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Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: R
Release Date: 9-JAN-2007
Media Type: Blu-Ray

Action anti-hero Jason Statham is competing with himself to make the most relentless, non-stop action flick imaginable. In Crank, Statham stars as a hit man named Chev Chelios who's been poisoned by some Chinese toxin; the only way to stave it off is to keep his adrenalin flowing, which requires him to drive at top speeds through crowded traffic, start fights in bars, and run pell-mell down hospital corridors while wearing one of those humiliating smocks that tie in the back. In other words, Crank is high-end pop-trash, filled with many preposterous/ingenious stunts and over-the-top performances (Dwight Yoakam, Sling Blade, is downright droll as a doctor offering Chev assistance), marred by an unpleasant attitude towards women (Amy Smart, Outside Providence, will not look back on this as one of her signature roles). This is a movie for the audience who enjoyed Transporter and Transporter 2 but wanted Statham's perpetual scowl to become a kind of theatrical mask, a perpetual signifier of intensity that begs--nay, demands--that everything around it rise to a mutual level of absurdity. Fans of Luc Besson (Leon/The Professional, District 13) will find Crank to be simpatico. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Non-stop semi-ironic action from the hoodlum James Bond
    4.5 stars

    Crank is classic because it simultaneously mocks and glories in action flick cliches, and then takes them all the way home.
    It opens with intensity and never lets up; I can think of few movies that have so little slack. 90 minutes is plenty for most shooters, and the editors keep it tight and fast all the way through.
    There are some truly unique moments here---the backwards subtitles are a first, I believe---that highlight that this is a MOVIE! It never takes itself too seriously, and that's where it succeeds. There's technique and attitude to spare; this directing team will make some great films in years to come, I'm betting.
    There's plenty of shooting but the violence is rather comic in context, and never grates on me like most gun porn does after an hour or so. Statham is perfect; he's the hoodlum James Bond and plays it to the hilt here. He's becoming a master at juxtaposing action and humor, and is due to be the next Bruce Willis, but with more edge and less cheese.
    The other highlight is Jose Cantillo, who is excellent as the villain (one of them...not many good guys here!). This is one of the best villain portrayals I've seen in years; he and Statham have crackling energy as adversaries, and Cantillo's very real nastiness plays well in such a goofy movie.
    Visually wild and unrelentingly intense, Crank is one of the most entertaining shoot 'em ups of the last decade, mainly because it understands what it's supposed to be: a stylish thriller with tongue always in cheek.

    ...more info
  • It delivers on what you go to see it for.
    This is one breakneck speed of a movie. It out-Speeds, Speed. A totally insane plot is set at an insane pace with the perfect man in the lead role (Jason Stratham as Chev Chelios) to maintain that frenzy. And the style in which this movie is made is perfect for this story. A real slick style in every sense- the characters, the dialogue, the chases, the location, and the creative ways Chelios sustains his adrenaline in order to save his life. Having been poisoned by a sort of time delayed poison that demands he keep moving fast or the lack of adrenaline will kill him, it's up to Chev to stay alive long enough to get his revenge, as well as take care of a few other things.The whole combination of all that leads to one fun movie to watch. The peripheral characters are outstanding in their varying capacities, especially Amy Smart and Dwight Yoakam. But the center of this madhouse is Stratham. This is my first movie of his and I thought he was great in an absurd role. That couldn't have been easy....more info
  • A ridiculous good time
    This movie is SO out there, SO over the top, that you can't help but to hang on and go along for the ride. If you can accept that this movie takes place in a hyper-realistic world then you're good to go.

    This movie was filmed using HD cameras, so when watching on Blu with an HDTV you get the full picture! No black bars, the entire screen is filled with violent goodness!

    This is also one of Jason Statham's better performances since the movie Snatch. Great movie when you are ready for heavy action without heavy drama....more info
  • Former Spy and Infantry Officer Loves this Movie
    I was very surprised to find in this movie many truly excellent combinations of script visualization, stuntsmanship, incredible special effects, and in my own view, very good acting by both the male and female leads.

    I took the movie with a grain of salt, as pure entertainment, and in my view, not only did this movie earn five stars, but its leads are ready for prime time up against Sean Connery, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, and Bruce Willis, and their female counterparts.

