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WarHawk Bundle with Bluetooth Headset
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Product Description

The long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit takes flight on the Playstation 3. Experience the thrill of white-knuckle aerial combat with swarms of enemy fighters, bone crunching armored assaults and high-intensity infantry combat in a massive, all-out war fought both on the ground and in the skies. Eucadian and Chernovan forces must defend their territory against online enemies throughout hundreds of square miles of high-resolution and fully interactive terrain in a world where old and new technologies merge in epic battle. Take command of the most advanced war machine in the fleet, the Warhawk, capable of aerobatic dogfights at high speeds or hovering over ground troops providing tactical support. Warhawk delivers high definition warfare and multi-modal combat through various gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag. The stunning graphics and power of PS3 sets the stage for a truly unique Warhawk universe filled with detailed on-screen vehicles and troops, captivating and interactive landscapes, destructible cities, and vibrantly detailed environments.

  • Fly or hover to engage in intense dogfights with a vast army of enemies, massive flying battleships and enemy ground forces
  • Engage in huge multi-modal online battles through various online gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch, Territories Mode and Capture the Flag
  • Join teams or maintain clans in the Warhawk online community for full stats, rankings, leader boards, badges, awards and more
  • In the air, on the ground or in a combat vehicle, an array of weapons at your disposal, including missiles, rockets, sniper riffles, flame throwers and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Great online game
    I gave it three stars merely because of its lack of an offline game mode of some sort. This game is awesome because it is just about the best online shooter I've ever played. Very intense sometimes, and extremely fun. But don't get it unless you have internet on your ps3. Other than that, i recommend you to buy this....more info
    If your looking for a great multiplayer experience this is it!!!

    You'll need time limits, because if you dont, you'll be suprise by the early sun on a wenesday morning telling yourself how could you be so crazy to play from 9 pm to 6 am and then go to work.

    Other than that.... You will have so much fun and along your progress you'll see how crazy the people are in multiplayer games.

    Dont miss out....

    ENJOY...more info
  • Great Game with Minimal Limitations
    I had just recently bought a PS3 and had been reviewing websites for the best games for the system. I saw Warhawk multiple times and downloaded the demo as soon as they released it. I couldn't get enough! The demo only allows you to play one version of one map and only in one game mode: Capture the flag. I played that demo for hours and hours and had so much fun I decided I had to buy the full game.

    1- Beautiful game - great aesthetics.
    2- Very enjoyable vehicles (I haven't been too big a fan of the Halo 1-2 vehicles, though I haven't played Halo 3).
    3- Online multiplayer keeps every game interesting.
    4- Up to 4 player split screen on one console/TV (I haven't tried it but I'm very happy they included this feature).
    5- Great weapon variety and balance (though I agree with another reviewer that it is annoying to be gunning someone down with automatic fire only to have them close the distance and cut you down in one swipe with their combat knife).
    6- Tons of customization options for your player and Warhawk.
    7- Tons of rank advancements, medals, and awards to keep you striving to try new things.
    8- An aim-assist feature helps compensate a bit for the frustrating precision limitations inherent to console gaming (compared to mouse aiming on a PC).
    9- The Warhawks themselves represent an entire new game in and of themselves - there is so much you can do with them that even if you become a master at ground tactics you can still get slaughtered in the air unless you hone those skills as well.
    10- The game provides lots of opportunities (mostly linked to the vehicles) for excellent collaborative teamwork.

    1- Some of the levels are so massive (on certain gameplay settings) that even with 32 players it can seem impossible to ever break a CTF stalemate.
    2- The assault rifle needs to be more powerful at close range to avoid the annoying scenario I described above (I think it might actually get more powerful at close range but not enough, IMO).
    3- The Anti-Air flak guns need to be more powerful - they are very difficult to use meaningfully unless the sky is swarming with Warhawks, in which case you can shoot anywhere and hit something (but you'll also probably be blown up before you manage to shoot anyone down).
    4- The tank often feels like it's not strong enough - it's a tank for crying out loud! But if you get 2-3 enemy soldiers throwing grenades you can be toast in like 2 seconds. I guess they couldn't make it too powerful but it also feels like it provides a false sense of security and that you might as well hop in a 4x4 unless you need the firepower.
    5- The weapons switching system is awkward at first but you'll quickly get the hang of it.

    Overall, I find this game tremendously enjoyable. You should definitely download the demo and give it a whirl - but be warned, you'll get hooked....more info
  • This is why you bought a PS3 in the first place...
    I've played Halo. I've played Unreal Tournament. I've played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Each of these titles have set various benchmarks, as far as their multiplayer features and gameplay mechanics are concerned. Halo set the benchmark for consular, analog shooting controls. Unreal Tournament is by far the fastest, most frantic title I've every experienced. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory introduced the first, true adequate objective-based multiplayer endeavor to the shooter genre. Now, I have found a title that has set a brand new standard. Ground, vehicular, and flight combat mechanics that feel completely natural, are well-balanced, and just "fit" nicely with each other like a completed jigsaw puzzle. This is exactly how a great game should feel, right? Perfectly balanced. And there is only one game I've ever played that has that feature made in spades. That game is Warhawk.

    For me, this was a system seller. I wasn't going to buy into the massive Halo hype-train fiasco. After playing the Halo 3 beta at a friend's house, I've's just Halo multiplayer, with some newly-added bells and whistles (meaning vehicles and weapons). I love to try new things, take chances. So I dished out my summer savings on a PS3 and acquired Warhawk shortly after it was released. After playing this title for over a month, I can concretely justify and defend my purchase.

    Let me first get the flaws out of the way, as there aren't many. First, LACK OF FEATURES/CONTENT. This issue needs to be addressed, considering it is a multiplayer-only game. While there are five maps that are very huge, and have many sub-arrangements, a bit more of a selection would seem like a given. Also, they need more than four modes of play; c'mon, Deathmatch, Team DM, CTF, and Zones (area control)? Almost no imagination in any of these recycled modes, sadly.

    Ok, on to what actually makes this game worth playing for many, many hours. First thing that comes to mind instantly are the solid, fluid controls. It is very easy to hop into a plane, or tank, or jeep, as the vehicle entry system is nearly identical to Halo's. And in my opinion, it actually works better in this game. While you can't actually rip someone out of the cockpit/driver's seat and steal the enemy's vehicle, you can hop in the opposite side of a jeep and the game will automatically place you in the driver's seat. While that may sound like just a minor nuance, it is quite beneficial in CTF when you need to JUST GET THE F%&* OUT OF THERE. My only grievance with the jeep is the fact that your buddy in the passenger's seat next to you is a sitting duck, a spectator. He can't fire his weapon in that seat. Fortunately, there is a MG turret on the back of the jeep, so you're not completely defenseless.

