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Transmit live images with ease and flexibility. Ease And Usability Of The Web With the Canon VB101 Network Camera Server's built-in web server and FTP server, you can easily view video and control your cameras over the web or LAN using a web browser. Because the VB101 operates using standard TCP/IP and HTTP protocols, the simplicity and versatility of web-based video can be yours. Viewing Versatility You can have the flexibility you need in your network video system because a single VB101 Network Camera Server can transmit video to as many as 20 clients simultaneously. The total number of simultaneous clients depends on your network bandwidth, but you can set this in advance to ensure smooth operation. The VB101 can even be set to send periodic data packets so network connection is maintained. Easy Server Control With the network-enabled VB101, managing and controlling your network video system couldn't be easier. With your PC and a standard web browser, you set initial network configurations using the software supplied with the server. Then, once you're set up, you can perform administrative tasks and adjust settings such as image quality and capture rate through your web browser. No matter where you are -- and no matter where your cameras are -- you're in control. Simplicity In An Internet Video Solution Because it acts as a stand-alone server, you can operate the VB101 without a computer. You simply configure the network camera server, connect your camera and data line, and start webcasting. Nothing could be simpler. Outstanding Image Quality Because it's Canon, you always get the image quality you need. With a maximum image capture rate of up to 30 fps and motion-JPEG image compression, the VB101 delivers -- whether your application is webcasting, distance learning, medical or security. Add Video To Your Website Bring your web pages to life. Add valuable, stimulating content to your website. With the VB101 acting as your web server, you can trans