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Tungsten Carbide 5/16" ( 8 mm ) Comfort Fit Domed Band w/ Zirconium Plating
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The Gold Color on this ring is very tough and will last for many years. The Ring itself is the same Quality Tungsten Ring you can pay Hundreds of Dollars for. It is Cobalt Free, to avoid allergies and it has the Carbide to make it Scratch Resistant. An excellent Unisex ring and its available in sizes 5 to 14 including hard to find half sizes.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice ring
    In the picture it looks like there are some black marble-looking swirls. The actual ring does not have these. It just looks like a gold ring with greyish gold stripes. The ring definately comes at least 1/2 size larger than what you expect after getting sized at the jewelry store. I had read some of the other reviews that said this but still ordered a size 10. When the ring came it was actually a 10 1/2 so I am exchanging it. They are very good about exchanging it. One other thing about this ring that you may be interested in knowing is that there are some faint lines running across the stripes every quarter inch all the way around the ring. you can only see them on the grey stripes and you have to look close, but they are there. Overall a great ring!...more info
  • Fantastic Ring!
    My husband and I both got this ring to use as our wear to work rings. I work in a metal shop and my ring goes through a lot. I have been wearing it for 6 months now and it is still shiny and there are ZERO scratches. It still looks brand new! I wanted to have a tungsten ring becasue, if there were an accident in my metal shop and my had got smashed, the ring will not bend. If anything were to happen, it would end up shattering due to it's brittle and not malleable nature. The ring is VERY confortable! I am a big fan of the smoothe comfort fit. And one more plus to the whole buying experience, the seller was very promp getting the rings to me. I will buy from them again....more info
  • Great Ring, Great Value !
    My finger must have shrunk slightly over the past 13 years because my wedding band was starting to be too flew off a couple times and I almost lost it. Due to the wide, then shape of the band I'm not sure if shrinking was an option, so I decided to just tuck my original wedding band in a safe spot and buy a smaller replacement one to wear day-to-day. This is the same width as my original band, and I couldn't be happier with it. Great look and feel. It is a bit thicker/heavier than my original gold band, but I love the feel of it. I agree with some other reviewers that I think it probably runs 1/2-size large, but I compensated for that with my size selection. This is a very sharp-looking ring. I was expecting to pay much more for a replacement, but I didn't have to ! I've used tungsten to weight pinewood derby cars before, but never expected to be wearing tungsten for my wedding band !...more info
  • Super Gorgeous Ring*
    I cannot describe how pleased I am with this product, it looks way better in person, it has a tremendous quality and seems to be much more expensive!. My husband and I bought this as an alternative ring to wear at work, but honestly I like it better than my original set. If you buy it you'll be 100% satisfied. If you have trouble with the size, the seller is great at exchanges, just one time at no cost, and they are fast delivering the rings to you. Buy it and you won't regret! thanks Sabrina silver =]...more info
  • Wow
    The picture does not do the ring justice. I could not be more pleased. The shipping was fast and the product is of good quality....more info
  • This Ring is really pretty!
    I ordered this ring, after months of research about this material, Tungsten Carbide. Best value for MY money! The pic. doesn't do it justice, people are RIGHT! I ordered it on Friday evening and got it today, which is Wednesday. No problems what-so-ever with the delivery. I'll shop with this dealer as often as I can, afford to do so!LOL!
    Great price, we looked at the Jewerly store at the mall, and they wanted 4-5 times what I just paid for it! Same stuff, just Fancy store prices!
    We love it! He had his ring measurement at the fancy store, and I ordered the size 9, and it was perfect! No size discrepancies!
    I Promise you, you will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form with this ring and the Dealer!
    Thank-you for being one the "smooth" areas of planning a wedding!...more info
  • Tungsten Carbidde Comfort Band
    Stunning and quality built ring. It was the perfect gift and so glad that I got it. ...more info
  • Beautiful ring
    This ring is beautiful and has a hefty feel to it. I lost my wedding band after 20 years and rather than get an expensive gold replacement ring I asked my wife to get me this one for Christmas. Mine has a lighter gold-coloring than the one pictured but it is very attractive and I think I like it better than the picture. Like several people have noted, the rings run small. ...more info
  • Ok ring
    This ring is nice, however it did scratch! I thought they were not suppose to sratch? but it is a nice ring, maybe its the finish that did....more info
  • Such a deal!
    I bought this ring at the same time I purchased my wedding band. Great price and a beautiful ring. Personally, I think the Tungsten Carbide is the way to go. Better than Titanium which tends to scratch more. No scratches on this ring and the shine and luster make this ring look way more expensive than it is. Fast shipment and the best "deal" I have had in a long time. You will not regret buying this ring....more info
  • Elegant yet tough ring - Save $$$ for your honeymoon - Looks better than our gold ring!
    My husband has a gold wedding band, but he uses his hands alot while working, so we were concerned about 1: Him losing his gold wedding band and 2: the band getting damaged while he works.

    I searched on Amazon and ordered this ring. We were looking for a two-tone ring that would withstand his working conditions, and not break our bank account if it happens to get lost.

    This ring arrived well packaged with padding and a plastic bag. It is GORGEOUS! Most tungsten rings we've seen look like someone took a pipe from a home improvement store and sliced it so they could wear it on their finger (and that's really how they make these rings). This banded ring looks like a real piece of fine jewelry. The two-tone finish makes the ring look more like a gold ring, and therefore, it looks more expensive, than your typical tungsten rings. Most people are stunned when we tell them its a tungsten ring because they assume its a two-toned gold/white gold ring.

    The only drawbacks about this ring are that it cannot be resized, and you can't have any engraving done on it. However, we paid over $700 for hubby's resized engraved gold ring, so that is the cost of sentimental value. If those options are not a priority, I would highly recommend this ring, and use the saved $$$ on your honeymoon. Hubby has worn this ring continuously since January, and it is still as lovely as when we first bought it. The expensive ring sits in a box, and doesn't even make it to special occasions because hubby stresses about it. With this ring, he can relax and not worry about banging it on the counters....more info
  • nice ring
    Hey. This ring is really nice and has a heavy quality. My fiance' tried it on but he says he wanted a full gold ring. He wants his to cost as much as mine did. he is a big baby LOL. But if your looking for a good price and quality ring this is it. The only problem is that it was a tad to big. I recieved the ring in about 4-5 days. Thanks Jennifer...more info