    The planes and tanks, both, of course, control perfectly. While the plane controls take a bit of practice, you will consider Halo Banshee controls absolutely inferior once you DO get the Warhawk controls down. The tank also has precise controls, and you have control of both the turret and the steering wheel. You can have one passenger tag along in a Warhawk or Nemesis, but there are no passenger weapon controls in the planes. If you're a passenger in a tank, though, you can fire any weapon at your disposal, and even throw grenades. You can even close the lid on top to keep incoming bullets and missiles from blowing your head off.
    As far as the visuals and sound go, absolutely superb. Lighting is wonderful, the worlds are colorful, and the textures are well rendered. The sound is great too, as it was produced by THX. I don't have a surround sound setup, but it sounds amazing on my TV speakers.

    Finally, I just want to reemphasize to everyone who reads this that this is an ABSOLUTE MUST-BUY on the PS3. This is one of those games that will remind you why you bought your PS3 in the first place - because the machine really DOES have potential, and this game PROVES IT.
    ...more info
  • Mind blowing gaming experience
    I've now had Warhawk for about 2 weeks now, and bottom line is that this is one f'ing awesome game. I kept hearing about this game from friends and read the mostly positive reviews here and even though I've never been a big fan of first person shooters (well, technically this is a 3rd person shooter), I decided to try it out. I bought it on ebay for $40 (game only version) and have been playing it non-stop since then.

    The Good:
    The gameplay is easily some of the best action multiplayer you have ever played. The game is so smooth, even with up to 32 players in a single game. Not once, even with a ton of players in the screen and crazy action going on, did the game slow down at all. Incredible. Tanks, jeeps, jets, gun/rocket turrets, machine gun stands, etc., make this game better than any other action/war game out there. Jumping on the back of a jeep someone else is driving and commanding the machine gun, or popping up the hatch on a tank with a rocket launcher while someone else is driving and shooting the cannon is very fun. This level of interactivity with other players makes this game much more fun and intersting than others. Hovering a plane and giving air support by blasting enemies to support your allies on the ground is awesome and fun to watch as well when you are on the ground.

    Video is 720p/1080i, which is better than Halo 3, which is 680p resolution and if you've ever seen it in action, has alot of jaggies. None in Warcraft. The graphics are great and looks superb in terms of vehicles, environment, etc. If you're sensitive to motion sickness with these kind of games, you probably won't with this one. I couldn't even play Resistance for more than 5 minutes without becoming nauseated, but never had a problem with Warhawk.

    Audio is amazing. You get 7.1 PCM audio that sounds great if you have a decent speaker setup. I spent over $1500 on my speakers and receiver, and I can tell you that they did a great job with the audio. Action games are of course ideal for surround sound, and it is incredible on Warhawk. Great fly by effects as jets roar past you, excellent placement of explosions, gunfire, etc., all around you that makes the experience very intense if you pump up the volume.

    The Bad
    Not much bad stuff really. The learning curve is a bit steep for flying and hovering the planes, but the controls are intuitive and once you start to get a hang of it, it becomes highly enjoyable. It's worth it when you start to get better at dogfighting and engaging in air to ground combat. There is no offline campaign or story, unlike Resistance, but that is fine with me as online multiplayer gaming is the entire point of Warhawk.

    Again, Warhawk is a great game. If you stick with it and learn how to control the hover planes, you will be happy you did. The gameplay is nothing short of amazing and the experience of playing this on my projector with a 70-100" image and audio blasting on a 7.1 speaker system is a great gaming experience. The best game I ever bought for a console. ...more info
  • Download it
    The game is great, but I would not spend money on the Disk version. the discs have a bad habbit of breaking adn te entire title can be easily downloaded from the plastation store from the PS3 itself. Any bluetooth headset will work if you really want one, but using a headset is far from necessary. only approximately one 10th of the players online use them, and most of those people you dont want to talk to anyway. buy this game - It is fantastic...more info
  • Unique experience on consoles
    This game is pretty good. It's a lot of fun and the developers continue to support their product with improvements and expansion packs. If you like using vehicles, especially flying, while also being able to have ground combat, this is a great game. It'll be popular for a long time to come so due to the unique experience, so you'll definitely get a lot of game play out of this title. Really great price if you don't have a headset. ...more info
  • Warhawk adventure
    Exciting game, a lot of different themes and adventures, it really pumps your adrenaline. It's kind of difficult to learn to move around but ones you learn you have a hold new world in front of you....more info
  • Kill kill kill
    Better than Battlefield.
    Better than multi-player Halo.

    Such a fun and intense game- I've been playing it in my free time for nearly a month now and I just want more.

    The only downer I see is there being no story or real substance to the game- it is in it's heart a "sign in- kill stuff- repeat" type game.
    The benefit of ONLY Player Characters though, is that every game will be different, so that keeps it fresh and new each time.
    ...more info
  • Not to shabby
    It took me a while to get this game. I didn't like the fact that it was a multiplayer only. It would of been nice to maybe be able to play the different game types with bots also. The graphics are nice and the draw distance is fantastic since some of the maps are huge. It is fun playing with others however, since you can make plans on how to attack the other team and all. Someone like me, though, I only get to play maybe a few times a month, so I don't get to practice much. There are people that play waaaay too much and therefore are very good at the game. Sometimes, this can make the game boring because you die too much. I think there are connection issues as well. I've gone around flying in the warhawk and will hit other warhawks six or seven times and they keep going. I get hit by one missle and I'm gone. The controls are hard to use, but I'm a PC FPS person. ...more info
  • Like Downloads?
    We can only guess that Sony is attempting to self destruct the PS3 and Warhawk. I turned on my PS3 tonight and I was FORCED to download and install 3, count 'em 3 separate updates just to play Warhawk. This took over an hour and is using untold space on my hard drive so I can, what was it again, oh yes, play neato looking bloo-ray movies at nifty even higher (Yes, now I can see more sweat beads!) resolution. Yes, once again Sony is simply a company that believes that constantly updating your GAME MACHINE with pointless updates is more fun then playing Unreal or COD4 or Warhawk.

    You know, when you turn on an old Sega Genesis or N64, does everybody know what happens? Yes, a totally amazing thing happens. YOU PLAY A GAME! Like right away too. A PS3 is a gaming system, it is not Windows Vista. It is not a computer, it is not a bloo-ray it is a machine specifically designed to PLAY GAMES! Yes indeed, I blew-ray [$...]on a update machine. That is awesome. Now I have to go out and buy a game machine cause I apparently no longer have one.
    ...more info
  • This is a good game, but has some major design flaws.
    Warhawk for PS3 is a good game. The online experience creates a very fast paced game environment which is ruined by "glitchers, and cheaters." None the less, I enjoy playing Warhawk very much. Also, the ranking up system leaves a bit to be desired. The game proports to have customizable look and feel for your character and aircraft, however you can only unlock these things after ranking up, which appears to be tedious at best. I got a couple of rank ups quickly, but was soon disappointed by the unlocked items. Honestly, I'd rather have had the game content unlocked from the start.