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  • Pure Unadulterated Garbage
    I usually give films at least a half hour before I turn them off (or walk out), on this one I set a record. Six minutes!! What a piece of crap. I don't normally characterize films this way but whoa nelson. Other reviewers have taken the time to write why this is so bad, so read other 1 star reviews. Truth is this should be Zero stars, unfortunatley Amazon gives one as the lowest....more info
  • An awesome adrenalized action movie from the new legend Jason Statham
    So what would you do if you were injected with a lethal virus that slows down your heart and eventually kills you....well you do what this guy does, keep running and doing over the top insanity to maintain your heart rhythm up.
    I have to admit this movie may seem silly but you have to give credit to the creators for crafting a very original movie. And honestly it is very original, the action, the humor, everything in this movie becomes an instant classic. The story is simple Chev Chelios(Statham) has been injected with a lethal virus and the only way to stat alive is keeping his adrenaline up. He needs to find the men responsible and the antidote before it's too late. It doesn't get more complicated than that, the rest is a great mix of humor and neat action scenes that will surely have you laughing and gasping for air due to its incredibility, definitely worth buying.

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  • Lots of Action!!!
    This is an action movie that doesn't stop! Hitman Chev Chelios has been poisoned and must keep his adrenaline high to stay alive. Throughout the film, Chev starts fights, does drugs, bangs his smokin' hot girlfriend in front of everyone. He goes after Verona to get his revenge. If you love action, and violence, this movie will definitely turn your CRANK!!!...more info
  • crank
    I watch 20 mins of this movie turned it off an through it away tons of F this and GD this. there is noughing good about it please dont buy it . you will just help them make more bad movies ...more info
  • Crank
    This movie had some potential but the language is worse than what I hear in my maintenance shop every day. I'm not sure what the director was thinking when he released a movie with such brutal language. It really isn't necessary.

    The movie itself seems to have a plot that's a bit far-fetched, but it is somewhat believable. The main character has been injected with a poison and has an hour or so to live (or find an antidote). The result is a trail of blood and destruction.

    At times the soundtrack also grated on my nerves, I guess modern headbanger music is not my thing. The sounds also were rather obnoxious at times.

    All in all I really don't recommend this movie. There were some interesting points, but those that I disliked far outweighed the good....more info
  • must watch...ONCE!
    like the title says, watch it once and it makes a great action movie, but after'll juz be sittin on ur shelf, gathering dust.

    rent it. not worth buying.

    peace...more info
  • Crank Movie on Blu-Ray
    I first watched Crank on Regular DVD and thought it was a great movie, and after seeing it on Blu-ray it made it all the much more better. Great movie and awesome graphics on Blu-Ray...its a must for any action packed movie collector!!...more info
  • Cranked up way too much
    The Good Things:
    -Jason Statham is in it
    -It has a good concept

    The Bad Things:
    -Incredibly hyper film style
    -Highly unrealistic events (such as when the guy makes a phone call while freefalling...)
    -Action scenes are not impressive

    This is another tragic case of a good idea poorly executed. I truly believed that this would have been a good story, with a good message about living your life while it lasts (because the guy is racing to keep himself alive). The film only vaguely approaches this theme. For the most part, however, it is a shallow, emotionless, hyperactive spiel of crud. I could probably name dozens of other action movies that are way better. However, I would highly reccomend this for people with short attention spans, or for anybody who liked "Shoot 'Em Up."...more info
  • SWEET!!!
    if you would like a new perspective on the life of a career assasin/gangbanger, then this movie is for you. if you would like a movie that finds tons of ways to work a camera then this ones for you. if you would like a movie with some kick-@$$ action with a splash of hilarity then f-yeah this movies for you. trust me ya can't stop wachin. or your veins will rust lol....more info
  • Negativity Concerning Crank...
    I picked up a copy of CRANK a couple of weeks ago but didn't get around to viewing it until last night. I hopped on here today to check out some of the reviews to see how other people felt about the film (I'm rarely set in my ways after a single viewing) and I was really surprised by some of the overwhelmingly negative reviews of the film.

    First and foremost, let me start by stating the obvious in that CRANK is nowhere near a "blockbuster film." Limited funding and promotion singled it into that rarely escaped area before the film was even completed or released. But that being said, I don't understand how this movie could garner such negative reviews. Five star reviews of such a movie are surely undeserved yet so are one star reviews.

    This movie is a great example (maybe one of the best) of what I call a "set it and forget it" action movie. That is to say, there are some movies out there (specifically in the action genre) who's punch is packed within the pulse and rhythm of the movie as opposed to the plot itself. In other words, there's alot of "what" and "how" but not so much "why." And this can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. But this film is definitely in that genre and it does so quite succesfully to boot.

    We are thrown into a believable (or at least someone acceptable) plot and then we're simply taken for a two-hour ride. We understand the plot within the first ten minutes and really don't have to wonder about it much beyond that. There are other action movies out there that thrive on excellent writing as well. The Matrix comes to mind (not to be cliche). But there are also a TON of action movies that try to pull off what they feel to be an excellent plot when often it's somewhat ill-conceived. For instance, in Equilibrium, which I still think is a good movie as well, I believe the storyline and setting is a bit too weak to support the film in the role they were trying to pit it in. So what we end up with is an action movie in which the audience is a little uneasy about it as they are trying to swallow the plot.

