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Canon PSC-5000 Semi-Hard Leather Case for the Canon G7 and G9 Digital Cameras
List Price: $60.01

Our Price: $23.30

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Product Description

Semi-Hard / Canon-brand custom case / Provides added protection so you can take it wherever you go

  • Quality semi hard leather case
  • Designed for the Powershot G7 Digital Camera

Customer Reviews:

  • Good for protecting your investment
    This case is great for protecting your camera investment. I got this to keep my screen and the camera body from being scratched when I carry the camera in another bag, or in my luggage. The case is a nice fit for my G9; I've seen the other review about the strap not tucking inside. Frankly this wasn't a big concern for me. The strap is for security, so being able to hold the strap or hang it over my shoulder/neck is a plus, in my mind. The case is sturdy and snug and can protect your G9/G7 from dings and scratches. ...more info
  • Case for Canon G9
    Good materials, good quality, strange system to insert and to pull out the camera, but usefull at the end...more info
  • Nice case with limitations
    This case is a great fit for the camera though it has storage and compatibility limitations.

    If you plan to use an upper grade neckstrap for the camera that uses rings to attach it to the strap attachments then this case will not work for you. The magnetic lid will not close.

    Other than this issue the case has nice build quality and will satisfy someone who has minimal expectations for storage and adaptability....more info
  • love it
    It fits the G9 perfectly. The camera strap extends out of the case so it can be worn. It also comes with a little case that can attach to the outside (if you feel like it) for an extra battery; very thoughtful of them. The closure is solid but not difficult to use. I like the hardness of the case and it will protect the camera failry well, but don't try and ship this camera without extra protection. A hard drop will still hurt the camera. This case is designed more for functional on-your-person use....more info
  • You can find a better case
    This is a quality leather case, but it's oddly bulky and the top magnetic closure is weak. Here are some other cases you might consider. The Lowepro Apex 60 AW (Black) or Lowepro Apex 60 AW (Arctic Blue) fits on your belt and has a little extra room for a spare battery and memory card. The all-weather cover is very nice. The Lowepro Apex 100 AW (Black), also available in blue, is a little larger if you keep a Lensmate or Canon lens adapter on all the time.

    For a soft padded case, I like the "Zoom" size camera case made by sfbags. (Search the internet for sfbags.) It won't work with a neck strap, but I use a wrist strap anyway (such as the leather ones made by Prostrap or Gordy's Straps. Look for them online). The case comes in several colors of cloth or leather.

    Finally, many G9 aficionados covet the Canon SC-DC55A ever-ready case sold only in Japan. I ordinarily don't like such "never-ready" cases for SLRs, but it is quite functional on the G9, giving it a cool retro look like an old rangefinder. Search an internet auction site for it. To avoid Chinese knockoffs, though, look for a textured leather surface (rather than smooth) and check if it's in a Canon red-and-white box (rather than clear plastic packaging backed by cardboard).

    Personally, I use most of the above cases at various times, each having its own place for different uses. This great little camera deserves a great little case!
    ...more info
  • Perfect fit
    This semi-hard leather case fits perfectly for Canon G9. But it doesn't have space for spare batteries....more info
  • Canon camera owner for many years
    I love this case, it is a perfect fit and protects the camera well.
    Easy to take on and off!!!...more info
  • Purchased for my G9
    Cool retro design. The case does secure the entire camera, but tough to handle if you don't have it on your belt....more info
  • Canon G7 Case
    Perfect fit for the Canon G7 digital camera...but then was created for it... You should get one!...more info
  • Nice case for G9
    Great case for my G9. Well made and keeps my camera protected. I use the belt clip but it comes with a carrying strap too. There's a small side case for extra memory cars if needed....more info
  • weirdest case ever
    From the photo you would logically think that the top flips up and you pull the camera up out of the case. However that is not the case. You pull flip the top up, then the front (with the silver logo) flips down (towards you in the photo) revealing that this front piece has a top part that sits parallel to the original/outer top. So after you flip the top up and the front out, you can pull the camera out of the case. It can be annoying.

    I would prefer a simpler, top up camera out case. ...more info
  • Limited functionality
    This doesn't seem to be a well designed case for the Canon G7. There is not really any room for the neck strap in the bag but it sort-of extends through holes in the sides so you could have the case on the camera while wearing it around your neck - but then where would you put the bag when you remove it to shoot? The case has openings that would allow rain or dust in. There is no room for accessories except in the little separate case that clips to the main case. It uses magnetic closures which I don't like to have around storage devices like SD cards. I prefer the Mountainsmith Focus II Camera Bag (Small, Warm Grey) that fits this camera perfectly with room for accessories and the strap and good closures to protect the camera from weather. [OK I know that SD cards should not be harmed by a magnet - I didn't say they would be. I'm an old guy and I don't like magnets around my valuable digital pictures. I also remember when smoking was not bad for your health...]...more info
  • size only disappointment
    This case is accurately represented--fits the G7 like a glove--very sturdy. I was expecting it to be a little larger. The accessory holder is nice for an additional battery/memory card. However you can not carry the accessory holder in the main case. I would recomend this case to those looking for a convenient, "on the go" type of case for the CAMERA ONLY. For those wanting to tote batteries, chargers, accesories, or lens adapters with the camera you'll have to look elsewhere for a larger case....more info
  • good quality and not a bad value
    this seems to be quite nicely made - good materials and well constructed - also it's not a bad value, especially considering that there aren't many (are there any?) competing choices for a compact G7 case. The 'sidecar' battery case is a really questionable feature and I'm pretty sure that it will sit in my desk drawer until future archeologists try to figure out its purpose in the year 10,000....more info
  • Perfect fit!
    I love that this case is small and is a perfect fit for the G9 The camera strap fits through the side of the case perfectly. The smaller case that it comes with attaches to one side so you can store an extra battery. My SD card came with a zippered case that attaches to the other side of this case. It has a belt loop also so you can carry it comfortably when it is not on the camera. The case provides excellent protection for the camera. I am pleased with my purchase!!...more info
  • Great case
    I just purchased this case for my G9 and it's been great. The case is very sturdy and the leather is of good quality. I've had no problems with the magnetic clasp which other people have described....more info
  • Good, but Could be Better
    This case is well made and sturdy. It is easy to get the G7 in and out and protects the camera well. I love the little case that goes on the side of the bigger case. It fits an extra battery and a memory card in an efficient way. Space isn't wasted. It is super easy to get the battery and card in and out.
    On the down side; I would like the belt clip to open and close, the magnetic snap on the main case and the battery case open too easily. They have opened as I am carrying the case. The snap on the side strap also undoes too easily, and I would like a wrist strap to be included. ...more info