    From their literature "You can play the game however you want..." implying that you could always choose to drive a tank or always be a ground troop. However they fail to mention that you'll never make it past certain ranks if this is how you want to play the game, and you won't unlock all of the content. So, let me say this to Insomnia Games, "You can't have it both ways, choose to say that you can customize your stuff, or choose to say you can play it any way you want, you can't say both the way it is currently setup."

    What this state of affairs leads to: Cheating, glitching, and rank up servers. These servers are dedicated to getting people rank up. I was reading one forum about flag throwing, so you can increase the number of points you get per game, and I also experienced the "tank" glitch myself personally. This kind of behavior is of course frowned on by the server administrators. I can't help but think that originally this game probably was going to have a mission oriented single player campaign in which you could also gain rank, and it was scrapped at the last minute because it was too much work, and the deadline was coming up for release.

    So lets take stock in what we really have. We have a bunch of hosted games, with fast and furious battles, on a very small number of maps. This means that the folks in the beta test know these maps so well that new players have a very hard time playing. Every little trick and nook or cranny in the map is known very well. The learning curve is steep, and the controls of the airplane are not configurable enough. I would be very happy if you could customize the look inversion on the gunsight for the airplane, but you can't, so I constantly look the wrong way with the guns. So what do we have? 4 maps, 3 game types. I can tell you now it will tire quickly as you are repeatly blown up by people who know the maps by the back of their hands.


    Ira Carmel....more info
  • Hours of Fun, buy it and join the battle
    I got this game from the PS Online Store through my PS3. I followed it during development and jumped on it when it was released. The game hooked me with the various gaming options (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, etc.) and your ability to customize your character as you gained level points. I play the CTF games more then anything else, and I have never gotten board! Sony stated when the game came out that they would develop more levels and features to the game, which I am waiting patiently on.

    Your choices for vehicles are not very broad (Jeep, Tank, and Aircraft) but they still offer their own appeal. The aircraft was the hardest to control at first, but I soon loved the Hover feature. The aircraft is the only vehicle that you can get multiple weapons for (Cluster Bombs, Tow Missiles, etc). The Jeep does have a machine gun on the back, its the fastest and it can hold 3 people. A fun and unique way of playing the Jeep is to plant landmines on it and doing Suicide runs! The Tank has great range and offers itself to be used as mobile artillery. A nice option is to have a teammate pop out of the top-hatch and launch grenades, rockets, or whatever from the opening. A couple of things I would like to see done are upgrades to the Jeep and Tank weapons like the aircraft, and the addition of maybe a Motorcycle and some kind of Water craft (level permitting).

    There were some loading and availability problems, but Sony has a patch to fix that. There are only 5 levels to choose from right now, but I am under the impression that will change soon.

    The customization is a nice asthetic feature, but adds no real change to the game play.

    If your into Multiplayer, Online only games, you will love this game....more info
  • Fun yet easy to put down.
    I enjoy this game very much. It is one of those games that can be picked up and played for any amount of time and put down when necessary. Having kids, it's really important to me to be able to drop whatever I'm doing if someone needs help.

    The downside is there are some inappropriate people playing the game so i sometimes have to take off my headset so i don't hear the comments.

    The headset could be better but for the price it's hard to beat....more info
  • WarHawk Bundle with Bluetooth Headset
    The game Warhawk is very fun. There are 10 different weapons for use on the ground and 9 for use in a plane (or warhawk). There are plenty of people online and there are three DLC packs for [...] each (bundle for [...]). The headset in the package gets the job done but does have a bit of an echo. Over all this game is worth buying, its really assessable and awesome. ...more info
  • The most addictive game you will ever play
    I am one of these guys who has been away from the video game scene since the Nintendo 64 days, well I bought a ps3 and about 30 games in almost one month including this one and now I almost never leave the house, I am even avoiding my girlfriend just to sit at home and play this game , insane action, in my opinion the multi-player mode is much much better than campaign mode for the simple reason that every game is different. You have the option of being a foot soldier, driving a jeep, tank or flying a warhawk, You have so many different weapons to choose from, playing this game is a real adrenaline rush, I've been playing this for a few months on a daily basis and I still feel like a beginner, I don't think I'll ever get sick of playing this game. The graphics are amazing so is the sound. I only wish more players had headsets.
    I advice newbies to join the rookie rooms and stay away from the rooms that allow higher rank players to join so you don't get put off the game by being killed all the time, once you learn your way around and start ranking up you will be playing harder games with more skilled players, it gets tough but every game is a learning experience.
    If you don't own this go out and get it now, you have no idea what you are missing :-)
    ...more info
  • Great
    I really like the game, it's really fun to play, It haves the bluetooth headset, it's a great add on, If you like online playing, it's a must....more info
  • Mayhem in the Skies
    Warhawk for the PS3, simply (No pun intended) Blew many reviewers away with it's initial release. Well after digging it up and experiencing the mayhem once again, the game is just as good as ever.

    Theres no real story to Warhawk, it's just 2 teams trying desperately to wipe each other off the map. The way they do this is suprisingly varied. You start out with a pistol (Unlimited Ammo, and the fire rate entirely depends on how fast you can tap your finger) and a knife (Instant kill) but you are able to pick up many more weapons such as Assault rifles, Flamethrowers, and Sniper rifles. For the most part, there is nothing really new here, but they all blend so well, that few will find themselves asking for something fresh.

    When you spawn at your base, you have a few ways of how you want to get to the battle. Hopping in a transport vehicle like a 4x4 and a Tank with some buddies is a fun time, but taking the Warhawk is the greatest path. More on that later. But anyway, all of the vehicles handle well, and swapping between seats (Square, and a directional button) is a breeze.

    Now then, the Warhawks. This is one of the key factors that, In my honest opinion, makes Warhawk stand out from the generic multiplayer games on the market. Think of an extremely agile and powerful compilation of some of the funnest airplanes ever made, and you get the idea. The Warhawk's weapons can be picked up Via floating icons, and they are each fun and unique. You are given the ability to use the Six-Axis controls for piloting your death-giving machine, but I woulden't recommend it. Not that it doesen't work, but the dogfights you encounter are so intense, that it doesen't seem logical to jeapordize one's life because of shaky hands. Oh yes, the dogfights. When you spawn on the ground in multiplayer matches with tons of people, just looking up will show a display of explosions and gunfire. It's simply beautiful (In a strange sort of way) and its just breathtaking. Many people will say this, but Warhawk's massive battles just need to be experienced rather than seen. This is all aided by the gigantic maps.

