So-so
    With all the talent involved -Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger and Eva Longoria-- The Sentinel should have been a better movie. The idea is not a bad one: for the first time in history, there's a traitor inside the Secret Service, who's planning to kill the President of the United States. But screenplay has a lot of holes and flaws that not even this talented cast can overcome....more info
  • review
    Good show. Worth the price. One of those movies I will watch again and again....more info
  • Sentinel
    Not a very plausible story. While the movie is entertaining the story line is not believable....more info
  • Action film without any new twists
    This film is entertaining if you sit back and enjoy the flow of the film. The plot does have some serious holes in the acceptance of a relationship between two of the actors. Generally, if you ignore this aspect the movie will be somewhat enjoyable....more info
  • Solid Suspense Story
    I had a good time with this one. There were no real surprises, but everyone connected with the movie delivered great performances that allowed the story to progress at a rapid, suspenseful pace that never broke.

    Michael Douglas stars as Pete Garrison, a seasoned Secret Service agent who took a bullet meant for Ronald Reagan. He's ageing comfortably well and spending his life in service to the office of the President as a personal protector to the First Lady. Unfortunately, Garrison has also fallen in love with Sarah Ballentine and he's been compromised for some time.

    In short order, a plot to kill the president is discovered. All indications are that the plot is coming from within the Secret Service. They go on a mole hunt at the same time one of Garrison's confidential informers tells him about the mole. Someone also knows about Garrison's affair with the first lady.

    After a few tense cat-and-mouse moments, Garrison is placed in the cross-hairs of the Secret Service investigation. His one-time best friend David Breckinridge (Keifer Sutherland) comes after him with a vengeance because he believes Garrison had an affair with his wife. Eva Longoria stars as new Secret Service recruit Jill Marin.

    The movie evolves into a series of chases and mystery-solving that runs tight and neat to the end, although it doesn't really break any new ground. The movie is a great rental for movie night for both sexes that enjoy suspense stories with well-choreographed action sequences.

    I watched the Blu-ray version. The audio and video formatting are excellent and are both uncompressed, giving the viewer the best experience possible if they have an HD monitor and surround sound system....more info
  • Excellent!
    I watched this DVD twice in one week. It's fast moving and will really keep your attention....more info
  • Nothing New
    If you took every spy/political thriller/action movie plot device and shook them up in a big hat and then made a movie out of the first 3 things you picked at random, you would get a movie like the Sentinel. It just feels like a movie you've seen before, and that's because you likely have: In the Line of Fire, 24, The Jackal, etc., each of which is more memorable than this amalgamation.

    Michael Douglas is back, having yet another affair (has he become a method actor for the adulterous husband?) this time around with the President's wife, which is some grade-A lunacy since he is employed by the Secret Service. Kiefer Sutherland plays the antagonist, sure that Douglas' character is guilty of more than 'sexual relations with that woman." That he actually is a mole trying to kill the President.

    This is a movie you will lose any memory of one you've shelved it in your DVD library. There is nothing at all compelling about the film, and nothing that will draw you back to it later, with the possible exception of Eva Longoria, who allegedly scored better than 90% of the agents in the Secret Service in her pre-filming hand gun school. Very impressive, even if the movie she appears in is not.