    Now that isn't to "bash" movies like Equilibrium, but I have to admire the directors of movies like CRANK who have the courage to disregard the tiresome formulas of the film industry in a genre which may be even more tiresome and outdated. Here, these two guys got together and said, "Hey...we want to make a heart-pounding b@lls-to-the-wall movie in our own unique style and we don't want to have to worry about what the critics will think is a good plot." So they picked up a simple and interesting, although unoriginal, plot for a broad frame and started to put it all the pieces together.

    So what we ended up with is a movie that stays true to it's nature....action. They didn't have to risk having an action movie with an involved yet terrible plot, or an action movie with a wonderful plot and no action. And I think at the end of the day, for the money, it's an entertaining piece (at least for those of us tired of seeing the same force-fed action movies over and over again). I'm not saying that it's impossible for an action film to have great action AND a great storyline but, truth be told, it's a rarity in the genre.

    So my question to all of the people who have such overwhelmingly negative reviews concerning this movie is, what did you expect when you sat down to watch it? I don't typically expect to sit down to a comedy and for it to have a great romantic storyline (although there are some good romantic comedies out there). If I sat down to every action movie and expected Kill Bill or The Bourne Identity, I guess I would often be dissapointed too....more info
  • For action lovers
    First i watched in a movie theatre and i loved the movie. Later i decided to purchase in blu-ray format and loved it more. Actually i believe there is more details in the disk than in the movie theatre. Superb movie if you like action. Adrenaline at its highest level. i would definetely recommend this movie to action lovers....more info
  • Excellent action movie
    I was so surprised at how good this movie is. The action is great, Jason is handsome, and this movie is funny!!!...more info
  • Best Blu Disc Ever!
    Crank [Blu-ray] i am a newbie to Bluray and HD. I flipped through several movies and this one really got my attention. Get this, the movie itself is shot in the latest HD-equivalent-to-film in production. So there is actual editing going on right there and then. The movie, the shots, the stunts, the story everything was just crisp and fantastic. I can't say much on sound since i did not utilize that part of my system setup. But this movie is one of a kind honestly. ...more info
  • Horrendous
    Take my your money and don't buy this DVD.

    I usually like all kinds of movie, from the action to the romance, but I was insanely disappointed by this movie.

    First of all, the movie starts out with what you think is a plot. That this guy is going all over to try and the cure to this unexplainable poison he was injected with. And because of the type of poison it is, he has to continually keep his adrenaline up to keep from dying. But the movie ends up being plotless and pointless. I mean, you spend this whole time watching the movie and waiting for him to get the cure only to find out that there isn't one and he dies by falling out of a helicopter. What? Who wrote that? Where they thinking at all? It really seemed like the writers for this screenplay got bored halfway through and rushed through to get an ending.

    Not only that, but most of the scenes in the movie where very unbelievable. I mean, he gets knocked out and injected with a poison that's supposed to kill him when his adrenaline lowers. So why didn't it kill him when he was unconcious after being shot up? And how come some times he can slow down with nothing, but later on he slows down for a few minutes and its suddenly "Oh no I'm going to die! I have to shoot up this place and beat all these people up!"

    The movie makes it very hard to feel for anyone in it. When you start to feel bad for the main character, you find out he's a killer and the reason this is happening is because he killed someone that this other person cared for. Okay, so why am I supposed to feel bad for him now? Life comes full circle right?

    And then you think he's getting close and you get some information from this guy in the bathroom of a bar. And then all of a sudden he's beating the crap out of a bathroom full of big strong men by himself? Yeah...okay...

    And then he's able to shoot up a hospital full of guards with guns and not one guard can hit him standing in a straight hallway? Wow...

    And you can't even feel bad for the girlfriend that has been lied to because she allows herself to be "Raped" on a public street over a mailbox in front of a school bus to save a man that always lied to her and killed people for a living.

    And then after suffering through jerky camera work, stupid "plot" twists in a plot that doesn't even seem to be there in the first place, you get to the end only to find out what you've been waiting for during the entire movie ISN'T going to happen. Wow...what a waste...And then as he's falling to his death from a helicopter, he's able to take the time to make a slow and casual phone call to his girlfriend? Wow...just, wow....

    So basically, you have this movie that's supposed to action paced and fast paced yet has the most anti-climatic ending in an action movie that I have seen yet.

    Needless to say that both me and my husband where very disappointed in this movie and wish that we had rented it rather then buying it and saved ourselves the $20 dollars.