    The characters move a little wonky, but that can be forgiven. What I cannot forgive is the god awful reloading system. You have to hold 1 (or maybe even 2) directional buttons, and land on the weapon you have equipped to reload your gun. Sure, you automatically reload when you empty the clip, But I'm cautious when it comes to shooters of this scale, and that just doesen't cut it for me.

    Graphics (3/5) They won't blow anyone away, not by a long shot, but It's understandable that in a game of this size, some of the graphics take a hit, so it's forgiveable.

    Sound (5/5) It's great. Enough said.

    Playability/Entertainment (4.5/5) Like I said, some of the controls take getting used to, but I was fairly entertained during my play session.

    It's easy to cry foul at something Warhawk does, but when you step into one of the air-dancing beasts, and you are hearing the wind scream by you like a banshee as you blast off into afterburner, all the while explosions are going on around you.. its pretty hard to think about the bad. With amazing games like COD 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4 currently availible, it may seem easy to pass this game up. But if you have the time, Warhawk can be an experience for all to enjoy....more info
  • Frustrating But Addictive
    Warhawk is the type of game that no matter how much you may try, your still addicted to it. That's how it is for me as I have never played an online game in my life until Warhawk which presented quite a challenge as there is no introduction or tutorial, you are just thrown into a battle and given a couple hints along the way as you pick up different items and such. Nevertheless the game is incredibly addicting and is a must for all Playstation 3 owners.

    Thumbs Up:
    - looks good, feels good, sounds good
    - A selection of filters allows you to fine tune exactly where and what you want to play
    - the ranking system with awards and customization makes you want to keep playing

    Thumbs Down:
    - If you have never played an online game you might be turned away because there is a steep learning curve, even for veterans
    - Some the physics don't make any sense, like how can a knife destroy a jeep with two swipes?
    - Doesn't relate to the game as it does the players, some will plague the radio with gargled crap and if you don't communicate your team will loose, horribly.
    ...more info
  • I'm a non-gamer who enjoys this game.
    Although this game was introduced at launch, I have recently purchased it and I am addicted. It is just fun even if your skill set is week like mine. ...more info
  • Almost perfect, but I wish it had a single player game
    I just downloaded this game from the Playstation store, and it's a lot of fun. I find myself going back to this game more than any of the other games I own for the PS3. My only gripe with this game is that there is no offline, single player game. A single player game would be great to practice your skills and prepare yourself for the chaos that awaits you when playing against online opponents. I am by no means a hard core gamer. I might play it for an hour a day at the most. So it's kind of frustrating to get into a game, find a warhawk, and then get shot down by some techno-geek who's been playing this game non-stop for the last 5 days. I consider myself lucky if I can fly the warhawk longer than a couple of minutes. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but my rockets seem to do very little damage to the other planes, yet I seem to get killed with a single rocket all the time.

    The best advice I can give to new players is to find a game with the least amount of players, and that should give you a chance to fly around a bit and figure out what you're doing without getting killed right away.

    Pros: Fun to play. Easy to connect to servers and find a game. Easy to figure out how to play (you really don't need instructions, so the $39.99 online price is a bargain, and I rarely, if ever, hear anyone talking through the headset)

    Cons: No single player game. No "training" mode. Too many hardcore gamers waiting to kill you the second you enter a warhawk.

    Overall, a good game and a good purchase. Just be patient and give yourself some time to figure the game out, even though you'll probably get killed a thousand times in the process....more info
  • A PlayStation Network must have
    Warhawk is the best online game that you can get on the PS3 and one of the best online games I've played so far to date. This game uses dedicated servers so there is virtually no lag in game. I am currently in Germany and have played on both American and European servers with no lag issues whatsoever.

    Graphically this is a very impressive game and the only thing that trumps that is the sound. Playing in 5.1 surround sound is amazing. You can hear the noise of distant battles going on, explosions going off around you, planes zooming overhead in the middle of a dogfight, all in real time. It really adds to the feeling of being in a real battle. Most offline games don't provide the experience that this game does.

    Game play wise this game also excels. It is very balanced to the point that even on foot you can defend yourself against tanks, planes, etc. This makes for a very fun experience where you don't feel that you have to have the biggest guns just to compete. Also, the controls are very easy to learn and get into, which makes jumping into the game much less of a hassle. There is also a rank system that ensures that you don't have very experienced players going up against first timers. In addition to ranks there are ribbons and medals that you can earn and show off to friends. When you gain rank and experience, you also get new ways to customize your character and your planes which helps add to the uniqueness of each players character.

    The only complaint I could make about this game is the current lack of a large variety of maps. There are currently only five maps available but they make up for this by being extremely well made for all modes of play whether it be sniping, flying, using vehicles, etc.

    This is a very very enjoyable game that I suggest any online players try. Even if you are not into playing online, you should defiantly try this one out....more info
    so far i have Oblivion singstar eye of judgment and ressistance and many more. i liked the ressistance online multiplayer and i really wanted a headset to chat to others so i picked up the warhawk bundle and i tried it out and so far i havent played ressistance since. yesterday a new add-on was released for a new car and map it cost $7.99 and just as warhawk was starting to get boreing there was fresh excitement again and i have had this game sincesdecember so it has provided about 5 months of non-stop entertainment. so if you want a game that will last long this is the way to go...more info
  • Warhawk for those who have played COD4 first
    I have played COD4 since December 2007 and I have to say that it is very addictive and easy to follow. I'm now on the first prestige mode and every time I play I feel very satisfied. However, I always felt that it would have been really fun if you could fly the helicopter or drive a tank in bigger maps. That is when Warhawk comes into place to fill this big gap. Playing Warhawk for the first time can be as frustrating as playing COD4 for the first time. You get kill really fast especially if you are flying a Warhawk, which is an awesome machine that requires you to build some flying skill before you can do something productive. You have to understand that everything in Warhawk is about how much experience you have and how skillful you are as opposed to COD4 where the learning cure is not as high. On the other hand, on foot combat is not as developed as in COD4, where you can chose from lots of weapons and perk combinations. Warhawk on foot combat is limited to a few weapons which are really powerful and fun to use, but not as detailed focus as in COD4. However, flying and driving on Warhawk compensates for that. Another, fascinating part of Warhawk is the type of awards you get during combat. Besides the usual rank levels you can get medals, badges and ribbons, all at different level and of different types. This is really awesome to look at when you are reviewing your personal profile. My final advice would be if you are looking for an instant let's shoot at anything that moves fast and quick shooter then you should stick with COD4, but if you are looking for a challenging online multiplayer game where you have to build skills and learn in order to get the most out of the game then Warhawk is for you!...more info
  • Impressive
    This game is loads of fun. It is hard getting used to it a first because there is no tutorial, but you catch on fast and it has very addicting gameplay. I would definetly recommend this game for all PS3 owners. It does come with a blue-tooth headset which is pretty nice because it retails for nearly 40 bucks. The only small problems are with the online stat keeping and stuff. With a game that is strictly online play there should be no problems accurately keeping stats. Overall, the game is a blast and the graphics are impressive....more info
  • Incredible
    This game is by far the most intense game that I've ever played. The graphics aren't superb, but the game play makes up for it. You will LOVE this game after you put in some time and get good. Until that time, you may hate it. I broke my new 52" LCD by throwing the controller while playing this game. Yeah, I got issues, but the game is GREAT!!!...more info
  • Multiplayer for grownups! :)
    I originally crossed this game off my list when I heard it didn't have a single-player mode. In almost 20 years of playing games I never liked multiplayer because it was always mostly 12 year old kids cursing up a storm or people ruining the game by cheating.

