La Crosse Technology WS-8318U Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Moon Phase Display
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Product Description

All Features: * Wireless outdoor temperature ( F or C) * Monitors indoor temperature ( F or C) * Moon phase * Atomic time and date with manual setting * Automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time (on/off option) * 12/24 hour time display * Perpetual calendar * Time zone setting * Time alarm with snooze * 4 languages to choose from: English, French, German, Spanish * Wall hanging or free standing Specifications: * Wireless outdoor temperature range: -21 F to +157 F (-29.9 C to +69.9 C) * Indoor temperature range: 32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C) * Transmission range: up to 330 feet (100 meters) * Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz * Power requirements: Receiver: 3 "AA" Alkaline batteries Wireless sensor: 2 "AA" Alkaline batteries

  • Sets to the U.S. atomic clock
  • Displays atomic time, day, date
  • Current moon phase, indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Displays outdoor temperature via a wireless temperature transmitter
  • Time alarm with snooze

Customer Reviews:

  • Atomic Digital Wall Clock w/Temp Review
    The outside temperature does not work--it is not accurate. The inside temperature is fairly accurate most of the time but the main feature we were interested in was the outside temperature and it is not something we can depend on. Very disappointed in this product and would not recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Never synched up
    While LaCrosse is known for these "atomic" clocks, this one was a dud for me. I followed the set up instructions, putting in and taking out batteries and trying to get it to synch up to the time server. Tried it in many different windows in my home and finally got it to synch up - once. Placed in my office where I needed it, it never resynched. I took out batteries and tried again, putting it in the same window that it had synched from the first time, but it never got the resynch symbol again. I've returned it. I have two other "atomic" clocks, in various parts of my home and they've never had a problem, so I came to the conclusion that this one or model was defective....more info
  • Simple, nice clock
    The clock is pretty much what it says. It seems to be pretty accurate with it temperature measurements and is quite nice looking. If there were any drawbacks regarding the product it would be it's display size, it could stand to be just a touch bigger overall....more info
  • atomic clock
    The frame on this clock is much larger than necessary, but if you like the style it's fine. The display is big enough to read from across a room. It is a little difficult to set up. But, it works well....more info
  • Pretty good product but.....
    I bought this clock because of the features such as inside and outside temperature, date and day and accuracy in the time. The outside temperature is not accurate and on my clock it's about 3 degrees higher than it really is. The inside temperature is about 2 degrees lower than it really is. So knowing these offsets, I've learned to just deal with it. Not a bad product though. ...more info
  • Good for the grandmas
    We purchased this product for my wife's grandmother who is 93 and doesn't have great eye sight and having trouble keeping up with time, dates, etc.

    In general, this product looks exactly like the picture. The screen is pretty visible from a wide range of angles, it is definitely not as clear if you are looking at it from the side, but still very visible.

    The PM / AM text is small, which led to some confusion. Also the dates are 3 letters "SUN, MON, TUES" etc.

    But in general this is a good product. If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have just purchased a much simpler big text clock, because the grandmother never really 'got' the other things like the day, date, etc. But if you want to see those things, this is a nice product for it. Also, it looks good....more info