    If you must see this movie on your own, rent it before buying it to judge it for yourself. Because as far as people I've talked to, I've yet to met a person that thought it was good....more info
  • New Action Star in Town
    Who else but Jason Statham to be the New Action Hero in Hollywood, but he has turned his Martial Arts, Bad Boy looks into a lucrative career. Crank was a fun watch in the movie theatres as well as at home. I can't wait for Crank II. Great directing and camera work!...more info
  • [3.5] A great late night flick
    Though Crank comes off as just a decently made B-movie, you have to give credit for the creativity of this film. Jason Statham is the star, and if you enjoyed his role in the Transporter films you shouldn't have too much trouble appreciating his performance here. However, don't expect any martial arts action, nor the level of action in either of the Transporter films. But what keeps Crank interesting aside from Statham's performance is the fast-pacing of the film, the creative style of directing, and the unique style of humor.

    Chev Chelios has been poisoned with some Chinese stuff, at the very start of the film. For the remaining 85 minutes of viewing time, Chelios has to figure out how to stay alive to get revenge on the guy who poisoned him and to say goodbye to his girl (Amy Smart). The movie feels even shorter because 9/10 of it is fast-paced, extreme adrenaline, and the directing aids this quite well. We get the feeling of running with Statham down the streets or the halls of a hospital. And as Statham downs more and more red bulls and whatever else weird stuff to keep his heart rate up, the directing gives us the feeling of being seriously tripped out like the character. Sometimes the picture gets blurry, the soudtrack suddenly changes to an unexpected tune, or random subtitles appear on the screen that don't always make sense. At the same time, it adds a bit of humor to the film, though some people may take the movie too seriously with all its vulgar language etc to find anything amusing about it.

    Unfortunately the excitement ends with Statham's character and the fast-paced directing. There is practically no story, no character depth, weak dialouge, and very average acting. Crank is basically a movie that serves best as a buddy flick, and certainly a great choice for a late night film that will keep you from falling asleep. It's unique and it's fun, and those are its strong points.

    Acting - 3
    Action - 3.5
    Characters - 2.5
    Story - 2
    Overall - 3.5
    ...more info
  • Movie review of "Crank"
    Fast moving action movie that Jason Statham continutes to impress fans with his many motor skills.This movie is for action fans only. Movie does display good sense of humor. ...more info
  • Puerile, vulgar and offensive!
    Hired assassin, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham, who seems to be shaping up to being the next Bruce Willis), wakes up one morning to discover that he has been injected with "the Beijing cocktail", a chemical that will ultimately kill him by slowing his heartbeat until it stops. The only way for him to avoid death is to keep his heart beating by indulging in activities that will cause an adrenaline rush. From cocaine sniffing, to high speed car chases, to some more extreme activities that I won't spoil and which have to be seen to be believed, Chelios is prepared to do anything in order to stay alive long enough to save his drug addled girlfriend (Amy Smart) and exact revenge on his would-be killer.

    "Crank" borrows heavily on "Speed" and "D.O.A", but takes these stories one step further. The film contains so much action that even an ADD sufferer will be entertained and jokes aimed squarely at the type of people who made "American Pie" a run-away success. One review I read in a newspaper when this film was released branded it as being puerile, vulgar and offensive. I agree whole-heartedly with this assessment. However, it was because it was so puerile, vulgar and offensive that I enjoyed it so much. The makers of this film were not aiming to win the Best Picture Oscar. What they were aiming for was to make an entertaining and fun action film that can cause a whole cinema of people to cheer the hero along, and based on the reactions of the people whom I saw this film with, they succeeded. Now I can't wait until Neverdine and Taylor's next film is released.
    ...more info
  • Crank, he is on crank!
    This is one of those wild, weird, do not make sense movies, shoot em up gangbang style flicks. If you like watching movies under the influence, then you might watch this one....more info
  • Needs More Hand-To-Hand Fighting
    This is good action movie, but there is a lot of chasing and when there is fighting, it's mostly guns. I was hoping there's more stunts of clever hand-to-hand combat, like Transporter. I don't like it when Jason runs around in a hospital gown, because you just can't look tough in that kind of get-up. I also think it's bad taste, when there's a scene of Jason and Amy Smart having sex in public. I would prefer it in a bedroom with Amy showing more skin, but I guess the scene that ended up in the movie was suppose to be funny, but I found it awkward. I bought this movie because I like Amy Smart, but her character seems useless. The movie could've been the same without the girlfriend....more info
  • Craaap!
    I mistakenly purchased this movie based on the preview, which seemed like a pretty good premise. I wasn't expecting Academy Award winning performances but I wasn't prepared for the juvenile crap it promotes. I like a good 'The Fast and the Furious', and films like it which are in it for the hype, are fairly well made and generally are not promising to be much more than that. I know what to expect, fair is fair. But 'Crank', I think, falls far short. It does have it's moments but if you intend to get this movie try to get it at a rock bottom price. $3, $4 at most. It's for those times when you and your buds get together, the beer and pizza, buzz, etc, are going, and you feel like watching something really moronic for as long as you can stand it!...more info