    Last week I thought "Well, we're in the 21st century, might as well get used to the idea of multiplayer". I got this game two days ago and have already spend over 8 hours playing. I think I just might call in sick tomorrow as well.

    In my opinion, this is the best game to get you started in a multiplyer gaming. Unlike online FPSs, this diversifies the game a hundred fold by having so many different types of fighting - Air, Ground, Vehicle. The real fun begins when you start finding unusual ways to getting a kill and it introduces a whole new dimension to the game. Imagine being a lone soldier on foot, with nothing but a pistol and a grenade being chased by a Warhawk into a bunker. Warhawk goes into hover mode and tries to stick its guns into the doorway of the bunker. As he lines up - you toss a grenade at him. KABOOOM! You just took down a fighter plane with a HAND GRENADE!

    The crowd on the servers seems to be more on the adult side - I have found the people to be polite (One guy apologized twice for running me over accidentally with a tank). I think it has something to do with the fact that the price of PS3 keeps the younger gamers away. That won't last forever, so if you were previously put off by your past multiplayer experiences, this is the right game and the right time to get started.

    My only complaints are just like everyone elses: The server interface needs work, preferrably like the one R:FOM where you are placed in the game automatically based on your rank/skill level. Also, some people are using "budget" headsets, which sometimes generates so much noise that no one else can converse throughout the game. That by the way is not the game's fault.

    I think this game sets a new multiplayer standart, which is a good thing. I look forward to downloadable content as well as similar games in the genre.

    ...more info
  • warhawk addict
    I purchased the download version of WARHAWK, and if I were to do it all over again, I'd instead by the disc version. With or without bluetooth headset is up to you.

    I'm absolutely addicted to this game. It's an aggressive, action-packed, and diverse third person shooter. The map selection might appear to be limited, but the multiple variations on the maps make each layout play quite differently. Plus a new map download is weeks away.

    The weapon and vehicle choices are also fun. I, for one, almost never fly the Warhawk (I need more practice). I stick to the tanks, and the land mines are my weapon of choice.

    The online community is alive and competitive. The servers have many games with up to 32 players. And I'm obsessed with improving my character stats on the "ranked" servers (first play user hosted unranked games for practice!). Warhawk isn't a perfect game, but it's great fun and so far, after a few months, I haven't grown bored.

    But back to my first paragraph. The download version only lets your play Warhawk with the main account on your PS3, while the retail version allows all users to play. So, IF YOU AND YOUR BROTHER BOTH WANT TO PLAY and both want to keep track of your own stats, then the downloaded version is really going to DISAPPOINT you. Buy the disc version and be happy. Also, you can't re-sell the downloaded version. If you buy the disc version and hate the game, at least you can get some of your money back on the used market.

    The game is loud, has lots of explosions, and nothing but fighting. No story. No master characters. Just random users across the globe doing their best to maul one another. It's great fun! I could do without the bad seeds (potty mouths, ignoramuses) in the online community, but you get that with any online game....more info
  • Better than expected
    Prior to purchasing Warhawk, I read all of the reviews posted here trying to figure out if I wanted the version with the bluetooth headset or not, and couldn't really decide either way. I ended up getting the version with the bluetooth headset. I'll have to say from my experience, as a guy who is 24 years old, the use of the headset was almost immediately an annoyance (kids yelling random unintelligible things) and I've since muted the in-game voice chat, most likely leaving the bluetooth headset to gather dust. I can see how it's possible that I may want to use it later on, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon. Personally, I recommend saving $20 by going with the version of the game without the headset, and instead using the money toward the purchase of the Warhawk expansion from within the game (I don't believe I read anything mentioning this in the other reviews, but yes, there is a small expansion available within the game which is very inexpensive). I have not purchased this expansion yet, and it is by no means a necessary component, however I like the game so much that I'm sure I'll end up purchasing it within a few days. So back to the headset- it really ended up being pretty much worthless to me as I had no desire to use it. My reasoning for saying this is that one of the best things about this game is the sound (I have a 7.1 setup). When a warhawk buzzes over your head, it sounds incredibly realistic. It's just an amazing experience with a decent sound system. Hearing people you don't know talking over top of these sounds is nothing but an annoyance that you can easily get rid of in the sound options. Believe me, the headset is not needed at all.

    I agree with everything positive said previously about Warhawk in the reviews here. I haven't found anything negative about the game aside that I agree with previous comments that it is somewhat frustrating to learn how to play a new game in a multiplayer environment, especially piloting the warhawk. This is understandable however, as it's clearly a multiplayer only game and I didn't expect to dominate a server upon the first time playing. I quickly learned the controls and was able to be competitive with other players within minutes. The ground vehicles are pretty straightforward, however piloting the warhawk definitely has quite a steep learning curve in order to get to the point where you aren't blown out of the sky within 30 seconds.

    Lastly, I'm a big fan of the PC for this type of game, and I've actually never owned a shooter type game for a console before. I'll have to say I'm extremely impressed. Warhawk on the PS3 not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. It is by far my favorite game for the PS3 now and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Awesome game!!
    I'm not the kind of guy who goes to online gaming very often. I prefer to play first the campaign or solo parts of video games and maybe later play online. That was until Warhawk. The games is awesome. I don't remember having so much fun playing a video game before. It happened since the first time I played. I really recommend this game. But there is only one warning..... is addictive, so be ready for long nights of play time....more info
  • Warhawk
    This game is awesome. It is my husband's game and I didn't really think I would enjoy it. It is so much fun playing online....more info
  • Nice Environment but something is missing
    This game really open a new kind of video game due to the multiplayer mode. The fact that you really know that your enemies or friends are really other people playing around the world makes you feel in any situation. The game has some scenarios but once you know the game; I mean playing the different modes like team deatchmatch or capture the flag it becomes boring because you can go then for medals, medals, and medals and spend days fighting to get a good score... so basically once you know the game you end it. Other thing... The connection with the servers war really annoying. I though that the cause was my connection, but COD4 just work well....more info
  • Great game but not enough levels
    The game is great and every thing is balanced such as a warhawk (which is a plane) can kill a anti air turret and that infantry armed only with a pistol, knife and grenades can kill a tank especially if there are enough of them. The only problem with this game is that there are few maps (but they can be changed in size to make them different) and that there isn't a single player mode. The most fun you will have playing this game however will be playing it split-screen with a friend.
    ...more info
  • Didn't think I'd love this game this much
    Though I've seen the game out for a while, nothing really sparked any interest in me to want to play the game. I just thought it was some futuristic flying game. I can remember the old warhawk for ps1 and feeling the same way. So while this game was on my gamefly list (like a netflix for video games, awesome investment) and it arrived I was a little dissapointed that my requested game wasn't available. Af first I was a little frusterated with the controls, but after changing the options I became quickly addicted. There is so much more to the game than just flying the warhawk. Definitly one of the best games I've ever played, judging that I simply can't get away from it. Also there are additional add on levels that increase the replay value. HIGHLY Reccommend this game to anyone with a PS3.