    2/5. Easy to skip, unless you just love Douglas or Sutherland, or fairly generic thrillers. ...more info
  • Not very good
    If you want to watch this because hottie Eva Longoria is in it and you are hoping to see her in some kick butt action scenes then dont bother because she doesnt do any of it. She is in the movie for maybe like 15min and her character is unnecessary. Keifer Sutherland is playing Jack Bauer again basically but doesnt get to beat anyone up. Oh and the movie overall is pretty dumb. The President is like this pansy guy who is being targeted but what doesnt make sense is why Douglas's character doesnt just turn himself in in the first 10 min to avoid a lot of people being killed and destruction of public/government property. This is a dumb movie and the action sequences dont make up for it....more info
  • Very Entertaining.
    "The Sentinel" isn't a movie I entirely expected to like, although I've wanted to see it since it was in theatres. Even though the plot is different, it kept bringing to mind another movie released this year called "Firewall." Even while watching this movie, I thought it was similar to "Firewall" in many ways...But I also found myself entertained by it. Now presidential assassination movies are almost a cliche by now; but a few good ones do come around. My favorite movie of this kind is "In the Line of Fire." It was entertaining, well acted, made sense, and was a great film. The Sentinel has good performances, it's entertaining, but it doesn't always make sense. It's never really explained why the people in this film want to kill the president. Even if they just want to do it to do it, they could've told us that. Inside Man told us the bankrobbers just wanted to do it in the beginning. Anyway, Oscar winner Michael Douglas (Best Actor, 'Wall Street') plays Pete Garrison, a Secret Service agent who once took a bullet for Ronald Reagan. Years later, Pete is having an affair with the first lady (Kim Basinger) and is at odds with his former best friend David Breckinridge (a marvelous Kiefer Sutherland), also a Secret service agent. See David is under the impression that Pete had an affair with his wife. Anyway, through a rat, Pete discovers that there's a mole in the Secret Service who's helping terrorists plot to kill the President. At the same time, Pete is getting anonymously blackmailed for his affair with the first lady and, as a result of that, evidence is piling up on the fact that Pete maybe the mole. Now with the entire Secret Service after him, including David and his new partner Jill (Eva Longoria, who's got some good acting chops away from Wisteria Lane). This movie has its share of cliches. There was a few times where I was watching this movie and thinking to myself "that sounds/looks familiar." I saw the end coming from a mile away. But, the ending quickly redeems itself (from my point-of-view anyway) with the relationship between Pete and the first lady not going in the direction you'd think. A lot of people won't like this film for reasons I've mentioned and more...But if you want some semi-mindless entertainment (although this movie has its smart characteristics blending in with its flaws), then The Sentinel is actually a pretty good way to pass the time. Due to its flaws, with only the fact that I enjoyed it to support my case, I should give it 4 stars...But I think that it's worthy enough of 5.
    Entertainment goes a long way.

    GRADE: A-...more info
  • Another one bites the dust
    Another day, another movie about an attempt to murder the President of the United States. This time though, the threat seems to be coming from a mole inside the Secret Service. David Breckinridge (Sutherland) and newbie Jill Marin (Longoria) are on the case, as Pete Garrison (Douglas), who's been on duty for 20 years and "took a bullet for Reagan", has been set up (that's about 25 minutes into the movie). Thus the running and chasing begins as Garrison tries to find who set him up, and incidentally who blackmailed him with pictures of him having an affair with the First Lady (Basinger).

    The action is fairly good and so is the acting. After a slow start the movie finds its pace and becomes a pleasant experience. Douglas and Sutherland are both good actors and they're cast well here. What's asked of Douglas, action-wise, doesn't pass as ridiculous (unlike Harrison Ford in "Firewall"), so it's a fairly decent movie. Eva Longoria shows up for about 15-20 minutes, and other than eye-candy you have to wonder what she's doing there.

    There lies the problem with the movie. It's illogical and offers no explanations. First off, you're never told why they're trying to murder the president, and you're not even allowed a slightly educated guess because you don't really have enough elements, other than that ex-KGB agents are involved. Then it's seriously illogical and quite ridiculous when it comes to the Secret Service. Ok, I'll allow myself to believe there's the possibility of a mole, but they fall for the dumbest tricks ever, and you have to wonder where they got their training and how no one's managed to get to the president before that.

    It's also fairly predictable, if you want to figure it out before the end. Which actually leads to the problem that for a movie with this theme (of which there have been at least 30), the answer is way too simple, which in some way is the point of it, I guess. I went way more out there when I took a stab at it during the movie, and the ending ended up dissapointing me.

    On the whole, it's an OK movie that's risen to a tad above average thanks to a great cast, that's entertaining without being too ridiculous, which is really all you can ask for for this type of film....more info