    Also don't know how people are bashing this game on so called flaws. The games controls are easy and diverse even with all the different playing options. The look and feel of the game seem almost perfect. The sounds are also add a great warzone feel to the game. I also have almost no lagging depite the massive levels with up to 32 players at a time. ...more info
    bought $40 one without headset cause ive bought previus PS3 headsets that broke within a week so I wanted to know if the headset is good and Warhawk is on of the PS3's best games....more info
  • Best of the Best
    Having played video games since the 80s, once owning a 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, Genesis, Neo Geo, NES, SuperNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360, and more, and being no kid, I would say that without doubt this is the very best game I have ever played. When playing on-line you have the option to join a large or small slaughterhouse type game, or if you prefer, you can join a more strategic game of waiting and planning, or a combination of both. Every game is totally different from the last. You can concentrate on air battle, ground assault, defensive strategies, racing your jeep or tank to capture the flag, just shooting down Warhawks, and a thousand other possible choices.

    There is a vast array of weapons to choose from to take down your opponent and no one weapon could be considered inferior. You can take down a Warhawk as a foot soldier with a portable missile launcher, snipe guys in bases, or lay mines to cream a tank. There are many game locations, or maps, and many variations on these maps. Every game is a totally new experience and you will quickly become addicted to the on-line 32 player version.

    As far as multiplayer, no game can compare. You can play 1 player, or 4 player split screen and then join an on-line battle with four friends at your home. Making this the ultimate PS3 "party game", as strange as that sounds. Next Gen games that allow multiplayer, multiplayer on-line, are fun, and are highly rated are not as common as you might think. I have seen both men and women enjoy this game immensely. (You will probably want a large screen TV for multiplayer split screen on-line play.)

    As far as some other reviews indicating that this is all played by kids; Sure, there are lots of young ones you can sometimes hear in the game babble (headset can be used to organize your team but is not required to play effectively), but many of these kids are not just good, but obviously understand many subtle strategies or war simulations. If you find it embarrassing to be mowed down, chased, mined or knifed by some 10 year old then maybe you should start some other hobby like ship bottle building or alphabetizing your screwdrivers and Torx wrenches. You will see players at all levels from beginners, to "family" groups, to others that will specifically hunt you down in a large multiplayer game just 'cause you have a funny screen name or shot them down one time by accident. That is the magic of this game. It is never the same and you lean new tricks every game. There is a very high replay value.

    ...more info
  • Still going strong after a year and a half!
    This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review on a video game of all things, this is how much I love this game.

    The gameplay is very well balanced, the online community is going strong after over a year and half and Sony and the Developer are still supporting the game.

    While not very tactical like Socom, this game is just plain fun and fairly simple yet able to work on so many levels.
    The maps work on many levels and gameplay is equally fun as a foot soldier, tank driver or pilot. All the controls are laid out in a similar fashion so you can easily jump from one to the other and feel fairly competent although flying a warhawk still take a good bit of skill as there are tons of really good players online.

    Hope this helps, its probably the best 30 dollars i've spent on a game and I read it's even on sale now for 20 and the expansion maps are on sale for 3 for 10.

    ...more info
  • Fun versatile war game.
    This game is awesome! It is beautiful and fun and quirky. It's definitely chosen style over realism and it works.
    The overall feel is idealized retro-army, like sky captain only way better. Though the weapons and vehicles are high tech , the look is updated WWII. The characters proportions and movements are cartoony and fun, almost like if Scooby and shaggy were drafted and battle-hardened.
    The vehicles control great. The Warhawk is very reponsive and agile. Movement is really smooth whether on foot or in a vehicle. It takes 2 seconds to jump into a plane and take off, landing takes a little more care but is nothing when compared with other games. The warhawk is durable as far as running into terrain goes so feel free to live out your X-wing fantasy of flying through caves and valleys and weaving between buildings.
    The gameplay is fast paced and extremely well balanced, weapons and vehicles are plentiful. Warhawks bullying troops can easily be taken out with rockets or even well placed grenades, tanks can deal some damage but have a hard time taking out planes, flame throwers beat tanks, jeeps are agile but not well armored and so on.
    There are many varied approaches you can take whether you like to use sniper rifles or air strikes to engage at a distance or plow right in with a tank or run and gun in a Jeep.
    Some reviews didn't think highly of the graphics but I think they're gorgeous. The draw distance is long and the atmosphere is beautiful, especially the tropical archipelago. Explosions look great close up but off in the distance they really give you a great sense of scale.
    Everything you see on screen is backed up with distinct sounds which can be great audio cues for when to run or take cover. if you have surround sound you really feel like you're in the thick of it.

    More than anything Warhawk is fun and fast paced. Warhawk is a "G. I. Joe" in a game genre filled with "Saving Private Ryan".

    Expansion pack update:

    The added weapons are all welcome and help the game.

    Generally the expansion packs are great and each change the way the game plays, enhancing the original levels.

    Omega Dawn: The Omega Factory is awesome and a nice change of scenery. It's large and has many levels. Great for CTF. The dropship is pretty nice but really requires a level of cooperation you don't usually find on warhawk to use it to it's full potential.

    Broken mirror: The glacier is again a nice change of scenery, but not one of my favorite layouts. The APC is great, it's nice to be able to spawn in the middle of battle and random weapon. THe bubble shield adds another dimension to base capture.

    Fallen Star: Tau crater is a nice dense level with alot of varied terrain. The battle is relatively close quarter because of how much smaller the level is, and the trees and terrain discourage long range attacks. The jetpack is the biggest change to happen to warhawk since it's original release and it is awesome. It adds extra dimension to previous levels. Being able to bail out of planes is long overdue, and the pace of gameplay becomes much faster. Previously unused area of the game become active. Being able to traverse faster makes the game much more fluid....more info
    ...more info
  • Soooo FUN
    Truly it's soo fun that I cant begin too get into details cuz I wont stop writing but know that you could fly and warhawk during battle, tanks, jeeps with a turret, soo many cool ways too kill your foes online that it's quite simply addicting and challenging when you fight a good group of people. If you like online gaming buy it now and you wont regret it this and call of duty 4 is all you will need for the next few months and too be frank I thing Warhawk is soo good Ill be playing it till the servers are off line. Well CHEERS....more info
  • It is addictive
    This game truly takes advantage of the PS3 technology. A must for HDTV and 5.1 surround owners. In fact the sound detail is a key part of the game. You have to LISTEN for clues in battle, direction of gunfire, footsteps etc. Networked play with voice keeps the game fresh.

    Last night we took customers to a local arcade. GO Karts were great, but after Warhawk, all the games were boring

    Warning.. get your key project done around the house BEFORE buying this game!! ...more info
  • Don't buy this Game
    You risk your social life, your job and your relationship. This game is seriously addicting, I can't get enough and I fear my marriage my suffer because of it.

    This online multiplayer shooter is everything I hoped it would be and more. It's fast paced and intense, provides an immersive atmosphere, impressive variety and rewards teamwork and strategy. The feeling of being in the middle of a pitched battle while trying to claim that crucial zone (or defend your flag, or to survive that dogfight, or bring the enemy flag home for the win) is amazing. You've got Warhawks dogfighting overhead as you take on ground troops and tanks. Bullets whiz by and explosions detonate all around as you hope those same aircraft don't take notice of you, all the while you've got to keep moving as you never know when that sniper will find you in his sites. Or, you can choose to be the person in the Warhawk, defending your team as they battle it out on the ground. Or, you can be the sniper, hiding on a hill just waiting for that perfect shot to present itself. Really, the possibilities are huge.

    When you find yourself on a team that is using their headsets it gets even better as a well coordinated attack or defense can turn the tide of the battle.

    With Incognito's promise of downloadable content to come you can bet this game will grow and evolve giving you reasons to keep coming back to it. There have been a couple of bugs that have cropped up since its release but, in all honesty, they haven't really affected my enjoyment of this game in the slightest and with Incognito's dedication to making this game great you can bet that these issues are soon to be fixed.

    So, if you didn't get the sarcasm in my title, let me rephrase:


    And while I won't go so far as to say that this game alone is a reason to buy a PS3 if you don't already have one, with all the great games on the horizon combined with how great this game is, now is as good a time as any to get a PS3.

    ...more info
  • Shoots to thrill...and hits its target
    I waltzed into my local Gamestop and was prompted to reserve any number of new games by the guy running the shop. I saw Warhawk was coming out the next day. I'd wanted a Bluetooth headset but had never gotten around to buying one, so I went ahead and reserved a copy. When I got it home the next day, I just fiddled around with the headset then figured I might as well try the game. That was the last move I made for the next 6 hours as I could not even attempt to tear myself away from the screaming action on-screen.

    Teamwork is the name of the game, figuratively anyway, with Warhawk. In one high octane game of capture the flag, 3 of us ran into the enemy's bombed out base and grabbed the flag. We grabbed the nearest vehicles we could find, which happened to be tanks, and took off like bats out of hell. All of a sudden 3 enemy planes (which are called Warhawks) were on our tail, firing off rockets and machine gun rounds like there was no tomorrow. 2 of us dropped back and attempted to distract the Warhawks while the flag carrier went on ahead.

    I got on my Bluetooth and yelled for back-up from any friendly Warhawks in the area. 3 guys showed up and took out the preoccupied enemy Warhawks in short order.

    We then formed a convoy and chased after the flag-carrier, catching up with him just in time to try to fight off a group of enemy tanks and jeeps assaulting him from a knoll. He fell to their firepower and dropped the flag just as I fled my burning and decrepit tank. I grabbed the flag and manned the machine gun on a nearby teammate's jeep. We tore back to base, barely holding off more enemy Warhawks and jeeps. In a desperate gambit, I lept from the jeep, vaulted a wall and returned the flag to our base to achieve victory.

    Oh how sweet that victory was......more info
  • Not my cup of tea.
    I bought this game based on the reviews of this site. After 15 minutes of playing death match, I was disappointed. I'm not those people who give up on games based on first reactions, so for 2 weeks i played the game. I tried every mode like Capture the flag, team death match etc. It was impossible for me to get into it. So I just quit. These are the pros and cons according to me

    -Controls are perfect.
    -Easy to find a match and play instantly
    -Flying a warhawk is pretty cool

    -Grenades! Its a frag-fest with those damned grenades
    -Sometimes you respawn next to an enemy causing instant death
    -Its just plain boring for me

    So thats what it comes down to. Its boring. I could understand why people love this game, but its just not my cup of tea
    ...more info
  • blew my mind !!!!!
    I have played video games for decades now, I mean I basically got started with Pong on Atari, and by now tend to know my way around games quite well, or so I thought. Anyway, I personally tend to favor FPS and for me COD4 was simply as good as it could get, I actually got quite good at it.

    I must admit I had never before played online, and also hadn't realized this game was online only. So I buy the thing, stick it in the PS3 and suddenly realize there is no single player option. So I say, well what the hell, I already bought the game, might as well give it a go, so I go online, and the next thing I know is that I'm suddenly a foot soldier in the middle of, well, how can I put this ... chaos, mayhem, Armageddon. all I could see were things being blowing up, soldiers running around all over the place, shooting each other, planes flying low firing missiles, machine guns, jamming jeeps or people, dropping bombs, grenades going off, tanks firing all over the place it was INSANE !!!!!!! So there I was, dazzled by all this, and basically just sitting there taking it all in when suddenly someone runs up to me and knifes me, and kills me !!!!! less than 30 seconds had gone by, and I was dead, I couldn't believe it !!!!. So there I was sitting on my sofa, my mind stunned by the apocalyptic scene I had seen, and by the fact I could do nothing to prevent from getting killed.

    I mean, it's honestly not an easy game to master, for example the teams are the are reds and blues, and at that point I didn't even know what color I was. At around the nth iteration of me being killed in seconds, I got the hang of first selecting newbie games, which of course is where one should start playing, and then went for some online help as to how to learn to play this game, which in all reality generally just goes as far as saying it's just a matter of time and practice, and truthfully it is.

    After about two hours and some no small degree of frustration I started to get the hang of it, and quite frankly have become addicted, and not all that bad at it either. This game feels like a real battle, not that I've ever been in one nor would want to be in one, but the reality of it all is simply amazing.

    Being able to interact with other people, honk the horn and someone jumps on the jeeps turret, people jump around when you capture a flag, gang up and go attack the other team's HQ. It's simply unbelievable, the graphics are amazing, it's absolutely real time, no lags, the strategy and game play options are pretty much limitless. You can just hang back and defend, go fully offensive, snipe from somewhere well hidden, go about mine laying, or just slug it out for control of a small plot of land.

    I have never ever in my long years played anything remotely like this, the interaction, the realism, the fact that it's real people you're going up against (probably all much younger than me though) just makes it mind blowing. I've actually had to set myself strict time limits for this game, I mean I do have a real life I must see to after all. But every spare half hour I've had the last four weeks I've played Warhawk. Oh and flying that Warhawk is just amazing, what a machine, well it does get some getting used to, and some is quite an understatement, you really need to get some hours in that cockpit before you're any good, and not get blown to pieces after 10 seconds in the thing.

    Tanks are awesome, great firepower, from a distance you can make some pretty good damage and up close, if you're quick enough and aim well you can take out pretty much anything, Warhawks, ground infantry (you can actually just run them over), turrets, the lot. 4x4's are quick, nimble, great for having a go at a flag or controlling zones, and you can take two more with you which is really handy against more than one enemy.

    This is sincerely the best game I have ever played, by far, and more than half the fun is the fact that your opponents and accomplices are real humans, not just dumb AI's. I mean even if it's kids, who cares, they are good at this and you help them out, and they help you out and it's all for the team. What is also amazing is that you can actually have one on one battles while all hell is breaking loose. At some point I was being spawned on some zone my team held, but a sniper was getting me all the time (probably some preteen little bastard), he must have killed me at least six times the same way (hey I was learning to play), so somehow I managed to get away, to sneak up on him and then oh so enjoyed getting back at him with my knife, next thing I know he spawns real close to me and we spend most of that half hour just killing each other, it was actually great fun.

    What can I say, I can just go on and on and on about this game, it's simply amazing, really, buy it, go online, give it some time and you'll get the hang of it, I'm chief sergeant now and haven't actually played for too long and I truly enjoy every single minute of it. One other thing, you can choose to go into pretty much empty battle zones and practice flying the Warhawk, or just doing anything really, I have found this has helped me quite a lot in learning to use all the weapons you can find in the game....more info
  • Great online game for everyone
    I have to say that out of every other online game I've ever played I have, and continue to, enjoy Warhawk the most. Out of my entire game catalogue it continues to leave the shelf more often then any other game, and I have spent no less than 78 hours playing Warhawk since my purchase all the way back in September and this trend shows no sign of stopping. From the second you first enter a game, to the time you press the X button on the quit icon, your bound to have a true next generation multiplayer experience. This experience is also increased by the inclusion of a Bluetooth headset.
    It's very true that this game has a steep learning curve which at first is difficult to overcome but after the first few hours of play you'll begin to get to grips with a game that has more ways to play than any I've seen before or since. It should be noted, however, that this was only my experience and because I bought it so near the launch date there weren't as many really great players as there are today which could very well mean that the learning time has increased. As time goes on and you play in more ranked matches you begin to unlock new uniforms for your character and paint designs for your warhawk which show off your achievements and can also make you feel much more unique than lower ranking players. Naturally to unlock these achievements you need to fulfil the requirements of medals. While both of these goals are good for really competitive gamers it has little practical use other than to show off with, so all and all I wouldn't play the game for the achievements I would play it for the fun and satisfaction which is certainly not hard. Heck I'm one of the better players you'll find on Warhawk and I've never gotten past the ranking of Command Sergeant!
    Also it needs to be noted that Warhawk offers great clan support. There are hundreds of clans to choose from or you can even make your own with ease. In the community section of Warhawk you can observe any clan offers you have received and either except or decline the invitation and when it comes to it know exactly what game your clan members are in.
    What really makes Warhawk such an incredibly fun game is what I like to call the I'm important battle system. This system is made up of a few main aspects.
    Due to the effective inclusion of air units which act as both a fighter plane and helicopter a whole new dimension of gameplay is added and millions of strategies unfurl before the players eyes. One can man a turret and know that every time an enemy plane is shot down that's another player they don't have to worry about providing trouble to your troops or threatening your bases. Or you could do the total opposite. Grab a Jeep, pick up a team mate to ride on the machine gun turret and go to take bases. Just look out for warhawks who are always ready to take out an unsuspecting 4 by 4!
    This brings us to a second reason why Warhawk is so fun. Thanks to the system of having bases that can be captured you can defend and take bases with the knowledge you are either preventing enemies from moving forward, or you are helping your team to move forward across the battlefield. For these reasons many games would do well to copy and learn from the base system of Warhawk.
    Finally we arrive at the actual array of weapons available to the player. You are never defenceless. If you are being attacked by a warhawk and you just spawned attempt to duck out somewhere and lure the aircraft dangerously close to the ground and you have a chance of destroying it with the simple but reliable hand grenade. If you are being attacked by someone with a machine gun who has some damage already on them then you can attempt to go up and knife the sucker or pull out your pistol and begin to tap the R1 button as fast as you can. I would just like to say that out of all the weapons available to the player a hand grenade is the most versatile, useful, and common. With even 1 grenade (you automatically spawn with 2 in your inventory and you can pick up a maximum of 6) a player is assured a 1 hit way to kill soldiers (I cant tell you how many gunfights have been decided by who throws the grenade first), a way to do some damage to vehicles and turrets, and kill anyone in a Jeep if the player is an accurate thrower.
    All of these things combine to an incredibly intense, addictive and, fun game. A player can bring a friend over and have a blast playing split screen, although it really is a shame that almost no servers which have the full 32 players allow for more than one player to be on a console at once. Despite the large online sizes the frame rate is incredible and it just plane feels like a battlefield. I love Warhawk and this game should be considered a console seller.
    Just be warned the headset isn't great but still good, and even if for some reason you don't want the headset it's totally compatible with phones.
    Large online sizes
    A game great for both hardcore and casual gamers
    Great clan support
    Good weapons system
    Free Headset
    Great Split screen value
    Great game
    Rating 9.6
    No single player campaign
    No tutorial
    Steep learning curve
    ...more info
  • Great Fun Game that non-shooter gamers will also enjoy!!!
    I have never been good at shooter games therefore never much cared for them. I think it is the first-person thing that I couldn't get used to. Fortunately for this game it is in third-person, so much easier, at least for me, to get a handle on it.

    I decided to pick up a copy of this game when it went on sale after having tried the demo. Good Thing! It is an amazing gaming experience whether you decide to take the fight in the air or ground. The integration between them is really well done. I find it so rewarding when I am on foot and am able to shoot down a Warhawk.

    The maps it offers are good. It could have used more maps, however the add-ons helps with that, and definitely recommend you get them.

    I'm still not very good at it, and probably never will get any better, however this game is just fun!...more info